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Empowered by the Invisible
Ephesians Chapter 1 is the launching pad for this retreat!  It gives us guidelines for living the empowered life and experiencing the exceeding greatness of God’s power that’s available to us who believe. The audience leaves empowered by the Word, their faith is increased and the eyes of their understanding is awakened to their inheritance through Christ.
Sharon will help you:
:: Unlock the greatness of God’s power in your life
:: Learn the 3 things that cannot be neglected to be empowered by the Holy Spirit
:: Understand how God prepares ordinary people for extraordinary living 

The Perfect Holiday Hostess
This is an entertaining message for ladies who want to be the perfect hostess, but don’t have time, money, a clean house or the perfect family! Christ is magnified in this message. Every woman-young, old, single or married will find a personal message to apply to their holiday and make it the best ever. It’s also a great seeker message. Sharon motivates the audience to see:

:: You don’t have to have a perfectly decorated clean house, the perfect family, money or time to be the Perfect Holiday Hostess
:: Your attitude is the centerpiece this Christmas, if Christ is the center in you- your Christmas has the potential to eternally touch every person that walks through your door
:: Holiday traditions, meal plans and pre-made goodies help ease the tension of unexpected hostess surprises

The Joy Conference
Sharon gets excited about the secret to Unshakeable Joy.  Sharon leads the audience to see how God equips us to experience this joy in the middle of the most trying circumstances. Deep unshakeable joy is missing in the vast majority of people today, because most people are looking in all the wrong places. Sharon gives The Prescription for JOY! 

 Overcomers: Living a Life of Victory

 Through Christ we are more than conquerors, we’re OVERCOMERS!  Do you feel like your circumstances are crushing you? The world, the flesh, and the devil are too much for any of us. When we are linked to Christ by faith, He gives us all we need for victory.  We are more than conquerers!  Life is full of conflict and warfare, don’t let it crush you! Come, listen to the Word of God as He gives us the battle plan for victory! Key verses: 1 John 5:4-5

Keys to the Kingdom


 Mountain Moving Faith

 Are you ready for a powerful retreat? This is it. Do you believe that nothing is impossible with God? Jesus said it. Do you believe Him? “He said to them, For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.” 

:: Nothing is impossible to those who believe

:: Learn the three things required for Mountain Moving Faith 

:: Learn how to strengthen your faith from God’s Word


Your Identity in Christ 

:: Do you know God loves you? It  changes everything
:: You’re not a pauper, you’re joint heirs with Christ Jesus! Do you know what that means? 
:: You’re an Overcomer! Learn the one requirement!
:: Learn how to live in the power of your inheritance


The Honeymoon Life

The Honeymoon Life- will transform any marriage

Mother’s Day event:

The Legacy of our Home


Living Healthy Conference

Friendships/Mentoring Events

Faithful Friends 
God has perfectly aligned the gift of friendships throughout our lives. He uses friends to lift us up when we fall, to speak His words, to be his hands when we are without, and to encourage us when life gets hard. Sharon uses the friendship of Jonathan and David to set the tone for the retreat. Jonathan was a powerful servant of God. He was a spokesman, a gift bearer, an encourager and a self -sacrificing faithful friend. Are you a faithful friend, a messenger of God?


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