Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things


Moonlit night on the Glasgow Farm

Sometimes good people do bad things. The Bible’s loaded with their redemption stories. We all struggle with not doing what we should and doing what we shouldn’t (read Romans 7:15)! That being said, I did a bad thing last week. Let me back up a few days…
Our youngest daughter Ellie totaled our 13 year old VW bug last week, when she drove over a manhole. The damages equaled more than the value of the car. So, we’re trying to figure out where to buy a car for $2000 (value of VW Bug) or how to fix $3500 of damage with $2000. In the meantime, our insurance company gave us a rental car.
The rental car company loaned us a 2013 Dodge, Charger. Now when Dale saw this car, he decided that we should drive the rental and give Ellie our 2000 Echo- since I was making a trip to Charlotte, NC the very next day. It seemed like the most sensible thing to do.
Let me just say… a V-8 engine is vastly different from an Echo. One push of the gas petal and you’re going faster than you bargained for.
Now, I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life and speeding is one of those lessons. I work very hard not to speed.
I was less than an hour from Charlotte, following the flow of traffic when I saw flashing lights in my rear view mirror. It was several cars behind me. I had to wait for the people in the right lane to slow down- so I could get out of the cop’s way. He was in a huge hurry. I pulled over to find that it was me he was in a hurry for!
I didn’t have a clue what I was being pulled over for. Everyone was going the same speed in both lanes. . . I hadn’t looked down at my speedometer for a while.
He said, “I stopped you for speeding. You were going 81 in a 65.” Then he left. He went to his car and wrote my summons. When he came back he said, “This is a criminal offense- you can be sent to jail and fined up to $1000. Get yourself an attorney.” I was speechless. What in the world?
I try to be good and follow the law and here I am: a common criminal.
It’s terrible; a criminal charge, points on your record, the cost of the ticket, and the court date? Not only that, but it’s on the day before Thanksgiving. It’s happening on the day that all mommas are at home baking pumpkin pies and homemade dressing for the family.
I don’t think they’ll lock me up. My driving record is good. But none the less,  guilty doesn’t feel good.
Sometimes good people do bad things– but the good news is that the ultimate judge, Jesus- forgives us as soon as we repent and  ask forgiveness when we do wrong things–Halleluiah! The Lord reminded me of David. He was a man after God’s own heart and killed a man for a woman. Peter denied Christ three times. Both suffered for what they did, but both were completely  forgiven, restored and used mightily for God.
I love Jesus’ conversation with Peter after his denial of Him. Jesus not only forgave him and wiped his slate clean but asked him to feed His sheep.  I pondered all this in my heart, and laid everything at the feet of Jesus, and went to sleep with joy.
Sometimes good people do bad things. The key is; to learn from our mistakes, ask God to help us to overcome our weaknesses,  become stronger from our experiences and live in the freedom Jesus paid His life to give us! Now, if you can pray for me when you’re baking those pies the day before Thanksgiving, that the NC judge will be as forgiving as Jesus!

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  • Sheila Mangum said:

    Sharon Glasgow! You did not tell me this. Sweetest post ever and my heart broke! LOVE YOU SO! Praying, Praying, Praying :) Loveeeeeeee YOU

    • Thank you my strong prayer warrior! Love you!!!

  • Joy said:

    Oh Sharon....I'm so sorry this has happened. If it helps you feel better, I've been there. UGH. I was charged with "failure to stop" at a 4-way stop. I did hesitate according to the officers, but I didn't come to a "full stop" allowing my tires to roll back the way they do when you completely stop. I know how awful it feels. I had no idea what I had done wrong either. When I saw the flashing lights of the police car behind me I was thinking maybe they were kindly going to tell me that a tail-light was missing or my blinker not working or something. I pulled over and 2 officers got out of the police vehicle and came and stood on either side of my they were surrounding me and keeping me from running. Really? Me? They needed 2 officers? I was so embarrassed and ashamed. After about 30 years of driving this was my first ticket ever.

    I will indeed be praying for you. This certainly was not a planned disobedience, but an unintentional sin. I actually wrote about that here: There's a verse in Leviticus that says: "Suppose you sin by violating one of the LORD's commands. Even if you are unaware of what you have done, you are guilty and will be punished for your sin." Leviticus 5:17 We know the Lord wants us to be obedient to authority placed over us, and when good people do bad things even unintentionally, there is a's just so sad though because it wasn't from the heart on just happened.

    I am so thankful, that with humble confession and repentance the Lord always pardons me and restores me to a right relationship with Him. Thank You Lord for the many times You have pardoned me from the punishment I've deserved.

    I guess the "Charger" was living up to it's name and charged along quicker than you realized. I know I'm very conscious of all Stop signs now. I pray the Lord will make you very mindful of speed limits. Who knows what the officer stopping you now has saved you from in the future.

    Love, hugs and lots of prayers, please Lord may the judge gift forgiveness,

    • Joy, I can't imagine YOU being pulled over and cops on both sides of YOUR car!! That image is permanently in my mind now--you're the most innocent person! I love you! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  • Sam said:

    I am a repeat offender! Seriously, no matter how hard I try, I can't keep my foot out of it (the gas that is). I was returning home from Awana where I'd been filling in for my Commander friend who was out of town. Anthony Evans and I were just singing our hearts out when I received a receipt for my speedy jaunt through the neighborhood. :) Praying you get a merciful judge.

    • Thank you Sam, I definitely need a merciful one!

  • Charmé said:

    First, the photo with the full moon is stunning! It appears that God has blessed you and your family with a beautiful place to live. You are handling the two mishaps with much grace and humility. Thanks for sharing your troubles with others. Remember, it's the intent of the heart that matters to Jesus. I hope they dismiss your ticket and court date. You are a blessing!

  • T.J said:

    I will be praying! Thanks for sharing... God is already using this! Beautiful!

    • Thank you my dear T.J! I've been praying for you mom!

  • Jan Schranz said:

    Sharon, been there. When I was pregnant with our 3rd child, took a wrong turn and ended up going south on 29 when should have been going north. Only realized my mistake after I had been driving for about 30 minutes - too busy being the "cool" mom and playing games with the other two. When policeman stopped me, he asked me if I knew how fast I was going. With a nice smile I answered "no, officer, but since you pulled me over I am guessing it was faster than I should have been. My court date put in in the beginning of my 9 month and I was huge. Had to drive all the way to Raleigh, NC (family stationed at Cherry Point, NC at the time) long drive and a long wait until they called my name. Had several good friends and prayer warriors praying, so the judge dropped the reckless driving charge and only made me pay for a simple speeding ticket and court costs. No points on my license and off I went. Power of prayer, could have been much worse, since it was a criminal charge (reckless driving). So with all that said, I am praying for you and praying you have a very understanding judge, that you were just going with flow of traffic.

    • Wow Jan! Thank you for praying, that would be my desire to pay a speeding ticket and court cost alone. 9 months pregnant? Wow!

  • Pat said:

    If you get a traffic attorney ($350) and volunteer to go to traffic school ($155) before your court date. Your attorney will handle the rest and you won't have to go to court. Be proactive and you probably won't lose any points either. I'm not saying how I know this!

    • Good to know Pat! I wonder if online traffic schools are acceptable? That would be amazing if I didn't get points either. Thank you for the advice!!!!XOXO

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Oh no, Sharon! Do you have to appear in NC? What timing! I'll be
    praying the judge is full of mercy and lovingkindness and lets you off.

    Love you! Barbara

    • Yep, I have to appear in court in NC! I know! Thank you Barbara! I love you!

  • Sorry about your experience. I got a speeding ticket about 6 months ago and I was surprised when the flashing lights were for me. Then I tried to go to traffic school and because I was a few minutes late, (couldn't find the building), I was not allowed to go and had to pay again. It was definitely not a good week.

    • That's terrible Anne! I wonder if there is such thing as an online traffic school? I'm going to look into that. Let's keep out of trouble so we don't have to think about such things!! XOXO

  • Linda from pa said:


    No doubt I will be praying about this situation.

    I can only imagine how you feel. A lot of of emotions

    In pa the officer who gives you the ticket has to
    Show up in court the same day you do. Maybe having
    A court date the day before thanksgiving may be inconvenient
    But in your favor.

    I think we all have been caught speeding - I know
    We all have slot of prayer time before thanksging.
    I will be on my knees for you.



  • Sheila said:

    Wow, there are a lot of us in the same boat, or car. Driving to work, never come in late, haven't called out sick in years, listening to some great Christian music and look behind me to see the dreaded lights flashing. He must want to go around me, because I am a good driver and I am listening to Christian music. Well, no, it's me he wants. We have many 4 way stop intersections in our area and apparently I didn't come to the complete stop. Well, let's just say that most people don't even know how to get through those intersections, as we all sit there in indecision. He asked where I was going., "to work", I replied and told him the name of my employer and that I am a nurse. He looked me over , in my street clothes, with a bit of doubt about that statement. Hefty fine and the dreaded points on my license. Now I am so paranoid when I see a state trooper, I just want to pull over and get out of the way. And I am one of the good ones, I listen to Christian music. :)

  • Anna said:

    I will so be praying for you Sharon. God is good. Thank you so much for this post, right now I really needed this. Mine isn't a ticket, its an unhealthy conflict I have with my sister and her daughter (who are taking care of my mom). As soon as I see a call, email or text from them my flesh is aroused.....there are times I can handle it just fine, but then others just don't go well. Yesterday was a "just don't go well" day. I didn't show my unhappiness to what was done, and didn't give my opinion, I just let these things get my gut, and I keep mulling over them. Especially when you are being disrespected by a young person. I really love what you wrote, "I try to be good and follow the law and here I am"......I try daily to be obedient to God, yet when I have "those" days I just feel I failed, but you also said "Sometimes good people do bad things----but the good news is that the ultimate judge JESUS forgives us as soon as we repent and ask forgiveness when we do wrong things" AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right the key is to learn from our mistakes, I will so ask God daily to help me overcome this weakness, and I pray I will become stronger from my experience and continue to live in FREEDOM which JESUS paid with His life to give me.......THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANKD YOU>>>>>PRAYING FOR YOU, BLESSINGS ANNA

  • Library Momma said:

    Hang in there. Write everything down now so you can remember then.

  • Joy said:

    Hi Sharon...just me again. Just checking on how you're feeling after all this and also the court date. I know you said before your Thanksgiving, but living in Canada I just want to make sure I'm praying on the right day. Is your court date Nov 27th?

    In other news I've seen the proofs for both our tickets and posters for Winter Interlude. I LOVE them. I will send them to you in an email attachment.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Love you,

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    Oh Sharon, I've been there too with traffic violations. I will be praying for you for a merciful judge and for leniency because of this being your first offense. Keep us posted.