Car Stolen on New Years Day

Jennifer(daughter in NYC) and Ellie(youngest daughter)– Christmas Day

Our youngest daughter was on her way home New Year’s Day from Missouri. Her and her two friends stopped to take a photo at the St. Louis arch.  Ellie decided she didn’t want to get out for the photo because she had shorts on and it was freezing outside. At the last-minute she hopped out of the car and seconds later someone stole the car just 10 ft. from where they were standing (thank You Lord for prompting Ellie to get out of the car)!

The police found the car but all their stuff was gone; Bibles, computers, phones, money, ID’s, credit cards and suitcases loaded with all their clothes.  The police kept the car for 24 hours to get finger prints and such. Friends helped get money to them for the trip home and the next day they traveled the final 17 hours home to safety!

The insurance company didn’t want to cover Ellie because she’s not under the car that was stole n’s insurance. We called our insurance company and found that we have a $1000 deductible! Ellie lost her computer, iPhone and her clothes!  Oh my!

Ellie went back to college this past weekend with no phone nor computer. Sunday night she called us from a friend’s phone crying(Ellie never cries)— she had a fever over 103 degrees.

We left our house immediately to go get her. Right before we left we got a call from our other daughter in NYC, she was sick and in the emergency room!  We walked outside to get our shoes before leaving the house and the dog was throwing up!

Earlier that day we got a call about our Lowe’s Credit Card. They said we hadn’t paid our bill for three months! We had!  We paid them through our online bank account, on time had proof!  We were put on hold for 30 min’s for the operator to talk to a manager. He never came back to the phone. Oh my!

You’ve had those days too haven’t you! It was all getting to me.

Before Ellie’s call Dale had been reading from the book of Job. Dale actually read verses to me right before the call. Job was an upright godly man and endured affliction way beyond description. No matter how bad things got for Job, he never doubted nor compromised what he believed about God. Job lived pure and holy and prayed believing in middle of every hardship. James 5:16 says that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”. After Job lived and prayed through the crucible God richly blessed him more than a hundred fold.

The Word supernaturally pumped us with His strength for our trip to get Ellie.  While we drove, we prayed out loud and our confidence rose. We rebuked Satan and his plans to harm us and asked for God’s protection, power, provisions and healing.

Ellie’s home recovering, she is better. Jennifer, Daughter in NYC is better. Dale got Lowe’s straightened out. The dog is all better and to top it all off—A godly woman whom I’ve never met sent an email today saying she bought Ellie a computer this morning!  We’ll have it in two days! Thank You Jesus for healing, protecting and providing for us!

  • Charlotte Askew said:

    Sharon, I am so very sorry that this happened to your and your family. But, we always have to look on the bright side. I can see God's hand on getting your daughter out of the car before it was stolen. Everything else is material and in time, can be replaced. But our children's lives are so very, very special. She is safe and recovering. God is so good.

    • Amen Charlotte! I agree! I had all intentions of putting your package in the mail the day after New Years day, but after this happened it changed everything. I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow! Hugs!

  • Karla H. said:

    Not ten minutes ago I finished a bible study segment on how God delivers us in different situations and here you are with examples! Praise God for having the right words from Scripture to bolster your faith and prayers through this adventure! Praising God everyone is safe and recovering and may He bless the lady who could replace the computer.

    • I love God's timing! How amazing is it that you were just reading about this in your study! Hugs!

  • Lori Price said:

    Oh what an awesome story!! Thank you for sharing it and the pic of your beautiful daughters. Praise The Lord through it all!

    • You're welcome Lori! God is indeed amazing! Hugs!

  • LuAnn Braley said:

    Wow...and I though my family had it rough. Praying for you and your family. Giving thanks for the generosity of strangers and friends alike. God is good! *hugs*

    • Aw you've had it rough too LuAnn?! Lord we ask for Your protection, peace and provisions for LuAnn and her family as well! In Jesus' Name Amen! Hugs!

  • Lisa said:

    God is good! Satan is a liar . As I read it I thought about how Job was attacked in the same areas; family, finances & health. I too was attacked in those same areas and I had to believe, trust & praise Him thru it to the other side. Although we have trials & tribulation we can calm down cheer up because He has overcome the world and hello us overcome trials & tribulations

  • Tracie Miles said:

    Sweet friend, I am so sorry all that happened! Oh my goodness, the enemy has tried everything in his arensal of power to bring down you and your family, but you are the strongest, brightest lighthouse for God than anyone I know! What blessing and motivation I recieve from you and your unwavering faith in all situations. I pray that God continues to help remedy all that was lost in the theft and praising Him that your beautiful daughters are safe. Hugs!

  • Terry Moberley said:

    Better buy identity theft protection on her ASAP. They could hold onto her stuff until the dust settles and then start using her credit for all kinds of bad stuff later. They could open accounts in her name, etc. I use

    • Oh my hadn't I thought of that, good idea Terry! Since Dale just had his identity stolen this year I should have known!