The Proposal to The Princess

The Prince Proposing to the Princess

The prince proposing to the princess

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived two humble servants in the kingdom reigned by the King, the One called the Great I Am. The King entrusted this couple with five of His most priceless gifts- His princesses. The humble servants bowed before the King in thanksgiving, that He would trust them with such a royal honor.

From the time of their conceptions, the weight of raising this Kings’ Daughters became all-encompassing. The couple prayed night and day for them.  They prayed that the daughter’s hearts would be enthralled by the King- and for their future princes. For they knew, that their time of raising them would be pivotal in their future in the kingdom.

The daughters grew up to be beautiful princesses.  The King impressed upon the servants’ hearts the necessity of each daughter to only choose the prince whom He had groomed- specifically for them. The intensity was great, for there were many in pursuit of the royal ones.

One by one, the daughters started to present potential princes to the servants for approval.

As each suitor was presented, the King  would immediately speak to the inner chambers of the couples’ hearts. The answers were quite clear.  It was either “Yes” or “No”- but never “maybe.”

Three out of the five daughters received their prince and married him.  These three received the prince that the King  had groomed especially for them.  It was quite a fairytale, except for the fact that one of the daughters was missing her prince.  He was nowhere to be found. The servants questioned the King and begged him for knowledge of where this prince might be found.

The King spoke to the inner chambers of their hearts, “the prince is still being groomed.”

Then the day that the servants had prayed for all the days of her life- came to be. The prince arrived!

The princess presented him before the servants of the King, to ask if he indeed was the one that the King had selected.

The King (the One called the Great I Am) spoke in the inner chambers of their hearts and said, “Yes, this is he.”  The servants smiled at Jennifer and gave her His approval.

On March 2, 2014 in a land far, far away (NYC), the prince, Alex Craig proposed to Princess Jennifer Glasgow. She cried, “Yes, I will marry thee.”

The consummation of this fairy tale will take place in June of 2014 at the home of the humble servants of the Most High King, Dale and Sharon Glasgow.  The King gave this precious princess to them, and now they will give her hand in marriage to the one He ordained for her.

The humble servants, her parents- haven’t stopped crying for joy.  For you see, every day (since the time that they knew she was conceived) have prayed for this little princess- that one day she would find her prince in shining armor.  What an honor to be entrusted with a child of the King.

We bow before Him today, thanking Him for this honor and weeping with grateful hearts.

The youngest of the five princesses, remains, and the servants pray for her night and day. . .

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The princess at age four

The princess at age four

The Princess and me at the engagement party! This was taken after we composed ourselves from tears of JOY!

The princess and me(servant of the King) at the engagement party!

Alex(prince), Jennifer(princess) and Dale (humble servant of the King)

Alex(prince), Jennifer(princess) and Dale (humble servant of the King)

Our five princess's plus one

Our five princess’s plus one-at Rachael’s wedding last year

  • Anonymous said:

    What a sweet, precious story! Yay, Jennifer and Alex. Can't wait for the next beautiful wedding. Praise to the Most High King and blessings to His two humble servants, Dale and Sharon and their princesses.

  • Ruth said:

    Dear Dale and Sharon,

    May God's richest blessing rest on your family as you move forward with the preparations for the wedding celebration. Your faithfulness has been rewarded and our Abba Father has been busy watching over the lives of your children as they've grown. It puts me in mind of the scripture in Proverbs 4:1 "Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding." Dale and Sharon, you have exhibited the faithfulness of listening to the instruction of your heavenly Father. My heart is full of thanksgiving on your behalf and for you, and I pray that the wedding of your princess to her prince will be a type of that ultimate union of Christ with His bride that we all long for. Gives us a glimpse of the joy that we will experience at that wedding supper of the Lamb!!

    Sending you my love and prayers as I wait for Jesus,


  • Lisa Bryant said:

    This is a beautiful testimony of prayers of parents, patience of a princess, proposal of a prince, and Praise to the One True King.

    With Love,

  • Sam said:

    Congratulations - to the entire family! We don't have our princess yet, but have already been praying for her and her future prince. What a sweet way to announce your family news. :) Love you, Sharon!

    • Lord, we ask for Sam's princess to come quickly! Thank You! In Jesus' Name, amen. Love you!

      • Sam said:

        Thanks friend! xo

  • Lori said:

    Sharon --
    What a lovely and precious 'tribute' to the love that you and Dale have for your five beautiful blessings! I am in tears as your words are so confirming. I also shed tears as I think about all of the blessings that God has given to parents who haven't taken the same care to lift them in prayer since before they were born. If just one young couple reads this and it steers them to do the same for their children, you will have had a hand in another family experiencing the same joy you all feel today! :)

  • Joy said:

    Ahhhh... What a precious story of a Royal Kingdom and the love planted and grown by His Highness in the hearts of His prince and princess. Preparations at the palace must be sooo exciting!!! Another princess to be wed!

    Congratulations to everyone. Oh the faithful prayers of parents and the delight of seeing those prayers answered so incredibly in the King's perfect time.
    Love and hugs,

    • Ahhh. . .Yes, preparations at the palace have begun! Thank you Joy! love and hugs!

  • Serena said:

    Sharon, this is wonderful! It is inspiring how your faithful prayers have resulting in princesses who relentlessly pursue the King called I AM.

  • Sheila Mangum said:

    So beautiful! Congrats! LOVE this! Love everything about it, especially YOU. Blessed you pray this for Brittany too! So blessed by you!

    • Lord bring Brittany's prince! Give her Your eyes to see him. Give her peace and confidence in the wait! In Jesus' name, amen! XOXOX

  • Tracie Miles said:

    That is great news Sharon and what a beautiful sweet and precious way to tell the story! Your five princesses are ever so lucky to have you and Dale for parents, true servants of the King. Love you!

  • Kim Cordes said:

    How wonderful, Sharon! Celebrating with you. Thanks for sharing this great experience with us.

  • Jill Beran said:

    Congrats!! My 5 people are still little but praying the prayers you mentioned and looking forward to stories like this!! Blessings as you put all the plans and prep together!!

  • Brittanny said:

    This is so beautiful!! So happy for her and your family :) God Bless!

  • sam said:

    We all love the fairy tale stories.Love a story that starts with once upon a time.
    Reminds me of I saiah 54:5-13
    Once upon a time there was a wife that married young and was deserted and rejected in spirit,but the Lord Almighty looked at her in compassion and loved her.He decided to make her his wife.Now she was the wife of her maker,the Lord almighty-Mrs. Lord Almighty.
    He saw that his new wife had had it quite rough -she was like an afflicted city ,lashed by storms and not comforted.So he decides to make her beautiful(think turquoise,rubies,sparkling jewels,precious stones).He swore that His unfailing love would not be shaken,not even if the mountains were falling down.He looked at her and promised that she would not need to be afraid and that He would never leave her or forsake her.He himself would teach her children and she and her children would have peace.And the woman loved Him and rested on His shoulders.

  • Elizabeth Samandi said:

    "... to those who love and obey Me , I will bless their children's children to thousands of generations", Ex. 20:6b Greater things are on the way Sharon. Thank God for His faithfulness. Thank God for the wedding. He takes to completion what He begins

  • Wendy Blight said:

    Oh, Sharon, what a beautiful post! I LOVE the way you transformed the fairy tale to center on Christ. Praying for you and your family this weekend. I pray that Christ will be the CENTER of it all and that every person in attendance will experience Jesus in a most real and intimate way as they watch your sweet girl marry her prince. May HIS NAME be lifted on high. And may He bless this marriage in the most mighty and amazing ways as they begin a new life together in Him.

    Love you,


  • Jen Dalena said:

    This was beautiful. I saved the story and read it to my daughter who is 7. She loved the story and I was able to share who the Great I Am was to her. I plan on continuously telling both my girls this story as they grow.