Pray for Our Wells in South Sudan!

Water boring in Gudele, South Sudan

Do ya’ll remember the wells that were dug in south Sudan with the money God miraculously gave us when we were in the emergency room?? Read the emergency room story here.

PRAY for those wells, the church and school in Gudele, South Sudan.

Demolition of the Church, School and Borehole ( water well) is planned this week impacting 114 Christians 320 school Children and thousands that draw safe water from the well in Gudele, South Sudan. The people are from 16 tribes and have their lives stripped of everything countless times.

Please pray for them! Thank you!

Lord, You worked a miracle to give them clean water, a church and school–we ask that You do a mighty miracle for them this week and help them keep these precious things from destruction. In Jesus’ name, Amen.   tells more about the mission in South Sudan.

  • Stephanie Yu said:

    My head is asking "why, why is this happening?"
    But my heart is saying just pray for these people. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. Pray!

    • Thank you so much Stephanie! It makes no sense, you're right! God can work another miracle for these people, they need it!

  • Suzi said:

    Oh Lord, you worked a miracle to bring this well about. We believe You can do this again for Your glory. Amen!

  • Charlotte Askew said:

    I see that others have the questions in their hearts that I have. These people have so little and the things they do have, are always threatened to be taken away. I am praying that the miracle that was provided for them will be saved by another miracle that only our Father can give. Prayed as soon as I read this and now will make this my breath prayer for today.

    PS Sharon, I was suppose to remind you a couple of weeks ago about the book "One Word". I forgot to remind you to send it to me. So now you have been reminded. Been a lot going on with my husband dealing with a lot of pain issues and finding the source is becoming a too long journey, praying with this last MRI tomorrow that we have answers. I trust God has led us to the right specialist.

    • Thank you for praying! What is your address again Charlotte? You can send it in a personal email. Love and hugs!

  • Tom Kilian said:

    Sharon, Thank you for posting request for prayer for our family in Gudele and we are grateful for your partnership.
    • Those that would like to know " Who" and "Why" are encouraged to call us directly.
    1 910 920 0004
    • To protect the good will of our Humanitarian Efforts in the name of Christ, I will ask that you consider sharing our contact information on your blog as you have done before, we are very grateful for your influence to stir the hearts of many prayer warriors.
    •Donations and Letters of concern for our 320 Children and our church family and community we serve will also be gladly accepted at :
    Mercy Partners® , PO BOX 236, Columbia, NC, 27925