Why Should We Memorize Scripture?

A Tiffany Stained Glass piece at St. Johns Church in Portsmouth, Va- I had the honor of speaking there last weekend

This past summer, good friends of ours were in a horrible car accident. Brandi was in a coma from head trauma. I witnessed the most amazing thing ever in those weeks we spent with their family in the intensive care unit. The doctor’s prognosis wasn’t good.  No one knew if she would come out of the coma normal. The injury was horrible. The body of Christ filled the chapel and prayed. But, what amazed me more than anything else? Her husband, Phil.  He would pace the floors quoting scriptures. He didn’t have a Bible in his hands, it was in his head, in his heart, and he was speaking it back to God. I think the majority of the time we spent there he never realized how much scripture he spoke or that he himself was ministering to all who heard him. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed.  It’s been eight months now and Brandi is walking with the aid of a walker and she’s starting to talk.  She’s a miracle.

I’ll never forget the powerful witness that Phil was- in the hardest days of his life. It was truly a lamp unto his feet and a light unto our path.

The Word is life to us.  It is powerful- sharper than any two edged sword. Hebrews 4:12

You’ve got to watch this video with John Piper.  Please you must!

    1. Memorizing scripture makes meditation possible at times when you can’t be reading the Bible. Meditation is the pathway to deeper understanding. If you’re going to meditate— you’ve got to have something in your head.
    2. Memorizing scripture increases my faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  It happens when I hear it in my head.
    3. Memorizing scripture shapes the way I view the world by conforming my mind to God’s viewpoint on everything.
    4. Memorizing scripture makes God’s Word more readily accessible for overcoming temptation to sin. God’s warnings and promises are the way we conquer the lies of the Devil.
    5. Memorizing scripture guards my mind, making it easier to detect error and the world is filled with error because the god of this world is a liar.
    6. Memorizing scripture allows me to hit the Devil in the face with a force he cannot resist to protect myself and my family from his assault. WHAT ARE YOU HITTING HIM WITH?  HE IS A MILLIONS TIMES STRONGER THAN YOU.  He hates you, your family, your marriage, your church- and God.  How anybody walks through this devil- ruled world without a sword in their hand, is beyond me.
    7. Memorizing scripture provides the strongest, sweetest words in ministering to people in need.  Have you ever been caught off guard with someone in need?  You don’t need to be caught off guard.
    8. Memorizing scripture provides the matrix with fellowship with Jesus because He talks to me from His word.  Oh how sweetly, authentically, really speaks to me HERE!  And, I speak it back to Him in prayer.  If scripture is within me, we can talk anywhere and it is sweet.  It is very sweet.
  • Mary Ann said:


    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. It brought me to tears, but it is SO true! Thanks again and God Bless!

    • You're so welcome Mary Ann! I'm happy you watched the video. I hope everyone does! Blessings!

  • Kathy said:

    Wonderful article on the importance of taking in God's Word in order that we might experience spiritual growth. As we take in the scriptures as food, God works within our spirit to abide within and bring us the strength to face daily challenges. Praying God's Word back to Him brings us into the enjoyment of His presence.

    • Attie said:

      John 15 is a love letter to me. Gos is leittng me know that as long as I say faithful to him, he has got me. As long as I remain in him, he will take care of me. As long as I remain in him, he will guide me. As many mistakes I make aware and unaware because I am attached to him, I will be forgiven and put back on track. As long as my will lines of with his whatever I ask for will be given but the key to that is as long as I'm lined up with him. If we are attached means I will be asking what is for me anyway. Not so much as just because it's something I want. Simply put, he loves me enought to allow me to be a part of him and gave me these sweet words to reassure me. That's why I love this scripture.

  • Vonnie Kronk said:

    I just have to comment that I too was in a bad accident awhile back & in a coma from a head/brain injury and a sweet person did receit bible verses around me & I believe that helped me get bettter as well as alot of people see the importance of praying & scriptures exercised back to the Lord

    • Praise God you were healed Vonnie and that you had that sweet person speaking Truth over you! There is power in the Word, I hope more people will use it! Love, Sharon

      • Iwan said:

        Two things that have been on my heart that goes along with the bible reaindg and devotion.1. Praise God for our Pastors, godly leaders in our churches, and godly friends to whom we can go to for prayer and godly counsel. I don't know what I would do without these influences in my life. God speaks, then we have all these wonderful people to help us be strong and follow God's Word and will. To give up our own will for His can be a huge battle.2. It hurts my heart to think of the children that don't have a godly mother and father. What a challenge that is in teaching the majority of our church children (van/bus riders). I think it even hurts me more though to see families who come to church together, watching the parents teach their children that other things are more important than God. It's ok to miss this service or that activity for this sport, it's only one time. I'm proud you made all those points in the game, but no praise for godly character in the game or lack of godly character in the game. It's ok to watch this evil vampire movie, after all it's just a love story, look at these godly characteristics they apply to this vampire!!!! Yikes isn't there something wrong with attributing godly characteristics to something of darkness? As a parent myself, I made more decisions based on the world than God's Word and will. If you still have your babies at home, I pray you will seek God's guidance, and teach your babies there is nothing better than following God's Word and God's plan.

  • Stephanie Yu said:

    I spent a lot of time memorizing scripture when I was a child. Probably most of what I have memorized is from years ago. I haven't done much memorizing in my adult years. The video reminded me just how important it is to have God's
    Word memorized. So today I am purposing to start memorizing again and to have my children learn right along with me.

    • Good!! I'm so glad it challenged you, it challenged me! Hugs!

  • Jenn Hand said:

    This is so true Sharon. During this season of suffering I have not had much time or ability to focus on studying the word of God. It makes me so grateful I have hidden it in my heart.. because it comes out. Right when I need it! i lov you Sharon

    • My dear precious Jenn, I have prayed constantly for your daddy. Lord, God we ask You for a miracle for Jenn's dad, we ask that You heal him completely right now by Your power and by Your authority. Strengthen his immune system, every organ and cell in his body.
      Give Jenn powerful messages for this coming weekend to those who attend her conference. Anoint her with Your power, wisdom and leading. In Jesus' name, amen
      I love you! Sharon