Diet Cured My Daughter’s ADHD

Jennifer painting Daisy Daffodil and enjoying French Press coffee

Jennifer, our second daughter, had so many wiggles when she was a little girl. She couldn’t sit down at the dinner table or in her seat at school.  She had more energy than 5 kids combined. The school diagnosed her as ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder). Her emotions all functioned at the highest level.  From the time she was born, she never took a nap and had the hardest time turning her brain off to go to sleep even after the most active days.

The summer after her first grade year in school, we knew we needed to do something about her ability to focus and sit still.  She couldn’t read on grade level, and other issues were popping up.  We begged Jesus to help us find the answer.

A friend introduced us to the diet, which allows you to only eat all natural foods. There are two stages on the diet.  We did the most restricted.  Within four days of her eating all natural, she was able to go to sleep, stay asleep, and sit in her seat for meals.  Her emotions were level, and she wasn’t hyperactive.  Within 2 months, she went from below 1st grade reading level to 5th grade reading level.  Jennifer’s brain couldn’t handle all the chemicals in artificial colorings and flavorings, preservatives, nitrates or pesticides in foods. Once she was off of them, she was like a new person. She still had energy, but now it was focused and she excelled exponentially…

By the time she was a senior in high school, she was the president of her class, number 7 academically out of 400 students, had a 4.4 grade average while taking AP and duel enrollment classes, won many awards, and had a job.

Today, Jennifer is a powerhouse of productivity.  She is a prolific artist and painter, an anointed teacher and speaker of the Word of God, a creative genius, and visionary.  She is focused and driven and lives outrageously in the power of Jesus.  Her life is amazing.

A recent accomplishment, among many, is illustrating for a children’s book entitled, “Dancing Daffodil Daisy.”  When the author of the book sent her the story, at the beginning of the project, she knew immediately she was the right illustrator for the project.  The book tells the story of a little girl with a lot of wiggles and how God uses her for His Glory.

  • Joy said:

    WOW...what an amazing story. I can't believe how quickly the change in diet changed her demeanor. Incredible.

    She is a talented artist. The illustrations are so well done and just adorable!!! I worked for 12 years in a Children's Library and we definitely would have displayed a book with such a colourful and catching jacket. Although the old saying goes, "you can't judge a book by it's cover", in the case of children's literature the cover is what attracts the young reader.

    I'll have to keep my eyes open for her book...and I'm going to follow the link to the diet and check it out as well. It truly is amazing the effect food has on our well-being.
    PS. Your daughter is gorgeous...just like her mom.

    • Thank you Joy! I know, the diet was a miracle. She still eats all natural, organic and healthy ALL the time. Once we had a kids camp here on the farm to put kids on the new way of eating and recorded the weeks success for each child. It to was miraculous. Only one child seemed unaffected by the change in diet. That was 17 years ago and I'm still in contact with a couple who never went back to eating wrong, because it helps they immensely.

      Jennifer will be blessed by your review of her illustrations! Love, Sharon