Making an Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Making  an evergreen Christmas wreath  is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It’s festive, smells heavenly, it’s free and simple to make. When I was a little girl I remember going through the woods with my mom looking for running cedar to make our wreath with. We would gather all we could in bags and bring them back home for assembling.

We wrapped the running ivy on a grapevine wreath and then finished it off with a red ribbon and bow. It was so much fun that I decided to take the tradition with me when I got married and it continues to this day.

We have cedar, pine, holly and magnolia trees on our property. This year I made our wreath from magnolia branches. You can choose any evergreen you want, it’s all made the same way. It’s the cheapest wreath you can make after you buy the ribbon the first year. To extend the life of your wreath- after you chop the branches or vines, put the ends in water over night. This will  keep them green for way over a month.

Running cedar- Just in case you wanted to know what it looks like. It grows on the ground like a vine. You pull it up like you would ivy, in long pieces. It takes a lot to make a full wreath.

This is our magnolia tree. The goats love to eat the leaves. Edward, our buck is waiting for me to give him some.

Chop branches off tree

I’ve had this grapevine wreath for 18 years

Stick branch into the wreath-nothing else needed

Keep putting the branches in until it is full–This literally took me less than 10 minutes

I hung it on a wreath hanger– For years I didn’t have one. Dale hammered a nail into top of my door. It poked up ever so slightly– I wrapped thin wire around the nail and hung the wreath by the wire held up by the nail. It worked!

I’ve had my red ribbon for 15 years

Red bow comes next



  • Looks beautiful! I think my girls would love to go hunting in the woods for the evergreens. Going to try this this year! Thanks for the idea :)

    • Thank you Heather and you're welcome! You'll be amazed how easy it is!merry Christmas!

  • Hilda Quintanilla said:

    Wow! Move over Michaels!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Do those magnolia leaves release a white, milky substance?

    • You're funny Hilda! Thank you! I know what you mean by milky substance, but they don't. I think the flower might. You've got to come see me one day. How is your dad? XOX

  • ANN said:

    Everytime I read your article, I have this feeling of country least, with you, I can feel that joy and peace! Living and struggling in city like New York is far different - opposite with the things you are describing and pictures you are showing. And it is a blessing for me to find this kind of life from you...and I praise the Lord for that-sometimes wishing that I will experience it too...

    I also appreciate when you describe old styles or old items which were from your childhood,etc...thanks for sharing and showing !

    God bless you more, your husband and your whole Family!!!

    • Aw that makes me happy Ann! I pray you will experience this kind of life one day too--it is good! Blessings and merry Christmas! Sharon

  • Samandi Elizabeth said:

    I am from Africa and live in Africa. I love nature and like making my own things. Your ideas are just so close to nature and your willingness to share is very warming to the heart that I cannot help sending this note. I might not be in a position to make any of these, but just want to thank you for sharing and give God glory for your life. The best of the seasons greetings . Above all a harvest of souls for the Lord.