Best Selling Author- Liz Curtis Higgs-How do you do it all?

Liz Curtis Higgs and Sharon Glasgow

 I had the privilege and honor of being  Liz Curtis Higgs personal assistant last weekend at the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks conference. Liz is an amazing woman of God, determined to accomplish what He equips her to do.  She has written 30 books in the past 22 year and spoken in all 50 United States and 14 foreign countries. She has sold more than 3 million books and been a New York Times best-selling author.
Sounds impressive doesn’t it? But the one thing that impressed me the most after walking along side of her  was watching her love for people. Oh my goodness, she has the biggest heart, it really shows where she is spending her free time (with the Father). After she spoke on Saturday night her line of fans waited patiently as she spoke to every woman  as if each were the only person she would talk to the whole night. It was midnight and she had been going strong for hours, I asked her if she wanted to quit for the night. She said, “No, I want to see everyone–no matter how late it gets.” And that she did!
You would have loved her as much as I did, that’s for sure. I couldn’t imagine writing as many books as she has, nor  speaking and ministering to as many as she does. So I asked her a few logistical questions to help my curiosity.Many of you had asked me similar questions  about her. So here are her answers to some of your questions:
Sharon: “People want to know  how often you write, Liz?”
Liz: “Every Monday I take care of business on my computer do correspondence, etc. Tuesday- Thursday I write sun up to sun down with a lunch and dinner break. On an average day 6-8 hours a day but when a manuscript is due the hours are extended.”
Sharon: (Liz has two grown kids now) “When your kids were little how did you do it all?”
Liz:“I began public speaking before our children were even born, starting with lots of local and regional events. Our kids were 3 and 5 when I started writing as well as traveling. NOT ideal. I hired a nanny to come to our house and had an office manager as well and it was, to be very honest, quite stressful for me. By the time our kids were 6 and 8 my husband left his full-time job to work with me. Things got much better after that. Since that day we’ve not had office staff. It’s just Bill and Lizzie, a real mom-and-pop ministry!”
Sharon: “Does your husband help you a lot, making meals, cleaning the house, etc?”
Liz:“He is definitely helpful on the homefront! We both do laundry. Bill does most of the grocery shopping and cooks lots of our evening meals, though I have several dishes everyone loves and so take my turn. I keep the house together and have two dear women come every two weeks to really CLEAN. So, a group effort.”
Sharon: “What inspires you?”
Liz: “Day in and day out, God’s Word is my inspiration, it keeps me going. I love studying, digging, learning, discovering. Reading the classic writings of Charles Spurgeon  and Matthew Henry and many others also inspires me. Such wordsmiths!”
Sharon:” Do you rest on Sundays?”
Liz:“I certainly try to make that a relaxing day for our family, with a leisurely breakfast, church at 11:15, usually followed by Sunday dinner out. Sometimes we go to a movie or go for a walk. I absolutely HATE when I’m so crunched with a book deadline that I have to spend Sunday afternoon in my writing study. It happens, and God is kind to meet with me there. But my heart’s desire is to truly rest and recharge and be with the people I love most!”
I’m intrigued by Liz, by her love of the Bible and Jesus, her ability to accomplish so much  and how much the Father’s heart radiates through her. I love her, I’m glad I got to share her with you.

Liz’s newest book! Just released!

Connect with Liz:
Twitter: @LizCurtisHiggs