A Thanksgiving Tradition -The Children Dress like Pilgrims

When we visited the grandparents the girls would perform a
Thanksgiving Play (Heather and Jennifer )

When the girls were young I used to dress them up like little pilgrims for Thanksgiving. They loved it until they got too big for it. By the time Ellie (our youngest) was old enough to be an adorable pilgrim, Heather protested and wouldn’t be one anymore. So, I never got a picture of all five being pilgrims at one time (photos are from various years).   Each one got to make a desert of their choice to bring to the grandparents’ house for the big Thanksgiving dinner. Then, after the  meal and the dishes were washed, the girls would present their Thanksgiving Day play.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go. . .The girls’ getting their deserts ready to take to Grandparents’ houses. Rachael (smallest), Jennifer in center and Hannah (big smile). Each child got to make one desert to bring on our trip.

Ellie in her pilgrim clothes at the close of Thanksgiving Day. She’s having left overs from the big meal.

I love vintage cards. I love Thanksgiving.

This is a recipe from the year, 1671. I thought it was interesting to see that there are almost no measurements included.  I haven’t tried the recipe yet…but I’m going to!  I’ll let you know how it goes! There wasn’t even a name for the recipe. Go figure! It’s a pumpkin dessert.

Take about half a pound of Pumpion (pumpkin) and slice it, a handfull of tyme, a little rosemary, parsley and sweet marjorum slipped off the stalks, and chop them small, then take the cynamon, nutmeg, pepper and six cloves, and beat them, take ten eggs and beat them, then mix them and beat them all together and put in as much sugar as you think fit, then fry them like a froize*, after it is fryed, let it stand till it be cold, then fill your pye, take sliced apples thinne round wayes, and lay a rowe of the froize, and layer the apples with currents betwixt the layer while your pye is fitted, and put in a good deal of sweet Butter before you close it, when pye is baked, take six yelks of eggs, some whitewine or vergis*, and make a caudle* of this, but not too thick, cut up the lid and put it in, stir them well together whilst the eggs and pumpions be not perceived and so serve it up. www.pilgrimhall.org

*froize = a kind of pancake or omelet *vergis = verjuice, juice from unripened grapes or from crab apples or other sour fruit *caudle = a warm spiced and sugared drink

Our beautiful turkey’s in our field.  Sad to say, they both got killed by a fox in the night. The good news is…Dale killed the fox the next night!



  • Joy said:

    Honestly, the girls are so sweet it just blesses my heart beyond words. How precious. Thanks for sharing such a delightful family tradition.

    Yeah to Dale for killing the fox. :-)

    I'm giving thanks for you.