Keep Prayers Going for Jonathan!


Jonathan and Rachael

Wow, WOW and WOW! You are the best prayer warrior EVER!! They told us he would sleep all day after the surgery. He woke up immediately after smiling and joking. They told us he would be in pain. He is in no pain at the moment! Not only did the surgeon replace his valve with a mechanical one he also had to replace part of his aorta! This was extensive surgery and he is doing miraculously well!!

This morning Rachael called to tell me he was sitting up in a chair, reading from his Kindle when she walked in the room, and  stood up with NO PAIN! My first thought was YOU, praying and  immediately I thought of the body of believers praying for Peter in Acts Chapter 12. Even Peter couldn’t believe how God was answering prayers, he thought he was in a dream. Even the people praying were shocked when they found Peter at their door!

I LOVE how God uses the body of Christ! It is an unbelievably beautiful!

Please keep praying for him if you will. He is still in ICU. He does have a fever, which is normal. But with you all praying that doesn’t have to be normal. It can be gone! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m headed there now. They’re reading  every message you send, even if we don’t respond! I love you!!

 Acts Chapter  12 (NIV)Peter’s Miraculous Escape From Prison

12 It was about this time that King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church, intending to persecute them. He had James, the brother of John, put to death with the sword. When he saw that this met with approval among the Jews, he proceeded to seize Peter also. This happened during the Festival of Unleavened Bread. After arresting him, he put him in prison, handing him over to be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each. Herod intended to bring him out for public trial after the Passover.

So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

The night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and sentries stood guard at the entrance. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Quick, get up!” he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.

Then the angel said to him, “Put on your clothes and sandals.” And Peter did so. “Wrap your cloak around you and follow me,” the angel told him. Peter followed him out of the prison, but he had no idea that what the angel was doing was really happening; he thought he was seeing a vision. 10 They passed the first and second guards and came to the iron gate leading to the city. It opened for them by itself, and they went through it. When they had walked the length of one street, suddenly the angel left him.

11 Then Peter came to himself and said, “Now I know without a doubt that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from Herod’s clutches and from everything the Jewish people were hoping would happen.”

12 When this had dawned on him, he went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying. 13 Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a servant named Rhoda came to answer the door. 14 When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed she ran back without opening it and exclaimed, “Peter is at the door!”

15 “You’re out of your mind,” they told her. When she kept insisting that it was so, they said, “It must be his angel.”

16 But Peter kept on knocking, and when they opened the door and saw him, they were astonished. 17 Peter motioned with his hand for them to be quiet and described how the Lord had brought him out of prison. “Tell James and the other brothers and sisters about this,” he said, and then he left for another place.

18 In the morning, there was no small commotion among the soldiers as to what had become of Peter. 19 After Herod had a thorough search made for him and did not find him, he cross-examined the guards and ordered that they be executed.

  • Linda from pa said:

    Flying home to Pa. Plenty of time to pray!!! Jonathan I am praying for you !!!
    Praying for Rachel - to calm her heart. I care!

  • Gina said:

    Sharon - I was blessed to be in one of your classes at She Speaks and I was so excited to see your passion for Jesus. Please know I am praying for your family & Johnathan during this time - God heals the broken-hearted...literally!!!

  • Heather Marcotte said:

    Was in prayer at time of surgery yesterday. Thank you for updating everyone.I love watching God do His thing.

    • Isn't it amazing Heather?! I love it too!! Thank you!

  • sarah said:

    Will continue to pray. God is faithful!!!

  • Christi said:

    praying- and not at all surprised at his recovery: God works miracles, praise His name ( have seen it in our life and as an R.N.)

    • Thank you Christi! The doctor said it felt the power of God in his hands! We don't think he is a Christian either!

      • Latosha said:

        Yes, the Holy Spirit intervened without a doubt! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Amen!

  • Ellen said:

    I am thanking God for taking Jonathan safely through his surgery and asking Him to knit him back together completely and painlessly. I'm also praying for Rachael's strength and peace.

    • Thank you Lelia!! Nebraska- I like hearing that prayers were all over the US and world on his behalf!

  • Nadine Thiessen said:

    "I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray." Psalm 17:6 (NLT). Thank you for sharing this with us so we can keep praying. God's strength for all of you.

    • Thank you Nadine! Thank you for this verse, the Word is powerful!

  • Louise Bailey said:

    There is no doubt that we serve a mighty God who never sleeps; who hears and answers prayer. Will continue to keep praying for Jonathan and a full recovery. Prayers are being lifted for the family as well.

  • linda said:

    Amazing Grace! Thank you LORD, you are VERY Great! Will continue to pray.

  • Beth said:

    Such a good report! God does all thing 'exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think'...why can't we remember that ALL of the time? Still praying!

    • Isn't that the truth Beth! Why can't we remember that all the time?!Thank you for praying Beth!

  • wanita said:

    Thank you for this wonderful update and answer to all the prayers that have been covering Jonathan. :-) I will be continuing to hold him, and each of you up in prayer.
    Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 30:17 " But I will restore you to health, and will heal your wounds." declares the Lord.

  • Courtney said:

    AMEN! THANK GOD! I pray that Jonathan continues to heal and strengthen him!

  • Joy said:

    NOTHING about our God is normal. He is EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Praising and praying. God inhabits the praise of His people. As Beth Moore says, the more we praise Him, the more likely He is to come back for an encore! Anticipating His more!

    Sending love and hugs to all,
    Joy (the Canadian one *smile*)

    • Joy said:

      PS. Rejoicing with you over Heather's news too. LOVED the pic on FB!!!

    • I've never heard that quote by Beth Moore, I LOVE IT!! AMEN! Thank you my dear Joy!

  • Jana said:

    PTL for the good news! Continuing to pray. xxxxx

  • Lisa Elliott said:

    God is so Good all time and all the time God is good Amen. God is Mighty to save and Heal Love it great news. Still praying from N.H.

  • Debbie said:

    Continuing to pray in Montana -

    • Thank you Debbie! Montana- I'm loving seeing the states represented in prayer!

  • Praise be to God! I will keep praying for recovery.

  • Linda U said:

    Yes! :)) our God is Amazing and loves us SO much.........His hand is upon Jonathan and He will bring you all through this :)
    Continuing to pray :)

  • Lena said:

    Our God is an AMAZING God!!! I thank God for hearing our prayers and being there with Jonathan and Rachel and your whole family. Praise be to God for ever and ever!! Will continue to uphold you all in prayer.

  • Lori Fitzgerald said:

    What an Awesome God we serve!! Thanks for the wonderful update!! Prayers continue for Jonathan and Rachael!!

    • Thank you Lori! He IS Awesome! Tell Mandy I'll get back to her as soon as I can! I love you!

  • Oh Sharon, we sure serve a living God!
    He began this good work and will surely perfect it to His praise and glory. Jonathan's health will spring forth speedily and he will recover way beyond all requests and expectations, he will live to a full ripe old age and accomplish every purpose that God called and rescued him for.

  • Dia said:

    Praise God!!! He is so Good!!! Continued prayers coming.

  • Anna said:

    Sharon I will continue to pray healing for Jonathan, and peace, calm and comfort for all you. God is amazing, He is our strength. Sending hugs, love and many, many prayers...
    Blessings Anna

    Be still and know I am God Psalm 46:10

  • Teresa said:

    I was sorry to hear about your son-in-law's surgery, but am so glad he is doing well! My husband had this same surgery 5 years ago and recovered remarkably well...I'm sure Jonathan will do the same! Just make sure he doesn't rush his recovery!

  • Sarah Blue in Chicago said:

    Praying for Jon! Love you dude!

  • Rhonda de la Morinere said:

    I have been in the hospital since Friday and just got home late last night, Jonathan was in my prayers and on my heart. It was such a blessing to have someone else to pray for while I was (am) going through my own health struggles.
    Thank-you Sharon for sharing this need at just the right time for me.
    May Christ continue to restore Jonathan to full health and use this time of rest to bring him close to His heart.
    Rhonda de la Moriniere

  • Abby said:

    Praying for Jonathan and your daughter.

    The great Physician now is near,
    The sympathizing Jesus;
    He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
    Oh! hear the voice of Jesus.
    ~ Hymn, The Great Physician ~
    ~ William Hunter ~ 1859 ~

  • Elizabeth Samandi said:

    "He is the Lord that heals the sick, He is the Lord our Healer, He sends the Word and He heals our disease, He is the Lord our Healer ". God is faithful. To Him be ALL the glory