Eye of Storm headed Toward NY Where Our Daugher Lives-PRAY!

Dale and me with Jennifer

Today October 29th is our beautiful daughter Jennifer Glasgow’s birthday.  She is in Brooklyn, NY, right where the eye of the storm is to hit.  Would you please pray for her safety, peace of mind and birthday blessings for her today?

I had a retreat this past weekend and our grand-daughters dedication at church yesterday morning.  It wasn’t until we got home late in the day that we looked at the news and saw the potential of the storms destruction. At that point the subway had already been shut down and buses had stopped running. I wish we had left last night to pick her up, but we didn’t!

I knew you would pray with me! Thank you! There is power in prayer!

Jennifer is an angel of a daughter. I love her so much.

Jennifer age 4

  • Sharon,

    You are such a beautiful, sweet, loving, and caring mother! And best of all a praying mother! It's an honor to lift up Jennifer. I will be praying for birthday blessings despite the storm and for her safety.

    Love you so much!

    • Aw thank you Melissa! Thank you so much! I love you!

  • Charlotte Askew said:

    Sharon, prayers going up from Cartersville, GA for your beautiful daughter Jennifer. Will hold her up in prayer til the eye and the end of this storm passes through. I hope she has a great birthday even in the storm. It is most certainly one she will always remember. I too find it a honor to pray for her safety. God's hand shall cover her like a cocoon.

  • kristin said:

    Sharon, prayers are being lifted up now. We are in northern Maryland and are having similar concerns - God will protect your family and ours - grateful we still have power so that I can share that I am praying for you. Take Care!

    • Thank you Kristin! I'll pray for your family as well.We live an hour south of DC, I'm glad we still have power too so I could get this and pray for you all as well!

  • Joy said:

    Sweet friend...precious Jennifer (and her mom) are in my prayers. I was thinking...yes, the eye OF the storm may be centered around Brooklyn, but there is an eye IN the storm, keeping watch over His own. May you all know the assurance of His presence and peace, especially over the next several hours.

    Love you. Bowing my head over here and joining in prayer,

    • Thank you Joy! I lOVED the verse you put on Facebook!!! You're so encouraging! I love you! Thank you a million times over.

  • Barbara Koob said:

    Praying for your daughter, Sharon. Most of my immediate family lives outside the city. The Lord will be faithful to protect. Love you.

    • Thank you Barbara! I'll pray for your family too! Love you.

  • Hilda Quintanilla said:

    Praying hard for her!
    Please keep dad prayed up. Had bloodwork done today. Please pray all is clear.
    Love you sooooo much!

    • Thank you Hilda! I've been praying for your dad!

      • Hilda Quintanilla said:

        Thank you!!!!
        Praise God all is well with your daughter. Love you!