When Your Plan to Keep out of Trouble- Fails

Our walk from the gas station when our car broke down- Goodwill Outlet in background

Our walk from the gas station when our car broke down- Goodwill Outlet in background

Have you ever made a plan to keep out of trouble, but instead found yourself in double trouble? Oh my goodness… That was ME- this week!

My daughter got a job 18 hours from home and needed to get there immediately. But, we didn’t have a budget for the move.

Question: Do we use credit and go into debt?
Answer: Avoid debt at ALL COSTS. Keep the goal and stay out of debt!
The Plan: Leave credit cards at home.

The plan was to pack our 2000 VW Bug and drive 18 hours straight- only stopping for gas. The plan was to get free furniture and appliances from Craigslist when we got there.
The plan was working well! We got there on $100 and slept at a friend of a friend’s house.

The next day, we wasted no time as we headed for a thrift store. It was a banner day! We got a microwave and other appliances all for just $17! We were getting pretty puffed up about our successful plan until we got back
into the car and… it wouldn’t start.

The gas gauge was at a quarter tank. Maybe the gauge is broken? We walked to the nearest gas station… bought gas. That wasn’t the problem.

We asked nearby businesses what local mechanic to call. They all said, “You’re in the hood ma’am. There’s no place we recommend.” That was not comforting!

I called our sweet new friends (who let us sleep at their house). They graciously called a tow truck and had the car delivered to a trusted mechanic. While the car was being towed, we were picked up and delivered to Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

They needed a credit card with my name on it in order to rent a car. Gulp… I didn’t bring a credit card because the plan was to stay out of debt! I didn’t plan to break down! All I had was a debit card and they wouldn’t take a debit card, period.

Sternly, the manager said, “We’re closing. We’ll take you back to where you broke down.” The woman was very rude and treated us like vagabonds.

My emotions rose…

This is where I found myself in double trouble. My flesh wanted to rise up and my faith was challenged. Instantly, I recalled a verse I had read that very morning. “You shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord,
that it may be well with you…” Ah, yes Lord.

“Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.. . but the fruit of the spirit is, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control… If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”

I was very kind and gracious to her, as she locked the door. I said, “Would you accept a photo copy of one of my credit cards at home?”

She said, “Yes.” Oh thank the Lord, I thought!

The problem was that no one was at home! Rachel Moberley drove to our house, found the card, and sent a copy to me! I was approved!

The story gets good now… We didn’t just rent a car. We got a truck!
Now we had the needed vehicle to pick up free furniture! And just a few miles from Enterprise, was sitting a free couch. The people selling the couch were Christians and it was very clean. So I asked if they had a mattress or any other furniture they needed to get rid of. They said, “Yes!” After loading all the goods I asked if I could pray for them. They said, “Sure.”

They cried…

I’m not sure who the car broke down for- us or them. We got all this free stuff and they were in need of prayer and God’s direction. JESUS!!!!

It had been a day. I was exhausted from lack of sleep but had made a commitment to the Lord to give Him a sacrifice of praise, prayer, and time with Him in His Word- every morning and night.

I opened the Bible to where I had left off that morning and this is what it said, “And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you into the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not. So He humbled you… so that you might know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” Deuteronomy 8:2-3

Gulp. Worship and tears sprang from my heart like a fire hydrant.

Oh Lord, may I be found faithful in the testing- even when my plans fail!

The car? It was the anti-theft processor. It took the garage 6 hours to figure out! There was also a “God set-up” at the mechanic and all the work turned out to be only $150. Although we had to have a credit card to be approved for the rental car, we were able to pay in cash without having to go into debt. Jesus, You are worthy of all my praise! What a life in Christ!

Saying goodbye yesterday

Saying goodbye yesterday

A plan that we make to keep out of trouble is quickly broken if we are merely relying on our own ability. We’re not strong enough on our own. We need supernatural strength, wisdom, and guidance from the King of kings and Lord of lords! He can and will help us through it all!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a plan to fast from complaining for 40 days. I failed on the first day! I came up with a new plan and it’s radically changing my life. Since starting this, I’ve had more breakthroughs- than
ever. Read post to read plan. It will be over on Good Friday, which is the first day of Passover.

I’m journaling everything that happens. It’s unreal!

Do you need to make a plan to keep out of trouble? What is your trouble?

Complaining, debt, gluttony, your mouth, anger, sexual sin, addiction, lack of faith, laziness, lying. . .? Tell me in one word below. I’ll pray for you!

P31 bible

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A name will be drawn from the comments to win a Keep Out of Trouble gift set that includes: a Bible, journal for your 40 days, and a candle to remind you to keep the fire burning on the altar of your sacrifice!

A journal and Yankee candle (cupcake scent). You must journal your 40 days!

You’ll also get this journal and Yankee candle (cupcake scent). You must journal your 40 days!

  • Claudia velasco said:


    • Anonymous said:


    • Nance said:


    • Anonymous said:

      I just found your blog today I can't tell you how it touched my heart I could so relate to eating a whole pizza :-) Gluttony is definitely my word !!!! thank you for your prayers

    • Nancy Jones said:

      Guarding my mouth,

  • Katrina W. said:

    Please pray for me to control my tongue & keep out negativity of the mouth & mind. Beautiful & inspiring post.

    • Thank you Katrina! Lord Jesus, I pray that YOU would give Katrina the power inside of her inner being to fully crucify negativity and focus on the things that are above. I pray that You would give her the strength and fruit of your Holy Spirit (in self-control) to really set her mind on all the good things that you have done for her and that you have promised to do (from your Word). In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Kathy Rainey said:


  • Marla L. said:

    Dependence on the Lord, and need to pray more about things.

  • Haley said:


  • Vickie said:

    Ditto . . . trust!

  • Jan said:

    No faith

  • Sharon C. said:


  • Shirley said:


  • Nydia said:

    Lack of faith

  • Anne Marie said:


  • Elaine Stewman said:

    Anger :(

  • Dot said:


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  • Grace said:

    I just came across your blog this morning through the Family Christian Stores page, and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed reading this and your 40 Days post. Good way to start the day on this early morning that my baby has me up. Encouraging words

    • I'm glad you found me too, Grace! Hope you have a wonderful and faith-filled day!

  • MLB said:


  • Marchelle said:


    • Anonymous said:

      Me too

  • Diane said:


  • Cam said:

    Gluttony & Laziness.

    Just recently discovered this site and subscribed. I've enjoyed your heart words...

  • Jen S. said:

    I struggle with keeping my eating under control...especially sweets!

  • Kam said:


  • Beth said:

    Complaining, lack of faith, anger, gossip. I have so many!

  • Tori said:

    Lack of patience

  • Tammy said:

    Self control

  • Connie said:


  • Elizabeth oliver said:

    Focusing on regrets and not letting go and living today.

  • Mandi said:

    What an example of trust & faith! Something I am always working on, since I always want to know what is next & plan ahead. God has the plan and I need reminders like this that he's ultimately in control, not me. Thanks!

    • We do have to diligently trust the Lord! He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith and keeping our eyes on Him and not our circumstances, is what will carry us through! Blessings to you Mandi! -Sharon

  • Callie said:


  • Angela said:

    Laziness I think. Not putting spending time with God first. I allow other things like TV To Take up my time. I give Jesus a little time just befote I go to bed.
    Lack of commitment to the Lord I am obedient in other things in my life but just reading His Word and being in His Presence I am not consistant.
    Thanks for this . I appreciate you. God Bless you. Ain't it special how The Lord spoke to yyour heart.

    • Thank you Angela! Lord Jesus, I pray that You would help Angela to not allow laziness to get in the way of her cultivating a strong relationship with You! Help her to redeem the time and be full of fiery love for You! Give her the strength to be consistent! Grace and peace to you. :) -Sharon

  • Stephanie said:

    It seems like all of the above!! :) but most of the time, gluttony and being negative.

  • Sarah vR said:

    I'm working on an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude in my frustrating or stressful moments as my hubby and i walk through the upside of the journey of redemption from his life of addiction. God is so good ALL the time!

    • I pray that our Great King Jesus richly blesses and strengthens you and your husband!! It's no easy journey coming out of addiction- but the Grace of our God IS sufficient and able to accomplish this work- in full! Keep praising God in the storms!! Garments of praise break the heavy yoke. -Love, Sharon

    • Rosieb said:

      i see you in God's hands and you are peaceful. you did not cause and you cannot fix. but you know that. i am so praying for you and your husband to face and overcome your worries.

  • Lynette said:


  • Sherri said:

    A critical spirit and negativity

  • David said:

    Am finding my self mostly doing what i don't want and its sinful in spite of me accepted Jesus, just a few days ago through your proverbs network,my heart is longing to live with God and by God"s will.kindly help me live sinless,my creator will reward you in heaven and here on earth,i cant survive while continue living in sin i would die.I know that Jesus loves me but i must be sinless,kindly help me and everybody else make Jesus happy and smile.Please!

    • Hi David!! I'm thrilled and overjoyed to hear that you accepted Christ as your personal Savior! Your life will never be the same and you are now called a son of the most-high God! When you pray, simply ask Jesus to take away the sinful desires from inside of your heart. Tell Him that you don't want to disobey Him in any way and that you want to be fully clean! He said that His word living inside of you is what makes you clean! So, as you choose to follow the Lord- He will keep helping and empowering you to be FULLY free! He who the Son sets free, is FREE INDEED! John 8:36
      I encourage you to find a Bible preaching local church... and let them know that you have just come to Christ. I know that God is faithful to complete what He has started in you! I'm excited for your journey David! Grace and peace, Sharon

  • Tracy said:

    Thank you for this today! I so needed to hear it! Please pray for me. My troubles are complaining, and insecurities

    • Praying for you Tracy! Lord Jesus, I lift up Tracy to You now and ask that Your Holy Spirit would empower her in a fresh and mighty way today. I pray that You would help her to choose thankfulness- for every, single, little, "small" thing that You have done. Help her to start at the cross- giving thanks for purchasing her life from hell! She is now fully free of eternal punishment and is invited into the joyful fellowship of the God-head! Help her to feel the height, depth, width of Your great love, today. I pray that all insecurities would be removed and that Your perfect love would drive out all the fear that would cause them. Blessings to you Tracy! With love, Sharon

  • Denise said:


  • Lisa said:


  • Cammi Hevener said:

    Complaining and needing more patience :)

  • Julie said:

    How faithful is our Redeemer! An inspiring story, thank you!

    My biggest struggle combines procrastination and remembering to relinquish my will to God's ultimate plan.

  • Kim said:

    Gluttony/food addiction. I turn to food instead of God....

  • Ruth said:


  • Jenny said:

    I sooo needed to read your devotional at Proverbs 31 this morning. I've been a Christian for a long time but cannot seem to break my addiction to alcohol. I've tried to do it in my own strength but fail every time. My guilt overwhelms my soul! Please pray that I can make a plan to keep from the temptation every single day.
    God bless you, my sister!!

    • Thank you for sharing, Jenny! Lord Jesus, I pray that Jenny would have a clear and mighty plan come from Your heart, into her heart today. I pray that You would deliver her- right now from all addictions. I pray that she would no longer be bound to this destructive substance, and that total and complete sobriety would fill her life today. I pray that the desire for alcohol would be taken away- fully! I thank you that she cares and is seeking to obey You. Holy Spirit, we invite YOU to come into her life in a new way and bring total freedom to Jenny from alcoholism. Raise up every valley inside of her. Take away every doubt and bit of unbelief that You are able and willing to accomplish this. Fill her with new faith, hope, and love! In Jesus almighty name, amen!!

  • MT said:

    Loving Jesus with all of me.

    Thank you, Sharon, for praying and for sharing.

    • My pleasure MT! :) Praying for more revelation of the Father's great love!

  • Mary said:


  • Kim mozina said:

    I would really love to have theese resources because I struggle with temptation from material things, food as I am a diabetic, and financially. Thank you for the chance to win. Have a God blessed week.

  • Dana said:

    Avoid complacency

  • Connie Lott said:

    Lying and think before I speak.

  • Peggy said:

    Trust. I've done a 40 day Daniel Fast, not sure I could do a 40 complaining fast. Very thought provoking.

  • Rene James said:


  • Kyla said:

    Today's devotional really hit home. I get into WAY too much trouble - I need to learn to think before I speak.

  • Allison said:


  • Amy said:


    Thank you for your blog - what a blessing you are to so many!

    • Thank you Amy! It's my blessing to share as God keeps to plow the path before me and my family! We are trusting Him for every, single need, every day!

  • Diane said:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I am grateful for the encouragement to continue being transformed.....

    • Blessings in abundance to you Diane! :) We are being transformed, together, by the renewing of our minds! Praise the Lord.

  • Linda said:

    Amazing...hearing how God always looks after you....while carving the path He wants you to go....to pray for those people. AND....you got a rental truck to carry all that FREE furniture....which you know would not fit in a VW.

    His ways are not our ways.

    You do not need to pray for me...I will pray for you.

    • Thank you Linda! Prayer is ALWAYS needed and appreciated! :)

  • Mindy said:

    Gluttony :(.

  • Shana said:

    Selfishness, Trust, self control

  • LRF said:

    Lack of faith, discontent

  • Jackie said:

    Your posting on fasting from complaining was so good! It has inspired thoughts for me that spill into other areas of my life - much needed areas! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Prayer: sanctification

    • Thank you Jackie! I pray right now for the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit to continue to lead you away from all ungodliness and into more of His purity and holiness. I thank you Lord for her desire for sanctification and I KNOW that You are steadfast to work it into her spirit. Thank you for her desire to be obedient to You and to continue to be washed in Your word. Bless her today! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Rosemary said:


  • Crystal Beavin said:

    I love your blog post and 31 Ministries Devotional this morning.

    My word is: PEACE

    Have a beautiful day!

  • Debbie said:

    Lack of faith after fighting cancer for 9 yrs. Discouragement.
    Thank you.

    • Father God in Heaven, I lift up Debbie to Your throne of Grace! I pray that You would bring healing to her heart, soul, and spirit. I pray that You would bring encouragement and joy into her life in a powerful way! I thank you that no matter what our battle is, YOUR JOY is OUR STRENGTH. I pray that You would bring a mighty healing into her body from this cancer. We believe You to wrap Your loving arms around Debbie and to provide for all of her needs; emotional and physical. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Kathy said:


  • Charlotte Askew said:


  • Holly said:

    Lack of faith and trust. It's hard when something bad happens.

  • Holly said:

    Lack of faith and trust

  • Dorre F said:

    Your devotional today about your struggle w/pizza is similar to mine with sweets, particularly ice cream... Please pray for my regarding gluttony in this area (and I'll be working on writing out a plan over the weekend)!!

    • Dorre F said:

      *me (not my)

    • Hi Dorre! I pray right now for you that this craving for sugar and unhealthy carbs would be totally taken away! I pray for a new sense of strength to fill your mind and heart! I pray that you will be able to make the radical life choices that will potentially save your life. Lord Jesus, bless Dorre with every tool that she needs to be fully free of gluttony and the craving for unhealthy things. Thank you that You made her in Your image- and you want her to take care of her temple- which is the dwelling place of Your Holy Spirit. Help her to honor You in this way! In Jesus' name, amen! Love, Sharon

  • Kay said:


  • Hanria said:

    Gluttony/food addiction
    Turning to food not God...

  • Kelly Symons said:

    Debt once and for all!

  • Emily said:

    Just this morning, I was planning to meet "trouble" for lunch. Though it was for a legitimate reason, I immediately saw that this was not planning to stay out of trouble ....... it was planning to run straight smack into to it. I forwarded the devotion to the person. I said I am sorry I cannot meet you alone today; I will be happy to meet with another party present. Thank you for the timely devotion. May it reach many hearts and bring them closer to the Lord.

    • I'm praying for you today Emily! Praise the Lord that He allowed this blog to change your plans! I pray that Holy Spirit helps you to continue to choose what is GOOD and pleasing in the sight of our God. Oh how He loves you and will give good gifts as you wait upon Him! -With love, Sharon

  • Stacy Fortenberry said:


  • Rita said:


  • Sonya said:


  • Emily said:

    Yelling. I am so quickey frustrated with my young children and I yell. My desire is to be free and to break this curse of an angry spirit that has been passed down for generations. It stops with me. By the power of God my children will learn to control their emotions and not let their emotions control them. I believe it is possible as God's Holy Spirit works daily in my heart.

    • Amen Emily! I agree with you in prayer that King Jesus will help you to release all of your cares to Him and fill your heart with perfect peace! He is your refuge and salvation. I pray that all of the things that would make you feel overwhelmed, would themselves be overwhelmed with the Father's great love today! You are His Beloved! You are victorious in Him! -Sharon

      • Emily said:

        Thank you Sharon!

  • phyl said:

    Your post this morning was perfect for me!
    been battling addition for years.... I believe I can 'make a plan' to help however, then i'll need to follow that plan... i know for sure I can't do in my strength but, seem not to allow God to help so I continue to 'fail'..
    I would LOVE to win you Gift Set of 'Make a Plan to Keep Out of Trouble'... I'm sure this would help a LOT!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit Sharon...

    • Thank you Phyl for sharing and your encouragement! I want to encourage you to surround yourself with men and women who will help bring "accountability" into your life. The word accountability sometimes has a negative connotation, but it is the absolute BEST thing and important thing when we need a serious breakthrough. It means having people committed to praying for and standing with you for total freedom! We all need this in our lives- more than we know.

      Father God, in Jesus' name, I pray that You would bring a mighty work of freedom and deliverance into Phyl's life from this struggle with addiction. I pray that whatever the root issue may be, would be fully taken care of by Your Holy Spirit- even now. I thank YOU that You are the healer, deliverer, and our savior. I pray for a new confidence to fill Phyl and that You would show Your great strength as the healing comes.
      Grace and peace to you! Sharon

  • Lynn Cox said:

    laziness in my christian walk, letting frustration take over

  • Meg Mobley said:


  • Dot in MO said:

    Trust = Faith . . . thanking God for grace.

  • Rachel Castro said:


  • Traci Bailey said:

    Please pray for perseverance as God delivers me from this breaking point.

    • Amen Traci! I'm standing with you today and asking our Heavenly Father for total and complete breakthrough for you!

  • Michelle said:

    Wow, what a great idea! I always feel like I'm mentally prepared to avoid sin, but it is much better to have a real plan to avoid temptation. I love this journaling idea!

    • As someone that I know once said, "Most people don't fail what they plan, but they fail to plan..." And "failure to plan, is a plan to fail..." It is so important to write things down and really get aggressive (in a spiritual sense) when seeking breakthroughs in the Lord. He wants us to be whole hearted in trusting Him! Obviously, our plans don't always work and that is why we MUST lean fully on His Holy Spirit to give us the power to follow through. Journaling is so important to help us in the process because we can track our struggles and the breakthroughs that we receive from the Lord. Blessings to you Michelle! :) Sharon

  • Juanita said:


  • Janice said:


  • Karen H said:

    debt and physical laziness

  • Vickie Spires said:


  • Rocio said:

    My mouth. Thanks so much Sharon for being so real and honest. I really enjoy reading your posts. :o)

  • Stacey Valenzuela said:

    Hi Sharon, I am embarrassed that I am in such a horrible state of being. But, if you would could you please pray for me in EVERYTHING that you listed . I want to serve God so very badly with my WHOLE HEART. Have a good day .

    • Praying for you right now Stacey! Dear Father in Heaven, I lift up Stacey to You! I thank you that You made her very well- in Your image. I thank you that You have appointed her to go and the "bear much fruit." Help her to release all of the sin and shame to You- at your feet. Help her to receive that You are pursuing her- faster than she could ever chase after You!

      I feel the Lord wants to reiterate this verse over you... "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you." John 15:16. And He says prior to that, "Abide in me and I will abide in you... for apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:4.

      I pray that there would be a new grace in your life to understand the meaning of "abiding" in the Vine. It's when we try to do things on our own strength that we fail. (I'm not saying you are doing this... but generally this is how we go wrong.) So, what we have to do is open up our hands and heart before the Father and cry out to Him- acknowledging our total and complete emptiness without Him. He will fill us and continue to deliver us from our flesh and the love of the world. Praying for you Stacey!! With love, Sharon :)

  • Crystal said:

    Comparing myself with others, both my successes and my failures.

  • Jeannine said:


  • Carol said:

    (NOT) Murmuring would be a good place to start!

  • Michelle said:

    sexual temptation

  • susie nuss said:

    Please pray for my mouth .. I can still hear my Mom say Susan Marie keep your mouth shut

  • Rhonda said:

    Worrying about my autistic sons future. I just can't seem to give him to God.

    • Father in Heaven, I pray for peace over Rhonda! I pray that You would help her to entrust you with her son. I thank You that YOU are good to all and that You know how to take care of Rhonda and her son. Fill her with deep rest and peace about his future! In Jesus' name, amen. With love, Sharon

      • Rhonda said:

        Thank you. God bless you.

  • Gg said:


  • Marisha said:

    need help to keep my thoughts pure and pleasing to God 24/7.

  • Debbie Giusto said:

    Overeating and negativity!!!

  • Julie Payne said:

    Commitment...I fight major pain and I have a hard time following through on things.

  • Katrina said:


  • Kristi said:

    Sexual sin

  • Regi said:

    I struggle with self injury and an eating disorder i am trusting God I am a little over 2 months sober from both and the freedom God has given me is amazing I just need to make my plan to resist temptation thank you for your post it was amazing!

    • Regi, Praise the Lamb that you've been free for over 2 months! Every day that goes by, is another victory! Keep submitting ALL things in your life and heart to Jesus. He is WITH you and FOR you, not against you. I pray that all self-destruction would fully stop- forever. In Jesus' name, amen! With love, Sharon

  • Jackee Knight said:


    Thank you for your prayers!
    Whether I win or not, I'm starting my 40 days TODAY!

    • Great!! Keep me posted on the things God does! I can't wait to hear the testimonies! -Love, Sharon

  • Teresa said:


    • Grace to you Teresa!! Jesus SO loves you and has you close to His heart!

  • JoAnn said:


  • Christina said:

    Anger is my trouble..it gets me every time..I say hurtful things the moment I'm angry.. Father forgive me for all those I may have hurt in doing so... Not quite sure where to start and how to plan to not be angry..but I know that it can be done..

    • Hi Christina! I pray for you to release all of your anger to the Great King Jesus! He is SO much bigger and stronger and doesn't mind you expressing your frustration to Him. But, He calls us to change the way that we think, right? He tells us to actively choose to set our mind on the things above- and that as we give thanks in ALL things- we will experience such a breakthrough! I am praying for you to start with thanksgiving- for all the little things that He has done for you. I guarantee you that thankfulness will begin to change your heart- forever. Blessings and love! Sharon

  • Tuija said:

    My mouth, nagging, overall negativity and pessimism / I tend to have critical spirit, which keeps me from doing the joyful work for God. I have a burden for my husband and my marriage. I tend to think if only he was saved ... And I'm
    Fasting fr Facebook! Okay, confessions done!

    • Thank you for sharing Tuija! I will pray for you to have strength to continue overcoming ALL obstacles in your life. Our King Jesus is SO perfectly faithful to us- no matter where we've been, what's been done, or where we are now. I pray that His peace would rule and reign in you. I pray that as you choose to give thanks to Him- your heart would be transformed and your mind renewed! Our God promises to give us life more abundantly! And the way we enter into that, is by 1. allowing the Holy Spirit to help us in our weakness, 2. choosing to give thanks in all things, 3. praising God all day long. I'm praying for victory and breakthroughs for you Tuija and for your husband!! With love, Sharon

  • Jenny said:

    Debt, particularly spending on things I don't need

  • Jackie said:

    My Mouth - Being mean to my Husband with unkind hurtful words, Gossip, Complaining. My Mouth I just wish everyday to be better with my mouth , I feel really sad at the end of the day when I look back at how I spent my day. Such Shame I feel, I want to be better , I want others to feel better about themselves when in my company not worse. I want to be the real deal not a Hypocrite. It feels so freeing to be forthcoming and transparent with our secrets , thank you for inviting us to share our heart . Thank you Sharon, l truly enjoy reading your stories!

  • Crystal said:

    Debt and laziness

  • glenda robinson said:

    Depresión and debt and grief

  • Kathy said:

    Faithfulness, debt, trust

  • 23SAVED BY GRACE91 said:

    Sharon "BLESSINGS TO YOU", ????????
    So OVERWHELMED + THANKFUL for JESUS, MY LORD + SAVIOR!!!! All I want is to
    Draw closer to "HIM" , FOCUS + TRUST HIM, Surrender totally. To keep my eyes on him, +
    Off myself ! To be a "SERVANT" + walk in LOVE!!!! "JOY" JESUS, OTHERS, YOURSELF.
    He has carried me all the way thru, He paid the debt in full, + shed "HIS BLOOD" for me "He is my Anchor". HE took the CUP + SAVED my life + set me free. No longer bound by
    Chains, no longer a prisoner! "SET FREE + MADE WHOLE". On eagles wings, HE carries
    me. Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because
    he trusts in You. I am a "Slave of CHRIST"! I have been praying for a very long time to move
    forward in my life, the Lord has blessed me with a new home + new beginning, so amazed
    what "CHRIST" has brought me out of. Yet, I still deal with anxienty + stress. And letting
    go of PIZZA , too girlfriend. "HE" still carries me. PRAISE "HIS" HOLY NAME!
    Signing off, Meshuga for Yeshua

    • Sounds like King Jesus has shown Himself gloriously faithful to you! How much more does He care about your heart having perfect peace? I pray that all anxiety and stress would go right back to the feet of Jesus, even now. He loves us too much to see us fretting! The big things belong in His great, big hands anyway! I pray that He helps you to stay away from the bad carbs out there! :) :)
      -Also Crazy for Yeshua, Sharon!

  • Wanda Edwards said:


  • Deb said:

    I praise God for your devotional on Proverbs 31 ministry today along with your blog!!! God is ALWAYS right on TIME and after reading the posts it never ceases to amaze me just how God speak to others walking through there own issues. Thank you for being transparent and unaffraid to be real. That is what we all need more of! Also thank you for your willingness to pray for everyone who asks. I would ask for prayer for help in dying to my own will and allowing God's to take it's place. As a single mom wanting to walk in obedience and be an Godly example to my children I also desire to have someone to walk this journey with and raise my children with. I do realize ALL things in God's timing, it just seems even when you do things His way that time frame can seem OH SO long. Thank you and MANY blessing to you.

    • Deb, thank YOU for your transparency and being "unafraid to be real"! The matter of God's perfect timing is SO complex, isn't it? That's why we aren't called to figure it out! What we are called to do is to continue chasing after Him and running face first after Him- no matter who comes along or how we end up! But, God is SO faithful to grant us the desires of our hearts! I pray that Holy Spirit gives you peace and DEEP JOY as you are in this tough process! Keep seeking "first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33).

      The context of this verse is in light of when we start to go after the things that God ALREADY provides for us; food, clothing, every day necessities. Jesus wants us to shift our focus OFF of the every day necessities and onto building up His Kingdom. Then, He promises that every, single, other detail will come into place. I'm STILL learning this! I'm not sure that we ever "arrive" or "graduate" into getting this perfectly- because it's a daily battle in our flesh. But, His great Grace IS sufficient! And we are MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us!

      How our Heavenly Father loves you Deb and IS holding you and your children (safely) in the palm of His hand! -With love, Sharon

  • Kathy said:

    Lack of faith and procrastination.
    Thanks for your devotional!

  • Debbie said:

    Romans 12:1-2 Thank you. And thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Wow! Truly amazing in God in how He walked with you through all this. I love how He embraced you through the scriptures you shared.

    • I agree, Debbie! He NEVER leaves us or forsakes! :)

  • Laura said:

    Thank you so much for this devotional today! I have had issues with my mouth, my thoughts and putting things off that I know very well that God wants me to do. You gave me a very much needed nudge to re-evaluate things...Thank you! :)

    • Hi Laura! I'm praying for you that a new-found energy from our Heavenly Father will empower you to be obedient in all of these things! The Holy Spirit teaches us to also be Holy- and that includes the words that we say. Eeek! I pray for a washing by His Spirit and Word over your mouth, a renewing of your thoughts, and the initiative to do these things that God has for you! He loves YOU and is going to keep doing great things in your life! -Sharon

  • Catherine S said:

    Such a great post. Thank you! I am having trouble with self-control with my eating habits and in the use of my time. I give in too easily to poor food choices and I often procrastinate or default to tv or computer instead of better activities. Thanks for your prayers!

    • Hi Catherine! I'm praying right now for you that your precious temple of the Holy Spirit would be taken care of in the way that God desires. I pray that Holy Spirit will help you to make nutritional food choices, instead of convenient ones. Jesus, I ask that YOU would strengthen Catherine to set healthy life habits in the realm of food and the way that she spends her free time. Help her to redeem every, single moment and commit it all to you- because only what is done for You will last forever. Grace, grace, grace to you! You CAN do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength! (Philippians 4:13). With love! Sharon :)

  • Brenda said:

    Worry which leads to complaining is what I struggle with.

  • Lisa said:

    Such an inspiring story that I needed to hear. Pray for me I have BPD, anxiety, OCD, bulimia, body dysmorphic syndrome, and an on about 10 different Rx's that make me feel like a prisoner at times. I Need to increase my faith and strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

    • Praying big prayers for you Lisa! Dear Heavenly Father! You ARE our healer! This is in Your eternal nature and You ARE the same; yesterday, today, and forever. I lift up Lisa to You right now and ask that You would bring healing to her mind, will, and emotions. I pray that step by step You would continue to lead her in to wholeness. Help her, Heavenly Father to be at perfect peace and to walk patiently through the processes in life. Let her know that You have everything in perfect order as she hopes in You! You won't let her be put to shame!

      I thank You that YOU SO LOVE Lisa and have great and mighty plans for her life as a DAUGHTER of the MOST HIGH GOD and King. I thank YOU that You shed Your blood for her and for ALL of her infirmity (Isaiah 53). I pray that faith would increase in her, even now and that You would help her to continue to draw near to You.

      Amen and amen! With love and prayer, Sharon

    • Regi said:

      Oh Lis I will pray for you... being on meds is a huge adjustment! But I believe meds are a gift feom the Lord and if you feel uncomfortable on them then maybe you need to try something different?? I lost all creativity but with adjustments it's back. Med changes are hard and tiring but worth it in the end when you God and the dr get it right. Jesus loves you to infinity and beyond He wants you whole and able to serve Him. It took almost 15 years to go through my stuff and get to freedom, it's there waiting for you. Remember to look up when everything is falling down, love you precious sister...

  • Theresa said:

    Hi Sharon I need pray to control my mouth, I need to talk less and listen more. Instead of talking about the person or situation I need to pray about it I hear this from God very loud and clear just need to have a plan to see this through pray that I am able to develop one that I will be successful. with. I want nothing more than to follow and please the Lord! Please pray for me. Thank you, Theresa

    • Praying for you right now Theresa! Lord Jesus, I lift up Theresa to You and ask that you would help her to be "slow to speak and quick to listen..." (James 1:19). Father, thank You that she can learn SO much more from You by quieting her soul and choosing to listen to Your voice. I pray that You would help her to know Your voice when she hears and and to be willing to step out in faith- even if things don't seem clear- but just trusting that You are leading her heart as she submits all things to You! Thank you Father that You are the Good Shepherd of our souls and lives! Bless her abundantly today, in Jesus' name! Amen

  • Theresa said:

    Your blogs are fantastic, God Bless You

  • Eileen said:

    Please pray for me, I really struggle with debt. I need a car but cannot get a loan because I am maxed out with 2 credit cards due to car repairs and attorney fees from a divorce. I have 2 kids on their way to college in the fall, and one of them pays 1/2 the bills. I really need a break through and I desire the Lord's direction. I struggle with wanting to study the Bible but do not have time. By the time I get home from work, eat dinner, it is all but time to go to bed and start over. Thank you for your devotional, I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you Eileen! I am praying for you! I pray that our Faithful Bridegroom God will show Himself strong on your behalf in all of these things!! We never quite know how or when He is going to move- but we do KNOW that He has called Himself our PROVIDER, BRIDEGROOM, HEALER, DELIVERER, SAVIOR, etc., etc. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding to consume your heart with His love that is more powerful than fear. He will pull you through this time of challenge! Bless you sister! With love, Sharon

      • Eileen said:

        thank you, Sharon, for your prayer, encouragement, and your time, you are a blessing! God Bless you!

  • Kathy said:

    Thank you for such a wonderful account of how the Lord gave you your heart's desire as you trusted Him in a difficult situation. Our mind plans how to go, but the Lord wants to direct our paths to lead us into a deeper knowledge of His love and wisdom. I struggle with how to use my time in an effective way. I have started a novel that proves to be hard work. So many days I just feel stymied by how to put a scene together. May the Lord give me insight and clarity in my writing. You are a talented writer and pray your words would encourage readers.

    • Thank you Kathy! I will pray for full clarity over your mind and that your novel will bring great glory to Jesus! I pray against ALL forms of writers and imaginative block, in Jesus' name- amen!

  • Deb V said:


  • Halona Luna said:

    Praying for healing. I have battled some pretty intense health issues and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I need so much encouragement to keep me in survival and thriving mode.

    • Hi Halona! I'm praying for you today! I pray for healing over your body and full restoration over your spirit, mind, and body! I pray that our Loving Heavenly Father surrounds you with brothers and sisters who can encourage you. He wants you to have loving, Christian community and be encouraged, daily! Be encouraged today- because our Heavenly Father loves you and you are His Beloved one! He will take good care of you. -With love, Sharon

  • becky j said:


  • Brooke said:


  • stell said:

    Dear Sharon, thank you so much!
    I have been struggling with the trap of anger and
    my mouth! Yikes, I keep falling in the same hole over
    and over...it looks different, but ends up the same
    awful mess, over and over! Please please pray for me to
    let God show me His plan. God Bless you!

    • Hi Stell! You're very welcome!
      Someone once told me, "... the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God." James 1:20. When I first heard this, it came across as harsh. But, the truth is that in the midst of things that may (or may not) be unjust- we naturally become angry. We cry out for justice! But, Jesus wants us to release this legitimate care to Him- and trust Him fully to take vengeance and or to give us the recompense that we need. We want the righteousness of God, right? I do! So, we need to accept His ability to take care of each things. I am praying for great grace over you today Stell! Jesus is the mighty warrior King and will fight all of your battles! We only need to be "still and KNOW that He is God." (Psalm 46:10). With love and prayer, Sharon

  • Julia said:

    anger, fear, obsession (re: behavior of former partner)

  • Doreen said:


  • Brenda said:


  • Allison Dollison said:

    My one word in need of a plan is "control ". I like to know what is going to happen before it happens. However, I am fully aware that the God we serve doesn't always work that way. #walkbyfaith

  • Nichole said:

    Passivity, Complacency, Lackadaisical.

  • Jean said:

    I am having trouble with spending, and honesty. I have not been honest with my husband about our finances. This has happened on more than one occasion, and I need to work on my Spiritual life, because I cannot allow this to continue. I need to experience God in a way that I have never done so before.

    • Praying for you Jean! I'm praying that Jesus would encounter you in a way like never before! He is longing to reveal Himself to us. We just have to open the door of our hearts. I pray that you would be able to walk in truth with your husband about finances. If we walk in the light, we have fellowship with one another, right? The only way to experience great fellowship is through truth. I'm praying for the Holy Spirit to help you in all of these things Jean. Blessings to you in abundance! Sharon

  • Dala said:


  • Diane V said:

    My mouth! I go out in the world and encourage but then come home to my loved ones and complain and tear down. :(

  • Lyndsay said:

    Food. I am eating for no reason. I have been trying to pray every time I think of food. I don't want to gain back weight I had lost. Feeling like the cycle I left behind is finding me. I don't want to be a slave to this. In Jesus name I will overcome this

    • You ARE an overcomer Lyndsay! Christ's strength is living inside of your mortal body by the Holy Spirit! He will give you total victory. The best way to kick a bad habit is to replace it with good ones... I pray that He shows you healthy food choices- that are actually tasty and exciting to eat! Bless you! Sharon

  • Tomi said:

    Trust, Debt

  • Kathy said:

    My mouth, anger, debt and lack of faith. The lack of faith is a big one for me. For so many years I was independent, always relying on my own abilities. Well now I've hit rock bottom with no place to go but to HIM. When you feel so overwhelmed where do you start? I know it's prayer but how do you get past the anger?

  • Barbara said:


  • Judy said:

    Weight control and lack of exercise!

  • Dorothy said:


  • Kristen T said:


    I need to rekindle that Big faith and those big ideas that God is giving me. I need to stop being so complacent with my life and do what He tells me!

    • Amen Kristen! This is often a battle with principalities! We have to take our authority back and trust the Lord to invade the darkness with His power and marvelous light! I pray for all the gifts, talents, dreams, and visions that He has given to you to be stirred up, right now. I pray for all complacency to be swallowed up with obedience and zeal for His house! With love, Sharon

  • Susan said:


  • joanie e said:


  • Stacy said:

    Trusting the Lord to fight my battles. I don't have to make a big mess of things all the time!

  • Lynne Batchelder said:


  • Connie Boyd said:

    What a timely read...great devotional, thank you.

  • Cathy Donald said:


  • Pamela Hubbart said:


    I try so hard to keep my words good and positive, but satin keeps finding ways to sneak out of my mouth.

  • Kathy said:


  • Molly said:


  • Karen Walker said:

    Everything! Attitude Adjustment to stay in the right frame of mind. I too "gave up" complaining for lent and it didn't last a day. I just need to remember the words as you stated "the fruit of the spirit is, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
    gentleness, self-control". I have hard time remembering these when I need too. I think I will write them down and look at them often. Thanks for reminding us that God has the plan and takes care of us in all situations.

  • Alyssa said:


  • Cheryl said:

    Mine would be gluttony. I don't want to call it that- but I guess that is what it is. Although lack of self control/ self discipline would be another and possibly more realistic one as it covers other areas that I need to make a plan on too.
    Thank you for this post. It has been truly supportive.
    God bless.

  • Bettie said:

    After reading Proverbs 31 Ministries excerpt and selecting the link for your blog, I can say everything I read is definitely well received. Only moments before reading it, I decided I would begin writing down my desire to lose weight and to gain spiritual growth and a sense of love to help me remember to love others to make it through each day as I work with adolescents whose desire is to have"fun" . I would love a copy of the Keep out of Trouble Bible to help me refrain from the over-processing of all the "bad" things that occur daily for me instead of focusing more on the "good". However, I do realize now that I have to put myself in the midst of the positive everywhere I may be whether it be with people or reading posted info on the internet. Thank you for your blog.

  • Anita Owen said:


  • Angela Gibbons said:

    Self pity
    Wonderful article thank you.

  • Kathryn said:


  • Carina said:

    my mouth

  • Marie said:


  • Mary Lou said:


  • Jodie said:

    Awesome testimony of taking that extra second to listen to the Holy Spirit prompting and God's Word coming to action - thank you for sharing.
    My word for this year is 'listen'... I struggle with self-reliance, often taking over God's responsibility.

  • Lorrie said:


  • Erin Marie said:


    With all that God is walking WITH me through, right now...you think it would be something else. But this is the one area...even now...as Daddy-God is giving me grace & favor in ministry...that I find myself weak/tempted in...still. <3

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, revelations & time! I was SO blessed! <3

  • Dana said:


  • Winner from last drawing is Tami who posted her comment 2015/03/17 at 9:10 AM! email me your address!

  • Becky said:

    I'm a little late to be added into the drawing but I am hoping that you and everyone on this board is open to pray for one another. My rquest is for Wisdom.....on a matter concerning my marriage. Should I file or contine to hold on to a broken marriage.

  • Connie Shutt said:

    This was so encouraging. I struggle with faith. I have no doubt that the Lord is able to do anything. Nothing is impossible for Him. However, when I pray and ask for something I feel like I don't deserve to be asking for anything and hasn't he already done enough for me so my faith isn't very strong. I know scripture tells us to come boldly to the throne and I've prayed for that boldness but I still have issues with my faith. I guess my struggle comes from unanswered prayers...I've prayed for a baby to live twice and both times they've died (one was mine, one was my boss'). Sorry for the long post. I appreciate the prayers. Have a blessed day!

  • NLKF said:

    Is this the Goodwill Outlet in Kansas City?

    • It IS the Goodwill Outlet in Kansas City!! Heheh! Do you live there?

  • Alyssa said:


  • Diane V said:

    Ironic, this post has been in my Inbox all this time and just last night my husband tells me he wants a divorce and today, I read this. Coincidence? I think not.