How to Make and Can Pear Butter

Sharon’s Pear Butter( I double the recipe)

We have an abundance of pears on our property. We just found another tree drooping with pears a couple of weeks ago in our field. Some people are allergic to apples so pears are a great way to enjoy the same recipes with a fruit similar. I would recommend using apple cider in this recipe if your family members can have apples. I posted how to make your own pear cider in here.

10 cups chopped pears (approximately 5lbs)

2 cups pear cider (you can use apple)

3 cups sugar (you can make it without sugar)

1 tsp ground gloves

1/2 tsp allspice

3 tsp ground cinnamon

1. Wash, peel,core and quarter pears. You don’t have to peel the pears if they’re blemish free.

2.Cook pears in cider and sugar until done, 20 min’s on high.

3. Pour pears in small quantity into blender and puree.

4. After all pears are pureed put spices in and stir

5. Pour into a pan and cook in oven on 350 degrees for at least 7 hours. It becomes thick and rich the longer it cooks.

Don’t use iron pans, it turns the pear butter a dark color and takes on the taste of iron. I learned this the hard way. Glass, stainless steel or ceramic are good choices. Test for desired thickness by spooning a drop of pear butter on cold plate. If no liquid oozes around edges, it is ready.

6. Ladle into sterile jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space.

7. Process in boiling water canner for 10 minutes.

Yeilds 5 pints


  • Joanne Peterson said:

    My family really enjoys pear sauce/butter, apple-pear sauce, and a friend makes pear-pineapple sauce. All delicious. An addition I sometimes use is about a half inch piece of fresh ginger for the initial high temperature cooking period. Tie in a muslin bag and fish it out when need to. The ginger is just the right amount of spice if looking for that. The other spices you mentioned I use also.

  • Pat Crooks said:

    I've canned along side my mom for years. If I remember correctly, if you turn the jars upside down after filling and don't have to "can in water". The jars should automatically seal by the time they are cool. Just a thought. I love this I love all things with the word butter.