Entertaining Angels Unaware

I was sixteen years old, driving down the road and saw an old homeless lady sitting on a bench. The blistering heat kept the rest of the world inside air-conditioned buildings that day-but not her. As I drove past her, I felt this tug at my heart—I thought to myself, she could use an ice cream cone and company.

I asked her what her favorite flavor was. She said, “Vanilla.” I bought two cones and went to the sit next to her. I handed one to her and we both started to lick the melting ice cream tower, we smiled at each other as it dripped down our hands.  After the melting part was under control—very causally I asked her, “Do you know Jesus?”

Her response was breathtaking. She definitely knew Him and for the next 15 minutes or so she went into the most powerful expository on the Throne room of Heaven and the glory that is within it, I’ve had ever heard.  She described it as if she lived there! It was the most glorious conversation with someone I’ve ever had in my life, even to this day.

It was time for me to leave; I had to get to work. I took her napkin and mine to the trash which was about five feet from where we sat. I turned around to say goodbye and she was gone. I looked everywhere for her, she wasn’t anywhere. Where did she go? It was impossible for her to get out of sight that quickly. She seemed to be in her 90’s and moved slow.

I’ve never forgotten that day. My plans were to minister to her, yet she ministered to me and the memory of her and her description of Heaven is engraved in my heart forever.

This past weekend as I was literally running through a store, I remembered her again as if it were yesterday.  I felt the Lord tugging at my heart like He did that day—to treat strangers that I pass this season with sacrificial love.

Was this woman an angel? I don’t know. She could have just been a homeless old bag lady with immeasurable wisdom in heavenly things.  Does it matter? Not really. What matters is, that when I step outside of my comfort zone and show love to strangers, to the people who work at my local grocery store, bank. . . it opens the portal for God activity to happen.

There are many hurting people who you and I will pass on our busy journey this month. Would you join me in this endeavor to reach out to the people we pass, especially the least of these?

Jesus, Give us Your love for the strangers we meet this season. Teach us how to love people like You do.  Give us words to say that will open the door to You. Use us as Your instrument of love and let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Hebrews 13:1-2 “Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. (NKJV)

  • Shirley said:

    What an awesome story. It is true......God puts before us every day, an opportunity to serve him. We must remember that this season is difficult for many.......especially if they have recently lost a loved one, don't have a job or even a roof over their heads. We never know the hurts that people have hidden inside of them.
    Thanks so much for reminding us to take the time to show a little kindness to others.

    • Thank you Shirley! Writing the post helps hold me accountable to live it! Love you! Sharon

      • Shirley said:

        I too need accountability at times and your story helps to put me in the Christ mode and not the worldly mode that so often happens during this season.

  • Charlotte Askew said:

    Sharon, this is a beautiful story and I thank you for sharing. I must tell you that this is only more confirmation to do what God called me to do 7 months ago. I quite resisting His call and yesterday I walked into a Nursing Home and talked with the Director about my being called by God to go visit the lost and lonely that have no family or friends to visit them. The absolute poorest of the people living there, those are some of the people I want to visit and encourage. I told her of my desire to visit, so that I can talk with them, hold their hands, read to them and share the love of God. Just to remind them that they are not forgotten in this world.
    I thank God that the lady I talked with was a daughter of a pastor, so she did not think me crazy when I approached her about the call on my life.
    I am 68 years of wisdom and I might look like I need to be there as a resident, however, our Almighty Lord is not finished with me yet.
    Thank you for living out your love for others.

    • Hallelujah! I'm thrilled that you are doing this Charlotte! I love ministering at nursing homes! Blessings, Sharon

    • Shirley said:

      That is awesome Charolotte. Are you in the Fredericksburg area...... If you ever need help with something I would be willing......be it making cupcakes for the elderly or whatever. I volunteer with the Rappahanock Agency for the elderly. We go to the senior center and help with games and help with serving lunch.. It warm my heart to visit with them.

      • Charlotte Askew said:

        Thank you for the comment Sharon.
        Shirley, I live in Cartersville, GA. I think it is so very sweet of you to even offer. I am proud of you too for working with the elderly.
        Now that I took this first step, I am on fire to get started giving comfort, love and compassion to the people in this nursing home.
        I have my Kindle charged and ready. I have so many different Bibles, devotions, Christian and Christmas stories to share.
        I covet your prayers as I begin this journey.

  • Barbara Koob said:

    Wow! What a beautiful story Sharon! I love that you just saw the need and jumped right in to touch that persons life....whether it was a angel or not. It doesn't matter. I need to pray that God will give me opportunities everywhere I go, and that I will listen to His Spirit as He beckons me to go. Merry Christmas Sharon! Celebrating and rejoicing with you! xoxo

  • Joy said:

    Well my friend...another 30-Day Challenge (yes, only 30 days now as I missed reading this yesterday *smile*).

    Lord, please soften my heart to minister to those You place in front of me this month. Tender my heart to those who need a touch from You. Give me Your eyes to see and the courage to respond and reach out in Your Name. May this be a month of empowerment by Your Spirit as You fill me with Your love to minister Your grace and peace to others. Lord, may it not be me, but You they see. I surrender to You. Use me Lord. Amen.

    Humbly His,