Death Brings Life to 5000 People

Dale and family watching old movie at hospital

A lot happened in less than a day’s time. We had been in a wreck. Dale died and came back to life. We went to the hospital and there made a connection with someone, resulting in funding being provided to serve 5000 people in South Sudan. And before the day was over, while Dale was at the hospital, he was healed.

It was December 26th. We were headed home from celebrating Christmas with family. Dale turned his signal on to make a left turn and brought the car to a stop. A speeding car behind us didn’t see us stop and ran right into the back of us. It was a strong hit. The lady who hit us had her head go through the windshield.

Blood poured down her face, as I asked her if she was okay. She was disoriented. I prayed for her. The rescue, fire department, and police came on the scene quickly.

Dale drove the three hours home, and by that time it was late. He didn’t tell me then, but he wasn’t feeling right and didn’t want to go to sleep. He stayed up for a couple of hours hoping the “not right feeling” would go away.

It didn’t. The next morning, he had been doing normal activities and suddenly fell to the floor. He wasn’t breathing, nor did he have a pulse that I could feel. I screamed at him thinking that would jolt him out of it, but it didn’t. I did CPR on him, but it didn’t work. I commanded life to come into his body in Jesus’ Name, but he still didn’t breathe. I did more CPR, and still it didn’t work. Then I said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to live Dale!” He casually opened his eyes, as if he had been in a nap.

The casual thing didn’t last more than a second. He started crawling into the other room. His arms felt like lightning bolts were shooting out of them and chest pressure was intense. I anointed him with oil and prayed for healing. Then I ran next door to get my brother-in-law, Tom (who is a missionary), to come over and help.

Things weren’t looking good. Tom prayed for Dale and said, “Whatever your will is Lord…”

All of a sudden I had this overwhelming surge of faith come over me to fight for Dale’s life in the heavenly realm. I commanded life into his body again in Jesus’ Name. I didn’t know if Satan had anything to do with any of this, but I was going to cover all my bases. So, I rebuked Satan and any of his schemes to destroy Dale.

At this moment even though Dale didn’t get better instantly, I knew he was going to live.

Tom got one of our daughters to call 911. I called the Fredericksburg House of Prayer, to get a prayer chain going. I rode with Dale in the ambulance and continued to pray. Our daughters, Jennifer, Rachael and Ellie rode with Tom behind us praying the whole time.

Tom and our girls sat in the hospital waiting room, when our dear friend and lead pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Todd Gaston, sat down next to them. While they waited to see Dale, Todd asked Tom about his mission he directs in South Sudan Tom told him he was working on finding resources to help him put wells in place for thousands who didn’t have access to clean water. Instantly, Todd recalled a conversation that he had with a lady the night before. She felt that the Lord wanted her to give money to fund water wells in Africa. Todd had found her link to accomplish this — right there in the waiting room with Tom.

While that divine appointment was taking place in the waiting room, another one was taking place in the emergency room stall. Our ministers from the House of Prayer arrived and prayed with us. All heart symptoms ceased, and by afternoon Dale was well. The hospital recorded that he had suffered a heart attack. All of the tests had led them to this conclusion. The next day, the heart attack prognosis was taken off his chart and he was released from the hospital. They said his heart was in perfect condition. He was healed.

Their conclusion was that the car accident jolted his heart out of rhythm and caused the event. I thank the Lord that He saved Dale’s life.

God didn’t just save and heal Dale, but he provided a miracle for people in Sudan because of our presence in the hospital.

This week the drilling rig began boring for water. As of today, 5000 people that didn’t have access to safe water have it for the first time ever because of that divine moment in the hospital waiting room. Water is vital for life. Glory be to God He provided it through Dale.

Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Mercy Mission in Sudan with contractor and water boring rig. All rights reserved – – 2012


  • Joy said:

    Sharon...I love that I can hear your voice in my head :-) I feel the passion and purpose in your words. I sense the power of the movement of God. Thank you for sharing these God-stories with us.

    God is behind the story of each of our lives. He is writing each scene and queuing the characters for His purposes. Look at the detail that had to fall into place to bring Tom and Todd together for answered prayer. Then, along the way, look at the other miracles. Kinda frightening without faith.

    Thanks for loving the Lord, believing Him so much, and sharing His love with us.

  • Suzanne Krein said:

    Such an amazing story! At our Bible study today, we were talking about this--the seemingly bad things that God uses for His glory! Nothing catches God by surprise!

  • Sharon,
    It is truely good to hear you tell about your life experiences, your unwavering faith through every trial, and to see the good in all that God allows to happen to us. Thank you for sharing how you allow God to use you and your family for His purposes. I love you and miss you. Cindy

    • Thank you Cindy! I love you and miss you very much.

  • Kim said:

    Wow, Sharon, what a privilege to be in the midst of God's powerful work! Thank you for sharing and encouraging us in the faith!

  • Kathie Evans said:

    Hey Sharon, ran into your Mom at Kohl's the other day and told her I'd visited you site but didn't comment; after reading this I just had to! Amazing story how our Mighty God works and his neverending grace. Thank you for sharing! I love your site and so good to be able to experience your teachings thru it. Keep it up girl!

    • Oh thank you Kathie! I've wanted to write how amazing God has been to me for years and I'm so blessed to be finally starting this adventure of showing Him off!

  • Charlotte Askew said:

    Sharon, what a beautiful testimony to how God takes any and all situations and works it for good. Such a beautiful story. The 5000 were fed by a miracle and now the 5000 will drink because of another miracle. Isn't our God amazing all the time?

    • Thank you Charlotte, I am in awe of Him all the time!

  • Sam said:

    Sharon, I'm so glad you posted "the rest of the story" here! You shared at the retreat about the accident and healing, but so good to see evidence that God is NOT a unilateral God. He does things for multiple and unimaginable purposes.

  • Barbara said:

    Oh Sharon... I am blown away at the miracle working power of our God in your story. Unbelieverable!!! Yet, I so believe it. Thank God that your Dale is alright. Thank God you had the faith to stand in the gap, and thank God that He used it all for good.... even providing a well for cleaning drinking water for 5000 people. Now that is a GOD STORY OF HOPE! Love it.