Happily Ever After

The Princess and Prince united in Holy Matrimony

The Princess and Prince united in Holy Matrimony-June 7, 2014

The wedding was glorious!  True love took center stage in the old country church.  Their purity combined with their passion- exploded our hearts with joy and peace.  It’s a breathtaking wonder for a couple madly in love to wait for their wedding day, to partake of all the pleasures God has for them.

I sat directly in front of Jennifer and Alex and wondered if angels filled the place and all of heaven as they watched them pronounce their sacred vows.  I could sense God’s pleasure coursing through every word and gesture.  When two combine as one in they way that He intended, it is an awesome wonder.

The possibilities of a Happily Ever After marriage are endless now. . .

True love becomes drunk with passion when Christ and unselfish love unite as one.

Thank You Lord for allowing Dale and I (your humble servants) the honor of raising your princess. You are worthy of all praise and honor!  You are the King of Kings.  You are the most High GOD.  The Great I AM!


The cake was lowered from the ceiling for the unveiling!

The cake was lowered from the ceiling for the unveiling while music played and all eyes watched! It was a  real life fairy- tale wedding and reception!

The humble servants of the Most High God are still cleaning up from all the festivities!I’ll be sharing all the wedding and reception photo’s in a couple weeks! Thank you for praying for us!

  • Marj. McSwain said:

    Sharon: I am just in Awe! I see our great God in the pictures as well as your words praising the Great I am, A beautiful wedding, Lovely couple, Prayers for many years of happiness together, Love you sister!

  • Joanne Peterson said:

    Just how absolutely lovely is the words that come to my mind. Wonderful blessing for all of you.

  • It makes my heart happy and full of love to see such an awesome manifestation of God's love and...thank you so much for sharing this gift with me and the world!

  • brenda said:

    Absolutely beautiful! I pray the Lord will bless these two as He has her mamma and dad! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! God bless you, sweet sister.

  • Ruth Skinner said:

    Dear Sharon,

    My heart swells with the sweetness of the occasion. Marriage entered into with the right commitment to God and to each other is unparalleled for beauty and longevity. May Alex and Jennifer be blessed with wisdom and kindness which will be a reflection of God's love in their lives.

    Proverbs 18:22 "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord." With God at the centre of their marriage, Alex and Jennifer are most blessed.

    Blessings to you and Dale and your family.


  • Tracey Beukes said:

    Congratulations Sharon & Dale!! You're truly an example of praying parents. May God's blessing rest upon you both, and the happy couple for many years to come. Thank you so much for sharing this precious occassion with all of us.

  • Charmé said:

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely princess' special day with all of us. Love the thought of heart purity, mind, body, and soul. Your daughter looks a lot like you, Sharon. Very pretty! Blessings....

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Sharon - You and Dale sure know how to put on a wedding! It was a beautiful event and we enjoyed ourselves and were glad to be a part of your family's special day. Next on the program will be our 2 new grandbabies to come this year. What a year!

    Love you!

  • Joy said:

    Darling! And the cake dropped down from above? My, my, it must have tasted heavenly! So precious to see the love depicted in this post and pictures. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us.

    Love you,

  • Angela said:

    Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment about the topic on "unforgiveness" and ask you for a prayer...I am struggling in this area because I am trying to forgive my boyfriend for his several emotional affairs (that I look the same at them as any physical cheating or betrayal). Just to forgive seems easier than to let it go because we are still together and it's an every day reminder for me..."what it happens again", "what if he just wants off the hook but will do it again", "how can I start trusting him if he did it several times...and I don't believe him that it was a mistake, rather it was a choice!" Please say a prayer got me to not just forgive but to also have clarity what to do/ what to say/ how to act with him in every day life/ and how to stop expecting it to happen again. Thank you! Angela