Sharon Minister’s to Coptic Church of Egypt

I didn’t know anything about The Coptic Church of Egypt, I had never met anyone who was a member of it.   I’m an evangelical Christian…  One day I got an email from a lady hosting a one day conference for her Coptic Church. She asked me to be their speaker for the event, I said, “Yes.”


When I drove up to the church, I was amazed at the ornate gold dome on the top of the building. Walking inside was like visiting an art gallery- everything from outside to inside was beautiful. The first person I met was the lady who had invited me.  She opened her arms wide and hugged me. She said, “Come quickly, we have no time to lose.  You’ve got to meet the rest of the ladies on our committee.  They are so excited to finally meet you.”

Quickly they all gathered into a huddle, and grinning ear to ear they shared how I was chosen to be their speaker. They had never had a speaker who was not Egyptian, nor from the Coptic church.  However, at their initial planning committee for the conference, they suggested everyone come back the next month with a speaker suggestion to bring to the table.  Then they would narrow down the options.

The next month, the entire committee met and everyone on the team brought the same name to the table, Sharon Glasgow.  They were amazed and knew this was not from their own ability.  Immediately, the leader of the team brought this to their Senior Priest for approval.  He looked at my website, and approved me as their speaker.

They instantly became my sisters in Christ.  It was an amazing day of power and ministry.  Jesus was glorified and the Holy Spirit filled the audience. When the conference was over the committee came to me and said, “When can we do this again?  A retreat for the weekend?”

So, we all gathered together again- just a few months later at a retreat center in the mountains.  We worshipped, prayed, ate yummy Egyptian food(made by the men), ministered, loved on one another and ate the Word of God into the wee hours of the night. Our time together was indescribable.  I love my Coptic Church friends.

Egyptian Christians currently make up 10% of the population in Egypt.  They are the largest religious minority of that country. The Copts have endured much persecution in their history.

A Prayer for the Egyptian Christians:

Lord Jesus, protect Your people of the Coptic Church of Egypt.  Bring many to salvation through Your name.  Fill them with Your power and Your Glory.  In Jesus’ Name Amen!

  • Barbara Koob said:

    WOW Sharon! Ministering to the Coptic Christians... I'd love to know more. Did you speak in Egypt? Or was this church in the US?

    • The church was in the US! Yes, WOW, it was a honor.