We Were Given a Church

The church we were GIVEN!!

The church we were GIVEN!!

It’s been a busy week, actually a busy month! Our daughter’s getting married and the reception is here on our farm in the barn in just three weeks!  We’re incredibly busy getting ready for that on top of a bunch of other exciting things.

This past week I spoke for an amazing church, Fairview Baptist.  The theme was living on less and trusting God more–we had a powerful time together.

We traveled three hours to Dale’s brother’s house and helped him and his family move into a new home.  We had a wonderful short visit with his family and then left to pick up another milking goat from a nearby family owned farm.

Then, we went by to see a church that someone GAVE us! Yeah, we were given a CHURCH!! It’s the most amazing church and they’ve given us the building to move to our property. The problem is, how do you move a church that is located three hours from your house? One plank at a time.

So, after Rachael’s wedding we’ll be moving a church one plank at a time till we get the whole church here. The problem is we don’t have heavy equipment and a bunch of other things you need to move a building. So, we’re praying for all that to come. You know the saying, if it’s God’s will it’s His bill :). So, we’ll see how He helps us work things out. If you’ve got any suggestions let me know! The church is in Lynchburg, VA.

Well I’ve got to get back to work! Today we’re going to help a dear friend get ready for her wedding this weekend.

Coming up:

Next Wednesday I’m posting a video blog of our five daughters talking about discipline when they were growing up.

The next week I’m going to be offering a Marriage conference call that I’ll be doing in May!

And, if any of you are speakers or writers I’m leading a workshop at the Proverbs 31 ministries, She Speaks Conference this summer.  You should sign up! We could meet for coffee or lunch while we’re there!

Have a blessed weekend and  no matter how busy you are- remember who you are in Christ everywhere you go. Love the people you meet, minister and pray for them, speak into their life the power of Jesus!

“Love one another.. .By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35


Lochlan and Felicity looking at our new goat

Lochlan and Felicity looking at our new goat

Getting  seedlings ready for planting in the garden

Getting seedlings ready for planting in the garden

She got loose and came to our door! She rung the door bell!! Adorable!

She got loose and came to our door! She rung the door bell!! Adorable!

Getting the barn ready for the big day!!!

Getting the barn ready for the big day!!!


  • Tom Kilian said:

    3 Ideas - Elephants, Boundaires and the Hand of God. ( It was always my dream to get an old church building and convert it to a Studio / Gallery. - Wow! )
    - so how to move it?

    -1) like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

    2) Imagine that your property can extend beyond what you see and ask Father for adjacent land to move it in it's entirely to create a refuge gallery or retreat or both near Lynchburg! - I recall the wisdom of old that said "I am as rich as what I can leave alone". in this case, what can be restored near premise.

    3) could have it moved by the Hand of God like our local Church! - http://www.visitnc.com/listings/view/39837

    • Loved the story you attached! WOW! God is so amazing!! Love you!

  • Heather Marcotte said:

    That church is going to look perfect on your property.We are here to help when the time comes.Love you guys!

    • You are amazing Heather! You and Greg are truly servants of the Lord! I love you!

  • Colleen G. said:

    This is amazing and so wonderful Sharon : )
    -Colleen G.

  • Joy said:

    Well, I think that is the most amazing thing!!! I'd love to hear the story behind this gift. Truly incredible!

    Love the pic of Lochlan and Felicity.

    Praying for you all as you prepare for the wedding. Can't wait to see and hear the girl's video blog.

    Love you my sweet friend,

    • It is SO good to see your name! You'll get to here more of the story later! Thank you for praying for us as we prepare for the wedding! Love you!

      • Joy said:

        Hope you received my L-O-N-G email a couple of days ago. So much more to tell you...but all good. :-) The Lord is daily speaking to my heart. I love Him so! Hugs

  • Ronda said: