A Wrecked Marriage–Saved Over Lunch


If you’re joining me from P31 Devotions today, welcome!

“I can’t STAND my husband. I’ve had enough. It’s over. I’m so finished

with this marriage, Sharon. I’m DONE… DONE!” She screamed as I held

the phone away from my ear. She started sobbing. I waited. I could hear

her kids fighting in the background and a baby screaming. She said,

“Sharon, can the kids and I come over right now? I need your help. I don’t

know what to do with my life.”

Everything in me wanted to say, “NO!” It was lunch time. Her kids plus

mine would be a miniature army to feed. We were renovating our house

and the kitchen was out of service. I was using my bedroom as a makeshift

kitchen. We didn’t even have running water! I couldn’t imagine feeding

her crew and mine, much less have enough ingredients for a lunch.

Without thinking further I said, “Get the kids in the van and get over here!

We’ll talk over lunch while the kids play.” I heard her phone disconnect

before I even finished the sentence.

I rummaged through a box and found oatmeal, walnuts, maple syrup and

water bottles. That’s it, I thought. We’re eating oatmeal for lunch. That’s

all I’ve got! I made it on one of those table top burners. It was the biggest

pot of oatmeal you’ve ever seen.

The bowls and spoons were covered in dust from the construction. I wiped

’em clean. A little dirt never hurt anybody, I thought to myself. My kids

came in and asked why I had so many bowls. I said, company’s coming.

Your FRIENDS! They squealed with delight.

15 bowls of piping hot oatmeal topped with butter, walnuts, milk and

drizzled maple syrup were ready! I ran outside. Pulled 15 apples off the

apple tree and sat one next to every bowl.

The house was a wreck but I don’t think she ever saw it. She had tunnel

vision. All she could see was her doomed marriage. Everyone got their

bowl of oatmeal- including the construction workers.

We all sat down on the dusty floor, bowed our heads in prayer, ate, and

talked. The kids talked. The construction workers talked. My friend and I


As she told me her story, I thought to myself, “Oh my GOODNESS! I can’t

imagine being married to this man-either!” But I wasn’t about to say it! I

let her talk for over an hour without saying a word. At the end of it all, she

looked at me and said, “Well, what do you think?”

Within my spirit I prayed and asked God to help me say only what He

wanted me to say. My flesh wrestled with my spirit- BIG TIME! Lord?!

This guys a jerk! A total JERK!

I looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s pray and ask what He thinks.”

Words rolled out of my mouth that I hadn’t planned or thought. So much

better than what my thoughts were.

The prayer was finished and she looked at me and said, “I’m going to need

a lot of prayer to get through this Sharon. Everything you said really

convicted me today. I do love him and I believe more than ever after

coming here, that God is going to turn this around and use it for our good.

She hollered for her kids. Hauled them into the van and off they went. She

went back home to her husband, the kids’ dad, the family united. They

started to love each other again…

What did I do?

Served 15 bowls of piping hot oatmeal in 15 dusty bowls on a dusty floor

and barely said a word of my own. Listened. Kept my mouth closed and

invited the Lord through prayer to lead our thoughts. He is faithful and boy

did He answer.

“Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will

be opened to you.”

Do you have a friend who’s going through a hard time with money,

marriage, kids, or their health? One you should invite over but haven’t

because your house isn’t in order? It doesn’t matter what your house looks

like or what you serve ’em! They need your help!

In the comment section below, tell me who you need to invite in one word.

Your comment will enter your name in the drawing to win a fifty dollar visa

card and Karen Ehman’s book, A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart &

Home to Others.

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  • linda said:

    Lorraine. :(

  • Julie said:

    myself ...&..Darilyn

  • Sabrina Hamikton said:


  • Angela said:

    Myself and Gale

  • Suzi said:


  • Stacy said:


  • brenda said:


  • Marie said:

    Shirley and Jeanette

  • Melissa said:

    Rhonda and Melissa

  • Ruth said:

    . . . my daughter.

  • Sheeba m said:

    Wow Sharon! This story sort of did happen ( kitchen reno n a friend over to help me)to me ditto except with my friend Nandini i never got to minister or pray with her...i would be in inviting her again to share with her what has been done for me ...

  • Joanna said:


  • Doreen said:


  • Kirsten said:

    Kirsten(me) and Lisa

  • Becca said:


  • Angela said:

    Melissa and Liza

  • Ruth said:

    ....my sister

  • Diem said:

    My brother

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  • Jan said:

    Waiting to see who God sends.

  • melanie said:

    Great post...thank you!

  • Donna said:


  • stacy said:

    Just what I needed today. The Lord always knows.

  • Linda said:

    My two teenage daughters don't know Jesus. Please
    Pray that they may come to know Him through me in our
    Home or through someone else.

    • I will pray for you right now, Linda! Dear Father in Heaven, thank You that You are working ALL things together for the good of Linda and her family. I ask that You would wash away any blinders that satan may have put on her daughter's eyes. Let them see You for who You really ARE and let them feel Your goodness and mercy over them! I pray that You would use Linda as a vessel to shine the light to them. Surround her daughters with people who will be able to show them the true and living God- Jesus Christ. Amen!

  • Brenda said:


  • Wanda said:

    Sandy M.

  • Tatiana said:

    My sister...I just had an experience yesterday where I felt unable to invite my sister to my home because of how it looked. Lord please help me. Thank you for this post. It was so timely.

    • Praise Jesus! I hope that you were able to have her over, regardless of how it may have looked. :)

  • Jennifer said:

    Jennifer (myself) and Stephanie

  • Sheli said:


  • Ada said:

    Ada and Eric

  • Karen said:

    Adam & Shenna

  • Cath said:


  • Joanne Peterson said:

    Myself (Joanne), Jane, Kim

  • Tanya said:

    Immediate family

  • Jamie Wellman said:


  • Susie said:


  • Beth said:


  • christine said:


  • Susan said:

    Kristine & Susie

  • Kay said:


  • Karen H said:

    former colleague

  • Wendi said:


  • Thanks for your post!! I felt at ease and welcomed into your home and by the way I love Oatmeal. Love that you opted to give it to God, really will help me when I have no words for the biggest storms that might come thru my door. Let's just ask God what he thinks!!!
    I have a couple of names of people dear to me that have come to mind. Sorry for not using one word.
    Be Bless!!!

  • Cindy B said:

    Laurie. An invitation to talk and for me to listen.

  • Liz said:


  • Marla L. said:

    Thank you for this! I needed to hear this for myself. I have one friend V. whom I should listen to.

  • Janice said:


  • Dutchy said:


  • Emily Maisel said:

    My sister

  • Dutchy said:

    A new mom

  • Dot said:

    I need to invite my friend that became a granny back in Jan. I saw her the day I became Ya - Ya. Thank you for the push. Thank you for encouraging the closed mouth so the Holy Spirit can speak. He does such a great job!

  • Jeanne said:

    Vickie ??

    • Jeanne said:

      That was a heart with Vickie's name...not two question marks!!!

  • maureen said:


  • Christy said:


  • Christy said:


  • Kristal said:


  • margaret said:


  • lisa said:


  • Deb h said:


  • Laurie said:

    Myself to my friend's house to come along side her and help her paint her house
    After she had water damage twice this year.

  • Marie said:


  • Felisa said:

    Just what I needed ;) So many times I won't have anyone over because I'm worried about how the house looks. But just this Sunday I put an invite out 2 someone 2 come over for dinner with my husband & I on Tuesday. Thanks

  • Kim said:


  • Amy said:

    Myself (allowing my husband to be who he is) & Beth

  • shirley said:


  • Mary Kay Barstow said:


  • LaRonda said:

    My son (new grad, job) and my cousin(seeking adoption history)

  • Becky J said:


  • Sharon Madson said:


  • kellie said:

    Actually I need to sit at a friends house, the enemy is attacking my family, my kids, my marriage! I know God is in control just trying to maintain that in my soul and keep my head above water!

    • Praying for you Kellie! King Jesus, I pray that You would minister to Kellie today in a special and powerful way. I ask that You would bring order into every bit of disarray. I pray that everything that is precious to her; her marriage, her family, and her children, would be blessed and restored. I pray that anything that the enemy has sought to take away, would be protected and she would be able to feel a sense of safety and trust- in You. Bless her today! Amen!

  • Jessica Warnick said:

    Leigh Ann--thank you Sharon for the inspiration and your faithfulness and obedience particularly when your circumstances are not ideal. The Holy Spirit always has the right words when we allow them to be relayed.

    • Thank you Jessica! You're so right! Holy Spirit always has the right words and He is so quick to minister through us, if we are willing to submit our hearts to Him and let Him do it.

  • Cindy said:


  • Missy B said:


  • Amanda said:

    Mrs. Lee

  • Jen L. said:


  • Carol said:


  • Kim said:


  • Kathy said:

    Such an unbelievable mercy and miracle that you were able to minister Christ to this dear sister who needed your love and support during a difficult time in her marriage. When our friends and family members are hurting, it is important to be open to listen and then pray as you did. I need to contact my sisters who are estranged from each other, to be the listening and caring person who can pray and ask God for His wisdom and words as you did.

  • Judy said:


  • Karena said:


  • Hilda Quintanilla said:


  • Mandy said:


  • vivian said:


  • Sue said:

    Susan! What an awesome post, so encouraging, Sharon!

  • Nina R said:


  • Nina R said:

    Sherri, and myself
    I reposted because my computer is messing up and I wasn't sure the first one went through.

  • Pamela =) said:

    Many. (I'm terrified!)

  • Sheryl said:


  • Linda kreitz said:

    Karen H.

    I guess it's time to start using the house God gave
    Me for His glory.

  • Dala said:


  • Cheryl said:

    My oldest daughter Alysa. She will turn 27 July 13. She can't function and is very depressed. We use to be very close. She lost her grandpa and dad in the same year 2001. That is when the grandparents turned her against me. Now we don't talk. She is not able to make it on her own. So she is moving back in with her grandparents. Please pray the the truth will set her free, and that she will accept Jesus Christ as her savior.

    • Cheryl said:

      Her grandpa that passed away is my dad. The grandparents that has caused a lot of confusion is her dad's parents.

  • Laura D. said:

    A few of my friends... I know they love me, but am terrified for them to see my house!