Catch the Foxes

Enjoying the snow, while praying and the fox appeared on this path

Enjoying the snow, while praying and the fox appeared on this path

It was a standoff.  The biggest fox I’d ever seen… and me…

We’ve lost countless chickens, ducks, turkeys, and even a couple newborn baby goats to fox attacks. They come to kill, steal, and destroy under the guise of the dark.

They can sniff out a bountiful farm a mile away, even sending a few lead foxes to scope out the place before the attack. Then, before dusk, they inch their way closer to their prey- all the while hiding (very sneakily) so as not to get caught.

Yesterday, I took a walk on my prayer path through the newly fallen snow, with the Lord.  I was marveling at each intricate snow flake, the beauty of His creation and then I saw this past summers hornets nest. “Lord thank You for this time of rest on the farm!  Thank you that I don’t have to worry about poisonous snakes, hornets nests, or poison ivy!”

No sooner had that prayer been spoken to the Lord, when the biggest fox I’d ever seen stood directly in front of me.  It was staring right at me! If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought it was a wolf or a coyote it was so BIG! Any predator looks bigger than life when face to face, the red hair gave him away.  Foxes usually come out at dusk and forage for their kill until just after sunrise.  It was broad daylight–he took me by surprise!

Thankfully, I terrified him and he ran away… Then I did!

After I collected myself, I asked the Lord, “What in the world was that about?” He very gently and sternly showed me…  We can never take a rest from guarding our lives from the schemes of the enemy.  He is always on the prowl looking for ways to kill, steal, and destroy from what is rightfully ours.

We need to guard the perimeter of our home, family, marriage, and (figuratively speaking) our vineyard. We can never take a break from guarding our lives.  If you give the enemy an inch- he’ll not only take a mile…he’ll take everything. . .

In the beginning it may be one fox, then two- then they bring their whole pack.  It’s at that point, a lot is a stake…Dale has had to stay up all night waiting to capture a pack of foxes! But he got ’em!

Isn’t that how the enemy is in our life? Comes when we aren’t watching, he’s sneaky and looks for opportunity to devour us. We have to be on guard all the time, always patrolling the borders around our home, marriages and in our children’s lives.

This morning I asked the Lord to reveal any area of my life that I’ve not guarded and have given the enemy entrance to.  I asked Him to reveal any area of compromise, or sin.

My eyes were closed in prayer when I saw a set of scales—I felt the Lord whisper to my heart that, “everything I think, do, or say glorifies Me or your flesh. Weigh everything on those scales, Sharon—everything.”

Every dollar I spend… book I read… movie I watch… word I speak… every thought glorifies Him or my flesh.  If it doesn’t glorify Him, it will bring compromise into my life and to the fullness of His will becoming manifest.

The little foxes will come to the most bountiful farms. Guard your borders and if you ever find yourself  face to face with a fox- Having done all, STAND. He will flee if you command. Take charge, don’t let the enemy think you’re bait!

Song of Solomon 2:15 “Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” 

Romans 16:19-20a, “For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

Our chickens in the snow

Our chickens in the snow

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  • Marj. McSwain said:

    I grew up on a farm In Nova Scotia, The worst enemies we had were racoons, weasels and large snakes, John 17:15 My prayer is that you not take them out of the world, but that you will protect Sharon and family from the evil ones, take care of her animals. In your Holy Name Jesus, Amen, Love y'al <3

  • DeeDee Reimink said:

    Thank you for sharing the wisdom and insight the Lord has shown you. I pray that I will take heed to what I have read. Blessings to you and Dale.

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    This put starkly in black and white of everything we think, say, or do glorifying God or gratifying our flesh is sobering...weighing everything, everything, on the scales or it is a compromise, into my life and the fullness of His will being manifest/revealed. Not to be taken lightly. This makes me stop and take a good look at what my life is now, and so much is gratifying the flesh, not from outward appearances, but it still is. I have repenting to do, and this shows me really I depend on Christ so little, because otherwise my life would look different.
    My first thought was one of panic and running away because this is bigger than I am, and I have royally failed, and I guess this shows me how little I must truly love Christ. I am thankful my righteousness is not by my works, but by Christ's finished work on the cross. But, I am still breaking the commandment to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself."
    Sobering, and I need to confess, repent and change.
    Thank you, Joanne

    • I appreciate your transparency Joanne!!! And I feel that this post is definitely a call to sobriety in this season (and forever). When we KNOW that God has called us to a higher place, even of just partnering with Him... but there are little things preventing us from moving forward; fears, poverty mentality, scoffers... We really need to cast all of our cares upon the Lord and believe that as we choose to take up our cross (in the small things)- He will make us rule with Him over great things. Faithfulness with the little adds up, doesn't it? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus- HELP ME and all of us. Thankfully His grace IS sufficient for us and it is His Spirit that would lead us into this repentance. Praise His Name!

      • Hattie Damon said:


  • Kristi M. said:

    I awoke this morning around 4:00 am with torturing overwhelming thoughts of how there's certain people in my life (not by choice) the enemy is trying to use to have constantly steal and destroy me. One is a huge Blessing the Lord has recently giving me and my family (a new home on a farm!). I asked Jesus to come and help me, come take away these attacks. I kept trying to lay it all down at his feet but it still kept trying to taunt me. I knew I had to get up and go pray and stand firm in his word. Before so, I grabbed my phone and saw your post about these foxes and I knew exactly what I needed to do. The Lord has shown me and has told me that the enemy is trying to steal my Blessing as well as my marriage and children, he said not to allow it!! So yes, I stand firm on his rock and against these little foxes that keep trying to sneak in and kill, steal and destroy my life. I stand on the Father's word and declare Victory and Freedom!! No more will I allow the foxes to come!!! The enemy has been defeated and I will continue to shoot him down for he has no authority over me in Jesus name!! I thank the Lord for coming to help me this morning and for using you Sharon as his mighty warrior. He is so faithful and my Lord has gone before me and is my rear guard. What doors the Lord opens NO man can shut! Thank you Father!
    Thank you Sharon!