Dale’s Thirty Foot Mural Unveiled

Dale’s buddies, First Lieutenant Dave Roderick and Major Dave Decator congratulating him


Dale was commissioned by our county to design and create an outdoor mural illustrating its 400 years of history. He had already done one similar for our new hospital a year before–but that one was an indoor mural, big difference in construction and materials used. Dale amazes me that he can create anything from the finest detailed painting http://daleglasgow.com/people.html– to the construction of a building to something he’s never done like this  outdoor mural. He’s a creative genius and a master craftsman at everything he puts his hands to do.

If Dale were alive back when Moses was building the Ark of the Covenant I personally think God could have chosen him instead of Bezalel to do the artisan’s master work! Or when Solomon was building the temple in the 10th century(II Chronicles 2:13) I kinda think he could have been the candidate along with Huram for the master craftsman and artesian for that monumental job. I never take it for granted that I get to live with this man!

Dale designed all the art, photography and typography then  produced it on exterior panels.  Ordered all the materials for  frames to hold the panels, fastened them on to them , figured all the hanging requirements and installed it himself. His wonderful friend Luciano helped him put the frames together.

Design, typography, color and layout were all created on Dale’s computer

He sent his artwork to an outdoor display printing place to be printed and ordered metal sheets to support the art panels. You can see one of his paintings on this panel, it’s the one with the tree to the left. The painting is when John Smith put three brass crosses on a tree in our county to claim it for Christ and King James.


Production tables

Our barn is perfect for an artist to do production

Kyle Jones and Luciano Scacco loading truck with mural pieces

Jeffrey and Luciano

Dale’s “strong man” crew- he couldn’t have done it without them. Luciano Scacco, Jeffrey Young, Nate Huska and Jason Moberly.

Jeffrey and Jason delivering George Washington to his new home

That’s a wonderful son-in-law right there, leveling George’s panel.

Nate, Jason and Luciano hanging Abe

Me delivering supplies from the barn and food

Dale, Luciano, Jason and Nate

Luciano preparing header

We finished by hanging the one piece 150 pound header at midnight. The long day started at 8AM.

Sunday AM canvas was put up to cover the mural for the unveiling on Tuesday

Getting ready for the unveiling

Dale sandwiched between two of his friends and the finest men in Stafford County Dave and Dave

Mission successful Great job Dale!




  • Pat C. said:

    Way to go Dale! Beautiful and awesome! Thanks for your commitment to the preserving the history of our community.

    • Thank you Pat! I passed your message on to him:).

  • Diane Marra said:

    congrats, looks beautiful and you are very creative!

    • Thank you Diane! I see you're an artist as well, I looked up adoreHimcreations! Amazing!

  • Barbara Koob said:

    Unbelievably beautiful! I love how Dale used his talents and is preserving our beautiful history in a Godly way. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joy said:

    Outstanding! Incredible! WOW!!

    Sharon, I agree, Dale's name would have been listed with the chosen artisans in Bible times. Yes, because of his God-given ability, but also because of his humility and heart for his Lord. Not only was Dale commissioned by your county, but Dale's life also reflects the great commission as he uses his talent for the Lord.

    Celebrating with you over this opportunity and honour.
    Love you,

    • Thank you Joy! You're such a little cheerleader!

  • Rachel Moberley said:

    That is amazing!!! Glory to Jesus!

  • Phil Monk said:

    Congratulations Dale, Sharon and Family!
    That's awesome and very deserved..! . It was an honor and a blessing to work with Dale right out of college honing my knowledge and skills, learning what college could not teach... hands on real world commercial art in a sweet environment. Keep up the great work my friend.

    • Thank you Phil! Dale felt it was an equal honor and blessing to have you work for him those years. God is wonderful how He orchestrates blessings like that. We love you!

  • Doreen said:

    WOW - Simply Amazing! Congratulations!!

    • Thank you Doreen! When is our coffee date? we can each drive half way?

  • Linda Schumaker said:

    Wow, can't wait to see it in person. Dale is so talented and such a great guy, too. I am proud to say I know him!

    • Thank you Linda! I agree! I miss seeing you, you and John should come see us?

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Sharon. Dale's artwork is simply amazing!!! I would love to see this in person and read the historical account. You have one very talented husband. What a great team you both are!

    • Thank you Barbara! I saw you called when we were in NY. I'll give you a call soon. Love you!