Gift from God

Lydia June Easter and proud Grandma

Lydia June Easter- Gift from God-Proud Grandma

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Our daughter Hannah and her husband, Jake had their first baby this past week. We have been thanking God everyday for Lydia.

Hannah’s labor was quick, but hard.  Immediately after Lydia was born she was taken to the NICU, she had Meconium aspiration. She was released to a normal room in less than 24 hours. I’ve been with Hannah most of the week and now preparing for a marriage conference tomorrow where Dale and I are the keynote speakers.


Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking in Buffalo, NY at the Women Standing Strong conference. The theme of the weekend was Breaking Down the Walls. Oh MY how the Lord ministered to us all.  Before the Israelites could come into the Promised Land the walls of Jericho HAD to come down. We all have walls that we build around ourselves from time to time. Sometimes we build them because of past disappointments, sometimes because we’re too afraid to trust God. . .

What walls have you built around yourself thinking you were protecting yourself when all along they are preventing you from the greater blessing? Lord, show us the walls and help us to take them down. We want everything You have for us and nothing less. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Still praying for last weeks prayer requests. I’ve got three prayer warriors praying over these. My heart breaks for you and the things you’re going through. May the Lord strengthen you and give you peace that passes all understanding.


  • Linda said:

    First...congrats on your new granddaughter!!!! She is so fortunate to have you and Dale for grandparents.

    Second...I am amazed at how God keeps expanding your work for Him!!! I am blessed to sit back and watch how God is using you both for His glory. And it's happening so fast. I promise to continue to pray for both you and Dale...and the ministry in front of you!

    • Thank you so much Linda, we need your prayers! He really is expanding everything and I have a hard time keeping up with HIM. Its mandatory to be before the throne every day because the assignments are much bigger than my capabilities!

      • Linda said:

        God wouldn't be giving you the assignments...without expanding your capabilities and protection mercies on the road.

  • Nancy said:

    Just a quick prayer request, sounds like you are busy though....My "walls" are OCD - and my OCD worries often keep me from accomplishing great and small things. I just ask for your prayers to "break" them down. Much thanks!

  • Mary T said:

    Sharon, congratulations to the Glasgow family! Prayers for baby Lydia and all her loving family!

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    Sharon, congratulations on your new grandbaby. The photo is beautiful and says everything about your love and pride in your granddaughter, Lydia. Wonderful your ministry keeps expanding more, you've been faithful. Praying for covering for you and your tent pegs to continue to be enlarged. Many blessings, Joanne

  • Connie Brown said:

    Congratulations on your newest blessing!
    I'm always amazed at what happens when a person walks closely with the Lord. He uses you in such powerful ways. It's an inspiration to me. Would love to have you as a speaker one day at a women's event at our church....would love to see what the Lord would do. I will put that request in when the time is right!
    Blessings, Connie
    Nancy (above at 4:48 pm) - I prayed for you. May the Lord perform a miracle in you!
    blessings, Connie

  • Michelle said:

    Sharon, thanks so much for the reminder to pray about walls. I agree there are many reasons and influences as to why & how we have built them. Walls not only protect, they also keep others, things and God from us. So, thinking we're protecting ourselves, it may actually be we are stagnating our growth as Christians. I recognize change, for some, may pose as a painful task. Hitting our heads against a wall is painful too, yet we move towards something else. I pray for all that movement is towards our loving God.

  • Charmé said:

    Congrats to you and your family. The birth of a grandchild ranks at the top of God's blessings. Thanks for your faithfulness and desire to lift up the name of Jesus in all of life's journeys.

  • Love this pic! So precious. It's exciting to watch how God is using you and your husband during this time of your lives.

  • Julie T. said:

    Hi Sharon, what a lovely little girl! She is just adorable!
    In reading your post on trusting God and the walls that we put can be scary at times, I think especially when you're single. I do trust God, but I have to admit I am fearful of loss at times. I'm getting there though!

  • Anonymous said:

    Please, Sharon, join me in an Agreement Prayer for the release of the payments for the Approved Projects for my Business: these projects has been approved since March 2012.

  • Julie said:

    Thank you for your heart. I love how the Lord knows just what I need, when I need it and points me toward him. I needed the words you shared today. My prayer is for "peace" accept God's plans (rather than make my own) and not allow stress, anxiety, worry, and doubt creep up in my thought process. It turns out ugly every time.

    • Amen Julie! Let's keep putting on the WHOLE armor of God- that includes a shield for our chest and a helmet for our minds. Let's remember to worship the King on His throne and that worship is our warfare- because as we worship our Savior, Jesus Christ- He fills us with new sense of His peace. We have to stand firm and keep doing all that we can in order to stand!

  • Emilie said:

    Thank you for this.

    The title also caught my eye. I wrote a song for my oldest that repeats the line " our precious gift from God". Babies and children are for sure a gift from God.