Thank you for Praying for Dale! He is well!

Thank you all for praying for Dale! He is well.  Thank You Lord! He is almost symptom free. His leg is still a little stiff.

I’m sorry it has taken a while to update you. We were hit with the storm that came through Virginia Friday night. We had winds 75 to 100 miles an hour, so I’ve heard people say.

We haven’t had electricity, water or internet since the storm. They are saying it could be at least another week before the electric is fixed. I’ll post again tomorrow. The library is closing! I haven’t been able to check email yet, but I will tomorrow.

Thank you my friends!

  • Mandy Currie said:

    Sharon, I'm so glad to hear that hubby is getting better, have you consulted a doctor at all?

    • Hi Mandy, Thank you so much for praying, it means so much to Dale and me. Yes, we did consult a doctor. The anti-venom medicine is only given if your symptoms are really bad. The anti-venom is almost as serious as the snake venom itself. We are still praising Jesus for his healing. One of our friends knows a man who died yesterday from a copperhead bite. I think deaths from copperheads are not common but they do cause serious injury to many.
      Thank you again for caring and praying!