Jesus’ Desire for Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Jesus left the portal of glory to be born in a manger into the least of the clans of Israel, an oppressed nation and through a messy lineage! He had no place to call home, was ridiculed and crucified all for the sake of LOVE- to do ALL the will of His Father!

Jesus’ whole life was a life of sacrifice. He asks us to do the same. He says to us today, if you are my disciples deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me. What does that mean to us today, on Christmas Eve?

Christmas wasn’t meant to be a day of self-gratification. It’s a time to think of others. What is Jesus asking us to deny today? A selfish attitude. . .

What cross is He asking us to pick up? It’s the thing we don’t want to do but know it’s the right thing to do.  It’s the hardest thing.  But if you do it with the right attitude it will glorify Him. It’s just between you and Him, you don’t need to tell anyone else.

Are you supposed to hop in the car and make that trip home? Are you supposed to invite someone to Christmas dinner that you don’t want to? Is He asking you to give a gift that you don’t want to give? Is He asking you to give something of yours away to another person? Are you supposed to make a call and forgive someone? Love someone you don’t love. . . Be at the hospital visiting. . .Bring goodies to someone tonight. . .

May we be consumed by His LOVE today, to do all His will just like Him.

  • Jill Beran said:

    Thank you for these words that were wonderful for Christmas Eve, but just as powerful today on Jan. 3rd. Praying I will be like Him today and do all His will as the day unfolds.

    Also wanted to thank you...last night I pulled out an old CD from 2009 She Speaks - you were speaking on Spiritual Warfare. Anyway my husband and I appreciated listening to your message!

  • Joy said:

    As Jill wrote above, your post here is for every day of the year. Yes, not just do what I know is right, but do it with the right attitude! God sees the heart.

    Again the discipleship theme! :-) The Lord is directing your thoughts and I pray He is giving you time to prepare for our upcoming event. We are lifting you continually in prayer.

    Love you,