A Love Story–The Honeymoon Life Part 3/3

Dale and Sharon Glasgow-The Honeymoon Life-August 29, 2012

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Now they were no different than couples of this day. They desired a honeymoon many miles away. But luxury was not afforded them, so they traveled far to a State Park cabin in the mountains by car.

Little needs be said of what happened that night for when two lovers join as one for the very first time, well—words fall short.

The honeymoon was soon over and they traveled back to start their life.

Time passed quickly. Dale finished his schooling and got a job in the big city. He worked hard to provide for his family. Babies came one by one and while Sharon nursed them, changed diapers, cooked and cleaned the house morning till night, she started to dream.

She dreamed of the day she would have a real honeymoon, the lavish kind she had read of–for the honeymoon days were long behind her. Life became an endless cycle of work; rebuilding their country house, mending fences to keep the animals in, taking care of the farm, nurturing and raising children, working and yet more working… Through all of this their romance took a hit: there was no time for fairytale love anymore.

Then, one day— Sharon met a woman who told her of the tragic end to her own love story. This woman’s beloved worked hard every day. They never had time off to play. For years she dreamed and planned for this trip she had always wanted, for they had never had the honeymoon of their dreams. Their last child was leaving and the honeymoon date set. But on this awful, awful day, she got a call that her husband had been killed, tragically. Her dream shattered, she never got the honeymoon that she had imagined.

This affected Sharon deeply, for she never wanted to live in regret that she never had the honeymoon she dreamt.

So, she decided that day to live every day, the honeymoon life ever after.

(Now at this point in the love story, Sharon and Dale had 4 adorable children, with one to come, and lived on a farm in the country.)

Just a few weeks later was Sharon and Dale’s anniversary.

Sharon loved Dale with all her heart, so she went before the Lord and inquired of Him. She said, “He is Yours. I do not know how long my days will be with him. But this I know, I trust You. I trust You that when our days are gone, I will have no regrets. Teach me now, how to be a lover of You first and by loving You, I will know how to love him fully every day, especially when the days are hard, the storms rage and the sun sets at the close of our life.” On that day, the Lord gave her peace that flooded her entire being. A scripture from the Bible came to to her mind as she arose that day in prayer, Proverbs Chapter 31. She read it and decided to live it. Strength and assurance arose in her spirit from that day there after.

She wanted their anniversary to be one that Dale would never forget for who knows if you will ever have another after. What would he not expect but never forget?

And the idea came, a picnic far over and through the field- with his favorite foods and his wife alone, doing things he could never have expected. . .

No trip to yonder place, no lavish hotel nor gourmet dish in all the world could compete with this field, a picnic dinner and the power of what happened.

From that day on they lived the honeymoon life. Not just dreaming of it, but living it every day ever after. The simple things became cherished, like eating meals together, going to bed together, praying together, reading books together and even mundane trips to pick up supplies were always spent together.

Yesterday, August 29th was the 31st anniversary of Sharon and Dale’s marriage. They celebrated their 16th year of The Honeymoon Life!

So this is their love story and it is still being written.

When their life in this age comes to an end, they will confidently be able to say, ours was the most beautiful love story we could ever have lived–because the most High God started it, was in it and completed it.

Dale and Sharon Glasgow married August 29, 1981
Snapshot taken by attendee. No formal photo taken.

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  • Deanna said:

    Ah, where's the steamy part you promised yesterday??

  • Pat C. said:

    And I am privileged through friendship to be part of your story! Thanks for sharing!

  • Colleen G. said:


  • marilyn said:

    Aww, that's beautiful, Sharon. I love you both!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

    • Thank you Marilyn, most wonderful mother-in-law in the world! I love you.

  • Joy said:

    Precious friend, this is breathtakingly beautiful. You have such an intimate, cherished love with the Lord, that has spilled over into your marriage relationship. You make me long for such sacred romance towards God, and pure desire towards my husband.

    I love the expression, "The Honeymoon Life". I will definitely be praying that the Lord renew and revive my love for my husband, and that I will treasure the gift He has given me in the one chosen for me.

    Thanks for being used to stir my heart to be the wife my husband needs and for which he longs.

    • Let me know how your prayers go :), things could spice up in the coming year:)!I love you!!

  • Hannah said:

    I pray that I'm able to be as good a wife to Jake as you have been to Dad! You guys are an inspiration to me and my sisters. It's a beautiful thing to serve the Lord and out of the overflow of his love, to serve our husbands.

    Happy Anniversary week! Now if only we all had a few thousand dollars to send you on a honeymoon trip like you guys deserve...Maybe at 35 years!

    • Joy said:


    • Thank you Hannah!! Maybe by our 35th anniversary we will go on a nice trip:).But we truly are living the honeymoon life, so there are no complaints:).

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Loved reading your love story! You both are amazing and we are blessed to call you our friends!!

  • Sharon, I love the "honeymoon life" attitude! We are not promised anything more than the wonderful gift of today, so thanks for the reminder to enjoy and squeeze every last drop of life out of it!

  • Kelly Reece said:

    Love reading this...and every post!! What a blessing you & your family has been to me!!

  • Barbara said:

    Such a beautiful sweet story! It touched my heart. Thanks for sharing.

  • hmm said:

    Actually, your dress wasn't that bad. I mean, at least the part in the picture, so it all worked out. Maybe it looks wierd on the bottom/ from the 70's/80's or something, but... from the picture it looks right and complimentary to eachother's outfits. (Unless you were going for a more detailed dress or... like one with .... umm ... yeah cutouts.) But still, it's probably better than several other options so.