A Mama Lioness

Sharon and Ellie


Our youngest daughter Ellie recently called me a “Mama Lion.”  Instinctively, I wanted to roar loudly claiming the title!  A mama lioness will do anything to protect her cubs!  She is bold, courageous and valiant on behalf of her cubs.

I’m sure the reason she said it was because of what we recently required from a young man who had come to our house to ask permission to date her.  Dale and I gave him a list of requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order to start dating our baby girl.  And we gave him a list that he would have to live out after he started dating her.  She was mortified.  She said she couldn’t imagine someone wanting to date her that had to fulfill the requirements we asked of him. Confidently, I said, “That will make it easier to narrow down your (and our) options for the right man.”

That wasn’t the only reason she called me a mama lion. I’ve been pretty protective over our baby girl. The Holy Spirit gives discernment in protecting our children.  When He gives a check in my spirit, I know I need to do as He leads.  It is up to us to put up protective boundaries from anything that can come and steal, kill, or destroy what God entrusts to us.

I say yes to the title of the Mama Lioness, until that day that Holy Spirit says it’s okay to release my protective grip.  Until then, I’ll fight for our children like a lioness!  I’ll wage war against spiritual darkness in heavenly places against them.  I’ll valiantly fight for their protection on every level and go boldly before the throne of God, pleading on their behalf to help them become mighty warriors for Jesus! And, I’m sure in the process of watching me, they too will become mama lionesses one day.

“The righteous are bold as the lion.”  -Proverbs 28:1-


Glasgow Family at Ellie’s highschool Graduation party in barn on 6/16/2012




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