Raising Strong Willed Children

If you are joining me from Proverbs 31’s devotion, Losing The Battle is Not an Option welcome!

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as fronts between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” Deuteronomy 6:5-9

Watch video of our five daughters talking about discipline

High Calling of Motherhood

We need each others prayers. What can I pray for you today for your child? Your comment will enter your name in the drawing to win $50 of your choice of resources from Proverbs 31 Bookstore.

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  • Sara Andrade said:

    Please pray for both of my sons' health.
    Thank you.

    • Lord, we ask for healing for Sara's sons' health. We ask You for complete healing in Jesus' name. Amen

  • Megan Shipley said:

    Please pray for me and my four children. ALL of them are beautifully strong willed. I love it and can't wait to see what God does in their lives. But it's exhausting. I also homeschool them. Please pray wisdom and discernment for all of us. Thank you.

    Really enjoyed your article and video.

    • Lord, give Megan wisdom and supernatural ability to raise these 4 children in the power of You. In Jesus' Name, Amen! I'm blessed that the article and video encouraged you!

  • Elizabeth said:


    Thanks so much for this devotional. The timing was in God's perfect timing. My husband and I have two sons. My youngest is 18 and has been a hand full. I try to speak blessings over him, but must admit sometimes it's difficult to think positively. Thanks for reminding me that I need to speak blessings over my child. The kids growing up theses days have it totally different than when I was growing up. There is a lot of evil out in the world that I worry about. I am the daughter of a minister and continually pray for his safety. This last year he developed a health issue that I'm wondering if you can pray for him. To be specific, he has had a couple seizures. I know God has wonderful plans for him, hopefully without having to deal with these seizures. Thank you again for your encouragement today, I needed your suggested scriptures and topic TODAY. Again a reminder of God's perfect timing. Love to you and your family.

    • My dear Elizabeth, My heart goes out to you. Lord, would you speak to this son in the way He needs to hear from you. Speak to him when he sleeps, through people and through the Word that he has heard and read. Make him mighty in Your name. We ask that You heal whatever is causing these seizures. Thank You Lord. IN Jesus' name, amen.

      • Elizabeth said:

        Thank you Jesus, I claim it and praise Your Holy Name. Thank you Heavenly Father for Sharon, thank you for hearing our prayers for all of my sisters that plead for your help. Thank you for filling our hearts with love and strength to endure all that we are enduring. Show us what we can learn from all of this. Help us to bless each other. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

        Sharon, please know that exactly what you have done for this blog, devotional, whatever you'd like to call it has changed a lot of people's lives. Thanks so much for letting God use your words to help His children. God bless you. Thanks for giving God the glory. Xoxo

  • Jen said:

    What great insight! Thank you for this devotional, it has brought great insight! I have 3 children that I homeschool. That being said, it's not an easy task some days. I try my best and leave the rest for God to guide me. Praying that I have ears to hear and move or be still to what he calls me to do with my children.

    • Tricia said:

      I read all the prayer posts here but came back to yours, Jen. Your post resonated so clearly with me. Thank you! I pray for each of us as we lift ourselves and our families to Heaven for blessings.

  • Nydia said:

    This post is so encouraging. Thank you for your prayers...I am praying for wisdom and strength in my journey as I raise 3 young girls who will become Godly women who love and serve The Lord with all their heart.

    • Lord, send your overflowing river of refreshing over Nydia. Give her strength and wisdom to raise up mighty women in Your Name! Yes, Jesus!

  • Tiffiny said:

    Sharon, this is really hard to share. Two years ago, I fell. We are walking the slow and painful road of restoration and healing . My prayer request is this: I really do not know what my life will be now. It took two months before I could pray to my God after failing Him so miserably. I have hidden in the deep caverns of guilt and despair. I have come close to giving up many times. I am finally convinced that my Jesus has forgiven me. I just don't know how to do life now. How do I live any place but the shelf without making light of my sin? What does healing and restoration look like for me and will life ever be joyful again? These are not questions for you, I am just sharing my heart prayers to God. I hope that by sharing this and rallying the prayers of my sisters I might squelch the menacing spirit of fear. Thank you. Your devotional writings are always a breath of life.

    • Tiffiny said:

      Somehow I responded here to a different post. I apologize for my lack of technical proficiency. Awkward :)

    • Lord, you are full of mercy, grace, forgiveness and love. Give Tiffiny a revelation of Your Father heart for her. "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, Abba Father." Overwhelm her with Your affection for her. Thank You Lord.
      May you Tiffiny walk in freedom from guilt so that you can run and not be weary. Guilt is from the enemy, conviction is from God.
      Love, Sharon

  • Jackie said:

    I agree strong willed kids can be used for God's glory, I've got 4 of them. Praying I will be a Godly example and raise them for The Lord.

    • Amen! Do it Lord, use them for Your glory and Equip Jackie!

  • Mara said:

    Thanks Sharon for that good devotion on P31. I would like to ask you to pray for me in dealing with my 14 mo old son. He is bright but seems very strong willed as well....and he is the second child! ???? He is very clingy right now and having more sleep issues.
    thanks so much!

    • Oh my Mara! Lord bring peace and restful sleep for Mara's son. Take all anxiety away and replace with Your peace that passes all understanding! Thank You Jesus!

      • Mara said:

        Amen! Thank you so much.

  • Charla said:

    Thank you for this encouragement. I was just in prayer about this. This is truly a confirmation and practical/biblical tools for empowerment.

    • Amen Charla! God is so perfect in His timing to give us what we need when we need it. Bless you!! Hugs

  • Kaylee said:

    This devotion has come at the right time. My beautiful, creative strong-willed daughter is 7, and has been a "high-maintenance" child from day 1! I needed hear your list of three things to do, because I have been at the breaking point lately, and really just want to give up. I feel inadequate as a mother. So, I need continued wisdom, and I need discipline to stay in the Word, keep praying, and to speak blessings over my girl.

  • Kristie said:

    Thank you for this devotional & video. I am blessed with two boys and strong willed spirits. I was feeling lost & failing as a mother...your teaching has helped lift my spirits & direct me in what I need to do. Thank you for sharing.

  • Denise said:

    Please pray that God will return the joy of my children's salvation and that He will heal and restore.

  • Michelle said:

    I truly appreciate and needed to see your post today. Funny that I typically wait until evening to read these. I am the mother of twin girls. Yes, they are both different and I am blessed that they are. One is our strong willed, self conscious and active beautiful girl and the other a quiet, thoughtful and analytical beauty. There have been days, especially lately, I feel I am being challenged as a mother, role model and witness. I have an adult stepchild who has and is currently walking in a direction where I see trouble. We have been used, manipulated, stolen from and now in bedt because of his decisions. Your devotion reminded me I need to continue to hold strong in my faith and be thoughtful in my decisions and actions. I can't thank you enough for this boost and reminder to hold strong in the Lord!

  • Jeanie Kelley said:

    Please be praying for my son Daniel as he and the rest of the orchestra goes to Chicago this weekend to perform in a festival there. Pray for traveling mercies to and from and that he has a wonderful time. And that God will get a hold of him. He has been baptized, but just needing to know that God has him.

  • Tricia said:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thank you so much for writing so openly about your mothering challenges. Please pray that my two girls (4.5 yrs and 18 mos) will grow to know, love and serve our Lord despite my daily shortcomings. As you write, parenting is exhausting. My husband and I are fortunate, and I recently left my job to be a full-time sahm. I have been losing my patience, and the tiredness and frustrations are getting the best of me; all the positive techniques fly out the window. I pray for patience for my girls, and that God will help them to have selective memory :) We're all a work in progress but some days, and weeks, seem to yield less progress than others.

  • Ruth said:

    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you for your post and video. They were a timely reminder that strong willed chidlren need us a lot. My four daughters are grown, but my one has a mind of her own and has chosen to live a very ungodly life. I pray for her to return to the way of life and I continue to try and encourage her in the right ways.

    Blessings, Ruth.

  • Chris said:

    Please pray for my oldest son who is graduating from college W/ his masters that he will find a teaching position. Please pray for his new marriage that will be beginning June 7th. Ask The Lord to bless Tyler and his new wife Kaylee and their home. Please ask for strength and guidance as they learn to live on their own! Please pray for my oldest daughter Late who is struggling with health issues as she is finishing her last year of college. My Kate does not know The Lord and I so pray and hope she will yearn and crave the knowledge and Love of her Father! My 19 year old knows The Lord deeply! She has a Love for The Lord that an old soul would have! She has chosen a different denomination than the rest if this family , but she doesn't seem to care. Please pray that Morgan continues to be settled with who she is. The Lord has really blessed her with a gift to teach young children. My youngest Thomas is turning 17 in three days. He is struggling with who he is and his purpose. Please pray that Gid will give him clarity in this situation! He is a Sophomore and is starting college through a program in high school . Please pray that he can manage his time. Thomas is also being bullied in school. He is a very gifted gymnast . He is the Rwgional champion on floor, high bar, and Vault! The older boys at school tease him call him gay etc.. Please pray that he can ignore their taunts. He is a beautiful strong role model for the younger kids in his gymnastics environment. Thank you!!! Love your devotionals!!!!

  • Melissa said:

    Praying that our children would be like those trees planted by rivers of water, whose leaf does not wither, and that each child would grow in grace daily, loving Jesus with all their heart.

  • Fran said:

    I am ashamed to admit I never had a clue to pray over my children growing up. I wish I would have known then what I know now about praying. I knew to pray, but not with scripture. We were never raised in a church that read from the Bible much now looking back it is sad to think that is how it was. I would love it if you would pray for my youngest son that he would follow the will of God only and forget about the things of this world that he would quit his band ...a bad infulence and seek after God and return to Him with all his heart. Thank-you I loved the video that really helps me. I will be using scripture to pary for alll of my family and not yet raised grandchildren.

  • Michelle Moore said:

    Please pray for my five sons, I am a single mother and your right it is exhausting and can be overwhelming. Please pray for all of us and for me for strength to be consisent in my discipline too.

  • Brooke said:

    My husband and I have a strong-willed 5 year old son. Please pray for patience with my sweet boy. His heart is very tender but his temper is so quick!

  • becky j said:

    I would covet your prayers for guidance and protection for my eldest daughter and son who commute to a secular university as well as my youngest who is finishing her freshman high school year homeschooling - that they will remain close to Jesus and follow His plan for their lives..thank you!

  • Anonymous said:

    Thank you for your Godly advice this morning!

  • Paige said:

    I SO needed this post today. Thank you for sharing! Please pray for my words about, to & over my girls. Sometimes they are so harsh. I want to always speak kind words to them & about them & blessings over them.

  • Larissa said:

    This post was right on time! It was so encouraging. Thank you for your obedience to The Lord in sharing it. Please pray for me, that I will continue to have the patience and guidance to parent my strong willed daughter. She's only a toddler but already showing her strong personality. Thank you and blessings to you!

  • Jen said:

    Thank you for your post. I'm a mom of four boys. We homeschool and my husband has had to be gone many weeks this year traveling for work. I love my boys and they are all boy! That can definitely try a mothers patience. I have one who is very strong willed (maybe just a little like his mamma!) ;)

    I would love prayers for patience in responding to them, for wisdom in handling difficult situations and strength to continue fighting the good fight. I constantly remind myself that the battle is a spiritual one. Thank you!

  • Andrea Tillotson said:

    Praying scripture over my son has been something that I started this year. Raising a mighty warrior for Christ is what I want for Him more than anything! The concept that a strong-willed child is brought into the world to be a mighty warrior for Christ is a thought provoking one, and I can embrace it.

  • Alison said:

    Thank you, Sharon, for your words of wisdom. And thank you, LORD, for your awesome timing. This very morning, I feel like giving up. I have reached my limit. My daughter's senior prom is tonight, and the whole week has been so stressful and frustrating. Her strong will and lack of common sense has caused many quarrels, and growing anger in me. She doesn't even want me to be around to take photos of her and her friends. She has planned to leave for school this morning, be out all afternoon with friends, go to prom and who knows where else, spend the night at her friend's home and come home tomorrow, after work. We have never even met her date (a friend). She finds nothing wrong with this, but I am livid! I thoroughly enjoyed doing all those fun things with her older sister, but this child is so different! I love her, but I don't like her one bit! Pray for my heart; it is broken. I am going to take your advice and pray for wisdom for today. I have been sinful, not blessing her, but cursing her for her actions. I need to repent. Thank you for delivering the Word to me this morning at my time of greatest need.

  • Judy said:

    Thank you so much for this message to us parents who are striving to please the Lord in the raising of our children. My husband and I have 5 boys and 1 girl....and each has their own unique strong will personality. I would ask you to pray for strength and patience for me especially as my loving hubby is a over the road trucker and so a lot of the responsibility falls on my shoulders and its very difficult to not become weary in well doing....I can praise the Lord that 5 of our 6 have accepted Christ as their Savior.
    Thank you again for this timely reminder and encouragement!

  • Kristi S. said:

    Thank-you so much for this post and the verse(s) you put with it! I definitely need encouragement for this area in my life. My daughter is extremely strong-willed and I pray and pray and pray that I can help teach her how to control her emotions. I feel like I have already failed her (and she's only 5!), but I will keep trying. It is exhausting and frustrating, and knowing that I'm not alone and that I can do this was just what I needed (and I'm sure I will continue to need). Thank-you for the encouragement and please pray that I can continue to fight the fatigue and follow through on Godly discipline with my daughter (and my son, who is 4). God Bless You!

  • Kay said:

    This devotional was perfect for me! I have 2 strong willed boys-ages 6 & 22 months. I love their determination but it is exhausting trying to discipline! I ask for prayers for guidance for my husband and myself in raising them as God wants. I ask for prayers for our 6 yr old as he completes kindergarten, and prayer for our 22 month old's health- he has cystic fibrosis. Thank you!

  • Melissa Delsoin said:

    Please pray for my son who just turned 6. I ask God for patience and wisdom to raise him. He is an extremely tough, strong willed, physically and mentally. He is intelligent and also very loving and sweet.

  • jeanne said:

    Love this - I've spent time in the doorway with my children! They are grown now, with more grown up problems and I ask for your prayers! School difficulties, roommate problems, what do I want to be when I grow up?, etc. Thank you for your heartwarming words, they are so appreciated : )

  • Sarah said:

    Our 7 year old daughter has been feeling quite distant lately. After school she lashes out at her 5 year old brother, comes home only to want to play by herself in her room with the door closed, and if I walk in she tells me (politely) that I am not needed. Shee, too, has always been a strong-willed child, but it seems that now more than ever she is consistently fighting against us. If she doesn't get her way exactly, she begins throwing herself all over the place and shrilling an awful shrill. When we ask her if all is well she says they are, but as her more I just know they're not. So, I have begun setting aside time for just her and I, and just her and her dad. Our prayer is that by setting aside this time alone, she will begin to open up and hopefully we can see her smile and laugh again!

    Our prayer for our son is for him to continue to grow in his faith! He has an amazing thirst for God's Word and for fully understanding what the Bible means. He has prayers that consistently awe us and bring tears to our eyes. God has big plans for this kid, but he is also a people pleaser. He loves to "ham it up" and get laughs from others. Our prayers is that as he gets older, his desire to be liked by others doesnt compete with his desire for God.

  • Leah Mossor said:

    Thank you so much for your devotional this morning. I really needed it because I had one of "those mornings" with my son. He decided he was not going to leave for school and I was running extremely late for work because of it. I didn't react very well to say the least. Please pray for patience for me that I will stay consistent in my discipline of him without loosing my cool. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Brenda said:

    Pray for a daughter who is headed down the wrong path and this momma's heart who hurts so much.

  • Sarah said:

    Please pray that my 2 boys would grow up to have a heart after God's own heart, that thier heart would break and rejoice when the Lord's does. That God could cover all the mistakes I have made thus far as a parent and the future ones. That I would have more patience and show more love. That they would know they are loved not only by me but by thier heavenly father. Thank you.

  • Deborah Herbst said:

    Thank you for this very honest devo and great video. Our son just turned 21 and we are seeing progress which encourages me to persevere. He is in branch of military while in college and I just thought today, about how he can be a powerful force for good. Please pray for our 18 yo daughter as she struggles with decision for direction for next fall: return to current college, come home for year and work, health needs.
    thanks and bless you!

  • Leah said:

    Please pray for my two boys. One age 9. The other age 11. Home schooling both of them all their lives. For wisdom and strength to continue raising each, for their own unique way God created them for His glory and purpose.

  • Emily said:

    Thank you Sharon for your advice. We have 2 strong willed out of 4 children in the house. Please pray for guidance and patience with our son with ADHD. God bless!

  • Lindsey Edwards said:

    Thank you so much for the video! I excitedly wrote down notes and that's not something I'm motivated to do. Please pray for both my kiddos 7 & 4. My daughter, the oldest, I don't know if she would be considered 'strong willed' but she has attitude and always has to have something to say so that it interferes with her actually listening to us. My son we are seeking help with because of some sensory issues. We had a meeting yesterday and are excited for their advice they gave us and to implement it in our daily routine. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  • Connie Koken said:

    I so wish I would have been in the walk with God that I am now at 47 when I was in my early 20's. I was not the best mother and did not lead my children by example. I made many many mistakes with them. I now pray daily for them to return to the Lord's fold. We went to church off and on but I was not consistant. I tell mother's of young children that this is the most important thing you can do with your children when they are young. Their father and I neither one were consistent and were not in a relationship with God. I was when it was convienent for me. I cry many nights about the decisions I made and what those mistakes have done to my sons. They would never admit it was my mistakes but I know that was a big part of it. I have been forgiven by God and my boys for those mistakes and bad decisions I made, but the devil is really good at bringing them back up. I love the Lord with all that I am and my relationship I have with him now is what I had truly been searching for all of those years. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us out here in this big big world.

  • Elizabeth L. said:

    Thanks so much Sharon for this encouraging video message and devotion! I am the mother of a strong willed 4 year old little girl. So many days, I just feel like I do not know what I am doing. God has been speaking to my heart lately about the importance of prayer and your message just was another way He spoke to my heart. Bless you and thank you-

  • Stephine said:

    Please pray strength and protection over my children, they are away from me right now, but the Lord has already told me that they will be home with me soon, so I am waiting. They are exposed to a sinful life, they do not get to go to church and my daughter just got saved 1 year ago on Easter. I pray many times a day for them and I have tons of others praying also.

  • Lena said:

    Sharon, thank you so much that you take the time to pray for each one of us. It means a lot.

    Please pray that my husband and I have the strength and wisdom to raise our children to love The Lord and to follow Him all the days of their lives and that they will come to know Jesus as their personal savior at a young age.

    Thank you!

  • Christina said:

    I have 3 small children, and my oldest is a bright, beautiful 4 yr old girl that sounds an awful lot like your daughter you described. The battles are becoming fewer, but I still struggle with her and I have a lingering fear that we will not have a great relationship when she is older because of the battles we've had.

    Please pray that there won't be any lasting animosity in her heart towards me, and I will continue to seek the Lord in how to parent in grace and truth.

  • Ranae said:

    Thank you for this devotion today. Raising strong willed kids is not easy, especially if you are strong willed too. I feel like it becomes a battle of wills all too often. Please pray for my 12 y/o and for me, as we learn to pick our battles and help her work through controlling her temper and anxiety issues. I also have twin 10 y/o's, one who always seems to play the victim, and the other who was born with medical issues and just longs to be "normal", to catch up to her sister. It breaks my heart when she cries in my arms about how she just wants to be normal. Thank you again.

  • Sojourner said:

    Sharon, Thank you for the reminder that I cannot go by what I see, but only by what the Lord has declared will be. Faith is believing without seeing. The Lord knows what he has called each of my seven children to. I am faithfully and diligently teaching them what God requires of them, feeding them the word every day, and humbly living out my walk of faith before them. Psalm 127 "except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it". I am weary from building my house and the construction site is quite messy! Please pray for me that a new anointing and refreshing of my spirit might occur and that I can more clearly release my hold and become less of a hindrance, so that the Lord can freely build something out of my children's lives more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

  • Julie S. said:

    Please pray for my niece, she is trying to overcome her addition to meth. She has a 6 year old son. I'm thankful that both her and her son are safe but she has a lot of struggles ahead of her.

  • Susan Ruffalo said:

    Please pray for Gods will to be clear in my life. And for my Mom who is making an out of state move- give her strnegth and stamina as she regains her independance.

  • lauren said:

    This is so encouraging to me at this point in motherhood. I have a very strong willed 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. It is exhausting some days, and knowing the discipline is building her for something greater- to serve our LORD! that is a wonderful reminder on the days I am going nuts! I would appreciate your prayers on helping me disconnect. Helping me sync with the Lord on parenting. Let me be continually in prayer, not caught up in the world. It is so hard some days!!! Thank you!

  • Kristi said:

    Thank you Sharon for this, I really needed to hear it today! I have three sons with of course all different personalities and different ways of being strong willed. My youngest is extremely strong willed and is very challenging for me. I often feel that I'm not adequate to handle it but then remind myself that the Lord has not given me more than I can handle. I do believe there's a purpose for this and that the Lord is raising up mighty warrior's for his kingdom. I really need prayer for Grace in raising these young boys and prayer for obedience in them as well. Thank you so much and may the Lord continue to Bless you and your family!

  • Katie said:

    Thank you for your post. I have 2 children, ages 4 and 2. My sweet 4 yo daughter is strong willed and I struggle with being the best mom for her. Please pray that both of them seek Christ, and that my interactions with my daughter may be pleasing to the Lord. Thank you.

  • Jennifer H said:

    Please pray for my 2 sons and 2 daughters as they are struggling with selfishness and self -centeredness. These are things I've struggled with also so I know how entangled we can become. Please pray that they would begin to put others first and deny themselves and imitate our Savior's sacrificial love. I pray that they would put this into practice first in our own home which is where it's the hardest for them as they bicker. Please pray for my husband and I to model this and find creative ways to instruct our kids in this area.

  • Kathleen said:

    I can always use a good prayer!
    After fighting with a strong willed 19 month old most of the night, I am trying now to teach a classroom full of strong-wills. Some days I just feel like I am about to lose it!
    Stopped for a minute for some encouragement. God always knows that we need!

  • carol said:

    Thank you for sharing & encouraging mothers. I pray for consistency in discipline, Wisdom on when to give grace. I pray my children will follow & love the Lord by their own choice. I pray not to be too hard on myself & not to give up.

  • Judy L. said:

    I need prayer for my kids. That they see the I mean good when I discipline them. That we see eye to eye. I know this won't happen every time but that they may try and understand why I do what I do. I need prayer for them to have hope and faith. We are going through a really challenging time. I don't want them to be broken and feel the way that I do. I don't want them to feel like they have to give and that all is lost. please send prayers our way as they are much needed.

  • Dawn said:

    Please pray that my children grow into their own strong relationship with the Lord and know and are able to go to Him with all their cares and concerns. That they will be able to stand up to any attack of the enemy and furthermore be a light in this dark world. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show me how to be a better parent and to speak love into their hearts. Thank you.

  • Tabatha Schreck said:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have two little guys and I pray every night that God will help us to be the parents he wants us to be. I would love for you to join me in this prayer! I look forward to reading your book!

  • Micah said:

    Please pray for me and my eleven year old daughter. She's very strong willed, always has been. But I'm realizing that I really struggle with being consistent in discipline. My little girl starts middle school next school year and I know she needs me to be more consistent in order to help her be more successful in all she does. I also am really struggling with knowing exactly how to use discipline. ,any if the methods I've used like groundings doesn't seem to have much if an effect. Thank you so much for your prayers and Proverbs 31 Devotional today on the subject of parenting. I cannot tell you what a blessing this was to my heart.

  • mom@lthfarm said:

    Hi, Sharon. Thank you so much for this! My daughter will be graduating from high school one week from today, and although she is excited, she's also very scared! She has always LOVED school, been very involved with many activities, and has made many lasting friendships. She is the type of girl that seems very confident on the outside, while on the inside she's very insecure. Although she's made her college decision, and is confident in her decision, she still wonders how it will be, and allows her insecurities to take over and make her question herself. Please pray that she will be confident as she goes forward from high school, and that God is guiding her steps and will show her the path He has laid for her. Pray for strength as we approach her graduation date, and for courage to hold her head up high and be proud of all of the accomplishments she has made during these cherished years of high school! Thank you, Sharon, and God Bless!

  • Janet Daniel said:

    Please, pray for health for my oldest daughter and health and good friend for my youngest daughter.
    Thank you!

  • Lynn Cowell said:

    Sharon, it was so good to see you this week at the Compel Training! Thank you so much for coming! I have really enjoyed hanging out on your blog today!

  • Keziah Rushing said:

    Please pray for wisdom and faithfulness for me.

  • Stacie N said:

    Please pray for restoration in my relationship with my 5 yr old, strong willed, daughter. She is the opposite of me and I often don't know how to handle her and fear I am failing her in every way.

  • Valerie said:

    Please pray that my husband and I would have strength and endurance to love and discipline our strong willed son in the way that will grow him to become a man of God. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • Kendra said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I had tears sreaming down my face as I was reading this. I so needed this. Please pray for our family and especially for God's protection over us. Thank you and God bless

  • Jennifer said:

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words from you and from God's Word! I have 6 children ranging from 9-19 yrs old. My battle right now is my 10 yr old daughter who has such a hard heart towards authority. On one hand she has such a giving, sweet spirit and if it is on her terms she can be my best worker. However, she is so very stubborn if it is someone else telling her to do something. Pray for her to have a soft heart and a humble spirit. Thank you!

  • Pam said:

    What encouragement your devotion and your video brought to me this morning. I'm glad I'm not in this parenting-a-strong-willed-child boat all by myself. I specifically was struck by your thoughts on stepping away from or disengaging from things that might be causing me to not parent my strong willed child well. Thank you for the encouragement to continue on this journey to parent my strong-willed child and lead him to the destiny God has designed just for him.

  • Sandi H. said:

    Pray for my daughter, Jessica, as she travels on a road trip to Vegas with friends. Keep her safe and protect her from Satan's influences while she is there.

  • Claudia said:

    Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing! I don't have kids -yet- I'm praying for a godly husband and two kids - and I was a strong willed kid myself.
    I definitely will pray for all the mothers sharing there stories here. You are an amazing blessing- seeing God in these difficult and exhausting situations! I'm so thankful that my mom never gave up on me and seeing the potential I had despite my behavior! Praise The Lord.
    God bless you and your whole family! Greetings from Germany :-)

  • Kelly Wolff said:

    I Am A Mother Of Two And A KinDergarten teacher. I Would Ask That You Pray For My Own Patience And That I Will Be Consistent In My Discipline. My Oldest Son Is Nearly Six And Is Very Bright Energetic And Wants To Do Everything His Way. Breaking His Will Is Exhausting And Is never Ending. Most Days I Feel So Inadequate And As If There Is Nothing Left To Give To Him After A Full Day Of Teaching Twenty Other Five Year Olds. I Start Out Patient, But As I Am Whittled AwayI begin To Turn Angry And short With Him. Please Pray For Wisdom In How To Raise A godly Son. Thank You.

  • Kristy said:

    Please pray for my 5 children to fall in love with Christ. And for my husband to serve the Lord as well. One of my daughters is struggling with her gender identity. Please pray that she will accept herself the way God made her. Thank you so much. And thank you so much for your ministry :)

  • Sarah said:

    I needed this reminder to stay consistent when I feel overwhelmed, tired, and alone in the task of parenting two under two right now. Please pray for me to grow in Christ in the midst of often feeling too tired and too spent. Thank you for your ministry!

  • Marisha said:

    I could always use a prayer not only to be filled with wisdom, but also to use it too when needed as my natural instinct, instead of relying on my flesh-based instincts.
    Thank you!

  • Angela said:

    I just came across your site and am loving it! Thank you for all you do!

  • heather said:

    Please pray for my daughters' hearts, that they would be able to love the Lord even within the world of public school and travel soccer teams that they would be able to find fellowship and friendship with girls who love the Lord also; pray for my son that he would hear God's calling to him for his future and continue to grow in the Lord and his love as he also attends public school . thank you

  • Sara S. said:

    Good morning! Please pray that my children continue to grow closer to God. Thank you.

  • Mandy said:

    Hi what perfect timing after another night of battles. Please pray for my son Samuel. I have three boys and the youngest is strong willed to say the least. He has recently got into trouble with the law and God helped work that out. However my husband is not saved and dealing with Sam's problems which are constant are overwhelming to him also. I love my family and I claim victory over this and I try and be consistent but I have said some really bad things and done some as well. I am a teacher, helped with AWANA, Sunday School, youth group etc and it seems most children/ teens like me except for my son. I know he loves me deep down however his words, attitude and down right meanness is exhausting. Thank you for this video and encouragement. God used you mightily today sister in Christ. Please pray for the spirit of rebelliousness to be lifted and for Sam to walk with God as well as my husband, Thank you God bless you

  • Ginger Butts said:

    Thank you for offering to pray for my children. My two boys are 17 and 20. They have been raised in the truth. Please pray as the youth culture battles for their hearts and minds that the acceptance and love of God overpowers and wins their hearts and minds to know God's grace intimately. Oh, may it be so in Jesus' name!

  • Bev DeSalvo said:

    Hey Sweet Sharon,
    I just got back from California last night where I stayed with my two year old grandson. That was on the heels of a week spent keeping our daughter's four kids that are age seven and under. I think that all five of my grand children
    are strong-willed!! They all have a mind of their own, which will be a good thing especially in the future.

    I have a message of hope for young mothers struggling with this issue. Our daughter, Sarah, was very strong-willed and we butted heads more times than I can count. Today she is a lovely woman of God and we are very, very close. She says that she's glad that I didn't give in to her. The things that she thought were so important at the time aren't a concern today.

    The most important thing we can do as mothers is to pray and model, pray and model. God will give us windows of opportunity to pour words of wisdom into our children, but we can pray and model every single day.

    Blessings and love to you, dear Sharon. I wish we lived next door.

  • Michele said:

    Mother of 4 here! 1 high schooler 1 middle and 2 toddler boys! 2 are very strong willed!! Makes for interesting days lol

  • Peggy Parks said:

    Please pray for my 2 sons, both are very strong willed especially my oldest who is 19. Our whole family needs to come back to the Lord.

    Thank you,