Winner of Love Potion Giveaway is. . .

The winner of yesterday’s giveaway is Kim M. She posted her comment yesterday at
02/05/2013 at 7:22 AM. Yay! Thank you all for commenting. I wish I had a gift for each of you. Better yet I wish you all could come over to my house for coffee and we could continue the discussion on marriage. Umm now that’s an idea! We do live on a farm and have a huge barn. . . Kim M email me your address! Hugs!

  • Joy said:

    Congratulations Kim!!

    Sharon...if you're having a tea/coffee party in the barn, I want to be there :-). I'll bring my own teacup/mug.

    Love you my precious friend.

  • Linda K said:

    Sharon...I saw ALL those comments! You must have been up all night reading them all!

    I am not currently married....widow. But hope to remarry again someday....Lord willing.

    I was blown away...reading about all the positive marriages...and some of the issues that women are dealing with in their marriage. Seems like most women really want to have that great marriage.

    I will re-read all the comments and make my own notes....for my future marriage. You can really learn alot just by listening.

    Thanks for the article Sharon!

    Linda from PA