Making Yogurt


Pour whole milk and yogurt into pot. Stir. Put a thermometer into liquid, bring temperature up.

Since most people don’t have raw milk, I’m posting how to make yogurt with pasteurized milk first then how to make it with raw milk (un-pasteurized). Which is what i used, raw milk.


1/2 cup good quality plain yogurt, or 1/2 cup yogurt from previous batch

1 quart pasteurized whole milk, unhomogenized

Gently heat milk to 180 degrees and allow to cool to about 110 degrees. Stir in yogurt and place in a shallow glass or stainless steel container. Cover the container and place in a warm oven (about 150 degrees) overnight. In the morning transfer to refrigerator. It will be thinner than commericial yogurt.

Raw Milk Yogurt

1 quart raw milk

1/4 cup good quality plain yogurt (or from previous batch)

Place 1 quart raw milk and yogurt  in pan,  heat to 110 degrees.  Stir well and pour into container.  Cover and keep in 95 degree heat for 8 hours.

I use a thermos or anything insulated to retain heat. In the summer months we don’t use air conditioning so the house stays hot enough to process this in the day on our counter. If you put it outside on your porch in an insulted thermos, you’ll have the right temp too if it is a hot day.  The most important thing is you don’t want it to get cool. In the winter we use a wood stove to heat our house, so I put it in a thermos and set it on the hearth next to the wood stove. It always comes out perfect.


After 8 hours, pour into jar or container, put into refrigerator. It will be more runny than commericial yogurt. It doesthicken some after chilled. You can add pure vanilla, honey or crushed fruit if you like now.


  • Theresa said:

    Hi Sharon, Thank you for the recipes. I have started on a journey of traditional eating and have been regularly making yogurt. After trying many different ways, I settled into keeping my yogurt jars on a covered electric skillet with the heat regulated at 105degrees for 24 hours. Whatever works I guess :) My daughter won't eat store-bought anymore!

    • I love this idea Theresa!This is PERFECT! thank you for posting!!

  • Teresa said:

    I've been making homemade yogurt for years now and I love it. I make mine in my crockpot and it works wonderfully! I recently purchased a dehydrator and read where I can make it in there, as well. Thanks for your recipe. I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

    • Teresa, I'm so happy you're enjoying reading my blog! The crock pot and dehydrator ideas are great. Thanks for sharing those great ideas, it helps us all.
      I love the crock pot idea, because most people have a crock pot. Sharon