The Farm Wedding/Reception-Preparations Commenced this Past Weekend


Rachael, Hannah, Heather and Felicity(me taking photo) at another vintage shop looking for wedding dress and brides maid dresses.

Our 4th lovely daughter Rachael has never asked for much. She’s always been a hard worker, had a job in high school to help buy the things she wanted and has held jobs in-between college semesters. So, when she came to me and asked this vast question I didn’t know how to respond.

“Mom, what’s the budget for my wedding?”

I wanted to be able to say, you’ve worked so hard and your dad and I love you so much, we’ve got $10,000 sitting in the bank just for your wedding. But truth be told, we don’t, and most weddings cost at least $20,000…

So, I humbly said, “Umm… Do you mean today? Well, today there is no budget. Meaning, we don’t have money for it today (we still have two in college). However, if we are frugal and wise with the little we acquire along the way, it will be the wedding of your dreams-I’m sure of that.”

Rachael didn’t seem to be concerned in the least. She’s discerning and wise in money matters and immediately set her mind to be creative with her resources and find a vintage wedding dress for the least amount of money.

It’s actually exciting and fun to be thrifty with your spending. God blesses our efforts and we never miss out on the pleasures of life—it seems as though they’re even more intensely pleasurable!

Back in the day many weddings took place on the family farm with all the family and friends decorating, picking flowers from your fields and cooking for the big day.

Our wedding preparations began this past weekend. The men worked in the fields preparing it for the reception festivities. The girls and I went vintage shopping for the wedding dress and bride’s maid dresses.

Oh the fun we had!

Sparky (our border collie) and Dale survey what needs to be done in the field.

I made pancakes, french toast, eggs and bacon to start the day off right

Jonathan and friends started working in field early Sat morning. Chopping trees and clearing brush for reception festivities

Guys clearing the area–chain saws, axes, tractor, hand tools and muscles were required

After breakfast Ellie, Rachael and I made sandwiches for the guys lunches, put them in the refrigerator, put dinner in the oven and then left for a day of shopping. This vintage wedding dress was in a shop just outside of Washington, DC. Rachael didn’t find her dress here, but had fun trying some on. We didn’t want to take a full view because we don’t want Jonathan seeing her in any wedding dress until the big day!

We drove through DC, past the Capitol building. Ellie took photo’s for me.

Rachael, Hannah, Heather and Felicity(me taking photo) at another vintage shop looking for wedding dress and brides maid dresses.

Baked chicken fell off the bone and melted in our mouths after being in the oven all day. Green beans cooked in the pan with the chickens, so all I had to do was cook and then cream five pounds of potatoes when we got home. Served with the cucumber salad and finished the meal off with banana spilt cake(Ellie helped me make) and coffee. Wonderful fellowship continued into the night.

Early  Sunday morning on Glasgow Farm, started new day. Dale and the guys rested from labor. Hannah convinced Dad to come along for an antique’s shopping day.

Rachael found this china set, 42 pieces for $20!! It will be our bridal shower present for her. Thank You Lord!

Check out the price for yourself! Rachael had to go ask the shop owner if the price was correct. We thought the price could have been for one piece!

Felicity taking a nap on our way home. She was an angel for our adventure.

Last weekend to enjoy our freshly cut Zinnea’s from yard. Temperatures dropped Sunday night. Zinnea’s like heat not cold.

It was a wonderful weekend. The only thing missing was our daughter, Jennifer who was busy painting for a big art show she was debuting in yesterday in New York City. It was a huge hit. The Lord was glorified big time! The girls left Sunday night and Dale and I watched the 1966 movie A Man for All Seasons. It was very good!






  • Hilda Quintanilla said:

    Tears of joy!!!

    • :)Thank you Hilda!
      Do you have time for that call Hilda? I've been praying every day for your dad. Hugs, Sharon

  • Stacie Kuhns said:

    I hope she doesn't ever get discouraged about money! I made a few little compromises for my wedding, but everything I've always wanted and more came to us on a budget of $4,000, and we paid even less than that because of the kindness of others!

    • Praise God Stacie! I'll give her your encouragement! Love, Sharon

  • Zoe Elmore said:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post Sharon. What fun you have with your family!!!
    Can hardly wait to see the next post as the wedding/reception preparations continue.
    Hugs to you and your family!!

    • Thank you Zoe, you're so gracious with your love!!Thank you!! I'll be missing our get together this weekend! I had SO looked forward to it. But I know when Feb comes, I'll be glad we waited. Love you, sharon

  • Joy said:

    Sharon....the sweet and precious simplicity of this post completely overwhelms me. There is an underlying innocence and wholesomeness that is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for reminding me what is important.

    The timing of this post made me smile. Last night as I drove Chris back to University somehow we got on the topic of wedding plans, just sharing ideas and thoughts should the Lord direct him toward marriage one day (he certainly has a very dear young lady in his life right now, but we never want to pressure or presume). I love all that you have described me this would be the perfect wedding....the vintage gown, the "field of dreams", the ceremony in a barn, etc... I am overwhelmed at the exquisite dishes you found, and at such an amazing price...only God...only God.

    My husband and I just finished our "Family Worship" time together, and we spent time praying for all of you. May you continue to see the Lord's hand over and in all your preparations. May there be surprise gifts from Him that can only be described as God's "exceedingly more". Most of all may each one of you experience and know your Father's blessing over every detail. He loves you so much.

    I love you too,

    • Thank you for praying for us Joy, there is no greater gift than having people you love pray for you. Thank you for your constant encouragement, I love you!

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Sharon~ Thanks so much for posing this commentary on last weekend. Even thought I heard about it from Jonathan, I didn't hear about your shopping trip. He did tell me that Rachael found some china at a really great price. The china is beautiful!! I love it! Did she find it in D.C.? Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the wedding plans. This is an exciting time!

    • You are so welcome Barbara! She found the china in an antique shop in Front Royal, VA. We'll have to go back, it was amazing. This is an exciting time and I can't wait to post the ongoing plans. Love, Sharon

  • Lori Fitzgerald said:

    First -- I just can't believe that beautiful Rachael is making wedding plans... my how time truly does fly by! Second, I agree with Joy about the precious innocence of the activities of your weekend -- from the discussion about finances to the meal that was prepared -- one would think you are writing from another, more 'quiet' time, certainly not today with all of it's 'busy-ness'. We have always tried to teach our boys about being frugal and the blessing that one receives when they are a good steward of what God has given -- It all belongs to Him! :) Thank you for the 'smiles' as you share from your heart about your lovely family!!

    • Our hearts are so similar Lori. Thank you for your sweet words, I love you dearly. I have prayed for your family, work and health-I'll continue. Hugs,

  • Pat C. said:

    So when is the big day Sharon? I know it will be beautiful as God's creation will be the backdrop. Fun, fun, fun for you and the girls to go shopping together, perfect memories.

    • Sometime next May! I agree, it will be beautiful! Love you Pat!

  • I look forward to reading more about the wedding and reception especially as you are on a frugal budget. It looks like we will be doing the same in the upcoming months - planning the nicest wedding we can on a tight budget.

    • Hi Melanie! When is your daughter getting married?? Rachael's is in May, fun! So excited to walk this occasion along with you! Love, Sharon