Our Perfect Weekend in New York City

Ellie, Jennifer, Hannah, Sharon, Rachael and Dale in Central Park

Dale was appalled when he saw my pile of stuff stacked high by the front door for our trip to NYC. A five gallon stock pot filled with all the trimmings to make chicken & dumplings, a large rice maker (rice included), a trifle dish (with all ingredients in separate bags ready for assembly), homemade coffee cake, batch of flourless peanut butter cookies, banana’s, farm fresh eggs , butter, milk. . . are you getting the picture?

He was appalled because he had just stuffed the largest suitcase we own with a queen size air mattress, sheets, blankets, pillow’s. . .Then the girl’s had their bags of clothes. . . two of them had homework to do over the weekend so they brought computers. . . Oh my. Dale said, “Sharon, you have to take something out of this pile!” I parted with the rice maker only.

Finally we were all loaded into the Toyota Echo, each with a boiled egg and homemade pumpkin doughnut in hand. Dale prayed for our trip and we were off for the big city.

We made it there in five hours and on one tank of gas, $31.50 plus $35 in tolls, pretty impressive.

Jennifer’s apt was amazing, we could have stayed there all day but she wanted us to take in the highlights of NYC. So, we ventured out onto the subway with our picnic trimmings (forgot to mention that in above list, pasta chicken saladhttp://sharonglasgow.com/2012/04/basil-chicken-pasta-salad/ and large jar of cucumber saladhttp://sharonglasgow.com/2012/05/best-cucumber-salad/) in hand headed straight for Central Park. It was glorious, the leaves were breath-taking and the fellowship together sweeter than anything. After our picnic we just walked and enjoyed conversation until we decided to visit the Metropolitan Art Museum.

It was late so we headed back to the subway for Jennifer’s place. After dinner we served her birthday desert, strawberry trifle!

It was late so we all turned in for the night. The next morning we were supposed to eat the coffee cake and scrambled eggs but plans changed. Her roommate works the third shift; she had only been in bed for two hours when I was ready to make breakfast. So, we changed our plans and decided to go out for breakfast.

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at The Spotted Pig in West Village, it was divine. We then spent a few hours shopping for Jennifer’s birthday presents. Shopping in NYC is fun. Then we went our separate ways for just a while-Rachael and I went to the largest wedding dress consignment shop in NYC. Jennifer, Hannah and Dale went back to the apt to pick up Ellie (who couldn’t be with us all day because she had so much homework!).

Then we all met back at five for Jennifer’s church service at Trinity Grace http://trinitygracechurch.com/. It was the most amazing church. If you’re ever in NYC and want to go to church, go there! The worship was over the top powerful, the sermon was right on, we had the Lord’s Supper, and three people were baptized (it was so POWERFUL) and the fellowship afterwards was rich.

After service we met a deaf homeless man on the street. He wasn’t just any homeless man, he really touched our hearts. We huddled all together and prayed for him (he read our lips), it was such a sweet time. He received our prayer and told us he had a home in two weeks and told us about his reading the Word.

After that it was time to say goodbye to Jennifer so with tears we hugged and left.

On our trip home Ellie still worked on her homework that needed to be turned in by midnight through an internet connection. So, we stopped at three places looking for connection. Just to let you know in case you ever need it, Red Roof Inn has free access outside their building, no code needed. Some of the Starbucks on the NJ Turnpike don’t have internet access. She made all of her deadlines!

Rachael had an animation due for a 9:00AM class Monday. So, she worked the whole trip home getting it done. Sandwiched between her sisters in the backseat she finished this https://vimeo.com/51930859 .

We drove into the driveway at 2:20AM. The trip home took longer than the trip there, still one tank of gas, a lot lighter, all the food gone. We were exhausted, our feet and legs hurt from all the walking but we were happy that the trip had been everything and much more than we ever anticipated.

It was a perfect weekend in New York City. Happy birthday Jennifer!

Picnic in Central Park with Gluten free pasta chicken salad and cucumber salad. Dale’s mouth is full:)

We walked and talked–It was wonderful

Trip to Metropolitan Art Museum (MET)

Metropolitan Art Museum

Dale likes to study large master pieces

Jennifer blowing birthday candles out on strawberry trifle

Breakfast at The Spotted Pig in West Village

The Spotted Pig

Going into Trinity Grace Church for Sunday night service

Saying goodbye to our baby




  • Lynn Cowell said:

    Family time is the best! So glad you got to enjoy your's!

    • Indeed Lynn! I've been praying for you book, it is amazing!

  • Hilda Quintanilla said:

    Nice! My niece lives out there. Second year of college. (((Hugs)))

    • So excited about your dad Hilda! Still thanking God every day!

      • Hilda Quintanilla said:

        Precious Sharon! Can you believe I have not properly thanked anyone for going to battle alongside our family? Words just seem so inappropriate to express the overwhelmingly stunning work The Lord did via everyone's prayers! I am forever indebted to each one of you prayer warriors! I am just now literally resting after these past 6 intense, heart wrenching months. I am minute by minute taking it all in. I am literally numb in every sense. I am just now processing it all. I lived each minute of those six months before God's face, on my knees, often in tears, many times with my face on the floor pleading the blood of Jesus upon my father to cleanse all his being, for mercy, for an extension of his life - that he might be discipled in His Word, that through that, he would fall deeply in love with Jesus, and share his amazing testimony that many will come to believe in Jesus Christ.

        The Lord has beenerciful and gracious to our family, and blessed because of your love and that of many others. I love you so much Sharon, and I cannot wait for you to meet dad, and for me and you to spend eternity in heaven, and stand in even greater awe before Him! Love you tons! The Lord continue overflowing your heart with His love!

        • Joy said:

          Ok...I don't know you or anything that has happened, but reading this comment, my heart is rejoicing over all theLord has done. He is a miracle working God, and it sounds like He has intervened in a miraculous way. So exciting for the family of God to share answers to prayer that encourage us to believe in the resurrection power of God. Rejoicing with you as a sister in theLord. Yes, we have a God who hears and answers prayer. God bless you.

          • Hilda Quintanilla said:

            Lord bless you! Indeed, The Lord has been soooo faithful in answering our prayers for my dad favorably. He has healed dad of 2 different cancers and now again for a third time. Though his exams show no tumors at all, his bloodwork does show some concern thus chemo will resume. Please continue praying for dads complete physical healing, and restoration. Blessings!

  • Shelly said:

    Thanks for sharing your trip! :) I've only been to NYC once (it's much further from Texas and takes a whole lot more than $31.50 to get there), but I love it. I vistied in October of 2006 and every year during that time, my heart aches to return. Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

    • I should have put more pictures up for you Shelly! Texas is a long way!! Blessings to you and your family Shelly! Hugs!

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Thanks for sharing about your trip. So glad you had such a wonderful time and beautiful weather, too! There's nothing like hanging out with family!

  • Joy said:

    We were down in NYC in February...it was my first trip after the completion of my chemo! Such a busy city. I loved looking at your pics and thinking...I've walked there...I saw that. :-) We spent an entire afternoon in Central Park. The Sunday we were there we attended Brooklyn Tabernacle in the morning and Calvary Baptist (across from Carnegie Hall) in the evening. I went with a list of things to see and do, and we did it all!

    Your pasta chicken salad sounds delicious, as does everything else. I have to say, we save on packing that way as we can't take a lot of the food across the border.

    Loved the story about the deaf man. Do you know that I know sign language? I used to be a lot more involved in the deaf community.

    You have an absolutely beautiful family (missed seeing Heather). Thanks for sharing your trip and celebration with us.
    Hugs and love,

    • Joy said:

      Ooops...forgot to mention...I watched Rachael's animation video. Well done...although I wasn't thrilled to learn there are so many bugs around. Suddenly I feel there are bugs crawling everywhere! YUCK!

      • You're funny Joy! I'lll tell her you said, "well done!"

    • Aw Joy you're so sweet, you pick up on every detail, missing Heather:). I know sign language too! I learned it in high school and then college. I'm pretty rusty now. Ellie, our youngest daughter is learning it in college for her language. This guy was great at reading lips. I had no idea you knew sign language and were involved with the community!!

      I've always wanted to go the Brooklyn Tabernacle, maybe next visit! You're a world traveler girlfriend!

      Love you!

  • Barbara Koob said:

    OH gosh! What a delightful trip filled with stories and adventure and food and fun! Jim and I use to live in Poughkeepsie, NC when we were newly married. It was an easy train ride down into the city, and brings back such memories. Much of my family still lives within an hour or less of the city. It is such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lindsey Feldpausch said:

    What a pleasure to read this! I always enjoy your pictures! You are so fruitful to God's glory- you and your husband! Where did the coffee cake and scrambled eggs end up going?

    • Thank you Lindsey! She invited company over the day after we left and served the coffee cake. Please pray for her! She is at the eye of the storm!