Son-in-Law in Open Heart Surgery- RIGHT NOW-PRAY

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Curry

This morning our new son-in-law is having open heart surgery to replace a valve with a new mechanical one.  In the surgery they have to open his sternum, stop the heart and replace the valve. It’s invasive. He’ll be in the hospital for 7 days. Would you pray? They just took him back.

We are fully confident that God is in control and all things will work together for the good and be perfect today. Would you pray with us? Thank you! It is so wonderful having you pray with me today! I’ll keep you posted as much as I can in the comment section.


  • Bernadette said:

    Sharon - I am praying for Jonathan.

  • Hope said:

    Yes, agreeing win prayer with you :)

    • Latosha said:


  • Donna said:

    Sharon, I'm honored to pray for Jonathan. I had valve replacement surgery in June 2009. I have a birthday party for my valve each year, and after 4 years....still doing great. I'll share my heart verse with you: Psalm 73:26 My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Praying the Great Physician guides the hands of his surgeon. Please keep us posted

  • Anonymous said:

    Lots of prayer goin' on here. :)

  • Jeanie Kelley said:

    We are praying for you and your son in law today. Blessings and Keep Smiling :)

  • Beth said:

    Will be praying!

  • Audrey Thibodeaux said:

    Praying with you Sharon.

  • Lena said:

    Praying for Jonathan. God bless you all!

  • CarolAnne said:

    Praying for Jonathan!

  • Marianne Hardey said:

    Oh Sharon...I did not know. I am praying right now for His abundant protection, skilled and guided Hands, peace of mind for all.
    Hugs! Big Ones!!!

  • Amy said:

    Praying now for your son-in-law, your daughter, and your whole family!

  • Courtney said:

    Sharon, I am praying for you and your family! God bless! :)

  • Linda from pa said:

    Praying. I care.

  • Lynn from md. said:

    Prayers for Jonathan and the whole family......

  • wanita said:


  • Laura Acuna said:

    Praying and sending love. xoxo

  • Marie said:

    Sharon, joining you and countless others in prayer. My husband had a valve replacement 12 years ago and coming up on his 61st birthday, his heart is probably the strongest organ in his body. God is good.

  • Debbie said:

    Praying for Jonathan and the family.

  • Linda U said:

    Joining with you in prayer. Our amazing God loves to hear and answer our prayers:)

  • Crystal said:

    Praying for a smooth operation, a speedy recovery, and God's peace and comfort to surround all of you.

  • Barb said:

    Praying and believing for complete healing!

  • The surgery will take 4-6 hours. Thank ya'll for continuing to pray!!

  • Joy said:

    YES, I will pray right now and every day this week as Jonathon recovers. Two years ago my dear husband at age 45 had a 6-bypass open heart surgery so I completely understand the invasiveness of the procedure your son-in-law is experiencing. God, our Great Physician is in that surgery room right now, leading guiding the doctors and nurses. He will be there in the recovery process, and I am in prayer agreement with all your prayer requests for Jonathon to be healed. May God send ministering angels to assist in every way possible. Bless you and your whole family!

  • Nancy said:

    Praying for Jonathan and the medical team and that God will fill each of you with His amazing peace as you wait.

  • Mary Lou said:


  • Lisa Chandler said:


  • Dorothy said:

    praying for him right now

  • Phil Monk said:

    Praying for Jonathan and Rachel. God is plans for them. God is powerful and compassionate. He is our strong tower.

  • Jeanne said:

    Praying in Wilmington, OH, Sharon...that ALL of your hearts are held in HIS perfect peace!!!

  • Jana said:

    Praying for Jonathan and for Rachel and family as well. God is powerful and mighty, and I have confidence that He is in control of this situation and that He will bring Jonathan through with flying colours. xxxxx

  • Barb Koob said:

    Praying for Jonathan with you! Believing that God has healing and a great plan.

  • Billie S said:

    Praying for wisdom for the doctors, angels surrounding the room and the people and the hospital. Fast, powerful healing in the name of Jesus!

  • Sharon, I am praying for your son-in-law to have successful surgery and a speedy recovery. God bless!

  • Praying for you Sharon! Asking God to fill you and your family with His peace and comfort today! Hugs!

  • Louise Bailey said:

    Holding Jonathan up in prayer and for the family as well. We serve a mighty God who hears and answers prayer.

  • Anonymous said:

    Praying with you and yours!

  • He is doing well! The mechanical valve is working! They had to replace his aorta while they were in there. His blood pressure is a little high at moment. Please keep praying for him! He is awake and communicating with us! Thank you for praying--God is answering them all!

    • Lena said:

      God is good. Glad he is doing well. Thank you for the update. Ill keep praying for a full and fast recovery! And for your whole family.

    • Joy said:

      So thrilled to read this update! Have been travelling all day without internet access, but did manage to see your request for prayer earlier and have been praying. He who began a good work WILL complete it!!! Thank You Lord for all You are doing. We give You all the praise!
      Love and hugs to you...and many prayers for precious young Mrs. Curry too (and Jonathan's parents),
      Joy (the Canadian one)

    • Lisa Elliott said:

      Amen God has this Trust Him all Glory to God.

  • Anna said:

    Oh Sharon, yes I will pray for Jonathan and all of you. Asking the Lord to place His healing hand on Johnathan, and also to guide his surgeons hands. Please keep us updated.
    Love, Hugs and many prayers. Anna

    Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am God.

  • Karla H. said:

    Praying in agreement with you for Jonathan, your daughter and your family!

  • Jennie said:

    Praying for your family.

  • Liz Sowers said:

    I would love to keep your family in my prayers... hoping for a speedy and successful recovery!

  • Rachel said:

    I'm definitely praying for him (and each of you)!!

  • linda said:

    Father, I bring this boy to you in prayer, another mother's son. A young girls husband. A son-in-law. May he sense your presence even now in his helpless state.
    Anoint the medical staff with your wisdom and over flow the with your compassion for this boy.
    We believe it is YOUR mighty right hand and eternal counsel that moves in that operating room right now and we trust for complete healing and peace.
    We stand together in the Great name of no other; The High King of Heaven, the one who calls us by name, knows when we rise and when we sit. The God of Hagar who sees. The God of Abraham who answers prayer. The God who rends the heavens and rocks the earth to leave the hills for just one. May it be so now. Touch Jonathan. Make him whole.

    • linda said:

      In the Great and mighty name of Jesus, we pray. And trust. <3

  • Suzanne Rico said:

    My prayers and thoughts are with your son-in-law, and we all know our God is a mighty powerful man He can do all things in those whoi trust in Him. We have to BELIEVE and RECEIVE and it will come to you. Our God is so awesome. When I read about your son-in-law yesterday I knew God had Him in His hands everythig would come out O.K.
    Your sisiter in Christ

  • Diane Gherman said:

    My prayers are with Jonathan. Praise God for research and medical technology. At 42 I had mitral valve replacement and other repair and invasive work. My prayer was Lord, give me the will to do as the instruct. Maybe more...but never less. That is my prayer for you. Im on yr 10 and grateful. Diane

    • Thank you Diane! Are you on blood thinners? Will you have to replace the valve soon or is yours not a mechanical one? Thank you so much for praying! Love and hugs, Sharon

  • Elizabeth Samandi said:

    Just prayed . God is faithful.