Jonathan Proposed to Our Daughter, Rachael, in the Barn Saturday night



Jonathan proposed to Rachael in the Glasgow Barn, where they first fell in love.

From the time Dale and I knew we were pregnant with each of our five daughters, we started praying for their spouses.

This past Saturday night, our fourth daughter Rachael was engaged to the man of her dreams and the one we had prayed for from the time we conceived her.

Just a few months before we met him for the first time, I had taken a class on the book of Ephesians. Jonathan’s father was the teacher, Bowie Curry.   One night while telling Rachael about my Ephesian’s class, the thought came to me to look on Facebook and see if Bowie had any Godly sons available.  We found Jonathan, and Rachael’s interest was perked.

But that was as far as it went, because we never saw him!

Then the big day came. Our family will never forget it.  Jonathan had heard that helpers were needed to work on our barn, so he signed up to help (he was aware that our family had five daughters). I saw him walk onto the property. I didn’t know who he was, but I went out to meet this young man who had come to help on the barn.

Immediately while talking, I knew this was Rachael’s husband. I couldn’t finish my conversation with him soon enough, so that I could run and tell her. I ran into the house and squealed, “Rachael, your husband is walking to the barn right now!” We all stared out the kitchen window.  I couldn’t contain the excitement. Rachael was apprehensive to believe me.  No more than 30 minutes passed, and then Jake, Hannah’s husband to be at that time, came in the house. He immediately took Hannah to the side and said the same thing I had said. Jonathan was gaining favor fast.

Then our next son-in-law, Jeffrey (Heather’s husband) came in and announced that Rachael’s husband was outside. Rachael hadn’t even met him yet! He hadn’t been on our property for more than a couple hours at this point. At the close of the day, Dale came in the house. We stared at him waiting for him to say the same thing everyone else was saying…and he did.

Within a month of working everyday on the barn, he asked Dale’s permission to date Rachael. Dale gave his permission, and soon they went out on their very first date. I wish he could have invited the whole family, because we could hardly contain ourselves sitting at home waiting for their return!

She told us every detail when she got home.

This past Saturday night, he confessed that it was love at first sight for him, and she confessed the same. The marriage is set for next spring, and the date is to be announced. It will be here on the Glasgow Farm.


He proposed upstairs

Mood was set with candles

Jonathan’s best friend Matt and Kayla bought flowers, candles, cheese, crackers and fresh fruit for the table. Rachael’s sister Hannah helped decorate too.

They came in the house to tell us all about it! To Rachael’s surprise, our family and the Curry family were all waiting in the house!

Potential ringbearers playing while the story is being told

Grandma Shanaberger, Heather and Jake

Jonathan and Matt (his best friend). Hannah and Ryan in background

The two fathers, Bowie Curry and Dale Glasgow

The mother of the bride to be and the mother of the groom to be, Sharon and Barbara

Steven (Jonathan’s brother) and his girlfriend Lauren. Giving Rachael a hug!

Jonathan’s sister, Laura.  And brother, Steven and Lauren


Jeffrey and Lochlan in background of the two love birds

Ellie and Rachael’s excitement over the ring!


Hannah, Jake, Ryan, Ellie, Heather, Lochlan, Jonathan and Rachael

The evening came to a close around 1:30AM. It was a perfect day!





  • Lindsey said:

    I love how you all told Rachael that her husband had arrived! haha!!

      • Chelsea said:

        That was absolutely the most wonderful, blessed summer!

  • Joy said:

    I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this entire story! I've been excitedly waiting for this post to appear. It's too precious for words. I just love your family. I just love your hearts for the Lord. I love your passionate, intentional pursuit of God and your humble surrender to wait on Him, knowing He will provide His best. I love your joy, delight and closeness in family. I love your hearts of celebration and thankfulness. I love you for declaring Him in all areas of your life. You are an inspiration and encouragement to my heart to keep faithfully following. Every picture makes my eyes fill with much tenderness and love. The final picture speaks volumes too...I sense the peace within those walls. Satisfied contentment. New commitment. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". Joshua 24:15

    Blessings, prayers and congratulations to you all,

  • Pat Kashtock said:

    Sharon -- that is the most amazing thing I've heard in a long time! The way everyone knew -- incredible!

    • It was amazing big time!! I miss you Pat. When ever I think of you, Heidi always comes to my mind. I'm so blessed that we knew each other at that time. She was an amazing daughter. I also have wonderful memories of Twelth night with your family. Your dinners were amazing! Yorkshire pudding, YUM! Love you, Sharon

  • Latosha said:

    Congratulations! What a lovely looking couple they are. May God continue to richly pour out His blessing upon them.

  • Barbara Curry said:

    Thank you so much for posting Rachael & Jonathan's story with pictures. I sent it to my 4 sisters and other friends and family and they were so happy to be able to see pictures. I will never get tired of hearing and seeing their story. I've lost track of how many times I've watched it since Sat.! Love you!

    • You are so welcome Barbara! It is my honor to post their story and the photo's. Are we blessed or what? You and I will be family forever! It is one thing to love your son but to love you equally, well this is the ultimate blessing!

  • How beautiful! I have enjoyed knowing Rachel from afar...through friends and our son, Eric and through Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Jen.....and through Mt View and more! and now to know her story! What a beautiful family! I would have guessed! I wish you abundant blessings! for the whole family! Congrats Moms!

  • Barbara said:

    So exciting.... you inspire me to pray for my daughter's husband-to-be. She is almost 14 and I've got to get those prayers going. haha!! But God will take care of this for me and Jim, and our Anika. For He is our redeemer who saves! Love the story. And congratulations again. The pics are fabulous. Love you. Barb

  • Rachel Olsen said:

    Oh, congrats!!! How exciting! And what a blessing.

    The barn looked so romantic. And what a handsome lad too, Miss Rachael has there. :)

    • Thank you Rachel!It is a bonus that Jonathan is so handsome, considering he is so perfect in every other way! See you soon Rachel! I've started reading your book, it is amazing so far. I didn't want to put it down.

  • You continue to inspire me, many years since I was in your wonderful Sunday School class. Your stories are written on my heart. I never think to pray for my daughter's (and son's) spouses, I am usually just praying to make it through another day! Anyway, Congratulations to Rachel and Jonathan! Its amazing how fast time flies... I remember when Rachel was 2! I wish them a very happily ever after together! :)

    • Thank you CLare! Time does fly, it seems like a short time ago you were in my class. I love you and your dear family Clare. May the Lord bless you abundantly! love, Sharon