Coveting Another Husband

Dale and I watching the super moon Sunday night by the barn. Its good to reminisce of days gone by. Dale and I cook meals, dishes, mow grass together now. There is a season for everything. . .

Dale and I watched the super moon Sunday night by the barn

Oh my…Yep, when this temptation comes, and it WILL, DON’T ENTERTAIN the thought even for a second!

Every grueling week, my friend would share how absolutely easy her life was. Every evening when her husband came home from work he helped with dinner, dishes, gave the kids baths and PUT THEM TO BED! He even mowed the grass, trimmed the bushes on the weekends and  rubbed her back, for goodness sake!

I wanted to throw up. It made me so sick. Truly. Could she not SHUT UP?

Resentment toward Dale started to fester. I started to wonder why he couldn’t do these things. I didn’t want her husband but started wanting an imaginary husband that would do everything right and love me wholeheartedly.

After a few weeks (alright, maybe a month) of desiring my imaginary husband, I realized I was wrong. I asked the Lord to forgive me and to help me. Moving forward, every time this friend or other friends started telling me about their holly-jolly life, I took the wrong thoughts captive and refuted them with truth.

Truth was, Dale was an amazing man of God. He loved our family. We owned our own business. He had to work 15-18 hrs a day, six days a week to support our family of five children. There was no time for him to do all the things my friend’s husband did.

Truth was, I vowed  to God and Dale to have and to hold for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

So, every week, year after year I mowed the grass, trimmed the bushes, took care of the household, cooked every meal, washed all the dishes, got the cars inspected, paid the bills, put the kids to bed.. .

And loved him outrageously without coveting an imaginary husband.

How? After a while I no longer had to refute the lie with truth. The truth is, we are one. What he can’t do, I will do. That’s what we do for one another when we’re one. After I got this, it was a joy to work as hard as he did for our family.

Guess what? My friend’s husband left her. I know!?! I was brokenhearted for her. But I wondered, why? Was the load too heavy to bear and he snapped? He was a really good man, but even a good man has a threshold for what he can endure.

Satan wants us to want another husband. If we don’t refute lies with truth, we’re in trouble.

We’re all tempted. Yep… None are exempt. Temptation isn’t a sin, acting on it is.

Next time you’re tempted to covet another husband—DON’T ENTERTAIN the thought, not even for a second!

Winner of last weeks drawing for the marriage books and movie tickets is: Angela who posted 2015/09/26 at 10:25 PM Let’s all keep praying for each other’s marriages!

While we watched the moon it was good to reminisce of days gone by but I’m thankful that Dale and I now get to cook meals, wash dishes and do yard work together. There is a season for everything.

While we watched the moon it was good to reminisce of days gone by but I’m thankful that Dale and I now get to cook meals, wash dishes and do yard work together. There is a season for everything.


  • DeeDee said:

    Sharon you have such transparent way of sharing such life lesson. I so identify with you and pray and hope many ladies will heed your good advice. The deceiver likes to cause division . I thank God for my hard working man who loves The Lord & me.

  • Peggy Nienaber said:

    Well said article, it makes you step back and realize each person's life and path is different. Thank you for writing this article!

  • Jessica Warnick said:

    Sharon, thanks so much for this reminder. Why is it that we overlook all those good qualities and take them for granted and then long for those characteristics/circumstances that are not present? I am grateful for my hubby of nearly 42 years.

  • Linda said: a single person (widow)....sometimes "coveting "A" husband"....causes me problems.

    Perhaps loneliness of the heart, and wanting that man who wants Jesus as much as I do,...PLUS a man who feels that "all work" should be shared...whether it's cleaning or cutting the grass....a man who looks after you.,..and you look after him (100/100).
    Sometimes I see other married women who are happy with their marriage...and they have all the above...sometimes my heart yearns for that husband someone else has.

    Your words telling us "being tempted" is not the same as "acting on it". I needed to hear those words because so many times I feel guilty of "coveting a husband".....even as a single person.

  • Excellent advice sister! May God bless you for having the courage to speak (write) such truth. The "imaginary" husband is such a problem. He is a homewrecker, someone who leads women astray only to abandon them down the road. You have done well in teaching us how to love our own husbands with this Titus 2:4 moment.