The Season of Weddings

wedding in barn yard

This past weekend–The couple was married in our barn yard! It was milking time for the goats, I should have milked them before the ceremony. They started crying in middle of the vows! We gave them food and they stopped!

Tis the season of weddings on the Glasgow Farm, we’ll have celebrated six  here by June 22-including Rachael and Jonathan! I don’t have professional photo’s to show you YET, but they’re coming!
With all the hustle and bustle I haven’t had time to write much, but I’m over flowing with content, so stay tuned!

The Marriage Conference Call is TONIGHT! Don’t miss it! There’s still time to sign up. Don’t wait till the last-minute or you won’t get the call- in info. If you sign up and don’t get the info in time you’ll be able to hear the recording after it is released.


Heather and Chris Ferris


  • Kim C said:

    6 weddings, oh my, you are amazing! Praying for perfect peace (even for the goats ;-). Can't wait to learn more from you tonight on the conference call. Thanks! Kim

    • Thanks Kim! You're funny, peace for the goats! Yes, we need that, especially for the buck. He rams fences with his horns just to get noticed. It's loud! Not wedding appropriate! Can't wait to hear your voice tonight!
      Love and hugs!

  • Dawna said:

    We had a couple get engaged in our hayloft! Complete with limo service to the front door for the unexpecting bride to be! It was a lot of fun! Congrats to your children!!

  • Ronnie said:

    The goats were probably hoping for some cake! Can't wait to see the beautiful photos. I am glad all went well.


  • Stephanie Stryker said:

    I signed up on May 11 but still don't have call in info

    • Hi Stephanie! I'll send you the info tomorrow for the info to get the recording. I'm sorry you didn't get it in time!