Extravagant Love–Marriage Conference Call

Dale and Sharon

Dale and Sharon

I was SO mad, I thought I would explode! And the contents of that explosion would have been hazardous to anyone in my path—namely Dale!

Anger was emanating from every pore of my being. What was he thinking? How could he not see the obvious? The more these thoughts swirled in my head, the madder I got! And he didn’t seem to care about my feelings, either! He just looked at me. That was it! I decided to pack the kids up and leave.

And (the nerve of him!) he didn’t even ask where I was going! The suitcases said it all!

I wasn’t thinking rational thoughts. I just left in the storm of it all.

Oh, boy. Those were the days. I’m so glad that was then and now is now. It was many years ago. Yeah, he said a lot of things and did a lot of things that I didn’t understand. It was like we were from two different planets with totally different brain and emotion function.

If you read my blog post Love Potion, you’ll remember I said there was a turning point in my marriage. Within a year of God working on me, my marriage started to change.

If you’re visiting me today after reading my devotion To Have and To Hold from P31 or Crosswalk, welcome! If you haven’t read it, you should!

Truth be told, most marriages will struggle at some point. The real question is: How will you handle it when it’s yours that is struggling? I can tell you from personal experience, if you focus on your spouse’s faults, the conclusion isn’t marital bliss.

There were three key things that radically changed my marriage. It took time for me to adapt to the changes, but I felt God’s leading and His pleasure in it all. A perfect marriage isn’t forged in a day, but the time and energy invested in it will last a lifetime. It’s worth the effort, and YOU WILL reap what you sow—I promise.

Getting back to the story… After being gone from Dale for 24 hours, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I came home, and we made up.

I’m a bit on the strong willed side, so it probably took me longer than it will take you. But when necessary changes were made, our marriage radically changed for the good. I’m talking the highest happiness of wedded life here!

Colossians 3:12-25 basically says: Extravagant love is the bond of perfection. Love is merciful, kind, long suffering, forgiving, bears all things… Verse 23 says, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord…” So, if we love our husbands extravagantly (heartily), the reward is great. Christ loved us extravagantly. He didn’t love us because we deserved it. He sacrificed everything for love. Extravagant love can transform an ordinary marriage into an extraordinary one, induce greater love, ignite intimacy, help us live above our weaknesses, and spend less time quarreling!

On May 30, 2013, from 8:00-9:15 PM EST, I’m going to do a marriage conference call—Extravagant Love. I’ll share the three things that changed my marriage, and then you can ask me questions at the end of the call! Sign up today for the Extravagant Love Conference Call! (Sorry men, this call is for wives- maybe I could get Dale to lead one for the husbands? )

I’m going to give away 3 free Extravagant Love conference calls. Leave a comment below to enter your name in the drawing. Just tell me in one word what you need help with in your marriage. Winners will be announced next Wednesday.

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  • Chara said:


    • Heidi said:

      to try harder
      to love more
      to forgive fully
      to show up
      to feel it, say it and mean it
      to sacrifice personal wants
      to loose the agenda
      to engage
      to reflect His love

      • Doreen Armstrong said:


        • Biv said:


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  • Evelyn said:


  • Nancy said:

    Love. That would be the once word. I don't know what happened to the love. After 40 years together our marriage is at the lowest it has ever been. We don't argue or fight and we're in the same house but we don't have much in common. The saddest part is that I want to be en encouragement to our daughters in their marriages. But it all seems to put on now because it's not there for us anymore.

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  • barbara said:

    My one word: Salvation

    I am saved, he is not. It is a huge struggle.

    Wow... The Lord certainly has a way of being blunt and speaking loudly to me through others. Yesterday I was talking to my best friend about this, and wanting so badly to walk away. My friend quoted me this very same verse- Col 3:12. Thank you for this.

  • Kelli said:


  • sharon Burkes said:


  • linda f said:


    Thank you so much for devotion. My marriage is far from healed but your devotion has given me a HOPE-a reason to
    keep on trying. I must ask something & maybe someone (Sharon or other readers) can help me. I have several chronic conditions.
    When I flare (this means disease is active & pain is very high) intimacy is very tough & sometimes it is to long between times together.
    My husband tries to be understanding but he has needs & it's hard on him. We do try to still be close but again,it's very tough when I have a h ugh painlessly that even My pain meds don't stop. Recently I was up until 3am after time with hubby b/c pain shot through roof. I am not trying to
    give too much info but I need to know how to handle a situation like this so my husband feels his needs are met. Any wise words from those who have experienced trouble in this area or have a book recommendation would be fabulous. Blessings~

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  • Colleen Chavez said:

    The fruit of all the spirits: Galatians 5:22-23 Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithness, gentleness and Self control. One other not mentioned is forgivness. During our 23 years of marriage our children have seen us fight, in fact my youngest daughter while being taking to school by her father, my husband, she broke down during their morning prayer and told him "all you guys do is fight, I am sick of it". She is so right. I want a marriage that is full of love but, it seems like the devil is right there and it seems we take into his will for him to destory our marriage. I want to stay married, I love being married-that was my goal in life. I know we need God in our lives more than we have him there. So I am wanting to rebuild our marriage- love him whole heartly.

  • Jane said:


  • claudia said:

    "Unconditional-love "
    Hope it counts for 1 word ;)

  • Sandy said:


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  • Lissa said:

    Build up what has never been there

    • Hi Lissa! You are the winner of the free conference call! The call is May 30. Send me your email address and I'll give you your free info for the call. Love and hugs!

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  • Charlotte Askew said:

    Nothing ;)

  • Amy said:


  • Joy said:

    This is coming to me at the perfect time. This is definitely a dry time in our marriage & I was just praying today asking God what I should do now. It seems nothing is working.

    • Oh no JOy! Lord renew this marriage by your love and power. Ignite passion and deep desire in both Joy and her husband. Make this marriage an amazing one for Your glory LOrd. In Jesus' name, amen. Love and hugs

  • Cecilia said:


  • Jan said:


  • Sally said:


  • Libby said:


  • Kim C said:


    (and gentle spirit). Thanks for your encouragement, Sharon! :-)

  • Melinda said:

    2 words: affair recovery

    • Oh my, Lord, help Melinda to recovery from this terrible thing that happened to their marriage. Heal her and her husband and make them more in love than ever. In Jesus' name amen. Love and hugs, Sharon

  • Aaron(yes I am female) P. said:


    Our biggest problem, is me. I really need a healing, deep rooted in my soul.

    • Lord, heal the deep places of Aaron. Renew her by Your power! In Jesus' name, amen! Hugs and love!

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  • Hilda Quintanilla said:


  • Trisha said:

    His adultery

  • Amanda said:


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  • Megan said:


  • gloria said:


  • Rachel said:


  • Anonymous said:

    dont know but know I need help

  • RuRe said:


  • Brittany said:

    Submission & dealing with a ungodly husband

  • Dana Murphy said:

    HOPE...my marriage is in desperate need of saving, we are hanging on by a thread

  • Kathleen said:

    Lord change me.

  • 1princess1prince said:

    attraction = my 1 word
    I've lost interest in my husband and I've tried to make myself have a desire for him, but nothing seems to attract me to him anymore. We both have strong family values and we stick it out for our children.

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