Valentine’s Day Goodies

Valentine’  Day Goodies- Glazed sugar cookies,Chocolate Bottom Macaroons and Meringue Cookies

This year for Valentine’s Day make your own decadent sweets that say, “I love you.”

Valentine Sugar Cookies, I used organic sugar and the glaze is made from organic powdered sugar, organic corn syrup, and all-natural color.

The Macaroons are made with almond flour, organic egg whites, and organic powdered sugar with organic dark chocolate on the bottoms.

The Meringues are made with organic egg whites and organic powdered sugar.




  • Lori Prehar said:


    I can't thank you enough for your blog post today! I am about to launch a Married Couples Ministry at my church and am feeling what Martin Luther called "Anfechtung" daily assaults of Satan. Apparently the prince of darkness would really like to derail my effort - but I'm not backing down! Your blog spoke to me as a wife, mother of five and an Italian cook. I loved your blog and wish I could send you a ginormous hug right through the screen for making it SO crystal clear. Oprah would call this my "Aha moment". Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, sweet sister in Christ!

  • Kathy said:

    I have recently become aware of the dangers of GMO's and feel your blog explained the dangers that come when we are eating foods that are laced with corn syrup and sugar. It is important to be good stewards of our bodies and what we eat, we become, either healthy or ill. May the words of Romans 12:2 keep me on alert for items that are potential land mines to my body. Organic is the way to go for good health to give us the energy to serve God through our bodies, minds and spirits. Thanks for this great information for all homemakers.

    • Thanks for commenting Kathy! You've got to watch the movie I linked at the bottom of the post. It is amazing. Let me know how you liked it if you watch it. Blessings!