My Praise is a Weapon

Paul and Silas had been beaten with with rods, put into a prison inner cell and stocks fastened on thier feet. It was midnight, oh yeah it was midnight and they starting praying and singing to God, and the other prisoners were listening( people are listening to us in our midnight hour).

Suddenly there was a great earthquake, it shook the foundation of the prison; and immediately all the doors were opened and EVERYONE’S chains were loosed.

Haha!!! I’m running around the kitchen, this is sooo good.

The keeper of the prison comes in, sees all the prisoners loose and falls down trembling before Paul and Silas saying, “What must I do to be saved?” They said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” He  washed their stripes and his whole family were baptized that very hour! Acts 16:25

In our midnight hour, praise is a weapon!!! It breaks chains and releases prisoners!!!

This video was filmed in our barn!! Turn your sound all the way up!

Winner from last weeks drawing is Sharon  who posted on2014/11/18 at 7:57 PM. Email me your address!!

I love Thanksgiving! Our organic, range free turkey is over 24 pounds this year! Here’s my recipe for making the perfect turkey! I’m also making my famous Homemade Marshmallow Fruit Salad and other yummies! When our  five daughters were little they used to dress up like pilgrims for Thanksgiving Day. Oh the memories, I love them.

Another Thanksgiving memory we have is making gingerbread houses the day after Thanksgiving. Click here to see last years! What’s your favorite memory of Thanksgiving? Your comment will enter your name to win a free gingerbread house kit.



They're decorate the window at my kitchen sink

Gingerbread creations decorate window at my kitchen sink- one on end is a nativity

Winner of this weeks drawing will win this gingerbread house kit! Winner drawn next week.

Winner of this weeks drawing will win this gingerbread house kit! Winner drawn next week.

  • Jane wilson said:

    The way we used to fill all the cavities of the turkey with my mom's recipe of filling. Heard my grand father response to the gravy" ain't the gravy great"

  • Margaret said:

    For a number of years my parents would invite an older couple, who had no children and close family, to have dinner with us. They were a funny couple. She was from Italy and he was American. They met during WWII when he was in Rome. They were both in their 30's when they married. It really helped us to open our hearts and home to someone not "like" us. They were just amusing at times, her with her broken English and he with his funny habits. They have both been gone for a long time, but all of us in my family still talk about those fun dinners! Praise God for how he puts people together!

  • Sarah said:

    Needed this reminder this morning that praise is a weapon. Feeling overwhelmed with how my day and week is going. Needed this reminder of how much I let busyness take priority over my time with Him. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  • Kathy said:

    Wonderful thought that in our praise of the Lord we will be freed from the prison of our mind and emotions that trip up my spirit much of the time. I find joy and peace as I turn to my spirit and praise Him for all He has accomplished on my behalf. Thanks for the joyous singing and music that accompanies this post. May your Thanksgiving be blessed.

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    I am hearing for the third time in as many days of praise used as a weapon. Think the Lord is telling me something?

    A teenage son of a friend of mine was raising organic free range turkeys. I told him I would purchase one from him and wanted the smallest one since it was going to be a small group and I figured I would still have leftovers. The smallest turkey after it was butchered was 28 pounds! I thought it would be much smaller.

    I had to brine it in our largest cooler in the garage. Then had to borrow a pan large enough to bake it. Well we decided to have more people over since we had such a large bird. That bird fed four families and 7 of them were teenage boys who had hollow legs. We had people over we did not know well but had a ton of fun and who would have been alone with just their family. We had no leftovers! It was okay, even though we normally really look forward to the leftovers the next day, having all of the people over was worth it.

    By the way, the largest turkey the young man raised was a year and a half old and weighed in at 54 pounds. I couldn't believe my eyes. The family whose son raised the turkey, ended up boning it up and serving it at a huge family reunion. They said it was really flavorful when it was cooked.

  • Becky J said:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory goes back over 25 years when I was still living at home and our table was happily crowded with all of the extended and family!! Thanks for the giveaway-my girl (22) :) just today asked if we could do gingerbread houses!!! Perfect!!

  • Sharon said:

    One of my favorite Thanksgivings was when I was stationed in Alaska and several of us couldn't be home for most holidays. Some friends and I decided to each make a dish and celebrate together. We were young and inexperienced in the kitchen but it didn't stop us from trying and it ended up being really good. The best part was all of us together. :)

  • Cindy said:

    My dear granny has been gone 4 years now but memories of her tiny home filled with family and food still flood my mind during this time of year. She would pull out her dropleaf table and fill it with the most wonderful food! The house was full to capacity but it was the most wonderful day! :)

  • Emily in Iowa said:

    Check out the song "Praise His Name" by Sheri Easter.

  • Kendra said:

    Watching my girls and their cousins decorating my parents-in-law Christmas tree. My mother-in-law buys the children a new ornament every year and they love to get their new ornament.