When God Interrupts Your Plans for His- Just Do it!

Sparky in the snow covered field at sunrise

Sparky in our snow covered field at sunrise- If you’re visiting me from P31 devotions today, welcome!

We’d been cooped inside the vehicle way too long!

The kids were fighting. Everyone starving… but the good news? We were only 10 minutes from home. Until suddenly I realized… I needed one item from the grocery store. Yeah. . .

I reassured them, “I only need one thing and I’ll be out in less than four minutes.     I promise. Set the timer!” They wailed louder.

I ran in, got the one item and found an empty check out line. I was making excellent time. I would probably get back in less than four minutes. I love exceeding expectations! I grabbed my bag from the cashier and darted for the door. They could see me from the vehicle… Surely they were happy to see the plan going as I had said…

Until I got to the door…

A man laid on the floor in the doorway and the grocery store manager knelt by him. I knew my clock was ticking and my vehicle could explode if I didn’t get to them instantly… but I had to, you know… stop.

I laid my bag on the floor, bent down, and looked into the man’s eyes. He couldn’t say anything. The manager said, “We just called the ambulance. They’re on their way.” I asked the man if I could pray for him. His eyes seemed to say, ‘yes.’ The manager closed his eyes… The man on the floor and I stared at each other as I led him to the throne of God!

Tears filled his eyes, but no words came. I said, “Do you know Jesus?” He didn’t nod. This time he didn’t even say yes in the expression of his eyes. I said, “God loved the world so much, that He gave us His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life.” I got up and got ready to run to my vehicle.
The manager said, “He’s trying to say something to you.” I couldn’t understand what he wanted to say, but the Lord heard. The Lord knew…
I never saw the man again. I don’t know the end of his story. Was he a Christian and just needed someone to minister to him? Did he hear his Savior calling him for the first time? Was this a wake up call wherein he became a radical believer and brought thousands to Christ after this day? I don’t know! But I do know this… that sometimes (actually most always) ministering to strangers isn’t convenient, unless we’re ready to be interrupted by the unexpected.
I thought it was strange that the guy evidently dropped there immediately after I walked through the door coming in. God surely had a precise plan for this guy. There are God set-ups everywhere! We just fail to be a willing part of the plan sometimes. You never know how God is going to use you. You might bring someone to the Lord who’s going to bring millions of people to Him! That’s definitely possible in this age- more than ever.
Andrew brought Peter to Christ and Peter brought thousands.
A stranger walked into a shoe shop where D.L. Moody was a salesman and led him to Christ. D.L. Moody led a multitude to Christ in the 1800’s.  D.L. Moody made a pact with himself to tell at least one person a day about Christ. If he got in bed and realized he hadn’t told anyone he would get up and run into the street to find someone to tell.
Shouldn’t we have the same enthusiasm?! I mean, The King of Glory is so glorious within us that we shouldn’t be able to contain Him. He should explode from inside out!
Oh yes! Getting back to my family waiting for me… My vehicle didn’t explode simply because I didn’t make my four minute deadline. When God interrupts my plans for His, the right action is always- Just do it!  A couple minute “God detour” could lead to who knows where.  He is GOD. His plans are higher than ours.

The next time God interrupts your plans for His- Just do it!

God has already put people in your path and they’re still waiting for you to tell them about Jesus. Just do it! Don’t wait anymore, time could run out.

 Tell us their name in the comment section. We’ll pray for them and you.  Your comment will enter your name to win a pair of pearl earrings for yourself  as well as a Bible for them.

Matthew 28:19
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

The two winners from my Keep it Shut post are Mary Lou who Submitted on 2015/01/13 at 9:51 AM and Patty who Submitted on 2015/01/08 at 6:41 PM loneprlears7bible_medium 

  • Ruth Skinner said:

    Hello Sharon,

    It's been a while since I wrote or replied, thank you for this post. Can I ask for prayers for my unborn first grandchild who is in grave danger of loosing it's life (we don't know what this new little person is, it is to be a surprise). This little being will be a person to lead to Christ through teaching and example if we are given the opportunity in God's mercy. My daughter has been diagnosed with a condition that compromises the baby, we pray that God's hand will be upon her and her little one.

    So not quite what you were asking for but please accept my plea.

    As we wait for Jesus,


    • Absolutely Ruth! Lord, protect this baby and bring it full term in perfect health. Use this child to bring millions to You! Lord, we trust You. We ask that you heal Ruth's daughter right now from this condition. Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name, amen. I will continue to pray Ruth. XOXOX

      • Joanne Peterson said:

        Lord, bring this little one through this pregnancy healthy and heal this little one's mother, and let the doctors be mystified; You can do anything! May this child be a mighty one of God, faithful and full of the Holy Spirit. I amen Sharon's prayer to You that this child bring millions to You in Your Name. Thank You Jesus, in Your name Jesus, amen.

    • Evy Lynn said:

      pray for my son Daniel .. I had to kick him out of my home due to his drug use. He is 38.
      I feel so bad but it was getting out of control and I felt like a stranger in my own home.
      He is suppose to enter a rehabilitation home when a bed opens up. In the meantime he is sleeping in his car. Pray for deliverance, protection and most of all salvation .

  • Rebecca Ralston said:

    Hi Sharon!
    ????prayers for my son, William!
    Pray for me because this hits home
    with me. Im always rushing with many
    things to do, and hate a monkey wrench thrown
    into my day! ????

    • Lord, minister to William in the deep place of his heart. Speak to him through Rebecca and others. Give him dreams in the night that will draw him to You. Give him a hunger for your Word and Your Truth. Thank You Lord! Protect him from the snare of the enemy. In Jesus' name, amen.

  • brenda said:

    My neighbor Doug. He agreed to have my pastor come over and talk with him and to answer questions he had. The pastor tried several times but was put off for a later date each time. He considers his AA Meetings his 'church". Pray that I will have holy boldness and just cross the street with my Bible and blatenly ask him about the condition of his soul. If this man doesn't know for sure where he will spend eternity, pray that he will accept the Lord as his personal Savior. Thank you for your prayers, example and service to all of us. May God continue to bless you sweet sister.

    • Lord,give Brenda the words to speak to Doug that will bring him to You. Give her Your love for him and eyes to see him the way You do. Break his heart for Yours Lord. Take the blinders off his eyes and clear his vision so he see see truth. Tenderize his heart to receive Your invitation! In Jesus' name, amen.
      Thank you Brenda!

  • Tuija said:

    Prayers for my husband, my daughter and my son. I hope and pray for the day when the whole household will be saved!

    • Yes! Standing in faith with you Tuija. I pray in the name of Jesus that His Holy Spirit would be poured out on them. I pray that their lives would be eternally changed and brought into His Kingdom!

  • Tuija said:

    My husband's name is Janne, my daughter is Amanda and my son is Paul. I pray, that they will all worship with me one day. Thank you for praying!!

  • Eva said:

    Oh Sharon, Please,Please Pray for the people who are attending ALPHA this season. They are there to find out more about Jesus and how to follow him. Pray they open their hearts and souls to a relationship with him,

    • Eva!!! It was SO WONDERFUL seeing you at the retreat a couple weeks ago. YES, I'll pray for the people attending ALPHA this season! Lord, send a fire of revival on this group. Put an unquenchable zeal in their hearts for YOU. Make this time of gathering a time that they will never forget because of Your Glory, Your LOVE and YOUR POWER! Thank You Lord!! In Jesus' name, amen!!

  • Kristi M. said:

    Please pray for my current neighbors Ricky and Michelle. I know the Lord has put them and their children in our path for a purpose.. First, I'm Blessed to say after inviting their children to my childrens youth groups, they have been attending weekly and have been able to learn about Jesus. They declined the fiest few invites, but now that they go, Im blessed to see the desire in them continuing to grow. When we first met the kids, one would walk around claiming to be an atheists, but now he's learning the truth and is asking me to go! Praise the Lord! Back to the parents, they are amazed of the change in thier children but tbey need it now too. I pray now the Lord gives me the boldness and courage to witness more to them. They need Jesus so bad, as we all do, but they are truly lost and my time of being their neighbor is running short because I'm only living near them temporary. Pray the Lord guides and protects me in this because it is a dark place. Thank you!

    • Sweet Kristi what a beautiful testimony about the kids! Oh Lord, speak to Ricky and Michelle through Kristi and others. Wake this couple in the night with dreams from You alone. Wake them in the morning with a hunger to know who You are and a thirst for Your Word. Do a miracle on this family Lord, bring them to You and make them warriors in Your army! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Nancy said:

    Please pray for my cousin and her brother in law that lost her sister and his wife today of cancer. And also pray for a very dear friend that lost his wife to alizmers Sunday. God I do not understand your will and I was first angry at you because both of these beautiful ladies were only in their early 60's but I know in my heart it is your will not ours. Surround those families and our family with your love and strength and peace. Thank you Shaton got offering this beautiful story.

    • Thank you Nancy. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding to cover and guard your family members in this tough time.

  • Nancy said:

    My mom & dad, husband and two daughters and Colleen. All are very important to me and I want them to know Christ as their saviour.

  • Elaine Stewman said:

    My friend Cora. Amazing person.....I just need to have the talk with her.
    Thanks for your post. So inspirational.

    • Elaine, I pray that the Lord anoints you with boldness and wisdom as you approach your friend Cora. We know that God SO loves her (John 3:16)! I pray that her eyes are opened and salvation would come.

  • Christine Nicholl said:

    Pray for my sister Gin who does not believe. Also for my son Christopher, my brother Tim who also are without God.

    • Standing in faith with you Christine for your family members!

  • Laura said:

    Please pray for my parents Jim and Kathleen. That they will accept Him as Lord and Savior and spend eternity with Him. Also for my little boys James and Noah, that they will grow to know and love the Lord!
    Thank you for this great post. You always inspire me to press on for the Lord!

    • Thank you Laura! I am standing in faith with you for your parent's salvation! Also standing with you for your sons.

  • Jane said:

    Please pray for my boyfriend Ken who is lost without God. He doesn't even believe!! This admission from him has broken my heart. Please pray that God will open his eyes and heart to the truth and the plan of salvation. Please pray that I will be a light to him in this dark world and that his hard heart will be softened. Ken is such a sweet person and so good to me. He has seen God do things in my life and I don't understand how he can still not believe.

    • I will pray for him now! Father, in Jesus' almighty name, we lift up Ken to your Throne of Grace. We know that You SO love him because you say so in John 3:16. You did not come to condemn him, but that through Christ, salvation would be available. I pray that the layers of life circumstances that separate him from You would be removed and that his heart, though currently hard, would be made soft as clay! You are able to do this Jesus and we trust that You have made the way for all people who call out to you. I pray that Ken would cry out to you today. Amen!

  • Ellie said:

    My husband, Robert, that he will know that he is saved.
    Thank you, great words!

  • Barbara said:

    My daughter who is in a drug rehab program does not know Jesus yet. I have been praying for her since she was a little girl. She has lost her children and she has lost everything. She is so scared and unhappy and she has no friends and no family to visit her, my husband and I had to move due to a job transfer. Please pray for my daughter. Thank you. Also my father in law who is elderly does not know Jesus yet either. We have tried many times to witness.

    • Barbara, my heart goes out to you in this desperate trial! I will pray for your daughter now and stand in faith with you for transformation and restoration! Abba in Heaven, I ask that You would release the ministry of Your Holy Spirit all over Barbara. I pray for her daughter that You would touch her life in a powerful way. I ask that You would open up doors for her that no man can shut and bring healing to her mind, spirit, and body! I pray for the joy of Your salvation to be poured out all over her and the whole family. I pray for safety and protection over the children and that You would bring healing as only You can! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Joy said:

    Precious friend I need to read this often to remind me of the urgency and blessing of obeying God's prompting on my heart. There is a grave need in the hearts of those God places on our path each day...yet so often I at least am more concerned with making my "four minutes" that I neglect the opportunity of eternity. And yes, even if we don't know if the person we share with makes a decision for Christ, we do receive a blessing...the sweet assurance of a seed planted and the gift of knowing we obeyed.

    Could you pray for extended family? One couple in particular going through a difficult time...and if they'd only turn their hearts to Jesus. They know the message of salvation, pray their hearts will be tender and God would give them a longing to know, receive and follow Him. And if He desires to use me specifically, that I would abandon my "four minutes" and just do it!

    Love you...and see you in two days!!! Praying for you.

    • My dearest Joy, I CAN'T want to see you and minister with you in two days!! The Lord is so good to us! I will pray for your extended family. Lord, Jesus You alone know the secret places of this family and their heart condition. Draw them to You as only You do. Use Joy as a vessel of Your glorious love that exhibits unconditional love. Give her Your heart for them, Your love and Your words. Let them hear You knocking on their door and give them the courage to open it and say, "come in." Thank You! In Jesus' name, amen.

  • Sally said:

    My daughter and her husband, that they would return to the church.

    • Father, in Jesus' name, I pray that you would bring Sally's daughter and her husband back into fellowship with Your people. I pray that You would bring restoration to their relationships and that You would show them their need for the body of Christ. I pray that they would experience the great blessing of Your people... I pray that all wounds would be healed and that trust would be renewed according to Your Word.

  • Kami said:

    Sharon, thank you for your words today. I have been praying for a way to talk to my sister, Kellie, about The Lord. Please pray for her and myself. Pray that God will give me the words and the opportunity and pray she will feel a stirring in her heart. Life is not easy, but it gets a whole lot easier when you are filled with the Holy Spirit instead of going through life on your own.

    Thank you for taking time to pray for all of those in our lives who still haven't found God! I came to know The Lord later in life and am still working on becoming more comfortable ministering to non believers. This post was just what I needed to read :)

    • Good to hear from you Kami. Stepping out to reach the lost is never comfortable. But the Lord commands us to "go into all the world..." (Matthew 28:19). Yet, His Grace IS sufficient and He always moves- even when we can't see with our eyes or know with our minds exactly what He did. I will pray for you to have great boldness and meekness in your presentation of the gospel. Jesus is truly the only way to the Father, only truth, and only life! He is worth everything and has provided everything that we need. But, I know that it takes a real step of faith in order to share. I pray that He meets you as you go. :) I know He will!

  • Susan said:

    My mother in law Sue . My brother Dave and his wife Helen. Thank you for praying for me also, I can really use it !

    • Yes, I agree in faith with you Susan! Father, I ask in Jesus' precious name, that You would bring Susan's mother in law Sue, her brother Dave, and his wife Helen into Your kingdom. I pray that you would send people into their path who will openly, lovingly, and meekly share Your truth with them. I ask that they would hear Your voice and that they would not harden their hearts. I thank you that You said that "Today is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2). I lift up Susan to You as well. Father, open up your hand and satisfy the desires of her heart in Your goodness and plan! We trust You to bring about great things in this family, in Jesus' name, amen!

  • Missy said:


  • Thanks for this reminder, that we are truely disciples/servants and should tell everyone about CHrist. Please pray for me that when God, gives me an opportunity that I will not bow out. I also ask for Prayers for my son JJ, that he will give God his callous Heart and surrender all to him. I know God is going to do big things for my Son, I truely Believe that.

    • Thank you for sharing Yvonne! We have been given life from the dead- how much more should we be willing and interested in sharing this Grace with everyone around us?! I pray for you right now that God would anoint you with boldness to speak His word to the people in your path. I pray that He would strengthen you to do so. I lift up JJ, in Jesus' almighty name and I pray that his heart would be turned fully to the living God. I ask You Abba that a mighty shift and breakthrough would come into JJ's life and that everything that he is would cry out for more of you! Amen!

  • Reen said:

    I will be at the hospital today for several hours and do not want to miss an opportunity to share Christ with someone, anyone!
    Pray that the Lord prepares my heart right now for that divine appointment. Thank you!

  • Linda said:


    • Lord Jesus, I lift up Karen to You and ask that You would pour out Your Spirit on her today. I pray that her eyes would be opened to see the truth of who You are and that mercy would flood the gates of her soul. Father, bless Karen, in Jesus' name- amen!

  • Anne Marie said:

    Please pray for Jon and for Jim - that the Lord would save and heal them. Thank you so very much! God bless you!

    • Thank you for posting Anne Marie!
      Father, in Jesus' almighty name, I pray for Jon and Jim. I ask that You would bless them in a way that only You can. I ask that You would let them hear your voice and respond to Your presence with a "yes" cry in their hearts! I pray that You would sovereignly intervene in their path today and make clear to them the invitation that You sent out at the cross. Amen!

  • Audrey Murphy said:

    Hi my name is Audrey and I would love it if you could pray for my family and especially two of my sisters Darshana and Monique thanks and god bless you.

    • Father in Heaven, I come into agreement for the salvation of Audrey's sisters Darshana and Monique. We know that You are passionately interested in their outcome and are seeking them even now. I pray that mercy would fall over their lives and that Your presence would surround them. I also lift up Audrey's whole family to You and pray that each person who does not know You personally, would be brought into Your kingdom. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Vicky Sikes said:

    Thanks for sharing this blog. May God richly bless you!

    • Thank you Vicky! He is so good to us, even when the circumstances around us seek to test our faith. May He also richly bless you! :)

  • A. Hayes said:

    Sharon, this post not only brought to mind several people I'd love prayer for, but for myself as well. As a Chrisitan woman, I know I need to share more of God's word with others, but I'm afraid of offending or upsetting others if they're not interested in what I have to say about Him. Please add my name to the list. Pray that I can be the woman that speaks more freely about Him to others, despite what their reaction or emotion will bring. Because I know sharing Him with others is what He's called me to do...and do well!
    And also add my friend Colette. She needs God in her life. She has said on more than one occasion she's not opposed to learning about Him, she's just not going to make the effort. I pray I can be the person God brings to her to speak and know Him.
    Thank you!

    • Lord Jesus, I lift up my sister to You and pray that You would fill her with a new power and might today. I pray that this power and might would be manifest in meekness, humility, boldness, and especially love- and that through this, You would reach the lost souls around her. You alone bring salvation, Lord... I pray for her friend Collette and ask that You would show her how to diligently seek Your face. It is through seeking that we find... so I pray for her to have hunger and thirst for Your Word! Amen!

  • Kathy said:

    Please pray for my son-in-law, Billy. He's going through a difficult time emotionally and spiritually. I pray throughout each day many times for him and his family as he's currently going through counseling but I need the right words to say the right things and ask the right questions. He knows the Lord but I want him to have that deep relationship with him. Please pray he will find this and that God's light will shine through me. I know once he does, everything else will fall into place.

    • Thank you for sharing Kathy. I stand in faith with you for your son-in-law, Billy! I pray that our ever-present helper would surround you, your daughter, Billy, and the whole family and bring encouragement. I pray that his heart would hunger and thirst for You Jesus on a deeper level and that he would then be able to lead his family to the river of Life. Father, You are the author of life, fullness, and every desire that we have- every need supplied. You are all in all and I pray that Billy would be able to experience You as this, even now. In Jesus' name, amen.

  • Thank you so much for this article. It reminded me to keep on sharing the good news to everyone.

    • Let's keep pressing on together Cristy! Jesus is worthy of the nations, right? :) Blessings to you sister!

  • Jen said:

    Please join me in praying for my Muslim neighbors, Mari and Rawan and their 2 young daughters. Their older daughter rides the bus with my daughter (although they go to two different private schools) and our girls have become friends. My husband talks with Mari every day at the bus stop. Pray that he would see Jesus in us!

    • Yes Lord! I pray that Jen and her family would truly be a strong light to this family. I thank you that You died for Muslims (the whole world- John 3:16) and are seeking them for your Kingdom, even now. Thank you for Jen and her husband's willingness to reach out to them. I pray that Your presence would be poured out over them, today and that they would hear Your voice!

  • Kelly Willie said:

    Prayers for Angela and Leanne who are going through a divorce. Want them to know God will be by their side if they turn to him.

    • Yes and amen! Lord Jesus, I lift up Angela and Leanne to you. I pray that You would let mercy and grace powerfully touch their lives today. Regardless of what they've been through, done, or feel they are heading now- I pray that You would turn their hearts to You and let Your Holy Spirit empower their lives- like never before. You are salvation. You are the only way to the Father. Bring them into Your kingdom! In Jesus' name, amen.

  • Lindsay said:

    Thank you for this post. It's not always comfortable to share the good news…but it's necessary. It can feel intimidating, or scary (what if I say the wrong thing, or it comes out wrong or I just plain mess it up!), thank you for the encouragement. I've been trying to lead my brother, Chris, to the Lord, to live a Godly life and know Jesus personally. He would be an amazing Godly man and do awesome things I just can feel it in my bones. I have tried in different, un-intrusive but impact-full ways and I get the "Thanks Lins for looking out for me". If you could pray for him and me. I'm open and willing to what God has for me in his plan to capture my brother's heart. But maybe I'm not in the plan and that's fine too. I just want my brother on God's team :)
    Thank you for your posts, I so enjoy them and they go straight to my heart!!
    With much gratitude,

    • Thank you for sharing Lindsay! You are certainly in the plan! You have already been used to sow seeds of truth and direction to your brother. This is a powerful thing. I do pray that the Lord would bring others around your brother who can water the seeds that have been planted. I pray that a great awakening would come into his life and that he would be used of the Lord to further share the good news. More than anything, I pray that He would come to know the meaning of Sonship in the sight of the Father.

      Father, we stand in faith for Chris and ask that You would bring him into Your kingdom. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Kristen Gielow said:

    Prayers for my brother Ed. For my mom and step dad (Fran and Jim). And for my ex husband Rich. Thank you so much. I love the Lord and all 4 of these people have been hurt by "Christians" or still angry at God for different reasons and I pray so hard that their lives are turned around. Only He can give them the peace each of them need.

    • Yes Lord Jesus! I agree in faith with Kristen for her brother Ed, her Mother, step Father, and Rich. I pray that out of Your great love and mercy, You would show them that You are for them and not against them. I pray that You would bring healing to their relationships with other believers and help them to know that there are Christians who are reliable and trustworthy. And ultimately, I pray that You would restore their trust in You. I pray that this anger in their hearts would be removed and turned to joy as You minister to their lives. I pray for peace and love to consume all of the darkness of bitterness, anger, and even unforgiveness. You are our healer and You are our helper! We commit these things to You King Jesus. Amen!

  • Gretchen Scoleri said:

    Sydney. We are in a show together

    • Father, I pray for Gretchen and ask that You would strengthen her to know how to share with Sydney. I pray that You would give her the best words and the boldness to share Your love with her. I pray that you would reveal the cross to Sydney. Let her see that the pathway to forgiveness and freedom has been forged. Bring her into Your kingdom! In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Great post. Loved it and the way you encourage us to look for those God moments. The ones he orchestrates as only He can.

    • We can do this! :) We can be faithful to share, pray, and minister to people as God helps us to see them. Bless you Anne!

  • cindy said:

    Thank you Sharon for your blog. Please pray for my son-in-law Cory who does not know the Lord. He and our daughter have two young girls that are not being raised in a Christian home. They live several states away from us and we only see them a couple times a year. We also worry that our granddaughter are missing out on learning about the Bible and how to living a Christ-centered life.

    • Thank you for sharing Cindy. I will pray right now for them! Father in Heaven, I ask that you would bring Cory into Your kingdom. I ask that You would show him the way to live his life before You. I pray that You would minister to him in a way that he has never experienced before and that the whole family would be transformed as a result. In Jesus' name, amen!

  • Lynn said:

    Please pray for my four children - Nathan, Michelle, Abigail and Amanda and their beautiful families. My husband and I are blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. Even though our children were all brought up in the church, none of them attend a church or have any desire to. Our daughter Michelle in particular is very stubborn and vocal about her unbelief. I worry about all of them, but in particular their children since they are not really being taught anything about their Lord and Savior. Life is hard and I worry about that time in any of their lives when something happens and they don't know who or what to turn to. I fervently pray that one day they will all realize the truth of who God is and what he has done for us all. I want to have the peace that one day we will all be together again in his glorious kingdom. I would also like to add my two brothers, Dale and Doug. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Dear Lynn,
      Thank you for sharing! I am praying right now for Nathan, Michelle, Abigail, Amanda, Dale, and Doug. I ask that every, single mountain would move that has been hindering them from walking in the fullness of Christ! I pray that the reality and beauty of the Love of the Father would be put directly in their path and that the Lord would make himself SO real to them! I pray that any wounds from their past would be bound up. I pray that hunger and thirst would increase and that their hearts would be made soft. Father, thank you that you SO love each of them- uniquely. I thank you that You do desire them in your kingdom and that you proved this at the cross of Calvary! Make them mighty warriors of love, grace, humility, and meekness! In Jesus' name, amen

  • Linda said:

    I already replied. But a thought came to me...that I don't need YOU to give me that
    bible for the person I mentioned. I can do that myself. So please be sure to give that bible to someone else. Sometimes...it does not have to be a "bible". I know of other people God has brought into my life that it was more appropriate to give them another type of book first.
    Like one of the P31 books...written by christian women. Sometimes it helps for that woman
    to read a "devotion" ....gets their attention. It all depends on the woman. But...I think my friend, "Karen", is ready for a bible. I will be sure to buy one for her. Maybe she needs a christian mentor to help her. I can do that.

  • Jennifer Harris said:

    I've been praying for my daughter Kaitlynn that she will come to know the Lord...I'm constantly working to find opportunities that I can do this in her life...and i'll forever keep my eyes open to what God has planned because he loves us all and wants us all with him...and never wants to see anyone perish...

    • Amen Jennifer! I pray that our Heavenly Father keeps filling you with wisdom to know what to speak to her or when to simply pray for her... Praise the Lord for your heart toward your daughter! It is obvious that you love her and are going to keep fighting the good fight of faith. Blessings in abundance to you sister!

  • Tonya said:

    Please pray for my co-workers, Joe, Bill and Sarah. I work for a law firm with very liberal attorneys. They all three do not believe in Christ. They believe there is no God. I also have family members, Bradley and his family, that do not believe. Sometimes I think it is harder to witness to our family members then a complete stranger. I pray God will open up doors for me to witness to them and share of His amazing love for them! Thank you so much for your ministry and blog! I love getting your posts in my email :) Very encouraging!

    • Thank you Tonya! It blesses and encourages me to hear from you. :) I will pray for them right now! Father in Heaven, I pray for Joe, Bill, Sarah, Bradley, and family. I thank you that no one is outside of the reach of your great love, goodness, mercy, and grace. I pray that you would show Tonya what her role is to play and help her be bold and courageous in her obedience to You. I also pray that you would send forth the gift of faith to these ones that claim there is no God. I pray that right now, that You would send people into their lives that challenge this false belief. Thank you for sending Tonya. Bless her with everything that she needs. In Jesus' name, amen.

  • becky j said:

    please pray for my neighbor Sonja :)

    • Thank you King Jesus for Sonja. I pray that You would show Becky how to reach out to her and what words to say that will bring life and truth into Sonja's spirit. Pour out salvation! This is who You are and what You do best! Thank you Father. Amen!

  • Debbie said:

    Please pray for my son to return to The Lord

    • Standing with you in faith Debbie! Matthew 18:19 tells us, "Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven." We are trusting the Word of God!

  • Janice said:

    Please pray for my friend Dineen, who lost her husband to cancer and turned away from the Lord in anger. Also for my son Mark who has gone thru a very hurtful divorce and has not gone back to church since then, 3 years. My heart aches for them....

    • Janice,
      My heart aches with you for them! :( I pray right now that our beautiful Savior would show them His chords of loving-kindness and bring them in by His goodness! Romans 2:4 tells us, "Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?" I pray that His goodness, faithfulness, and never-changing kindness would touch their lives today! I pray that you would also be encouraged by His great love for you today. Keep drawing near to Him... sitting at His feet and spending time in His word! He SO loves you and your family! Blessings and hugs, Sharon

  • susie nuss said:

    Jeff and his family

    • Praying for Jeff and family right now. Blessings and love! Sharon

  • Martha T. said:

    I would appreciate prayers for one of my nieces who is dating a Christian ,but who is not a Christian herself. If I win, I would give the Bible to her.Thanks!

    • Martha, I'm standing with you for your niece's salvation! Blessings and love, Sharon

  • Marj McSwain said:

    Please pray for Kim My youngest daughter and hubby John, my grandchildren, Meghan, Zack, Aron and Kira, All need to know the Lord as their personal Savior Karen and Hubby are new Christians, Karen my oldest daughter is coming with me to hear you speak at Calvary Baptist Church on Sat Jan.31st, Really looking forward to you speaking, Praying for a safe trip here and home, Love you Sharon <3

    • Yes, yes and YES I'll pray for them Marj! Lord, we cry out to You on behalf of Marj's family. Call them ALL to You. Save them and put an unstoppable zeal within that cannot be quenched by anything! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name, amen. I'm thrilled that Karen is coming with you Sat! I love you and see you soon!

  • Heidi said:

    My best friend and husband Troy.... I keep talkin & praying and he keeps listening. Prayers would be so welcome!! Thank you so much!

    • Halleluyah Heidi that he has a willingness to listen! I pray that his heart will keep being opened by the Holy Spirit and that the power of salvation would be poured out over him right now! Our God is mighty to save!!

  • Marla Braden said:

    Thank you for your post. It is sobering to think how many opportunities we miss either from lack of confidence in "our" ability, uncertainty/fear of the response, etc. Please pray for me to see/act on these opportunities. Please pray for my daughters Chelsea & Emily, my brother Ed, & many other family members to fully recognize and understand who Jesus is and what he has done for them through his death & resurrection. Thank you!

    • Yes Lord! I'm agreeing with you in faith Marla! Breakthrough in Jesus' almighty name!

  • Vicki said:

    Please pray for Austin's salvation.

    • Father, I ask that You would pour out your salvation over Austin today. You fully purchased his way in at the cross! I pray that he would have eyes to see you and ears to hear you today. I pray that you would show Vicki her role in this; whether through words, actions, or prayer. I thank you Father for Your great love and faithfulness! Bless Austin today Lord!

  • Kathy said:

    Please pray for my husband (Matthew) to return to the Lord.

    • King Jesus, I thank you for Your faithfulness. I pray for Kathy's husband, Matthew, and I ask that he would have a major shift in his heart. I pray that You would bring him in to a place of humility and willingness to receive You. I ask that he would see his great need for You today! In Jesus' almighty name, amen!

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    For my FIL and my MIL to become believers and trusting Christ alone.

    My daughter Melissa acting like a prodigal, and leading a dangerous lifestyle, using drugs, and alcohol, acting promiscuous, and her daughter Brianna in foster care, her husband Ben in jail.

    My mother who is a "good person" may she know it is Christ alone. Several family members are lost and one sister is a shaman, may they all know the Truth and receive the Truth as the one and only way, not one of many ways.

    For my husband and I to do a diligent job and with prayer, teaching and modeling for our little boys Dalton and David who are in February turning 4 and 5 years old, the ways of Jesus and clearly telling them the Gospel message.

    My family just has so many needs, sorry for listing such a long list.

    • Joanne Peterson said:

      Oh yes, I don't need the bible or the earrings (even though they are beautiful), if I were to win, please pick someone else's name who could use it more than I. I can afford a bible and I already have a lovely pair of earrings that I like that I could give to someone else. I just want and would really appreciate the extra prayers for family. Blessings, Joanne

      • Thank you Joanne for sharing! It is an honor to be able to stand with you and help carry your burdens to the Throne of Grace. He is our great Help and Healer! He is our Savior, our Deliverer, and our absolute ALL in ALL. I will ask that a great release of the Lord's mercy and love would flow over your whole family; mother-in-law, father-in-law, Melissa, Brianne, Ben, your mother, sister, Dalton, David- and whole family... Jesus, the maker of Heaven and Earth knows each one of them by name and has every, single hair on their heads numbered and cared for. I pray for the knowledge of the truth to be fully manifest in their hearts and lives today! I ask that He would send His holy angels and bold messengers of His glory into their lives- to speak, to love, to pray, and to declare truth! I thank you Father that nothing is too hard for you!! I thank you that no one is too far gone!! I thank you for caring, helping, saving, healing, and delivering! In Jesus' almighty name, amen.
        P.s.- I will be mindful to give the gifts to someone else if the case that you win. :) Blessings and love, Sharon

  • amy said:

    My brother, David. I am uncertain if he is saved. I write a newsletter for church which I have shared, but when it comes right down to "do you know, without a doubt" conversation, I haven't managed to get there. Prayers appreciated. Your writing was super; we all need reminders and encouragement. Thank you, and God bless you!

    • Cassandra B. said:

      I often find myself in your shoes. Let's pray for each other

    • Thank you Amy! I pray that our God brings a full commitment into David's heart to love and serve Him. I pray in agreement with you today that without a shadow of a doubt your brother would 1. confess with his mouth that Jesus is Lord, 2. and believe in his heart that God raised Him from the dead... and that you would see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his life; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5:22). I pray that you would know exactly what to say to your brother, know the timing, and also know how to pray for him. I'm so glad that the Holy Spirit teaches us to pray (Romans 8:26). We certainly all need His help. Blessings and love, Sharon

  • Cassandra B. said:

    Please pray for my daughters. I often want to share God with others but often feel inadequate or that I will push them away rather than bringing them to Christ.

    • Thank you for sharing Cassandra! I pray for your daughters that the Living God would show them His great love for them. I pray that He would show you how to lead them. I pray that He would give you clarity and boldness and that your words would be like spirit and life for their hearts. Jesus alone has the words of life. "Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life..." (John 6:68) His Grace is sufficient!
      With love and blessings, Sharon

  • Bobbie said:

    Hi, again, Sharon. What a beautiful story about that man in the grocery store! You are truly an inspiration!

    Please pray for my mom, Doris, she is not well, and she isn't fully committed to the Lord. I have talked with her about our glorious God over the years, and I've invited her to church, but she is hesitant, and I feel that it is due to a very scattered past that she is quite ashamed of. I feel for her, but I know that I cannot make this commitment for her.

    Thank you for your prayers, and for your awesome posts! :)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Bobbie!
      I will pray right now for Doris. Father in Heaven, You who know all people and circumstances... I ask that You would surround Doris with a touch from Your great love today. I pray that You would show Bobbie how to approach the relationship with her Mom and how to share the Word of God with her. I pray that Doris's life-wounds would be healed. Thank you Lord that it is never too late to come to know you or to begin again. I pray that Doris would learn that You are the restorer of life and her soul. Bless her mightily today, in Jesus' name- amen! With love and faith, Sharon

  • Rita Dean said:

    The story was very encouraging. Please help me pray for my son-in-law for salvation and a new job.

  • Myra Huckabee said:

    My nephew, Fred. He is 46 and had a heart attack last fall. He is currently having a defibrillator placed because his heart is only functioning at 15 percent. I feel sure he is not saved. We are many states apart but pray for him and his family daily. We pray that God will
    Lead someone close by to witness to Fred.

  • Ifeoma Ayodele said:

    Could you please pray for one of my daughter's friends from school. I took them to a live Nativity scene over the Christmas holidays and from the questions she was asking as we drove by each station I could tell she does not go to church often if at all nor does she know the Lord. One comment she made that really struck me was at the last station where we were reminded of Christ second coming and she said that scares her because she knows she is not ready for His return. I want to lift her and her family up in prayer that she may come to know the Lord soon as her personal savior so she won't be afraid when Christ comes back for us.

  • Bonnie Mustard said:

    I would like to share Gods salvation message with Steve, Angela, Paula, Bonnie, Julia and at least one stranger per day, but I would be thrilled with one person a week. ????

  • Bonnie Mustard said:

    I would like to share Gods salvation message with Steve, Angela, Paula, Bonnie, Julia and at least one stranger per day, but I would be thrilled with one person a week. ????

  • Judy said:

    God's timing is amazing. I lost my father to cancer one year ago today. He and my Mom brought me up in a Christian home so I know I will see him again one day in heaven. My concern is for my son Will who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Fortunately his wife is a believer but she, like me, has not found the need or perhaps courage to take their child to Sunday School and church. My prayer is that my daughter in law soon realizes the need to do so and that my son will follow and come to know how great Our God is. I so want us all to be reunited one day in heaven and I know My father and Our Father do also.

  • Cindy said:

    Donald (my ex-brother in-law). He is 61 yrs and has spent most of his life as an alcoholic. Separated from his children, no wife, no employment with numerous health issues and adrift. He is in the hospital just out of ICU and desperately needs our Lord and Saviour. Please pray that someone will step forward to lead him to Christ. He lives in another state so it's not an option for me. But it is a burden on my heart. Thank you for your prayers for his soul.

  • Kimberly said:

    Jason (my brother)... I've got to witness to him some, but I just know that God is going to save his soul. Pray that God would give me the words to say to him.

  • Kristy said:

    God has definitely put Dusty in my like so that I can share Him with her. I have, but need to continue to. Please pray that Dusty's heart will continue to be open to hearing about Him.

  • sue said:

    Hi Sharon!
    I'm catching up on my emails as I've injured my knee and am taking it easy. Please pray for my son, Matt, who is going through marriage problems. His wife told him 5 months ago, that she n0 longer loves him and wants to separate. However, she is still at the house because mainly of their two children, 10 & 4. I asked for prayer for that family and also that through all this, Matt will want a relationship with our Lord and Father. he hasn't been close to God and I've been praying for him for years for that to happen. Thank you for prayers, God bless

  • Lynne Devillers said:

    Please pray for the following people who have been put in my path these days...

    Karen Mangan
    Marcia Williams
    Carol Fairchild
    Alicia Evans
    Jean Skeels
    David Devillers
    Nick Devillers

    And please pray for me that my relationship with each of them points to Christ.