Thoughts after Watching The Bible

Our family snuggled up on the couch and watched The Bible last night.  We haven’t watched anything on TV in a long time, so it was fun.  I remember why I don’t like watching television; COMMERCIALS! Oh my goodness. . .

Over all I enjoyed it and will watch it again next Sunday night.

Some of the things I liked and didn’t like:

I liked Abraham and Sarah.  They were believable.  I thought the scene where Abraham leaves his country to go where God sends him(Genesis 12) and the one where he is tested to see if he will sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22), were both powerful.  Abraham was so faithful, I want to be faithful.  I want to go when He says go and do what He says do.

I didn’t like the angel scene with Lot, where the angels fought against the people in Sodom and Gomorrah. You should read the actual account in Genesis chapter 19 for yourself.   In the Bible they didn’t have a sword fight with the people- the angels just struck them with blindness.  They didn’t need to fight.

I loved that Roma Downey and her husband (and investors) poured three years of their life and money into this endeavor to bring the Bible into homes that otherwise would never have opened the Word of God.

I was so disappointed that they skipped over Isaac’s children and grandchildren.  Joseph, Jacob’s son, and Isaac’s grandson has such a powerful story.  You can read it for yourself in Genesis 37-45.   There just isn’t enough time to capture all the great stories in a short series.

I loved the parting of the Red Sea scene. Even though I already knew that all of God’s people would make it across to safety, I still felt the magnitude of it all.  Wow, if only we could believe God for the things in our life that seem as big as parting the Red Sea.  My faith is increased every time I read this in the Bible.

Read Exodus 14 for the full account. What seems like the impossible is possible with God!

Moses didn’t measure up well to Charlton Heston.

Ellie (our youngest) thought the Egyptians looked really funny.

I missed the very beginning and the last few minutes of it.

We’ll definitely watch it over the next four weeks. There were a few other things that were a bit off but overall it was good.  Let’s get in the Word and find out what the scripture says about these stories, be truth seekers.  Seeing the story played out plus reading the actual account in the Bible helps in our learning.

Did you watch it? What did you think?

  • Amy said:

    I really liked it. It was full of action, suspense, and most importantly...LOVE! I was glued to the t.v.! I will definitely continue to watch the miniseries.

    • I agree Amy! I'm excited about watching it next week!

  • Heather Marcotte said:

    I agree with every word you say!Logan liked the angel scene but he was a little disappointed when things weren't accurate or missing other than that.I didn't like that most of the patriarchs were not on there either.
    I do think it was a good job overall.It makes me want to open up the Bible and finish what wasn't shown.I hope it gives the unsaved a that desire as well.There is so much to pack in a mini series it must of been hard to decide what to omit.
    We will be watching it again!
    Yes,commercials ruin t.v.!

    • Logan's an amazing boy! He's wise way beyond his years:).

  • Lori Price said:

    Sharon I agree that alot of important details were left out and I must admit the angel scene bothered me quite a bit. I'm definitely going to have to read the account again for myself. I kept thinking was that really in there? Yes, Charlton Heston made a more commanding Moses for sure. I will definitely be watching again. I was amazed at the "Christian" commercials even though most of them related to dating! As you stated, we need to be in The Word for ourselves and for those we come in contact with. God bless you!

  • Lori said:

    We watched it as a family and since they are 6 and 7 we paused it now and then and we talked about it. One of the things that really stood out to my little's was how important it was to listen and obey God and the things that happened when people didn't listen to Him. The other thing was when Pharro talked about being god and they got to see all that happened to show him that he wasn't God.

    I loved that it sparked a good conversation with us as a family and that even today they were talking about it with me. I know there were some things that were off from the bible and things left out but I know there is no way they could include everything in a 10 hour mini series. So we loved it and cannot wait until next Sunday to watch again.

    • That's perfect that you paused and talked about it in-between. It sparked conversation with our family today too.
      We'll be sad when the next four weeks are over! Blessings!

  • Eva said:

    Sharon, thanks for opening this up for conversation. I didn't see the beginning as we had guests who were just leaving. I agree with you on everything except the portrayal of Moses. I found I could relate much better to this Moses. I think my concept of Moses was formed too much by the Charleton Heston portrayal when I was in my formative years. I turned this on to show our friends as they were leaving ( they hadn't heard of it) and, unfortunately, it was a violent scene which may put them off from the whole series. I too was on the edge of my seat as the Egyptians thundered down towards the Israelites gathered on the side of the Red Sea even though I knew how it turned out! A wonderful effort by Roma Downey and her husband. Again I appreciate this opportunity for discussion.

    • I love that you were blessed by this portrayal of Moses! Thanks for sharing that!

      Too bad it was one of the violent scenes showing when your friends saw it. I hope it doesn't turn them off from wanting to watch more! It is so worth watching! Hugs! Sharon

  • wanda said:

    I watched it & I enjoyed it too!

    Thankful for the hard work that went into it!

  • Deborah said:

    I totally agree with all of your comments! I kept telling my husband that I was so glad that I knew how the story was going to turn out! But I thought that there were probably lots of people who did not and had never even picked up a Bible. I am thankful that this series is being aired just so that The Word of God can come into homes and folks can be exposed to His Word. Hopefully, this will bring about the change of many hearts. It is not by accident that this series is being shown at this particular time . So much is going on in our world. I do believe that God wants to get His Word out to the world because we are living in dangerous and difficult times. I can not wait until next week. I saw that it is being aired at different times on The Lifetime Channel throughout the week if you missed Sunday Night's airing.

    • I agree Deborah, we need a revival in our nation and the world! As I travel and speak I'm seeing a greater move of God across the land. I've seen more decisions to follow Him, more radical obedience and more of His power filling His places of worship. He is preparing His Bride! The shaking is happening, but He is equipping the body of Christ for the days ahead.

      That's good to know that it is airing at different times throughout the week for those who missed it! Yay, that's perfect!

      Blessings! Sharon

  • Beth said:

    Although there were parts of the Sunday evening presentation I thought were not according to scripture, I absolutely love the fact that over 13.1 million viewers watched AND that The Bible trumped every main stream media offering!
    My prayer is that those who watch will dig further into the truth of God's word and see Him come alive in their 'own story'!

    • NO way!?!? 13.1 million viewers watched it!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!Wow!!!!!!Amen!!!!!!! Yes, Lord help them dig deeper!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a hunger and thirst for Your Word!!!!!!!