Marriage’s Greatest Enemy


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She could hardly stop crying long enough to get a sentence out. “Sharon, I loved him so much (sob). I can’t believe he left the kids and me. What am I going to do?”

I gave her tissues, looked directly into her swollen eyes and said, “I know what you’re going to do! You’re not going to give up! You can’t!” He’s your first love, the father of your babies and you made a vow to God- for better or for worse. This is the worse and this is when you FIGHT for what you vowed to do.

I asked, “Is it another woman?” She wept even harder and said, “I don’t know.”

Alright. Get up out of that puddle of tears. Here’s what you’re gonna to do:

  •  Pray like you’ve never prayed before; for him and your marriage.
  •  When he comes to pick the kids up for the weekend, invite him in for dinner, make his favorite food. Talk to him about his work, life, health, dreams…
  •  Woo him back. Wink, wink—make yourself attractive. What attracts him to you physically?
  •  Pursue him!

She said, “Sharon, that’s all easy for YOU to say. I’ve already prayed and it didn’t work. She held her hands over her face and moaned, “I don’t even know what his favorite food is. We never ate together! He always got his own dinner.  He would think something was up if I started asking him about work, life and stuff. We never did that, Sharon.” Her voice got stronger and she said, “And one thing’s for SURE… I’m not about to look like I’m chasing him! I’m NOT! If he doesn’t like me in my sweats…! He has to come get ME!” I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this.”

I said, “If you love him and you want this marriage, you’ll need to do what it takes. Jesus said to love others as ourselves, even our enemies. Love him like yourself.”

She shook her head and said, “I just can’t do that, Sharon. I can’t.”

They divorced.

She married again.

He was a good man, for the most part.

One day, there was a knock at my door. It was her. She was crying, “Oh Sharon! He wants to leave me? MEN!! They’re all rotten!”

I put a cup of coffee in front of her and we sat at the same table. I said, “We’re ALL rotten without Jesus’ help. You know what I think the greatest enemy of marriage is?” She said, “No?” I said, “It’s not sex, money, kids, communication, pornography or the in-laws. It’s selfishness…

If I viewed my marriage as a 50/50 covenant, we’d be divorced by now. It’s a 100/100. That means we deny ourselves, sacrifice and live to serve the other- wholeheartedly. There’s been YEARS of my marriage where Dale could give little because he worked 80 hours a week and got home with nothing left for me. There were days I felt sorry for myself. Days I wanted to give up on my marriage. But I grew up in a family without a dad. And I was willing to sacrifice anything to keep my husband. He was a good man, working as hard as he could.  He wasn’t cheating on me, nor was he abusing me. I would’ve been the selfish one if I hadn’t served him 100%.

We got through those years by the grace of God. But even to this day we BOTH have to sacrifice for the other and deny our own desires. It’s still hard, because selfishness is so much easier.

Wonder if your husband was really rotten and you still had to give all? Like Hosea in the Bible. He married a prostitute. They had three children. He couldn’t trust her and she gave NOTHING to him. He sacrificed EVERYTHING for her and stayed with her- even though she was “rotten.”

One day in eternity he will be rewarded for how he lived his marriage out and so will we- if we are faithful.”

Jesus, WE can’t do this without YOU! Help us to not be selfish. Help us to sacrifice our own desires for theirs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The couple stayed together!

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  • Amy said:

    Please pray for me and my marriage!
    Thank you!!

    • Praying for healing and breakthrough for your marriage, Amy! Blessings to you sister! -Sharon

  • Heidi said:

    Please pray for Gloria and Chad's marriage.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray right now in Jesus' almighty name that You would minister to Glory and Chad in their marriage. I pray that Your healing balm would wash over them. I ask that all the wrong things would be made right. Draw them closer to You and make them ONE as You are one. Amen! Love, Sharon

  • Brenda said:

    My marriage could use prayer, thanks.

    • Father in Jesus' name, I ask that You would bring transformation to Brenda's heart, her husband's heart and their marriage as a whole. I ask for Your goodness, love and tenderness to be manifest. Give them dove's eyes for You and for one another. Amen! Hugs! -Sharon

  • Linda said:

    Please pray for My friends, Ray and Linda. Thank you.

    • Heavenly Father, You know Ray and Linda and ALL that they have gone through. You ARE with them. I ask that their hearts would be opened more fully to hear Your voice! I pray that Your goodness, mercy, love, and tender peace would wash them right now. In Jesus' name- Amen! Love, Sharon

  • Yvette said:

    My Marriage. We've been married a year. He cheated by the 3rd month. 8 months of oure hell. I decided 2 walk away. He wanted his wife....6wks of Reconciliation, honesty, closeness, great communication. Then it all went downhill when the other woman came back on the scene saying garbage 2 him that he came and asked me about. The atmosphere in this house hasn't been the same. I don't know. He still wears his ring and according to a source he confided in...he regrets bringing the conversation to me, but i don't know. Praying for direction, peace, guidance. I so luv my husband, and we had found a new love for one another, a new found passion. We start going to church together. Well at least he went with me one time. I know the enemy doesn't want families or marriage but I'm tired if fighting. Then i wonder if I'm fighting in vain.

    • Hi Yvette! I'm praying for total clarity of heart and mind for you- from the Throne of Grace. Even when we don't know what to do, Jesus DOES and HE will show you. Blessings to you sister!

  • brenda said:

    Please pray for Annette and Dale

    • Father in Heaven, I lift up Annette and Dale to You. I ask that GRACE, GRACE, GRACE (unmerited favor) would wash over them. I pray for their hearts to be brought into a greater sense of unity because of the deep work of the Holy Spirit. I pray for them to be healed, strengthened as a couple and filled a fresh with joy! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Allison said:

    Please pray for Max and Allison!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Max and Allison to Your Throne of Grace. I pray for them to be given the full armor of God right now. I pray that EVERY fiery dart of the enemy would be taken out of their hearts and backs, and that TRUTH, peace, forgiveness, and love would come and abound- still MORE and MORE. Let them know that in their weakness, YOU are fighting for them! Let them feel Your deep love- that You displayed on the cross. In Jesus' name, amen. Hugs! Sharon

  • Danielle Duarte said:

    I always write on these things and I never win, I kind of feel the same way about my marriage. I pray everyday. I work on myself, but he never changes. He texts other women, adds them on Facebook and no matter how hurt I am he won't stop. I don't know what else do. Please pray for us.

    • Father, in Jesus' name, I ask that YOU would sovereignly bring Danielle's marriage into righteous alignment with YOUR Holy Word and ways. You ARE the way, the truth, and the life and I ask that both of these people would have their hearts turned to You- like never before! I ask that Danielle's husband would be strengthened with wisdom and truth and that he would be able to hear Your voice- leading him away from unhealthy relationships and into a deeper love for You and Danielle. Amen.

      • Danielle Duarte said:

        Thank you Sharon for taking time out of your day to pray for me! Your prayer gave me such peace!

        • You're very welcome! I'm glad that HE ministered to you through this. He loves you and wants you to know that, again today! Shalom. -Sharon

  • Olga said:

    please pray for Roque and Nadine, Lebo and Mpho. Thanks.

    • Dear Heavenly Father. I thank You that YOU are good to ALL. I lift up Roque, Nadine, Lebo, and Mpho to Your thone of Grace. I thank You that YOU have wonderful and good plans for each other their lives. I ask that whatever they are going through- that You would bring them into Your love, righteousness, mercy, kindness, and grace. I ask that they would be surrounded by people who can speak the truth (in love) to them. I ask that their hearts would be made whole and that they would be able to love you and love one another more fully as well. Meet them where they are and provide for all of their needs. In Jesus' name, amen! Blessings to you and your loved ones Olga! -Sharon

  • Cat said:

    Pleasr pray for Catherine & Randy

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Catherine and Randy to You. I ask that You would break in to their lives right now and let them feel your every virtue. You are love, righteousness, joy, and peace- and this IS what Your Kingdom is made of. I ask that they would be filled with more of Your great love and be able to pour that out on one another. I ask that total restoration over their hearts, minds, and lives. Bless them in Jesus' name, amen!

  • carmen said:

    Please pray for my marriage and for Brenna and John. Thank you so much!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Carmen and her husband to Your Throne of Grace. I also pray for Brenna and John. I ask that You would lay your hand of healing, peace, freedom, and deliverance on each of them. I pray for Carmen to be able to see clearly Your will and be led by Your Holy Spirit- alone. I pray for a supernatural wisdom, peace, strength, and healing to flow into each of their lives. You SO LOVE each of them and I pray that wherever the enemy has lied, stolen, or destroyed, that they would be restored- 100 fold. In Jesus' name, amen! Hugs!

  • Kelly said:

    I feel like one of the women you write about. I had a failed marriage when my children were little. One really good thing came out of it...I got saved! Raised my children in the Lord. But when they moved out and I was lonely, I married a non-Christian. I am paying the price. It is a horrible marriage. I am at the point where I want to leave...again. I support us completely, work 2 jobs, and am moving my dad to CA to care for him. My husband will never leave because he has no where to go. I am moving into a larger home so there will be room for my aging father (and his huge dog) and want to move out without him. I know it's the only way I will ever get out. He has not cheated on me so I know I don't have grounds. We share nothing. His Social Sec. money is his and my money is ours. Separate bank accounts, I do everything. He has illnesses so he just watches tv all day. I know my heart has to change. I know it all. Even held fellowship in my home for women who wanted to save their marriages years ago. Stayed married to my ex for 13 years and never dated. Then Satan got his foot in the door. And here I am. Miserable. Please pray for me. I don't want to disobey God again but I am tired. Thank you!!

    • Hi Kelly! I'm praying for you right now!

      Dear Heavenly Father, I pray in Your Son's name, for a wave of mercy, grace, clarity, and love to cover Kelly. I ask that YOU would stretch out Your hand and bring salvation to her husband. I ask that her life would be an example to him, that would provoke him to the knowledge of Jesus. Bring Him into the Word of God! Father, I ask that YOU would surround him with people who can illustrate the truth. I pray for Your will to be done with Kelly. Give her everything that she needs to be the overcomer, that she is called to be. In Jesus' name, amen! With love, Sharon

  • Erika J said:

    Please pray for my husband. He was a pastor and is now living with a woman who was my friend and a church worker. It has been 3 months and I am crushed. We have 2 teen children and since he has left the home has been only talking to them on Facebook and will not talk to me or even email me. He is blinded by Satan. He won't send money to help us, I was a stay at home mom until he left. And he took our only car. This man was my first love at 17 and now is acting not only like a stranger but someone I would have never married. I'm so sick with grief. I beg for prayer on any site or to any person who would be willing to pray for us. Please pray my husband is convicted and repents and comes home soon. I am standing for my marriage. Please pray and share with others you believe would pray. Thank you

    • Dede said:

      Erika I pray for you and your family that the Lord will open your husband's eyes. For comfort and strength for you and your kids. My heart breaks for you but God is a good good father and He loves you! Stay strong in the Lord and watch him move mountains!

      • Erika J said:

        Thank you for your prayers means so much. Depression is a battle that comes with all of this, knowing there are prayer warriors out there helps

    • Praying for you now, Erika!! Heavenly Father, I ask for MIRACLES for Erika. I ask that You would sovereignly deliver her from ALL evil and the schemes of the evil one against her and her family. I pray that conviction and repentance would come to her husband. I pray that he would be fully delivered from the blinders that satan has put on his eyes. I ask that You would show Erika exactly what You would have her to do. Fill her and her children with peace, righteousness, joy- and comfort their hearts with YOUR Holy love. Surround her with friends and people who will minister to her and the children. Bless her in a mighty, powerful way this week. In Jesus' name- AMEN. Big hugs!! Sharon

      • Erika J said:

        Yes, please a miracle dear Lord! I love and miss my husband and our marriage. I pray daily many times a day. Dear gracious heavenly father bring my husband home please. In Jesus's name. Amen thank you for your prayers! God bless

  • My husband is moving out Oct 1st due to an alcohol addiction. I have given up on us. We need a miracle. Thanks!!!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Nicole and her husband to You. I ask for POWERFUL miracles that ONLY YOU can release- to flood their lives. I pray for her husband to be completely delivered of alcoholism. I ask that he would no longer choose this means of self-medication and that instead, his heart would be shown the way into the Throne of Grace- for EVERY emotional need to be supplied. I ask that He would be given conviction in this and that the door to alcoholism would be shut- right now. I pray for Nicole to be filled with Your Holy Spirit to over flowing and that a mighty miracle would flow into their lives. Bring them into unity, by Your Spirit. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Oly said:

    Please pray for me (Oly) and my husband (Chijioke) for our marriage and my child (Ihuoma) and my unborn child. It's quite hard being married in different nationality, just like the story, I don't even know what his dreams, his plans, his favorite food... We did not even had intimate conversation, just like we're living in our own world though we stay together. His been cheating on me, deceiving me and abuse me. But I always invite Jesus in every situation, hurts and pains I believe one day Jesus will turn my situation in marriage, I'm hoping everyday above my fear. Please pray for us.

    • Praying for you Oly!

      I pray in Jesus' almighty name for your peace and encouragement today. Heavenly Father, I ask that you would give Oly wisdom in the circumstance that she is in. I ask that You would move and shift on her behalf. I pray that she would be brought to a strong place of peace, rest, joy, and abounding love. I ask that everything that Satan has stolen from her (for any reason) would be restored 100 fold! Bless her today! Amen. - Sharon

  • Cathleen Rafalko said:

    Please pray for Mark and Cathleen. ..our marriage is in a desperate place. Mark is not a believer. Blessings on your ministry. Xo

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Cathleen and Mark to You! I ask that Mark would come into saving faith- even now! I pray for the blinders to be removed from his eyes and that he would be given humility to receive the truth from Your Holy Spirit. I ask that Cathleen would be able to display Your love through meekness and gentleness- and through serving her husband... that he would see her good works and come to You! I ask that Cathleen would be strengthened with power and might inside of her innermost being. I pray that she would have the wisdom that she needs every day! Give her help, Heavenly Father! Be her source- her rock, her EVERYTHING. Bring healing to her marriage. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Connie Holyfield said:

    I have a friend and coworker who came to me yesterday with the exactly same situation with her husband. I have been convicted to stay more in God's Word and not just offer love, sympathy and hugs but let The Bible speak through me to help others. Thank you for this beautiful message!

    • That's great Connie! God's word holds the answers that we need for EVERY thing in life. I pray that you will be strengthened as you minister to the people around you. Let His presence and wisdom fill you as you pour out in His love! Blessings to you sister! Sharon

  • Elaine Stewman said:

    Families need lots and lots of prayers. It is too late for my marriage, but my children and I could use some prayers. And please pray for James and Vanita. Thank you.

    • Amy said:

      Jesus, I trust in you. You have plans to make things new. I pray for Ms.Elaine that she finds comfort by trusting You. Take care of Ms Elaine and her fruitful children which are always a blessing within themselves. Help her in her time of need. AMEN

      • AA said:

        Have faith, trust in God and remember it's never too late. The devil is a liar!!!!

  • Bon said:

    Pray for me and my marriage - surrendering to the Lord

    • I'm praying right now for your marriage Bon! Father, in Jesus' almighty name- I lift up Bon's marriage to You. I ask for total and complete restoration and healing. I pray for all confusion and schemes of satan or demons would be FULLY BROKEN and that LOVE would begin to FILL them in a fresh and powerful way. I ask for them both to be willing to give 100%, every day- first to love YOU and second to love one another. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Laura Z. said:

    All of the Proverbs 31 devotionals are always so timely!! My brother-in-law and his wife have been struggling for some time now and are considering divorce. Please add Greg and Beth to the list.

    • Praying in faith for Greg and Beth! Heavenly Father, I lift Greg and Beth up to Your throne of Grace and I ask for both of them to be filled afresh with grace, peace, and mostly with LOVE. I ask that YOUR love and kindness would bubble up inside of them and flow out. Let Your love abound dear Lord Jesus! I pray for a mighty restoration to come- even tonight. I pray for their hearts to be filled with hope, faith, grace, peace, and forgiveness toward one another. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Amy said:

    Please pray for my marriage and my husband,Robert. He really wanted us to go to church and be part of the ministry. But I refused. Now ive lost him. He is gone. I attacked him. I am selfish. I dont want a divorce. I pray that someday I will follow Jesus. And He will make me new and restore my marriage. The seed is planted in our family. God will prevail.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Amy to You. I thank You that You MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! I thank You that she can make the choice to follow you- even right now! I thank you that she doesn't have to wait for anything or anyone to do that. I pray that You would bring her into Your love, truth, and righteousness. I ask that her marriage would be fully restored and that You WOULD PREVAIL in Your great kindness, goodness, mercy, and love over them. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Staci said:

    Boy did I need this today! Please pray for my marriage as I try to make some needed changes in myself while listening for the Holy Spirit's prompting. Please pray for my husband as he has not found salvation yet. He believes, he just won't accept the gift. With God's help, we can do this!

    • Heavenly Father, I come boldly and confidently before YOUR throne of Grace and I ask for salvation for Staci's husband. I pray that right now, You would remove any and all blinders that satan has put on his eyes. I ask that the eyes of his heart would be fully enlightened to see who the true, living Savior/God is. You are MIGHTY TO SAVE, to HEAL, and TO DELIVER. I pray that his heart would be softened and the gate would be opened wide to receive from Your hand- the gift of salvation. In Jesus' name, amen!

      I also pray for Staci, that she would be fully led of Your Holy Spirit to know how to carry her heart in this time. Help her to follow You and in meekness and gentleness share the good news- as You lead her first. Let her family be made fully righteous- through YOUR son. In Jesus' name- amen! Hugs!

  • Laura said:

    Please pray for my marriage! I have never been so heartbroken. My husband has had what I feel is an addiction to pornography and the internet, going so far as to create new (secret) emails, respond to craigslist ads, and chat with other women on free messaging sites. It's more than I can take. I have prayed about it and the last thing I want to do is leave him, but what is a marriage without trust? He insists that he loves me but I can feel myself pulling away. I know that cheating is a dealbreaker but I guess I am hoping for a miracle. Thank you for your inspirational posts, prayers, and words of wisdom. :)

    • Linda said:

      Laura...I will pray for you. I had a husband just like you describe (He past away several years ago.)
      During that time...I did not know who to talk to about it. Even most local pastors are not train trained in this area. I really did not even understand what sex addiction was.
      I won't post it here...but if you contact me at I will give you the web address of a christian man (counselor/expert) who has a ministry/counseling business with helping people understand, get through, etc....what you are going through.
      I found that the books really helped me understand some of the issues. They help both the addict and the person dealing with the addict.

  • Tracy L said:

    Please pray for my good friend Lisa and her husband Tom! They are having many issues and she is really struggling right now. Thank you!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Lisa and Tom to You. I pray for any and every battle that is being fought right now to be brought before Your throne. I ask that YOU would mitigate and deliberate. I ask that they would both hear YOUR voice and receive YOUR wisdom for their lives. I pray for all selfishness and confusion to be removed from them, in Jesus' name- amen! Bless them today! Hugs!

  • Dorothy said:

    I would ask that you pray for my sister and her third husband: Crystal and Jason.

    • Dear Father in Heaven, I pray right now for Crystal and Jason. I thank YOU for mighty miracles and the power to receive them to flow into their lives. I ask that You would show them Your deep, deep love- as displayed on the cross. I ask that Your love- which is fully sacrificial would be the love that sustains them in their marriage. I pray for healing, peace, and mercy over their lives. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Brenda said:

    A dear coworker has been struggling in her marriage. Their names are Brad & Judy.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Brad and Judy to You. I pray that even NOW You would minister to their hearts. I pray that You would bring restoration, healing, freedom, righteousness, joy, and peace into their lives. I ask that any careless words that may have been uttered would be cancelled out. I ask that love, grace, and forgiveness would uphold them both. Bring them into love, joy, and unity- in Jesus' name, amen!

  • Christy said:

    Please pray for my husband and our marriage. I want to see our marriage restored!!

    • Agreeing with you, in faith, Christy! I pray for total and complete restoration of your marriage. I pray that every hindrance would be broken, every chain removed. I pray for all debts to be fully forgiven and that love and peace would abound still MORE AND MORE. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Tammy said:

    Wonderful blog!!! Please remember my sister in prayer. She is going thru some great trials at this moment, with her marriage, children, and her job. Pray for me to bite my tongue and let God be the one that speaks through me to her. He CAN do the impossible!!!

    • King Jesus, I lift up Tammy's sister to you. I ask that You would let her know that You are FIGHTING FOR HER in the midst of EVERY difficulty that she's experiencing. Let her feel your nearness and have confidence in the God who walks on water and calms stormy seas. I pray for EVERY detail in her life to come into Kingdom order. I ask that peace would fill her life in a mighty way. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Karen said:

    Still married... 22 years now. It's been over for 19 of those years. I'm very tired.
    Your words are very encouraging though. God bless.

    • Praying for total restoration for you and your marriage Karen! Jesus loves you both SO much and I pray that He would open up the doors of your hearts to sense that even more today. I pray for mighty waves of blessings and relationship miracles for you and your husband. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Gretchen Scoleri said:

    Thank you for the reminder of how to minister to women who are hurting in their marriage. Rather than using words in my flesh, praying with them and speaking words of life and hope

    • Amen! We are called to be one another's greatest encouragers. Let's focus on that more today. Blessings to you Gretchen!

  • Mindy said:

    Praying for Melissa and Jeff. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide my words.

    • Yes Lord Jesus, I lift up Melissa and Jeff to You. I ask that You would help them in their marriage. I ask that in whatever area of their lives that they may not be walking in intimacy with You- that You would draw them into that place. I pray that You would guide Mindy right now, to know when and what to speak. Bring transformation to them, in Jesus' name- amen! Hugs!

  • AA said:

    I have faith and trust in our Our Lord Jesus Christ and I know that our marriage is being restored as I write. I am standing in the gap for my husband and not giving up as I love him dearly. I am praying constantly for my husband and marriage and asking God to change me also in the process. Please pray for me and my husband and our marriage as we need Divine intervention and Divine Breakthrough from our Lord. My husband of 27 years is having an affair and it seems that my love is no longer alive in his heart. I pushed him into her hands by not respecting, honouring my husband and I constantly ask God for forgiveness. The other woman goes to our church and is pursuing him on a daily basis morning and night with numerous messages. I let Go and led God work his miracles. I understand that it's nice for others who understand my situation to pray with me. Thank you in advance

    • Jane said:

      I am praying and standing with you AA! I continue to stand, pray and believe God will restore and heal my covenant marriage with Jeff. I've been doing this for 5 years now but I refuse to allow the enemy to take what belongs to God and to me; he has no authority to do so! God has given me assurance and signs along the way that I am right where He wants me to be and regardless of what the circumstances look like around me, GOD IS BIGGER THAN MY CIRCUMSTANCES! "But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. Do we believe God's word? Then we must continue to pray! Asking God to change US, not just "oh God, change my spouse!" I understand how difficult all of this can be; discouragement sets in, doubt creeps in. But when we stand for what God has put forth in His word, He remains with us, hears our prayers and will answer them.

      • AA said:

        Jane, I thank you so much for praying with me and I draw so much strength in your kind words and prayers. I am also praying for you and Jeff. May our Good Lord reward you abundantly and I am trusting our Lord Jesus Christ that he would convert Jeff's heart back to Jesus. Hang in there and I'm sure very, very soon you'll shall give your testimony on the miracles that God has performed in your marriage. I am praying for total restoration in your marriage and it will be 100 times better than it was before. I plead the precious Blood of Jesus Christ over your marriage and I pray our Good Lord will bind you and Jeff together with cords that cannot be broken. You will definitely enjoy the fruit of your labour Just keep trusting God and continue praying for him, giving up is not an option.

  • Tracy Larson said:

    Prayers for Terry and Shane... Welcoming their 4th child, after their 3rd was born with Down Syndrome. Financial stress is at a high.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray right now for Terry and Shane. I ask that You would send your angels to help them in the midst of their challenges. I pray that You would surround them with people who will encourage them to trust You. I declare that no weapon formed against them will prosper! Thank you King Jesus for having and BEING all that they need. Let them see and seek your face today! Amen!

  • Janet said:

    Ashley and Kevin. Thanks.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You would bring restoration, strength, and peace into Ashley and Kevin's marriage. I ask that You would meet ALL of their needs according to YOUR riches in Christ Jesus. I ask that You would help them to see, hear, and experience Your love in a new and powerful way. Show them the cross at Calvary. The HIGH cost that YOU paid for their lives, and may this understanding be the fuel for how they love and serve one another. In Jesus' name- amen!

  • Janice Vanzura said:

    Please pray for Nancy and Patrick. Thank you for your encouragung words.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Nancy and Patrick to You. I ask that You would bring restoration to their hearts, minds, and souls. I ask that You would make them ONE in You- as You , the Father, and Holy Spirit are one. I ask that ask for a divine sense of peace, resolve for faithfulness, and grace for every day's challenges would fill them right now. In Jesus' almighty name, amen! Hugs!

  • Lori said:

    We are in ministry and have known this other ministry couple since 1998. They've raised their 4 children and now their marriage is ready for divorce. I can see her legitimate issues with him, (and most people who know him can see he'd be difficult), but my heart breaks to think of what this is doing to them, their children and their ministry. Please pray that the Lord will give them the ability to claim Truth, despite their disgust with each other. (There's no "other person" that we know of. )

  • Shelby said:

    Please pray for ALL marriages & families, especially mine, C&D, and G&N. Help them to love each other & support each other & be kind to each other. Show me how to help my friends who are going through hard times.

    • Agreeing with you in faith Shelby! In Jesus name- SO BE IT!

  • Sharon Cloud said:

    Please pray for my marriage. That we both learn to not be selfish. And to give 100% to each other. Sharon & Robert

    • Lord, You were the most sacrificial Man, ever. Teach this couple as only You can! Restore this marriage! In Jesus' Name, AMEN!

  • Kris said:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband justin to turn to god

    • Lord, we ask You to open Justin's heart to receive You WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Revive this marriage as only You can! In Jesus' Name, amen.

  • Fran said:

    Please pray for us respecting one another. I know without God we have nothing now we need to live like it.

  • Amy said:

    I really needed to read this devotion today, as my husband and I are going through some rough times. I know about the sacrifice and serving my husband. I have put past issues behind us and forgiven him for wrong doings. I love him as I love myself, but nothing I do is ever good enough for him. I fear he has found someone else.... I continue to pray for God's guidance, would you all pray with me too? Thank you so much. God bless you all!

    • AA said:

      I lift you up to the Lord, just trust in him and he will see you through. I pray for divine intervention and divine breakthrough in your marriage. God will see you through and you will give testimony. AMEN!!!

  • Marie said:

    What a timely message! I needed this! Thank you. Please pray for my marriage !

    • Gracious Heavenly Father, I lift up Marie's marriage to You. I pray that You would minister to her and fill her life with constant, and renewing grace. I ask that her marriage would be protected from the enemy's schemes. I ask that she would be filled- every day with more love from Your throne and that this love would over flow to the people around her. I ask that her husband would have the same experience in You. Make them ONE as You are ONE. In Jesus' name, amen! Hugs!

  • Sherri Y. said:

    Please pray for S&A and N&K. Thank you!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up S&A and N&K to You! I thank YOU that YOU are working ALL things together for each of their good- given that they 1. love you and 2. are called according to Your purposes. I pray that each of their hearts would be given more understanding of the great, and deep love that You have for them- first and foremost. I pray that from that understanding- they would be filled with more love for You and then for one another. I ask for Your Kingdom order (1. Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, 2. love your neighbor as yourself) would be increased in them. Bless them now, in Jesus' name- amen! Hugs!

  • Kristi said:

    Please pray for our marriage. We need a lot of prayer and I need all of God in my heart.

    • Father in Heaven, I lift up Kristi to You and ask that her marriage would be healed. I pray that miracles would flow out of Your Throne of Grace. I pray that they would both be given guidance and light for their eyes. Help them to see the RIGHT path- that YOU have chosen for them. Bring their minds and hearts into a deep well of peace, righteousness, and joy. We invite you Holy Spirit, to refresh them and make ALL things new. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Angela said:

    Please pray for Ellen and Bill. Pray that their marriage will be saved and he will turn to God. They have a precious little girl.

    • Gracious King Jesus, I lift up Ellen and Bill to You. I ask that their marriage would be saved and that Bill would turn fully to You! I pray that the truth of Your word would flood the gates of their home and that healing and joy would be like a river, rushing through. I pray that their relationship would be protected from the enemy's schemes and that anything that has been stolen would be restored 100 fold- starting now! Amen!

  • Pam said:

    The enemy of our souls seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. It doesn't matter if you've been married a few months, years or decades, we have to be on guard against the devil's schemes. I would like prayer for my own marriage in that we would stay strong in a society where staying together through the hard and difficult is not the norm. My husband and I want to stay strong together and pass this legacy on to our boys for their future marriages.

    • AA said:

      I totally agree with you. We know God's power supersedes and exceeds the power of satan and his demons. I pray that our Good Lord continues to keep you and your husband strong in faith and that God will take permanent residence in your marriage so you pass that good legacy to your sons especially in this wicked world we live in. I pray the same for my own marriage too.

    • Amen Pam!! I stand in agreement with you for your marriage! Jesus is FAITHFUL and able to keep us from stumbling and present us faultless before Him. He will keep helping us to choose love. Blessings! Sharon

  • Pam Williams said:

    Please pray for my marriage. We will complete 21 years this coming Christmas Eve. Our marriage has been plagued with mistrust, abuse, infidelity, and rage but I believe in my heart (after wanting to run away more times than I can count) that the Lord wants to restore a love that never had an opportunity to grow. I truly believe that Our father will use all of our hurts, disappointments, and tragedies to bring about reconciliation in other couples lives. Pray my strength in the Lord to walk out this HUGE call. Blessings.

    • Standing in agreement with you Pam for reconciliation, strength, forgiveness... unity of the Spirit- and the bond of love and peace! In Jesus' name, so be it! -Sharon

  • Anonymous said:

    Please pray for Dino & Lola.

    • Heavenly Father, I come boldly before Your Throne of Grace and pray for Dino and Lola. I ask that You would minister to them today in a powerful way. I ask for freedom, breakthrough, and unity to come into their marriage. I ask that they would come to know You in a mighty and powerful way. I ask that they would have hearts fully opened to hearing Your voice and following Your leadership. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Lola said:

    Please pray for Dino & Lola.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Dino and Lola to You. I pray that You would bring peace into their hearts and marriage in a powerful and life-changing way. I ask that their faith would be set in You and that You would give them HOPE. I pray that the HOPE of Glory would rise up right now in their lives. Where hopelessness has been, hurt, or dismay- I ask that You would release hope, healing, and deep joy! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Beth said:

    Satan is working so hard on my own marriage in many, many ways. Our marriage has been on the brink of divorce for many years. Still trying to not give up myself and let "selfishness" win, because I am very lonely - and it would be easier to leave and try and find happiness elsewhere.

    • Gracious King Jesus, I lift up Beth and her marriage to You. I ask that You would change the tide in her marriage. I ask that You would mightily bring repentance and restoration. I pray that a new vision and understanding of who You are would fill their lives and that their marriage would be raised from the dead. I pray that selfishness and ungodliness would have no place, but rather they would BOTH learn to receive from You and then pour out Your goodness onto one another. I speak life and blessings over them, in Jesus' name- amen!

  • Kami said:

    Please pray for Kellie and Bo!!

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Kellie and Bo to You. I ask that You would send your anointing that breaks every yoke and that You would restore peace to their marriage. I pray that You would heal them, strengthen them, and make them vessels for Your glory. Thank you in ADVANCE for what You're going to do in them! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Marla L. said:

    Phillip and Marla

    • Father in Heaven, I lift up Phillip and Marla to You. I ask that You would bring forth a grace upon them that would strengthen them to love You and to love one another. I ask that You would release miracles into their lives- even now. I pray that healing and everything they need would come into order- in Jesus' name, amen! Hugs!

  • Ashley Smith said:

    Keep praying and working ladies!! My marriage has been through some desperate times but God had brought us through. Not perfect by any means but much more stable and unified. A verse to keep handy "Show me the right path O Lord; point put the road for me to follow. Lead my by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you." (Psalm 25:4-5) Pray for me as I support a friend struggling with marriage.

    • Amen! I agree in faith for your friend's marriage! Halleluyah that He brought your marriage through the hard times. He will continue to do so! Blessings and love, Sharon

  • SOPHIE said:

    Pray for Sophie and Denis and Rachel and Richard

    • Father, in Jesus' almighty name, I lift up Sophie and Denis and Rachel and Richard. I pray that You would bring miracles and healing into their hearts and marriages. I ask that You would work out Your good will in them- to 1. love You with all that they are and 2. to choose to lay down their lives for one another. Bless them today in a BIG way. Amen!

  • Rita said:

    There are several couples in our church who need prayer for their marriages! Please pray for them! God knows who they are!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Rita's friends at church. I ask that You would pour out a new sense of grace, peace, and love to their marriages. I ask that mercy ad love would abound- still more and more! I pray that they would each eat and drink of You- fresh manna and water from Heaven. Bring them where You want them to go and lead them in a special way. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Grace said:

    Pray for my marriage. My husband is divorcing me. We have two young children, one is 8 months old. We are both Christians but while I am praying to restore this marriage my husband tells me he is praying to end this marriage, he tells me that God told him to. I am growing close to the LORD and will continue to fight for my marriage to be restored.

    • AA said:

      I lift you up in prayer, the devil is a liar and that's the devils handywork. Hold on to God and he will turn the mess into your message. Don't give up

    • I agree with the comment, Grace! Heavenly Father, I ask that You would bind all lying voices and remove ALL foul and unclean spirits that are hindering their marriage. I pray for a divine intervention for them, in Your mighty power. Bring truth, healing, and wisdom- in Jesus' name- amen! Hugs, Sharon <3

  • ctg1989 said:

    Please pray for a miracle in my marriage. My husband's infidelity has prompted him to emotionally "snap" and we are in the midst of a divorce. This isn't my choosing as I believe in the vows that I made before God and my husband. I have barely spoken to him as he refuses to have any contact with me or our grown children and feels that he cannot be forgiven or helped. He has moved on and I'm slowly giving up hope for restoration. Am I a fool to continue to hold on or should I just give up? Please pray for God's intervention and wisdom as I consider my options.

    • Praying for you!! My advice would be to seek out counsel from a local pastor or Christian counselor. This is a sensitive matter and can be controversial... but I know that through prayer and seeking the word of God- you will know what to do!

      I pray that clarity, wisdom, and truth would fill your heart and mind. I ask that our King Jesus would open up your heart to His leadership and HIS will for your life. He SO loves you and wants ONLY the best for you. I pray that you will be able to sense His leadership and heart for you today. -Hugs!! Sharon

  • Brittany said:

    This is so true. Unfortunately, many people do not feel this way today. I pray that I will not be selfish in my marriage.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Brittany to You and ask that You would help her to walk in self-less-ness instead of selfishness. I ask that You would strengthen and encourage her to choose, daily to give her whole heart 1st to YOU and 2nd to serving You in the people around her. You have entrusted her with precious things and I ask that she would be given peace to know that she's able to take care of all you've given to her and that she can make it as she fully depends on Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name, Amen! Hugs!

  • Anonymous said:

    Prayers needed for three marriages for T &P, G & L, and B & J. He knows the needs....

    • Father in Heaven, I pray for T&P, G&L, and B&J.... I thank You that no matter what they're going through- YOU have the power to save, heal, and deliver them. We summon YOUR Throne of Grace and believe You for mighty miracles in their hearts, minds, and families. In Jesus' name, Amen!

  • Lydia said:

    Please pray for me, my name is Lydia. I am asking God to help in my situation and do what only He can do. Thank you!

    • Father, in Jesus' almighty name, I lift up Lydia to YOU and I ask that you would bring healing and breakthrough to her life and situation. Only You know what it is and all that she's going through. Fill her with YOUR peace, love, righteousness, and joy- even through the storms. Amen. Hugs!!

  • Amy said:

    Please pray for Kerry and Shannon, Molly and John and Amy and Darrin. Thank you

    • Lord, we lift Kerry, Shannon, Molly, John, Amy and Darrin to You, asking for marriage miracles for each of them. Thank you. In Jesus' name, amen. Hugs

  • TXMOM said:

    My dear sister in law and her husband, he is very selfish putting himself above supporting his family.

    • Lord, convict this man to provide for his family and love and care for them the way he should. In Jesus' name, Amen. Hugs

  • Christy J said:

    Please pray for my marriage. We've been together for almost 16 years and have 4 kids; got a divorce and remarried. We made it through breast cancer, surgery, treatment, but now we're both ready to walk away. Thank you!

    • Oh my Christi! You've been through too much to stop now. Lord, we beg of You, revive this marriage. Bind them together by Your supernatural love and power. Help them to fall in love, again! In Jesus' name, amen. Hugs

  • Mary said:

    Please pray for Abby and Noah.

    • Lord, we ask You for a marriage miracle for Abby and Noah! Thank you! In Jesus' name, amen. Hugs

  • Megan said:

    Pray for Megan and Chad's marriage

    • Lord, We lift Megan and Chad before You, asking for a miracle for their marriage. Thank You. In Jesus' name, Amen. Hugs!

  • Staci said:

    Please pray for my mom and her marriage. Her husband left and doesn't seem to have any desire for reconciliation.

    • Lord, give Staci's mom wisdom and discernment about her marriage and future. Take confusion and hopelessness away and bring Your peace and strength. In Jesus' Name, Amen Hugs

  • Wende said:

    Please pray for me and my husband. He has been without a job for almost a year and it is causing tension in our marriage. I feel like we lead separate lives.

    Also pray for my friend Michelle and her marriage. He husband is separated from her and she is absolutely devastated.

    • Lord, send Wende's husband a job and provisions for this family. Revive their marriage and put passion back into it! In Jesus' name, amen. Oh yes, and bless Michelle with Your wisdom on how to get her marriage back! Thank You Lord!

  • Kimberly said:

    I am requesting prayer for a young lady named Melissa. I do not know her, but my cousin (with a restored marriage, Praise God) asked me to pray for Melissa's marriage. We believe there is power in prayer!

    • We lift Melissa's marriage to You Lord, asking for a miracle for it. Thank You. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs

  • Pam said:

    Please pray for my son and daughter in law, Brian and Candy. Their marriage is being bombarded by the enemy. I pray they can withstand so many obstacles!

    • Lord, we lift Brian and Candy to You, asking for Your strength and power to invade their home. Protect their marriage! In Jesus' name, amen. Hugs

  • Jennifer said:

    Please pray for me and my husband. We are trying to give our life back over to God and restore our marriage. Thank you!

    • Lord, We ask You to do a supernatural work on this marriage and home. lavish them with Your love and wisdom and give them a strong desire to serve You wholeheartedly! Thank You. In Jesus' name, Amen! Hugs

  • Dede said:

    Celebrating 26th anniversary today! Please pray for many more. Its so easy for life to get in the way. We need to always seek the Lord!

    • Congratulations Dede! Lord, increase Yourself in this home and in their marriage! Thank You, Father! In Jesus' Name, Amen! Hugs

  • Teresa said:

    Please pray for my son Jason and his wife Kim. This is their 2nd marriage both with children. My son's oldest and my dil's oldest are a royal mess both are into drugs. My son's oldest is a junior and lives with mom because of the freedom and my dil's oldest is 20 and no job and is in bad shape. Their marriage is so bad and do not get a long. Her nose is in her phone reading books and not nice ones either and he is into his tv shows aND they are not always the best shows so they ignore their home and it is a mess. Prayers are much appreciated by all please and also for salvation.?

    • Praying for their salvation today Teresa! Heavenly Father, I lift up Jason and Kim to YOU and ask that You would send your Holy Spirit and angels to bring these two out of darkness and into light! I ask that freedom, fullness, and victory would come and replace the darkness, emptiness, and defeats. I ask that You would show them the truth about who they are meant to be and let them hear Your voice today. Let their hearts be softened to say "yes" to You! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Teresa said:

    Please pray for my son Jason and his wife Kim. This is their 2nd marriage both with children. My son's oldest and my dil's oldest are a royal mess both are into drugs. My son's oldest is a junior and lives with mom because of the freedom and my dil's oldest is 20 and no job and is in bad shape. Their marriage is so bad and do not get a long. Her nose is in her phone reading books and not nice ones either and he is into his tv shows aND they are not always the best shows so they ignore their home and it is a mess. Prayers are much appreciated by all please and also for salvation.?

  • Cheryl said:

    Please pray for Henry & Megan. He is a minister & I am grieved that they are planning to divorce. I know that their marriage not out of reach for our God. I have seen Him restore and heal another marriage.

    • Lord, we lift Henry and Megan before You, asking for a miracle for their marriage. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs

  • Teresa said:

    Please pray for my son Jason and his wife Kim. This is their 2nd marriage both with children. My son's oldest and my dil's oldest are a royal mess both are into drugs. My son's oldest is a junior and lives with mom because of the freedom and my dil's oldest is 20 and no job and is in bad shape. Their marriage is so bad and do not get a long. Her nose is in her phone reading books and not nice ones either and he is into his tv shows aND they are not always the best shows so they ignore their home and it is a mess. Prayers are much appreciated by all please and also for salvation.?

    • Lord, we know that nothing is impossible to You. Would you call them Lord, call them to You. Wake them in the night with dreams that draw them to You. Wake them in the morning with memory of Your calling in the night. Send strangers to speak into their lives. convict them of sin, righteousness and truth. Pour Your overwhelming love on this family! We're asking for a radical miracle for them. Sweep the home clean from all impurity and sin. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, Amen! Hugs

  • Lindsey Thames said:

    Please pray for my parents.. Tammy and Doug Cheek

    • Lord, we lift before You Tammy and Doug, asking for a miracle for their marriage. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, Amen! Hugs

  • Janice said:

    Please pray for my marriage.

    • Lord, we plead for a miracle on behalf of Janice's marriage! We trust You! Thank You! In Jesus' name, AMEN! Hugs

  • Crystal said:

    Please pray for my family. We have been married twenty-six years. We have five children. For awhile now we have found ourselves in a lot of debt. It has consumed us. My husband is suffering from depression. He moved out a month ago. We were fighting all the time. However, this separation is killing all of us. Please pray!

    • Jennifer said:

      Crystal - Holla! We just "celebrated" our 25th wedding anniversary in August and have 5 children! Debt - Yes; Husband Depressed - Yes. My husband says we are too broke to get divorced, which I don't want. He has so much bitterness that is directed @ me. I know I have a lot of the blame for how we got to this awful place but I believe he wants to put every bad thing that has gone on in his life on my shoulders. Emerson Eggerich says it takes two people to save a marriage--GOD and one of the spouses! That's where I'm @. I tell myself--and text to my husband--II Corinthians 12 9 & 10 AND I Corinthians 1:27--When I believe I have acted as a fool my whole marriage I have a Heavenly Father who still delights in Mercy and wants to use me and my broken marriage for His Glory!

      Crystal, I'll hold you up in prayer!

    • Oh Lord!! Help this couple! Release provisions, wisdom, peace, reconciliation and all good things on these dear ones! Restore what the enemy has stolen a hundred fold! Revive this marriage by Your power! In Jesus' name, AMEN! Hugs

  • Ashley said:

    Thank you for the amazing devotion today. I need prayers for my marriage. We are newly weds; 5 months so far. We struggle cause he works off a lot and it gets lonely.

    • You are welcome, Ashley! Lord, would you pour out sweet love in mega proportions on this couple?! Bind their love together with You. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, Amen! Hugs

  • L said:

    Please pray for my parents Carole and Alvin. Thank you and may God bless you all.

    • Lord, we ask for a miracle for Carole and Alvin. Do what only You can do! In Jesus' Name, Amen! Hugs

  • Janet said:

    Please pray for Steve and Kara.

    • Lord, we ask for a miracle for Steve and Kara's marriage. Thank You. In Jesus' name, amen! Hugs

  • Terri said:

    Please pray for me. My husband & I have been separated since March of this year. I left because I couldn't take the emotional & verbal abuse that has gone on pretty much from the beginning of our almost 30 yr marriage any longer. After doing some separate counseling we are currently in counseling together & I am really struggling w/the fact that I just have no feelings for him or desire to be with him. God has made a lot of changes in him since March & I am thankful for that but am feeling like it is all a little too late for me. I want to do what is right in God's eyes for me but am really struggling w/wether that is to stay or go.

    • Lord, illuminate Your will to Terri. Give her Your wisdom and truth at this very moment. Give her peace and speak to her through Your living Word tonight. We ask for a miracle over this marriage and home. Would You open the window of heaven and pour out on them such blessings that they not be able to contain them all?! Thank You. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs

      • Terri said:

        Thank you!

  • Jennifer said:

    Please pray for my sister's marriage. She is continually sacrificing her own interests to serve everyone else and in turn is treated poorly. Thank you!

    • Lord, we lift Jennifer's sister's marriage to You, asking for a miracle for them. Only You can do this Lord, we trust You. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs

  • Sharnta said:

    Please pray for Nick & Sharnta Hall.

    • Lord, we lift Nick and Sharnta to You, asking for a miracle for their marriage. Thank You. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs!

  • Michele F said:

    Hi Sharon I so know that this trial was put in front of you so that Yes God can get the Glory! Thank you Holy Spirit for guided her and also softening the heart of this woman as well. Please pray for my marriage, the day to day farm life my husband and I share can certainly get in the way we treat each other! Blessings Michele ( the milk lady )

    • Hi Michele! Yes, hard life can really press on a marriage. Lord, give sweet love and joy to this dear couple. Pour romantic love on them in generous proportions! May that romantic love set them in motion when the work is hard and life presses. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, amen! HUGS

  • Cammi Hevener said:

    I think we can all use prayer for our marriages! It's not always easy .. I specifically want to request prayer for my sister and her husband though .. Thank you!

    • Lord, we ask for a miracle for Cammi's sister and her husband's marriage. thank You Lord! In Jesus' Name, AMEN! Hugs

  • Bobbie said:

    This is SO spot on!! Many years ago I went through a similar situation, and read 'The Power of a Praying Wife' by Stormie Omartian, and it changed ME! I went into it similar to your friend, and how HE was not doing right by me, etc, but quickly began to rely on Jesus to work in ME and what a true miracle! We both work together now, and I can truly see how it is an ongoing task that neither can become lax upon! I have a dear friend who is now facing a similar situation and my heart aches for her...I pray she will pursue her husband and realize that she must release the selfishness and love him as she loves herself! Thank you, Sharon! So beautiful, and so very true!!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, it helps us all! HUGS!

  • Carolyn R said:

    Prayers for Dan and Kaye, and also Chuck and Amie. Four people I love very much and who are hurting in their marriages.

    • Lord, we lift Dan, Kaye, Chuck and Amie before Your Throne, asking for a miracle for their marriages. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs!

  • Rebecca said:

    Reading today's devotion really struck a chord in me. I too am having struggles (to say the least) in my marriage. For years my marriage has been tumultuous. Love is lost and communication ceases to exist. Respect is out the window, arguments ensue daily, along with horrible insults/criticisms/slander, etc. My husband has been threatening divorce for almost a year now, but I keep praying for our marriage to be restored, and for changes to occur within us.
    We have been together since 2002, and married since 2009. Sadly, things worsened when our daughter (our only child) was born four years ago. I cling to God's word and pray for His help with being a good wife and mommy, but it is hard to not get pulled into Satan's traps when tempers flare, or when I am stressed.
    I have been to therapy on my own in the past (for my own personal problems), but I want my husband and I to go to counseling together-preferably christian counseling. My husband has refused to go whenever I have asked, and so I have accepted that I will just have to go alone.
    I am trying hard to change some of my ways (that contribute to problems in my marriage), but I cannot do it alone. I pray daily...for help with being a good wife and mommy. I try to lean not on my own understanding; instead, giving it all to Him above.
    I know only He can perform a miracle with my marriage.

    Please pray for my marriage to be saved.
    ...For changes to occur within my heart, and that of my husband's (Peter), and for our family as a whole.

    Thank you!


    God Bless!!!

    • Beth said:

      Rebecca - I had to read your post twice to make sure I didn't post that myself. My heart breaks for you and your daughter. I am in the exact same situation as you are. Our problems seemed nonexistent until our daughter (only child) (now 7) was born. Sadly he has had little to do with raising her, and there is not much of a relationship there. I have done and continue to do all of this alone. It is so overwhelming to have all the responsibilities of raising a child and working and taking care of a home, and I just feel empty and alone. I have contemplated divorce several times, but I feel that is not best for our daughter, so I cling to this hope that our marriage will turn into a "Fireproof" marriage. We get better, and then things go back to the way they were. It is an emotional roller coaster. Satan continues to attack our marriage. He has recently been trying to tempt me with divorce, separation., etc., making me doubt that trying to work my marriage out, and sacrificing my marital happiness is the right choice. I hope for the best for your situation, and I hope me sharing you're not alone is of some comfort.

      • Rebecca said:

        Oh how you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing with me your personal struggles within your marriage. It IS quite lonely and frustrating being on this emotional rollercoaster (as you put it)! :(
        Knowing I am not alone is comforting, but quite bothersome too. It is sad to know many women are in similar situations in their marriages.

        I will pray for you, your husband, and your daughter.
        May God work a miracle in your marriage, and restore the love that has been lost.


        God Bless! :)

        • Beth said:

          Thank you so much! I appreciate your prayers and concerns. I too noticed how many women are out there struggling - it is very sad. Satan is working hard in our world and attacking everything he can. It is hard to not sometimes give up and throw the towel in, but I am still here.

          I will also pray for you and your family as well and may He bring a miracle to both our lives!

          :) Beth

          • Rebecca said:

            Thank you! :)

            *May you have a blessed day!

      • Lord, I lift Beth's family before Your throne asking for a supernatural miracle over their marriage and home. Illuminate truth, wisdom and discernment for Beth for her husband. Give her the faith and strength she needs to live according to Your will. Lavish Your overwhelming love upon her. In Jesus' Name, AMEN. Hugs

        • Beth said:

          Thank you so much for the prayers!! They are much needed!!

    • Lord, You alone can save this family. You are a miracle worker and our deliverer. Give Rebecca the spiritual tools she needs to do Your will. Give her supernatural wisdom, strength and faith to walk this out exactly the way You lead her to. Lord, restore this marriage! Repair the broken walls and gapping wounds that have been inflicted. Bring healing, Lord! In Jesus' name, AMEN! Hugs

      • Rebecca said:

        Thank you Sharon for your prayer! :)

        ...& to all else out there, may we remember:

        For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
        Matthew 18:20 King James Version (KJV)

    • Jesus!! I lift up Rebecca and her marriage to You!! I ask that You would sovereignly release mercy, the power to forgive, and restoration. I thank You that You are with her and that YOU are able to do more than she could ever ask, seek, or imagine. I pray that every dream and vision that YOU have for this couple would come into fruition. I ask that their hearts would be fully softened to Your voice and that their lives together would be brought into a deep unity of spirit and the bond of peace. Strengthen what remains today, in Jesus' almighty name, amen!

  • Ashley said:

    Please pray for me and my marriage. I have given all I've got, and it's still not good enough, or even enough, for him. We've been in counseling for years. I've prayed and fasted. I see no hope.

    • Lord, Just like you provided for the widow in Elijah's day when there was a famine for 3 1/2 years I ask that You will provide what Ashley needs each day. Provide wisdom and faith when she has none of her own. Give her great discernment in these hard days. Provide peace, joy and rest for her weary soul. Revive this marriage Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Hugs

  • Elizabeth said:

    Please pray for Karin and Bob, Casey and Jason, Carol and Charles, and Rumira and Artan

    • Lord, we lift up Karin, Bob, Casey, Jason, Carol, Charles, Rumira and Artan to You,asking for a miracle for their marriages. Lord only You can do this and we trust that You will. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, AMEN. Hugs

  • Kathy said:

    I need prayer for my marriage as I married a Jewish man who offered so much security to me after my first failed marriage. I felt because he came to church with me and even heard me talk about the Lord, that he soon would trust in the Lord Jesus. So far, that never happened. It has been 17 years and still no sign of interest in spiritual things. I pray I can stand firm in my faith and trust the Lord's timing in turning his heart to Jesus.

    • Lord, show Kathy's husband that You are His Messiah! Open his heart to You. Speak to him in his sleep, when he wakes and through strangers. Give him dreams, visions and revelation of You! Thank You! In Jesus' Name, AMEN! Hugs

  • Jennifer said:

    Sharon - I have your devotional about Satan sifting Peter like wheat on my office cork board. My husband Patrick and I are in the most miserable decade of our lives. Wasted money, dreams, miscommunication, his refusal to go to a third party counselor, mistrust, jealousy and debt I created have all strained us to the breaking point.

    What I can say is this whole experience has drawn me to the cross like never before and I KNOW the only hope for this marriage is GOD intervening in a Mighty. My husband is so bitter towards me his words are pure venom and he seems stuck in bitterness unable to move forward--we've been having the same arguments for 20 years!

    May 30, 2014 I finally came to the point where I said OKAY, I let go Jesus I have mangled this marriage beyond recognition! I always resisted giving my life/whole heart to Jesus because I believed "I don't just live for myself" I've got a husband/kids but that rainy May day I realized "Whatever Jesus does w/this life is going to be what this family needs" I have to lean on Him as my Kindsman Redeemer. Thank you for your timely devotions; they are truly orchestrated by GOD.

    • Wow Jennifer!Wow. Lord, You alone are able to do immeasurably more than this family could ever think or imagine. We ask You for a miracle for this family. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, AMEN! I'll keep praying! I like that you have that post on your cork board! Hugs!

  • Care Zylka said:

    Please pray for my co-worker BJ she and her husband have been going through some very rough times for the past year. I pray for her all the time. We talk every day at work. She is trying so hard to forgive her husband. I am also praying that she will accept Jesus into her life. Thank you so much! Your devotions are so encouraging.

    Care Zylka

    • Praying for your coworker Care! Heavenly Father, I pray that You would give BJ the willingness to forgive her husband. I pray that she would have total and complete restoration over her heart, mind, and spirit. Let them come into Your word in a new and vibrant way. Let life fill them in a way that they've never known before. You ARE the way, the truth, and the LIFE. You alone can save them. Let them know Your deep love and salvation today. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Tiffany Bottoms said:

    I am married to my high school sweetheart. We've been together 22 years, 13 years married. 2 boys aged 19 and 17. We've had more than our fair share of challenges! Until now, we've been able to conquer and overcome.

    Codependency - this is a term that I have heard many times but have recently researched, it might as well have my picture beside it as the definition.

    I need help! I am currently in therapy - just started back again last week. I've been in therapy before focusing on depression, anxiety - even was medicated for awhile. It all helped but we never addressed my codependency issue.

    I grew up with a controlling mother. She controlled everything - my thoughts, my actions, etc. I've never learned to do it, to live life, on my own. About 6 years ago my mother decided to take my husband and I to court for custody of our oldest child (now 19 yrs old). Never once a report of neglect, abuse, etc. In fact, my father testified in court that we were fit parents (obviously, they had no interest in our 2nd child (now 17 years old)) She was granted custody based on the "fact" the child would be mentally harmed if he wasn't able to see his Grandparents. It was a good ole boy town and she has money. Never the less, we spent about 4 years and $30,000 to go to trial and still lose. It took our son running away, talking to the Judge himself and standing up to my mother to win his life back. Looking back, something I've never done myself - standing up to her.

    Fast forward to today...

    My husband and I have been dealing with our own issues the past 2-3 years. I battled depression, very bad, deep depression - even tried to jump out of a car 2 years ago. It has taken a toll on him. I was in therapy all during the legal battle, went back into therapy for depression/anxiety, heavily medicated. It helped me tremendously! I must admit, I still battled depression but I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was emotionally and physically absent... absent from me, my marriage, my children and my family. I was hurting badly and convinced my husband was so hurt and angry for me allowing my mother so much control that he just didn't love me any longer. Looking back, I couldn't have been further from the truth.

    Feb 15th of this year, our youngest child was in a HORRIFIC car accident. He had no pulse when his friend performed CPR to bring him back. We believe in God, knew our 16 year old little boy would pull through this... somehow, some way. My husband dropped all of his negative emotions/feelings towards me - he said we were going to beat this! He gave me 110% and yet there I was... I stopped taking my meds, (honestly, I don't need them anymore - I think so much more clearly without them). I knew I wasn't ready, knew I wanted to be ready but wasn't. As our child began to heal, began to make a miraculous recovery, as my husband dove in to care for all of us - I just sat back and let him. I let him. My husband is tired, exhausted and wants me TO BE ME again. Wants me to find myself, to be independent but he also just can't take anymore. I can't blame him. Again, no doubt he loves me with all of his heart - no doubt this is killing him as much as it is killing me. He just can't continue on this same path and honestly he's right, I need to get back to me. He told me it's over between us, that we're done. We've separated... moved into separate bedrooms and he took his ring off. I really have no family to turn to, since the custody battle I've become the outcast for going against my mother. Since I am so dependent on him, I've pushed all of my friends out of my life.

    Here I am, a good 2 weeks into research about codependency. 4 days separated from the love of my life and not a clue about how to live for myself. We've been through so much together, grew up together, beat my mother in a court of law together, watched our children overcome tragedy together. Just when our lives should be falling into place... everything starts to crumble. I really don't know what I am asking from each of you, I just needed to share what is going on. I want to be a better person, wife and mother. I am actively doing so! It seems that it's too late and not enough to save my marriage but somehow I just can't let go of the possibility it will all work out.

    This too shall pass... right?

    • Oh dear Tiffany! I'm praying for you in the midst of ALL of these horrific storms that You've been through. I pray that you would NO longer crumble and that the spirit of depression and fear would completely be removed from your life- once and for all. I ask that You would feel the GREAT love and peace of Jesus- and His thoughts toward your life. He wants you HERE- alive and well. I pray that ALL suicidal thoughts would be completely removed from now- forward to forever! You are WORTH so much to Him and the people that He has placed in your life. I pray that You would hear HIS voice, speaking HIS truth over you- and that your heart would be willing to say, "Yes Jesus, I agree with what YOU say, no matter how I feel." I pray for your life to be fully restored to a place of victory and that you would testify of the glory of God in how He rescued you from this turmoil. Oh HOW HE LOVES YOU! With love and prayers! Sharon

  • Darla said:

    Hi, just like the story in the beginning I got divorced last year in August. I wanted to work things out and I thought he would come back but he didn't. He asked for a divorce and I didn't know what to do. He didn't want to talk about it nor sit down and discuss other solutions. I cried because I valued my vows and my marriage. I never thought this would happen to me. But it did. To this day, he still blames me for somethings. I never cheated nor did anything bad. He just didn't agree on some subjects about God and that was our biggest disagreement. He said I put God first and he did not like that. So just things like that. Easy to fix but nope it hinder our marriage. So now, I'm scared to meet someone new or date because I don't ever want to experience what I went thru. But we have handsome 8 year old son Adam. We pray everyday when we were on our way to work and school. It breaks my heart to see him travel back and forth to my place and his father's place. He cries at times but he's doing alot better now. Please pray for Adam and I. Thank You.

    • Darla, my heart goes out to you! I'm praying for you right now.
      Heavenly Father, I ask that You would minister to Darla and her son Adam in this tough time. I ask that You would release salvation, healing, and deliverance to her ex-husband. I pray that You would minister to Darla in this new season of life that she's in. I ask that she would be filled with joy in the midst of a time that would seek to cause grief. I ask that You would speak peace, HOPE, faith, and trust into her life. Surround her with a community of people who can stand with her in a real way. I ask that You would restore her 100 fold- from everything that the enemy has stolen from her. Help her to set her hope and trust in You and be held fully by Your loving arms. You ARE WITH HER- always. She will NOT fear. -Blessings and love! Sharon

  • Michol said:

    I could use prayer that I would yield myself to God's will for my life. After more than a decade of separation from my husband, and then a divorce a few years ago, God is calling us to reconcile and I believe to remarry. Our marriage was plagued with sexual sin which makes it very difficult for me to step back into. In addition, I am in a relationship with someone whom I am struggling with God to give up. I know God can work out the details, I just need to be willing to trust. The restoration of our marriage would be an incredible testimony not only to our adult children, but to other couples whose marriage has been hurt through sexual sin.

    • Dear Michol! I'm praying that You would have TOTAL and COMPLETE clarity of mind, spirit, and heart about what Jesus' will is regarding this. He desires fullness for you and your family. I pray for you to be surrounded by people in your community- who care and can help speak into your life about what would truly be best. Blessings and love to you sis! Sharon

  • Judy said:

    Saw War Room last night and loved it - would like to see it again
    Happy to have all the prayer we can get
    Always in need of more prayer :)

    • Heavenly Father, I pray that You would mightily bless Judy and her family! I pray that You would surround them with more of Your tangible, weighty glory- and fill them with more of Your love. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • MRS. O'BRYANT said:

    Please say a special prayer for our marriage.
    Thank you.

    • Praying for your marriage!

      Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You would pour out grace, mercy, love, and peace over the O'Bryants. I ask that You would minister to them in a fresh and mighty way. I ask that breakthroughs would come from Your throne- as only You can give. I pray for Your glorious blessings and grace and peace over them. In Jesus' name, amen! -Love, Sharon

  • When a man (or woman) decides he's out of the marriage, the injured spouse can't force him to stay. God gave us free will, and sadly many opt to put self first and leave the marriage when it no longer pleases them or meets their needs. Prayer is effective, but God doesn't force people to do the right thing against their will. If you've never been abandoned by your spouse, in spite of doing EVERYTHING possible to preserve the marriage, in spite of giving him no biblical reason to leave, you really can't understand what it's like.

    • ctg1989 said:

      I do understand....after 24 years of marriage, my husband abandoned our marriage, children, house even the dogs....and checked out....physically, emotionally and I could say mentally...but he and other would disagree. I have done nothing to deserve the betrayal that he inflicted on me with his emotional and physical affair. I was willing to forgive and work on our marriage, but when one person decides he's out...there is nothing I could do. I pray daily for our marriage which is now approaching a divorce, that somehow, some way, a miracle can occur and he is restored mentally, physically and emotionally...but until then....I need to "do me"......and lean on God and His everlasting love and support as I pick up the pieces of my shattered life. I'm holding on to God's trust...and Faith....for this has never failed me yet.
      I will pray with a heavy heart for all of the individuals that posted their requests.....let us all catch a burden for each other and bombard the heavens with our prayers....holding on to God's everlasting arms.

      • AA said:

        God is not asleep, he has heard your plea. Please let go of any bitterness or anger and our Good Lord is able to restore your marriage. Keep trusting in the Lord and he will work miracles in your marriage and mine too and in fact all others on this site who are looking to our Lord and Saviour for miracles in our marriages

      • Praying for you, ctg1989! Oh how our Heavenly Father understands all that you've gone through. I pray that you would know that I honor your struggle. Jesus' heart is SO close to you. Psalm 34:18-19 tells us, "The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all.…" We can have hope that He will deliver you from ALL of your afflictions and hindrances. I ask that He would multiply wisdom, faith, and hope to your heart. I pray for victory over your life! Jesus has never left or failed you. He SO loves you! With love and hope, Sharon

    • This is true Columba! God has given us free will... and hearts can be softened or hardened.

  • Cindy M said:

    Thank you for your post. Yes Satan is after marriages! Please pray for my marriage, this is my second one & I am honestly married to a good man....for the most part. I'm the one struggling not to give up. I'm fighting a lot of emotions of unmet expectations but not unrealistic ones...really what every woman needs from her husband. I keep thinking on Gal 6:9 to not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. I actually have to pray for God to help me not give up. It is in the waiting that's so hard. I know God is trying to teach me to turn to Him for what my husband can't give me right now. I just want a heart to constantly pray for him & our marriage & stand strong even if things stay the same. It is a painful process but one thing I do believe is there is healing in the pain & if I can keep surrendering it all to God, He can work. Lord, help me get out of Your way

    • Hi Cindy! I'm praying for you right now that you would have a heart to consistently pray for your husband. I pray for all unrealistic expectations to be given fully over to Jesus.
      Dear Jesus, I pray that You would show her that what she desires is ONLY found in Your perfect love. I pray that her heart, marriage, and life would be totally and completely blessed in Your goodness, mercy, and faithfulness. Help her to surrender to Your faithfulness and draw her emotional strength from You. Let her continue to overcome all evil with good. Bless her today! In Jesus' name, amen! -Love, Sharon

  • Delia said:

    Pray for my marriage and help with selfishness. Thank you in advance!!!

    • Yes Jesus! I ask that Delia would be filled with a heart to serve her family in selflessness. I pray that You would help her to do ALL things as UNTO YOU and NOT as unto man. Help her love You in this way. Let her sense Your deep and great love for her today. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Kim said:

    It was once stated to me that doing drugs was the same as having an affair, but for me I think its both, I struggle with staying I struggle with leaving, I pray for God to show me the answer as to what to do and what is right, but I cant hear him speak, I am so afraid to go because I will fail If I am alone, but I am alone now, I feel as if either way I am disappointing God, I feel I cant continue my journey as I should if I continue with my husband because there is no love from him for me and if he doesnt love me how can God????? There are days where I want to feel God beside me guiding me thru this giving me direct orders making my path clear, i know its not that simple and I know I have to wait for God to answer and Its all in his timing, sometimes I feel like I am running out of time........ please pray that God will supply direction and protection for myself but mainly my children during this process ..... Have a Blessed Day!!! Thank you for listening, I could write more but this sort of sums it up.....

    • Dear Kim! I am praying for you right now. King Jesus, I ask that YOU would speak life, comfort, and hope over her. I ask that You would show her how much You are WITH HER NO MATTER WHAT is going on around her. I ask that You would strengthen her to see Your face and eyes of fiery love- shining directly at her. I pray that she would ONLY HOPE IN YOU. Surround her with community in Your church- of people who will help her to know what to do. Bless her in a mighty way today, in Jesus' name- amen! With love, Sharon

  • Margaret said:

    OMG Sharon, me please we need prayer. My hubby and I have been married for 17 years and its been hard off and on for all 17 years. I just got finish doing 5 Days Praying Boldely for your marriage with Lisa Turkerts. The last devotion suggest that we pray together. Something we don't do and been longing to do so for years. I have been praying for years and sometimes it seems like it's getting better and then it goes down hill. ( I ) we need help. I am really tired and both of us being Ministers I am really lost and confuse on which way to go. We do not worship at the same church and we have teen boys, they do not want to follow my hubby. I feel like I'm not in God's will sometimes and do not want to be out of His will, but I don't know what else to do. I have been reading every article or devotion on marriage, I even email them to my hubby with no response. I know that marriage is God's will for us but 17 years has been a long time.
    I am tired.....
    Thanks Sharon for your post....

    • Praying for you Margaret! I pray for your husband to have a heart of unity with you- by the Holy Spirit. I ask You King Jesus to unite their hearts in the fear of the Lord. Let them surrender all their worldly cares and burdens to You and have Your yoke and burden. Give them grace to stay faithful in their marriage. I pray that they would each hear YOUR voice that commands the wind and waves to be still. Protect the seeds that You have sown into their lives and remove all of the enemy's seeds that would divide them. Let truth, righteousness, and LOVE abound to them. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Jenn S said:

    Please pray for my marriage. We've had a rough 13 years, 3 children, and over a year of counseling. We still can't figure out a peaceful, happy marriage.

    • Heavenly Father, I ask that You would stretch out Your hand to Jenn's marriage. I pray that You would remove every demonic hindrance and remove every weight and hindrance. You know everything- the things hidden and the things revealed. I ask that You would expose what is hindering them and bring them both into Your light. Let them walk into the light- that they may have clean and pure fellowship together. Let them choose LIFE and love over fear and selfishness. Let their lives be blessed in a way that only You can. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Anita said:

    Please pray for my sister marriage their 17th anniversary is today and my sister has given up on their marriage because my brother in law wants a divorce. Her name is Christina his name is Cornell. Also please pray for my Friend Rosalynd and her husband Brian marriage they have been married for 3 years and they are separated and my friend wants a divorce. Please pray for Keisha and Perry they have been married for about 13 years and their marriage is really rocky right now although they live in the same household they are strangers in their home. Please for my marriage my husband Harlan and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on yesterday.

    • Praying for you and Harlan! I pray for Christina and Cornell, Rosalynd and Brian, Keisha and Perry. Heavenly Father I pray that EVERY scheme of the enemy to kill, steal, or destroy from each of their marriages would be broken. I pray that You would bring each of them out of all selfishness and bring their marriages into a great and deep place of love. Let your selfless love shower over them and let this be the transforming power that restores them. We trust You that You hear when we call upon You- and that You are saying "yes and amen!" In Jesus' name! Love, Sharon

  • Jenni said:

    Please pray for James and Rebecca. They love each other but they have some major stress hitting them right now. Satan is pushing in and they need God to push back!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up James and Rebecca to You. I ask that You would surround them with a wall of fire- proceeding from Your Throne. I ask that NO demon would be able to push through this wall. I ask that You would teach them how to press in and praise You in the midst of these battles. I pray that praise would break the heavy yokes. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Lori said:

    Please pray for my husband we are separated. His choice. He acts as if we are a problem. He is completely out of character. We are all very worried about him. We just dont understand.
    For our children, they are older but they are so hurt, angry and even bitter. I'm trusting is Jesus for a miracle for our family.

    • Beloved King Jesus, I lift up Lori and her husband to You. I ask that her husband would be delivered from whatever it is that is causing him to run. I ask that You would speak peace, life, hope, and faith into his heart. Bring him into a deeper place of trust and rest in Your faithfulness and provision. Let him know from the depth of his being that You are GOOD, faithful, and with him. Let him lean into you in a new way. I pray that You would bring unity and restoration to Lori and her husband. Let every aspect of their lives come into Kingdom order and peace. In Jesus' name, amen! Hugs! Sharon

  • Kassandra said:

    Marriage is very hard work. I have to remind myself that my stubborn husband is made in God's image. And just as Christians forgave me and is so loving and gentle with me I got to be that way with him. Even when he doesn't deserve it. OUCH

    • Very true Kassandra! Marriage is hard work. I pray that you and your husband would be able to see that great and deep love of Christ- as he shed His blood on the cross for each of your precious lives. I pray that this revelation would strengthen you both to lay down your lives for one another. Jesus, I pray that You would lead them into Your word and prayer together. Bless their marriage in a mighty way! In Jesus' name, Amen! Hugs!! Sharon

  • Halona Luna said:

    Please pray for Bill and I. We have been together for over 15 years. Mine, his two, and our child in our three bedroom home. Blended family needing so much prayer.

    • Dear Jesus, I ask that You would minister to Halona and her family. You know their unique needs. I pray that You would stretch out Your hand to them. I pray for friendship and love to be released in a fresh and mighty way. Let Your river of life flow through their inner beings. Strengthen them and help them to stand firm as ONE in Your perfect love. Drive out all their fears. In Jesus' name, amen! With love, Sharon

  • Carol Ann said:

    Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law, Gene and Cookie, who are struggling in their marriage and please pray for me and my husband who are doing just fine right now. I know that it only takes a small thing to turn good into bad. Thanks for your prayers! Blessings to all who pray for us!

    • Thank you Jesus for Carol Ann and her heart to pray for Gene and Cookie. I pray that You would minister to them today. I pray that You would bring them into the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation (Ephesians 1:17) and open up Your word to them in a fresh way. Let them hear Your voice of love and grace! Mightily satisfy their hearts in the knowledge of You... I pray for miracles in their marriage. In Jesus' name, amen! -Sharon

  • Julie said:

    Please pray for Julie and Dean. Thank you!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Julie and Dean to You. I ask that You would make a way for them and minister to their hearts in this particular season of life. I pray that Your mercy, goodness, and long-suffering love would strengthen them. Let them see the way that You chose them and how You laid down Your life for them. I ask that they would be able to do the same for one another. I ask that every unspoken need would be met in Your love. Bless them mightily today, in Jesus' name- amen!

  • Robin said:

    Wow! I'm reading the posts and my heart is aching for all of you. It was like reading about me 2-3 years ago. I won't go into the full background story other than to say there was another woman in the picture. On our 20 wedding anniversary, my husband told me he wanted a divorce. That evening I had bible study. I was a wreck but my church family prayed over me. Fast forward to today...we are celebrating 22 years tomorrow ?. May I suggest to the women here, please find a good Christian counselor. Please, go to church and be around strong Christian women who will help and pray you through this. Read Love and Respect. Yes it's for both husband and wife but even if he doesn't read it, this book will help with YOUR reaction to things that are happening. When my husband asked for the divorce I told me he would have to be the one to file. To leave. Whatever. I said my vows. I meant them till death do us part. He wanted nothing to do with church. With God. The other woman was texting me. Emailing me. Trying to call me. Satan was working overtime. But God won. 2 1/2 years of not knowing if my marriage was going to survive and curled up in a ball in my closet crying out to has survived. He goes to church with me now. I'm sharing this because I don't want any of you to give up. Praying for all of your marriages.

    • AA said:

      Thank you so much, I've been married for 26 years and my husband is (I should say was) having an affair. The devil is working by our God is working overtime in all our marriages. It's nice to hear your testimony, I am not giving up and trusting and believing God for my marriage restoration and I know these trials are for a reason. It's to bring me closer to him, I have now made God the centre of my life and my marriage and I know my testimony is just around the corner. During these trials I have learnt that I committed many sins in my marriage by disrespecting, dishonouring my husband and being a contentious wife. The first thing I asked from God was forgiveness for my sins and for him to change me completely which I did. I am now new creation in Christ.

      • Anonymous said:

        When we put God first, we can get through anything!! Prayers to you for complete healing!!!

        • AA said:

          Oh yes!! With God, all things are possible. Thanks you so much, it means a lot to me

      • I'm praying for you AA! I ask that Jesus would mightily restore, strengthen, and establish your life in Him. Let your marriage be protected- in Jesus' mighty name! He's with you- through it ALL! Stay faithful to HIM and He will lead you to peace and restoration. -Hugs! Sharon

        • AA said:

          Amen!!!! Thank you Sharon. May our Good Lord continue to Bless you, your family and this marriage ministry. Amen!!!!

    • AA said:

      I am so happy that your marriage has been restored and I pray that you have many more years of blissful marriage.

    • Kim said:

      Our stories are almost identical. God is so good. We need to be broken to be put back together the right way by the Master.

    • Robin, Halleluyah for that MAJOR victory in the Kingdom of God! What an encouragement to many women on this post! Thank you for sharing and I pray that your marriage would continually be strengthened- every day. Bless them Jesus- constantly! Amen!

      • Robin Martin said:

        Thank you Sharon!! God bless!!

  • Laura D. said:

    Please pray for my marriage! My husband is addicted to pornography. He is fighting it and getting help, but it is still creeping into our marriage through betrayal about once a month. I get devastated, forgive, we are connected for a while, then it happens all over again. Satan is out to destroy this marriage! I am doing my best to be obedient to Christ and be Christ to my husband. Please pray!!

    • Praying right now for you Laura!

      Heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I ask that YOU would surround Laura's marriage with a wall of fire. I ask that Your word would run swiftly to her husband and let it be glorified. I ask that he would CHOOSE to purify himself as YOU are pure- and that this marriage would be healed- even better than ever before. Let them sense Your strong love. You are stronger than this issue... I pray that Your mercy would consume the darkness and let Your light abound to the dark places. In Jesus' name- amen! Love, Sharon

  • Sam said:

    Please pray for my marriage and my friend's marriage.
    We are both in young marriages (less than 5 years) and are having a lot of the same problems.
    Pray that we as sisters in Christ can turn to scripture to help each other and not "team up" emotionally against our husbands. We both love our husbands and the families we have built with them.

    • Hi Sam! Yes, I pray this for you in Jesus' almighty name! I pray that when you get together with your sister in Christ, that the prayers would be filled with love and wisdom. I pray that every stronghold would be removed and that Jesus' deep love and passion would arise in each of your marriages. I pray that light, truth, and love would fill your marriages. In Jesus' name, amen! Big blessings! Sharon

  • Risa said:

    Please pray for John & Lora's marriage. Ty so much!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up John and Lora to You. I ask that Your Holy Spirit would minister to them in a mighty and powerful way. I pray that Your LOVE- as deep, wide, and all sufficient that it is- would fill them right now. I pray that full restoration of communication, of joy, and of peace would be released from Your Throne. Bless them today! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Alison said:

    I am encouraged to see so many women who believe in a mighty God who hears and answers our prayers. I thank God for the Holy Spirit who intercedes for me and all believers when we don't know what or how to pray. I thank God for Jesus! I am reminded today that Jesus has already paid it all. I pray in Jesus name that eyes would be opened to the good news that Jesus brings. There is always hope! The righteous live by faith and not by sight!

    Please pray that I remember who I am in Christ. I thank God that He pulled my attention to the fact that God loves my husband & that God knew him before he was born. I know that God has plans to prosper me, my husband. I know that I am to pray for my enemies and do good to those who curse me. I was relieved to learn our enemies will be members of our own household, mainly because it helps me to understand that this turmoil is to be expected in some seasons and helps me know how to respond. Apart from Christ, I can do nothing.

    The Bible says there is none that are righteous, not one! We are made righteous through Jesus. This is my 3rd marriage. We have been married 11 years. I knew I could not do this without Jesus. I trust God and His word that he makes all things new! I am reminded that I laid my marriage and petitions at the foot of the cross. I stand at the ramparts and wait for the Lord's reply. God is MIGHTY TO SAVE!

    Sharon, thank you for your devotion to God and your boldness proclaiming the power and love of Christ. I thank God that the first time I saw your blog many years ago, I was encouraged that joy could be found in marriage, even in difficulties & trials. At the time I could not fathom the idea of a Godly husband. I pray that God blesses you and your family.

    P.S. It is soooo cool you live on a farm:)

    • Thank you for sharing Allison! Blessings to you in abundance! Much love! Sharon

  • Jane said:

    I am overwhelmed by Satan's attacks on so many marriages. He doesn't want godly families and offspring. I pray that Jesus who has overcome the devil will bind up his power in all of these marriages and my own. He has tried many ways to destroy us but Jesus in us is bigger than he who is in the world. Thank you Jesus! Please join me in praying for God to give my husband a burning desire to know God, be in His word, and to fellowship with other believers.
    Thank you and all glory to God for what He is doing and will do through us and for us.

    • AA said:

      I stand with you in prayer and by the Good grace of God, we will not be defeated by the devil and his demons. All our marriages will last forever, till death do us part. AMEN!!!! I pray for divine intervention and divine breakthrough in all our marriages in Jesus Mighty Name and the devil will be put to shame. Let us keep trusting God for marriage restoration. I have faith that it will happen very very soon.

    • I pray for safety and protection over your marriage, in Jesus' almighty name! Remember to put on the whole armor of God. No matter what season of life we're in, we have to be covered by the blood of the Lamb, declaring our testimony, and having on His armor! Blessings and peace to you! Big hugs! Sharon

  • Jannipher said:

    Pray For Tawanda And Jannipher

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Tawanda and Jannipher to You. I ask that You would move every mountain and make a way for their lives. Let them be oaks of righteousness. Let them be planted in You and in Your Word. I pray that whatever they may be going through today, that You would surround them with peace and songs of deliverance. I pray that they would know You for who YOU ARE- THE GREAT I AM. I bless them in Jesus' name, amen! Love, Sharon

  • Anita said:

    Please pray for my friend April and her husband, please pray for my sisters, Mary and Sara, and their spouses, please pray for my Professor Latisha and her husband. Please pray for my friends Katie and Dan as they start their married life together this Saturday, and please pray for my own marriage.

  • Judy said:

    Please pray for my marriage. We have been married 23 years in November. I have lost both of my parents. He lost his dad. I lost my sister. So many things going against us. He works 80+ hours a week and always has. When we are together we argue all the time. We have two teenage boys who have grown up in this. Two years ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression after losing my father and sister within a year apart. I have seen too many doctors who either prescribe too much medicine or not enough. This led to a physical dependency on some of the prescription drugs and mixing alcohol as well. All of this while working full time and trying to keep the house going during my off hours with no help. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Most days I just want to give up. It just doesn't seem worth it. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Kim said:

    Please pray for my marriage. We are currently separated and have been over the last 3 years. It is an emotional and verbally abusive marriage. I was in treatment for 2 1/2 months for an eating disorder recently. My husband thinks if I get okay that our marriage will be okay in spite of me setting boundaries and telling him that he needs seek a counselor. He has gone twice to a counselor and is supposed to go back but is constantly trying to wear me down to come home. He is an angry person. We saw War Room and I was so hopeful but we had a blow up after the movie. I keep praying for a miracle and I know God hears me. I am suffering from extreme anxiety everyday at my job. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am exhausted. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Camille said:

    Please pray for my marriage! We are in desperate need of healing and restoration of our Love and Committment to one another. We have forgotten how to communicate and speak kindly to each other. Please pray for restoration of my marriage!

  • Samantha said:

    Pray for us. We married with my three kids, and I had left a bad relationship. My husband now is ......he needs a lot of prayer. We all do but this one will need a miracle. We have been married 28 years and his controlling spirit is hard, and his unwillingness to see me be happy is not on his agenda. His days off are what he wants to do because he worked all week. If I ask or make a suggestion to fix things in the house he gets really mad and starts trying to make me feel guilty.

    Thank you Lord

  • Renata Smotts said:

    Sharon, Please pray for my son and his wife; Brock and Karesa. They have 4 young children and I see selfishness at work in both of them that sabotages their marriage.
    Thank you!

  • Beth said:

    I have already posted for prayers - and have replied to similar situations; however, what do you do when you are married to someone who is not physically abusive, but is very much verbally abusive to your and your child? How can you be married to someone who you cannot even depend on to care for your child? How can people mistreat their children? Praying for peace and healing.... and answers -- as I feel that separation is best for our situation- but I also know that a separation situation would not be good for our daughter to be in, and she would not be taken care of or treated good. My heart is just hurting today, as I feel I am still trying to choose between the lesser of two evils and decide what is the "best" of those two evils :( :(

  • Ann said:

    Please pray for my marriage. I made two horrible mistakes 16 years ago. One I shared. The other I didnt. I keep feeling God wants me to share that now but I beleieve it will kill him and his faith as he is a baby Christian and just now growing in Christ. I dont kmow what to do. Do I have faith that my God is bigger? I know God has forgiven me but I have not confessed that sin to my husband. Is this satan trying to ruin our marriage or God saying trust only in Me-I am bigger. Please pray I do the right thing.

    • AA said:

      Dear Ann, Please put all your trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ and he will surely reveal himself to you and show you the right thing to do and he will lead and direct you. Father Lord, I lift up Ann into your guardian hands. Please Lord reveal yourself to her so that she knows that you are in total control of the situation in Jesus Name I pray. Dear Lord, I pray your wisdom will be her wisdom and I pray that she will learn to rely on only you Lord. Amen!!!

  • Sharon , please pray for us Armando and Wendy. We have had a roller coaster of a marriage for 21 yrs with 4 great kids.... I have to get off this ride - I want things to be so different - and I am ready to give it all to God - and let him fight for us ... But I know I don't have the strength to do it alone. My husband is incredibly hateful, rude, and selfish ... And my heart is so hurt. Please pray God fills me with enough to strength to keep going.
    Thank you so much.

  • Cindy Parker said:

    Thank you for talking on this subject. We women need reminders often about the need to be silent and prayerfully at peace. It would be a great blessing to have you pray for Jay and Cindy. I know God is working and He is wanting a breakthrough. Please pray for open pliable hearts. A new desire to seek God and follow hard after His ways. Thank you for praying and God Bless this wonderful ministry!

  • Angela said:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband checked out after our third baby was born (now 2 1/2). I don't know what to do. He doesn't talk to me, much less look at me. I've been praying for months, but wonder if I'm not praying the right words.

    • AA said:

      Dear Angela, I lift up your marriage and husband to Our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the Love between you and your husband is rekindled and I pray our Good Lord will continue to shine his light of countenance on your marriage in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Dear Lord, please give Angela and her husband Divine intervention and Divine Breakthrough in there marriage.
      Please keep praying, have faith and trust God and he will surely dee you through to your marriage restoration.

  • Laura said:

    Please pray for Dawn and Doug. Thank you.

  • Jenny said:

    Please pray for my marriage and family. We have been married 11 years and have 4 kids 9,7,4,2 and the communication and conflict management is so poor. We all are always fighting and arguing. I have given up so much to put 100% focus on this! waking earlier to spend time with God in prayer and his word. I see the light and improvement only to have it fall again. My husband has the worst communication skills and doesn't take ownership of his actions and doesn't see his selfishness in all of this. He is a good man and works hard for our family but his words just push everyone away and make us feel like ants. I feel like it's all on my shoulders to make this better. I'm the only adult here praying and seeking God in this. My two older kids will pray for peace, they see and feel the strain as well. I could go on and on! Thank you for this blog. Just came across it from Proverbs 31 and I will be following this!!

  • Kathy said:

    For me and my sweetie. He is gone working 70 hours a week, part of that by choice. And with the lovely weather we've been having, he often takes off for a couple of hours in the evening to ride his motorcycle. Yesterday, I went to church, he went riding to a friends and was gone for eight hours. Not necessarily bad, just one more decision that was based solely on himself and what he wanted. It is so hard to give 100% when feeling so disrespected, unloved, and lonely. I am persevering, but it is hard.

  • Allison said:

    Please pray for me and my husband. Our marriage is really better than it has ever been, which has mostly been good, with some hard times mixed in. We have been together for almost 31 years and married 25 years. Our issue is that he doesn't want to go to church. We are both believers and saved, just very discouraged with the "modern church and religion". It's not all him either, as find it easier after working all week to put other things, like keeping the house and homestead projects ahead of church. I'm leaving my job at the end of October with no real plan. I want to concentrate on our home and my husband and hoping we can make it finically. One of my goals in doing this is to get back in a close relationship with God and for us to find a church home. I don't want to nag him about this, so please pray for me in discernment on how to handle this. Please pray for us that God will lead us to the church he wants us in and open my husbands heart to the importance of being with a body of believers. Also, my daughter and son-in-law who are expecting their first child after 2 1/2 years of infertility. My son-in-law is in the same place as far as church goes and my daughter is concerned.

  • Kim said:

    Mine! Prayers needed as we edge into the empty nest, that our marriage will be all it can be, to encourage one another to be what God has called us to be, and new opportunities to minister! Also, the marriages of our 4 adult children. There are so many challenges to lasting, loving marriage.

  • Sarah said:

    My marriage can use prayer. Also, my sister and her husband and my mother and step-father. Your blog has been such a blessing to me ! Thank you!

  • Nancy said:

    Please pray for my marriage also. Growing farther apart after so many years. Thank you, Sharon ~ you are a great blessing and impart much wisdom. God Bless you.

    • Jannipher said:

      Please help me in prayer, my marriage is at the edge and we shall have a reconciliation meeting tonight. Please pray for us, I love my husband and I don't want my family to separate


  • Christy said:

    I am asking for prayer for my own marriage. We have been married for only 4 months and it been a living hell. This is my second marriage and I married him believing he was a truly Christian man. We have said and done things we can't take back. I have encouraged counseling and he keeps putting it off. He is completely unforgiving and angry. I have called two lawyers today. We blended four children and I am heartbroken because this is not what I wanted in a marriage. This is not what I wanted for our family.

    • Anonymous said:

      Dear Christy, please trust in God and put your total Faith in him and he will surely show a way even where there seems to be no way. Our God is Good and he is a miracle working God, hand over your marriage to God and he is sure to work wonders in your marriage.

  • Bev Smith said:

    Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law's marriage, Tim and Jessica. They have two beautiful children. I believe the pressures of them both having to work has taken a toil. They are unfortunately not practicing Christians.

  • Carol said:

    Asking for prayers and restorative of my marriage. Also to stay faithful in me praying for God guidance.

    • Jackie said:

      I stand with you and praying for total restoration of your marriage in Jesus Mighty Name

  • Please pray for me and my husband, Mike. Mike's Mother died unexpectedly on Sept. 12 shortly after we began to realize the rate at which his Dad's short-term memory disorder (a type of Alzheimer's) was worsening. Mike stays with his Dad night and day 2 0r 3, sometimes 4 days nights a week. We are all still in shock and, of course, grieving for Mike's Mom. Mike has degenerative disc disease, and has a torn rotator cuff in addition to fairly severe arthritis and is always in pretty serious pain. I was badly, cruelly abused for 16 years, starting around age 3, and have a lot of flashbacks, hard memories and paranoia as well as a genetic predisposition to depression. We count on one another a lot. We are dismayed at the toll the care of Mike's Dad is taking on us already, physically, mentally and on our relationship, but we would never desert him. Please pray for us. God bless you and guide you in all you do. Carla

    • Jackie said:

      I pray for divine intervention for you and your husband and may our Good Lord continue to strengthen your marriage and may he direct you into taking care of your father-in-law.

  • latessia Smith-Wine said:

    Please pray for Harold & Tessia. Thank you.

    • Jackie said:

      By the Good Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Harold and Tessia's marriage is totally restored and healed.