Canned Pear Butter, Permed Hair and Visited Mount Vernon

Rachael came home Saturday with the great idea that she would video me canning pear butter and in-between processing pears I would put a perm in her hair! It seemed doable when she suggested it, so I said yes. Well, let me just say right now that no one should put a perm in someone’s hair while they’re canning anything! So, tomorrow when I post the video showing you how to make pear butter—imagine the perm going on in the background while the pears are cooking. It all turned out, the perm and canning—but it was crazy.

My canned pear butter and there’s more!

Getting ready to put the neutralizer on!

The perm finished!

After canning all day and the perm, Ellie and I cooked a yummy dinner together. She made homemade mashed potatoes and I the pork roast and vegetables. Then to finish off the day we were supposed to watch an old movie together, Dale turned it on and that’s all I remember. . .Zzz

Sunday after church Dale and I went to Mount Vernon to see George Washington’s place. 80 Million people have visited this amazing man’s home! We’ve been to his house many times in the past but this was the first time without children where we actually read the historical documents in the educational wing. He lived a phenomenal life, was heroic beyond imagination, always humble and of the highest character. Here’s a man who relied on God for wisdom, strength and his faith in the unseen future of what could be- America. He experienced extreme hardship for our country—but never gave up. He believed in what seemed like the impossible for us. Millions want to know the answer behind a man like this—It was God who filled this man to be a hero for our nation and the world.

Amazing exhibits all through the Education Wing at Mount Vernon

Leaving Mount Vernon


God, help us to birth Spirit filled, wise and strong leaders like George Washington who will steer this nation by Your power and Your leading. In Jesus’ Name Amen!
After our tour we ate at the Mount Vernon Inn. Dale had Duck and Sausage with White bean Cassoulet and I had Colonial Turkey Pye with Virginia Peanut and Chestnut Soup.

Dale and our waiter at Mount Vernon Inn


When we got home I pulled my herbs up and transplanted them into the house. I now have thyme, rosemary, chives, parsley, one climbing cherry tomato plant and a couple of dandelion plants all protected for the winter.



We were invited to a potluck Sunday night, since we had already eaten I decided to make a desert to bring. I only had 30 minutes before we needed to leave. So I whipped up an apple desert, turned the oven all the way up to 450 degrees and threw it in the oven! I mixed a generous amount of sugar and cinnamon together with five pounds of sliced apples. Greased 9X13 glass dish with butter and poured apple/sugar mixture on top. Then I mixed flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and a stick of softened butter together and sprinkled on top of apples. Topped it off with chopped walnuts and threw it in oven on fast speed! It was delicious!


It was a packed and wonderful weekend!

Saw an aurora on way to potluck, a natural light display in the sky from God