Satan’s Weapon of Torture

The Glasgow Farm at sunrise

Sunrise on The Glasgow Farm

“Satan has asked permission to sift you, Sharon”  my friend said.

My mom who lives with us was in excruciating pain, and she had no one to help her- but me.  Same hour, my daughter (who was due to have a baby) called and said that the Dr. was sending her to the hospital because her blood pressure was skyrocketing. She couldn’t get a hold of her husband, so I wanted to be there ASAP in case they delivered the baby. My husband had taken our only car to help someone and was not picking up his phone.  He was out of range.  Two weddings were scheduled to take place in our barn and one was renting our house- all in less than 36 hours.

Brides and vendors were calling, emailing, texting.  My mom was groaning, my daughter needed me and I was supposed to be preparing messages for a retreat that I would leave for in less than 36 hours!  My phone was blowing up and so was I.  I didn’t know which emergency took precedence.  Without realizing, I started to get mad at Dale for not answering his phone and leaving me without a car. He was innocent, but I was flailing.  My faith started to quiver in fear. Despair attempted to envelope me.  The day was brutal. I finally called a friend.  She firmly said, “Sharon, Satan is sifting you like wheat.”  She reminded me of Peter in the Bible. I got off the phone and went into prayer, laying my load at the feet of Jesus.  Then, I picked up the Word and read the story of Peter. If you’re visiting me from Proverbs 31 devotions today, welcome!

It’s the night before Jesus is crucified.  He’s eating the “Last Supper” with His disciples…

He turns to Peter and says, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked permission to sift you like wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen the brethren.” Luke 22:31-32

A few hours later, Satan pulled out his first round of ammunition on Peter.  In the first round, he used fear to get Peter to deny Christ (whenever fear rears its ugly head, know you’ve got the drags of Hell scheming against you).  Satan knows that if he can get Peter/us to fall for fear, our faith may fail.  If we fall and our faith fails, the second round of ammunition is stronger than the first.  He sends the atomic bomb of shame and embarrassment, because we failed.

A “sifter” is a machine that crushes grain and turns it into soft flour.

Satan was asking permission to crush and pulverize Peter.

It’s clear from this scripture that Jesus gave Satan right to pulverize him.  But He tells Peter that He would pray for him that his faith would not fail and when he would come back, to strengthen the brethren. I love this. We know from John 21 that Jesus did restore Peter and asked him to feed His sheep.

Three things we need to know in our troubles:

1. Satan goes before the throne of God and accuses us just like Peter and Job (Revelation 12:10). We are no different from Job (Job 1:8) and Peter. He asks if he may sift and pulverize us. Jesus tells us in Rev 12:11 that we overcome these accusations by; 1. Blood of Lamb, 2. Word of our testimony, 3. Don’t love our life- even unto death.  In middle of trials only a fool vents all of his feelings, but the wise holds them in.  We need to speak truth out loud in middle of our trials, not defeat.

Romans 8:28, “God works all things for the good of those who love Him.”

2. Jesus is praying for us, that our faith fail not. He allows these things for divine purposes. Our faith is increased each time and we learn to trust God’s faithfulness. Our faith is increased and our testimony stronger.  Peter was stronger than ever- after his failure. He knew Jesus was merciful and forgave him. Jesus is merciful and forgives us as well.

“And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast” 1 Peter 5:10.

Peter learned this lesson, not from his success, but from his failure.

3. Even when we fail horribly, He quickly forgives when we ask and uses our weaknesses for His glory. Peter was used to preach the gospel powerfully and his words are still preached today! If our faith fails us- we need to immediately ask forgiveness and move into a triumphant life not bogged down with guilt from self condemnation. 

Self condemnation is probably one of the worse weapons of torture Satan tries to defeat us with. DON’T let self condemnation make your faith fail, but if it does- RETURN and strengthen others!

In my weakness the Lord was more than POWERFUL at the retreat last weekend. The weddings were a huge success (thank you Rachel Moberley). My daughter’s blood pressure came down and she delivered her baby naturally, yesterday, after I got back from speaking! My mom is still in pain, we’re going to a surgeon today.

Has Satan been sifting you lately? Don’t believe his lies! God is more than faithful and will do more than you could think or imagine. Read the Word for truth, and pray!

Tell me in one word what you would like for me to pray for you.  It will enter your name for the drawing to win The Confident Heart Devotional and earrings with Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good” inscribed on them.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good Genesis 50:20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for the good Genesis 50:20
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Hudson James Curry born  11/16/14 9.1lbs Isn't he beautiful!

Hudson James Curry born 11/16/14 9.1lbs Isn’t he beautiful! #6 Grand Baby!!

For those who are visiting me from the P31 devotion here are the turkeys that the devotion were written about

For those who are visiting me from P31 devotion, here are the turkeys that the devotion were written about

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    • BrendaGrandjean said:

      Fear/self doubt

    • Priscilla said:

      Wisdom....I prayed for your mom! A website I found full of healing scriptures which has been very useful is ..God bless you and your family!

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    Toss up between steadfastness and faithfulness.

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    • Father in Heaven, I lift up Gretchen to You right now and pray for peace and healing over her heart in the midst of sorrow and grief. I thank you that there is a time for grieving... and that as she goes through the process that You would show her that You are the lifter of her head, you are the Father to the Fatherless, You are the restorer of our souls!

      Gretchen, I encourage you to meditate on Ephesians 1 and Psalm 23 in this time. They will be sure to help encourage you in this time. With love, Sharon

      • Gretchen Scoleri said:

        Oh my gosh! How did u know that I needed to hear specifically what you prayed?! He has just taken me to Ecclesiastes this past month to show me there is a time to mourn. Father to the fatherless? My dad just died! We were so close, and now all I have as a daddy is my Heavenly Father! How crazy that u wrote about psalm 23. He has taken me there time and again the past month and shown me specifically that he is my shepherd during this time. And that he is trying to teach me about my identity in Christ in Ephesians 1. I don't know if u have a direct line to Him or what. But you are speaking directly to me through Him. And confirming what He's showing me! How precious of The Lord! And how precious of u to intercede for me. Blown away by what He does in prayer! What a way for Him to to show me through you that He is El Roi, the God who sees me! Big hugs and lots of tears (happy tears!) Gretchen

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    • Father in Heaven, I come to You right now and pray for healing over Carey or anyone that she knows from depression. I ask that Your presence would flood her heart, mind, and soul with peace, hope, love, faith, and joy. I ask that any brokenness in her heart would be bound up by You the "binder-upper" of broken hearts and let her know that You love her and are taking care of her every need! In Jesus' name, amen!

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    • Yes Lord Jesus, bring restoration to Bridget! You are our healer and restorer. We take faith for this restoration in Bridget's life! Amen.

  • kendra said:


    • Father of Glory, I pray for a fresh touch of hope and faith for Kendra. I ask that You would come and remove all defeat from her spirit and fill her with life-flowing hope and victory in whatever she is going through! In Jesus' almighty name, amen.

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    Attitude & contentment (sorry... 2 words... Couldn't narrow it any further!)

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    Faith and perseverance

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  • Michele Calvin said:

    I would desire for prayer for endurance
    and complete restoration.
    After reading this post about Satan desiring to shift me as ME as wheat I feel as though not only am I being shifted but also have been in a storm that needs to come to a finality. I need to see the storm clouds clear and walk in the God's Valley of peace and rest so that I will be ready to enter into the next season in my life.

    • Yes Father in Heaven, I pray that You would bring total and complete restoration and peace to Michele. Strengthen her heart as she stands in the midst of the trial, circumstances, and suffering. Give her super-natural help and victory that only comes from You! In Jesus' name, amen.

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    • I agree in faith for your heart to be encouraged! Philippians 2:1-11, "So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, 2 complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. 3 Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. 4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. 5 Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, 6 who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped. 7 But made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in human form, He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. 9 Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed upon Him the name that is above every name, 10 so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on hearth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  • sue said:


  • Cindi said:


    • Father in Heaven, I pray that You would let Cindi know her great worth and value in Your sight. Psalm 139 tells us that the words of the Lord are all wonderful. You are His wonderful work and He loved you and knew you before you were even formed in your mother's womb. I pray for a new peace and confidence to rise over Cindi as she realized how much YOU value her and how much she really and truly is worth. You laid down YOUR life for her. You said that her life was worth that high price. Bless her now, in Jesus' almighty name.

  • Julie T. said:

    Hi Sharon, so timely. goodness. I've had cancer before, years ago and have to get an ultrasound because something's just not working ok and we don't know what it is yet. FEAR was really getting hold of me since last week. Ultrasound is Dec. 11th. I think my one word could be...

    My girlfriends are keeping me in their prayers too but your post today really helps me fend off those fears. Thanks..

    • Thank you for sharing this Julie! I pray right now, in the almighty name of Jesus Christ, that your health would be fully restored and that you would see a powerful miracle. I pray that ALL the fear would be driven out of your heart and mind- right now, in Jesus' name and that perfect peace that surpasses all knowledge and human understanding would flood your soul! Begin (continue) to worship the Lord as you go through this. Praising Him will keep your eyes on Him and as we keep our eyes on Him we will stay in perfect peace. With Love, Sharon

      • Julie T. said:

        Thank you Sharon :) I will definately do this

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  • Kathi said:

    Wisdom to know what to do about where we live, do we stay, do we sell and move, we want to be in God's will and not step out of it. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Hi Kathi! I will pray for you right now! With Love, Sharon

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    And what a beautiful baby boy he is...congratulations to your family!

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    Wisdom! Loved your blog today, really needed it!

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    Peaceful spirit. Thank you!

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    Peace & Healing

    • Donna said:

      "May The Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way."
      II Thessalonians 3:16

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    Beautiful little baby boy. Thanks so much for your post today. The Lord knew just what I needed to "hear".

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    Strength. Thank you in advance!

  • Alexandria Wright said:


    Your blog was right on time because it seems like I'm constantly having those type of days.

    • I'll be praying for you Alexandria! May the Lord of Hosts grant you power and might to keep standing firm- no matter what you're facing! Know and believe that He is with you and will carry you through it all. Peace to your heart, in Jesus' name amen!

  • Mary N. said:


    • Father in Jesus' Christ name, I pray for Mary and what ever it is that would make her feel like she's sinking. I ask that you would stretch out your healing and delivering hand right now and lift her up out of this situation or difficulty. I pray that you would open up your Word to her and keep bringing her into Your truth over her life that you love her, have a great plan for her, and will keep her to the very end of time! Amen.

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    Congratulations on the beautiful baby boy. And thank you for this blog

  • Debbie said:

    Hudson is really cute.

  • Cindy Knapton said:


    • Father, in Jesus' almighty name, I agree in faith for Cindy's request for guidance. Open up her eyes to see YOUR leadership as the good and faithful Shepherd of her soul. Let light and truth go before and behind her. Make the path abundantly clear for her and help her mostly to stay fixed on the things above. Amen!

      • Cindy Knapton said:

        Thank you Sharon for your prayer. Thank you for sharing your journey with God through your blog.

  • Judy S. said:

    Healing and restoration in the following areas :
    Attitude, depression, rejection, fear, anger, unforgiveness, self condemnation due to guilt, marriage, motherhood, relationships, obedience to The Lord and faith to grow stronger.

    Thank you so much for this. It has helped me understand some things better and also why I'm going in circles even though I trust The Lord and am counting on him to make things right. I feel like something is stopping me, and after reading this I've realized how satan is pulling me down and why I'm not getting anywhere. I just want to move forward in my life through the victory of Jesus and be set free from these strongholds in my life.

    • Thank you for sharing Judy! I am praying right now that all of the things that you need would be brought into full fruition. Life can be so demanding and daunting, and so we HAVE to stay in the Word and abide in His Holy Spirit. This is our only life-blood because the Word reveals truth to our hearts and conquers the lies of Satan.
      I pray for every weight to be lifted off of you right now, in Jesus' almighty name!
      With love,

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  • Stacy said:


  • Debbie said:


    • I come into agreement in faith with you Debbie for your healing! Our Great King is fully our healer, and always faithful to our hearts. With love, Sharon

  • Traci Bailey said:


    Thank you for your beautiful and oh so timely words. They have more than blessed me today.

    • Thank you Traci! I pray you have an incredibly blessed day.

  • Lisa said:


  • BethJ said:


    Courage in the storms!
    My help comes from the Lord!
    Thank you for amazing encouragement through the Word...just at a time when I am so tempted to give up in defeat!

    • Beth, I pray right now in the almighty name of Jesus Christ; Savior, Healer, Friend, Shepherd... that your heart would be strengthened right now. I pray that victory would rise up in your spirit and that you would know that you ARE an overcomer in Christ, Jesus! I pray for courage and help from Heaven for you. We are victors when we abide in the vine! With love, Sharon

  • Joneva said:

    Faith and Peace

  • Karolina said:

    Kindness (twds those who are close to me)

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  • Linda said:

    I just want to thank you for your beautiful words. I'm being sifted right now and I would appreciate your prayers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and I'm recovering from bilateral mastectomy surgery. I always thought I was strong in my faith but this has really tested the depth of my faith. I know that Satan is trying to defeat me with self condemnation. Please pray for my peace, for healing and that I will be able to go through this journey trusting in God fully. Thank you so much.

    • Linda, my heart is crushed to hear what you're going through!
      I will pray for you now.
      Lord Jesus Christ, You who are seated above the circle of the Earth and above the storms and the testings of our lives- I pray for a deep and abiding peace to come and rest on Linda. I pray that You would bring encouragement into her life and minister to her heart and physical body- in ways that ONLY YOU can. I pray that the enemy's schemes to kill, steal, or destroy from her would be broken at this very moment as we agree together in faith. Your word says in Matthew 18:19, "Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." We take our stand on Your Holy Word and ask in agreement for Linda's breakthrough; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I pray for a special comfort to fill her heart right now. In Jesus' name, amen!
      With love, Sharon.

  • Kathy said:

    (My) Beloved

  • Adrienne said:


    • Yes, in Jesus' almighty name- I pray for comfort overt your life Adrienne! He is faithful to heal our hearts and fill us with peace! I pray a special peace over you today and your future. Amen.

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  • Nancy said:


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  • Kimmery said:

    Renewing of my mind and thought

    • Yes Lord Jesus, send a renewing of the mind to Kimmery. Your Word brings life and peace... bring her into a greater place of revelation in your Word. Send refreshing in Jesus' name! Amen.

  • Alicia said:


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  • Joan said:

    clarity. I have been realizing that I am being sifted and have been for a while now. I know I'm going to make it. But I also want to make sure that I do it in the right way so that God gains the glory and not me. I have had enough of me. :)

    • Praying for you Joan! It is a beautiful thing to fall "out of love" with ourselves and fall more in love with Jesus! His ways, will, and plan are always far superior to anything we could come up with. I pray for you to have a greater sense of clarity in every area of your life, in Jesus' name! Amen!

  • Pam Davis said:


  • Tina said:


    I came from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I couldn't figure out what God was trying to tell me. And now I KNOW exactly what it is. THANK YOU isn't enough for this message today. It tied everything together for me and it was so incredibly personal. I just started reading at Proverbs 31 yesterday because God was calling and calling me. And now you have a new reader as well. :) God bless you. You were a beacon for this girl today!!

    • Halleluyah!! Thank you for sharing this with me Tina! All praise and Glory to God who mightily carries us through the storms and brings us into His perfect peace. I encourage you to worship the Lord at ALL times. Praise will continue to break heaviness and bring freedom. Blessings to you and grace! With Love, Sharon.

      • Tina said:

        You have NO idea!! Satan has been in my ear for over a year now. And I have been so far from God that when I saw the devotion today, I was thinking in such small ways because I'm new to this. I freely admit that I don't know what I am doing. I wondered if I had spoken in anger to my kids or something. I just didn't get IT. I have been so far from God that I sometimes have to look hard for that morsel of understanding. Yesterday, it was sooooooooo easy to hear what He was saying to me and today? God got all the way into the dusty little corners of my heart and it was SOOOOOOOO hard. You brought this together for me. I am someone who is seeking God in a new way through devotionals and reading His word. Not just reading the devotional but STUDYING it. That's so important because it wouldn't have clicked otherwise. And, as I was writing in my journal, I was thinking "There is no way I can even fill a page about my thoughts on this subject" and I literally wrote "I have no idea what God is trying to tell me today???" And then I came here. And I got IT. I am so, so thankful I read your words today. Satan has been sifting me for so long and I am so thankful that God finally said "ENOUGH!" I needed the TRUTH and God knew it. And now I know.

        When I said it got got PERSONAL. Thank you again Sharon! Keep 'em coming! I'm listening!! :)

  • yvonne said:

    My Goodness , thank you for your devotion!! Pray for WISDOM!!

  • Anonymous said:

    How do you "return" after your faith has failed? I've started to feel like God doesn't love me, and people can quote all the Scripture they want at me, but that's not enough to change my mind. It feels like that was meant for other people, but not me. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I don't know how to start believing in His love for me again.

    I'm very unhappy with the way my life is right now, and it feels like my situation will never change. I also read your post titled "When Trials Hit Every Area of Your Life," but it actually made me feel worse. My suffering could get worse, or continue indefinitely, and I'm just supposed to endure it? I've tried to endure it for so long, but I don't have the strength anymore, and I've asked for strength to carry on but I feel like He won't give it. I feel suicidal sometimes because I know I can't go on living like this much longer. What does God expect me to do?

    • First of all, I want to say thank you for sharing your heart about this. The Lord sees you and knows you- uniquely- and your heart matters to him and I am even right now praying for you.

      I would encourage you to try an exercise of faith... Go into your room, or outside in nature... (where you can be totally alone with God), take your Bible with you.. and out loud start to pray. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill your mind, soul, and whole being with His voice. Invite Him to open your eyes to see and to feel His presence in a new way. Open up the scripture to Psalm 139 and begin to pray the chapter out loud. His truth has the power- when we invite it in by the Holy Spirit. (The Spirit gives life.) Begin to invite the Holy Spirit into each and every trail that you are in. He is with you already- but as you invite Him- the doors of your heart and mind will be filled with His peace in a greater way.

      There is no amount of friendly wisdom or advice that can bring the change that we need like hearing the still, small voice of our Heavenly Father. I know this is hard to do at times... but He is with you and is your helper. He will help you. His Word promises!

      There are truly no simple answers when trials have been hitting every area of your life- and the sometimes sorrow is overwhelming to bear! But, the Lord of Hosts LOVES you with an enduring, over-powering love- and HIS love with drive out all fear.

      Finally dear child of the King, I want to encourage you to continue to reach out to Spiritual mothers and fathers in the faith, who can help Shepherd you and help you navigate through your circumstances. I will be standing with you in faith for your heart's healing and the trials to subside!

      The word says in Proverbs 24:16a, "For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again..." Even when (not IF, but when) we fail- KING JESUS has the power and WILL lift us up into His presence again. He is our only source of righteousness and justification anyway. And as He picks us up, He will continue to teach us how to walk with Him. Fix your eyes on Him- and if you don't have the strength to do that- ask Him to fix your eyes on Him. He will!
      With love and prayers, Sharon

      • TAMMY said:

        Thank you Sharon. I so needed to hear these words today!

  • jennifer roberson said:


  • Rocio said:


    • I pray that strength would rise up in you to know that you are TRULY NEVER ALONE when you have the Lord of Hosts with you, in you, and on you. I pray for special comfort from His Holy Spirit right now for you. He loves you!!

  • Bobbie said:

    Sharon - Thank you!! This came at JUST the right time!! This morning my car began sending several warning signals, which always scares me, and I'm already feeling overwhelmed, as we have a big Pre-Thanksgiving dinner planned this weekend, so I've been praying already for God to give me the strength I need to get me though the week with success! As I read your devotion, I realized that I'm not alone, AND my concerns could be so much more serious! Thank you! Please pray for 'stamina' this week as I press through my responsibilities, knowing God's got me in the palm of his hand!

    • Yes to stamina in the name of Jesus Christ!! I pray that the Lord fills your mind and heart and lifts your body with strength that only comes from Him! I pray for a blessed time with your friends and family during this Thanksgiving season. Bless you Bobbie!!

  • TAMMY said:

    Self-condemnation! :(

    • I pray for freedom from self-condemnation for you right now Tammy!!

  • KATHY said:


  • Sabrina Hamilton said:


  • Mamah T said:

    Faith to keep trusting God while i wait for full manifestation of healing!

  • Kristin said:


  • Lindsey Hislop said:

    Richard was laid off a week ago.. Soo

    Breakthrough! :)

    • Oh Lindsay! Definitely standing in faith for you and Richard!! God is with you and will NEVER leave you or forsake you! I'm praying for your breakthrough now!

  • Charlotte Askew said:


    My daughter's husband of 22 years told her he does not love her anymore and hasn't for 7 years. She was blindsided. He left and has been away sin 9/29/14. They have 4 sons. She is devastated and I live 250 miles from her. We are going to spend Thanksgiving week with her and the grandsons. I need more wisdom to say the right words to help her through this.

    I saw the picture of your new grandson yesterday and yes, he is beautiful and looked like he was trying to say something to you.

    Thank you so much Sharon.

    • I'm sorry to hear this Charlotte!! I'll be praying for your daughter in this time! Blessings to you sister.

    • Mara said:

      Adding my prayers as well. That is rough.

  • Erica said:

    TRUST! :)

  • Fran said:


  • Angelique said:


  • Karen said:


  • sharon tiedemann said:

    Please pray for peace in my life! I pray every night, sometimes I think God is to busy to here me though. I am disabled but do my best, I would love to be normal again! I know I could be a lot worst so I am thankful to God for that!!! My husband of 32 years does not work or worry about anything I just want him to leave I wish him no harm, but the tumall is consant in my home and I am tried. My Mom died almost 3 years ago and I still miss her terriably. I only have one daughter and I am so thankful to God for her. My life needs to change, please pray for me!

    I am sorry to take up your time. I am glad everything worked out for you, congraduations on your new grandson! Thankyou-Sharon Tiedemann

    • Hi Sharon! I'm praying for you right now!
      Father in Heaven, I come boldly before Your Throne of Grace and ask You to minister to Sharon. I ask that You would bring healing to her body, mind, and life. I ask that the chaos of the storms she's facing would subside and that an overwhelming sense of Your Holy Presence would FILL her and her family. I ask, by Your Spirit, that every hindrance in her life would be bound and broken. That You would release mighty waves of balm that would bring healing to her soul. Father, let her know that You are with her and that You are still good to her in the midst of these circumstances. Let her know that You are going to take care of her heart and life. She is WORTH everything to You. Let her feel Your powerful love, that was displayed on the cross at calvary when You said that SHE WAS/IS YOURS. I ask that You would surround her with people who can help her and minister to her in a special way in this time.
      In Jesus mighty name, Amen!
      Thank you for reaching out to me.
      With love, Sharon

  • Teda Brooker said:


  • Jennifer Hoffman said:


  • cheryl said:

    Toss up between peace hope and that God be glorified. My 25 year old son died this summer and my 23 yr old son is in jail. Peace to heal the heartache and worries. Hope for the future and that God would be glorified in our lives and even in death

    • I'm standing with you in prayer today Cheryl! I pray for peace and strength over your life! Jesus is OUR ONLY HOPE and He is the resurrection and the life. I can't imagine how you must be feeling but I know that our Savior will give you strength to make it and give you a voice to testify of His work. He is with you and loves you so much!! With love, Sharon

  • Mara said:

    Anger & Irritation - TY :)

  • Debbie said:


  • Joy said:

    Sharon, I have never heard that definition of "sifting" before. That's powerful. That verse became real to me during my cancer journey. God did strengthen me and now allows me opportunities to share my story of His goodness and power in me.

    Praying for your mom...and you...and rejoicing in the way the Lord had His hand in every concern that arose as a challenge to you. He did not abandon you and you kept trusting Him. Thanks for the example of committed faith.

    Love you,

  • Beth said:

    self control

  • Donna said:

    Complete Healing

    • Yes, Father in the name of Jesus Christ I stand with Donna for her complete healing! I ask that Your hand would be stretched out to her in whatever area of her life that is suffering; body, mind, or spirit. Give her the victory that ONLY comes from You today! Amen!

  • JOY! (And what joy that beautiful new grandson will bring you, Sharon! Congrats.)

  • Jill Beran said:


    I'll add something I shared earlier today on Wendy Blight's Living So That study about trials. Our pastor often points us to "The Four E's" when it comes to trials, which I would say include Satan's attacks. Anyway we are to expect them, endure them, embrace them and enjoy them. The Word tells us we will have trouble, God will be with us, He'll sustain us and He will use them for our good/growth and His glory. Easy? No! Worth it? Yes. Thank you for this post Sharon!!!

  • Tia said:

    Choice of marriage partner.

    • Tia said:

      I know God will lead me to the perfect marriage partner. I ask that he make it clear to me (soon, if possible) which one of two it will be. TY.

      • Amen! This is so important! I pray for clarity and strength over you today for you to wait patiently and trust that the Lord knows about who you will marry and He cares deeply about this. Grace, grace!!

  • Dawn said:


  • Nina said:

    I stumbled on this post and it is just so helpful. Thank you!

  • Mahalia said:


  • Tara said:


  • Tara said:


  • Annette D. said:


  • Lisa V. said:


  • Lena said:

    Spiritual growth.

    Sharon, thank you SO much for letting God work through you. You are such an encouragement. Love All your posts! You are such a blessing to us! Thank you! I will be praying for your mother. God bless you and your family!



    • Thank you Lena!! I agree in prayer for your spiritual growth... that your roots would go deeper and deeper into the River of life- even now! Let's keep actively pursuing the Word and abiding in His Spirit- and we will keep growing deeper spiritually.
      You're a blessing!

  • Rita said:


  • BrendaGrandjean said:


  • Kathy said:

    Very insightful message that causes me to rejoice in the midst of my trials and tribulations. It is a wonderful mission to be overcomers who live by faith, enpowered by the Holy Spirit. When we encourage others, we are strengthened as well. I feel so moved by your words and will stand strong in the current difficulties of life. My health is declining and my husband still has not accepted Christ after 17 years, but I will use the scripture to wave in the face of Satan. The verse in Romans 8:28 reinforces how the Lord will always give us His best in life, working out all things to be good.

  • Sheila said:


  • Mary T said:


  • Jacki Walker said:


  • Fallon said:

    More than one word...

    For my husband, the love of my life top come back home Ave for him to see that in his heart, he loves me. And for some relief from the pain this has sown.

    • I'm praying for you right now Fallon! Lord Jesus, I lift up Fallon to you and ask that you would bring healing to her life. I pray for her husband to be restored to Your heart for Fallon. I pray that You would let him know YOUR heart for him, and show him how deeply that Your love goes. I pray for the peace of God that passes knowledge and human understanding to fill Fallon right now and all of the people around her that she knows and loves.
      In Jesus name amen!

  • Judy said:


  • Kendra said:

    Discernment and patience. That God would use the situation we are in for his glory.

  • Kristin said:


  • Cindy said:


  • Mirian said:

    Victory and restauration

  • Tatyana said:

    Courage, just like Peter I was sifted and now I am ready to strengthen my brothers and I need the courage and inspired words to share my lessons to help others.

  • Amber M. said:

    I am so glad God provide a way for you through all that, I could really use some prayer for emotional healing and focus in my career.

  • vimalkumari david said:

    I want you to pray for my brothers. Both don't have a proper job and they are struggling in their lives. God should strengthen their trust in Him & provide good jobs that would make them glorify His name. I was really blessed by this post!

  • laualee said:

    please pray that God would heal me from all the abuse I have gone through, for financial blessings through the divorce, and that His will and purpose for my life be done. Wisdom and guidance as I serve Him all the rest of the days I have here on earth...writing, speaking about abuse in the churches or whatever He wants...thank you!

  • Karen said:

    Strength. My daughter has made a decision that is tearing us apart. I pray she will find God and change her decision before our relationship is irretrievably broken.

  • janie said:

    for forgiveness and patience, for clarity, for happiness in the circumstances i find myself

  • Linda said:

    It's now 2015.....I had to go back to your words you wrote...the words the Lord gave you to pass on to us. And because you have this blog here....I was able to go back to something you wrote in 2014. So...thank you Sharon ....for being obedient to God...for writing your that His words...through you...bless us.

    Satan sifted me this week. I initially failed - Satan used someone else's words to get to me. But I knew WHO to go to Jesus!!! I re-read this particular blog - and the advise is so helpful. In fact I am going to print this off and perhaps someday I can share your words with someone else who is getting "sifted"

  • Shannon said: