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Easter Traditions

The Empty Tomb and Three Crosses

The Empty Tomb and Three Crosses-

Directions for how to make The Empty Tomb and Cross centerpiece.

If you are visiting me today from Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion, welcome!

Jesus our Lord is risen! Because He died and rose on the third day;“He that believes in Him shall have everlasting life.” When we believe, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit who is the guarantee of our inheritance. This is cause for uncontainable excitement!

We are filled with all the fullness of God! Oh my goodness, this is glorious!

Let’s worship Him without reserve.  Lets cleanse our homes of anything that doesn’t glorify Him. Lets give ourselves wholly to Him who bought us with His own blood. Lets love Him the way He loves us!

May your Easter be filled with all the fullness of God!Coconut Cream cake

Family Meal with yummy Coconut Cream cake
Coconut Cream Cake

Coconut Cream Cake

Here’s the link for this delicious Coconut Cake Recipe. Recipe is Gluten Free but you can make it with regular flour too.

Blown out eggs, decorated-these were made 15 years ago

Decorate blown eggs- these were made over 15 years ago by our children. Some have Jesus and cross painted on, another the three crosses. . .

Directions for making decorated blown out eggs here and storage of the treasures.

I laid an old basket with a flat back on the table. The Cross was made with two twigs tied together. I love how the basket handle resembles the crown of thorns.

Easter Devotions

 For more on Easter devotions by candlelight click here.

I divided the large batch into smaller jars- they'll be on the table for Easter

Pickled eggs are a family tradition passed down from my mom

 Link  to recipe for pickled eggs here.


Passover(Seder) Supper

Passover(Seder) Supper

One of the greatest traditions you can start with your family is a Passover(Seder) meal. Instructions, recipes, and verses on how to do prepare for a Passover(Seder)Meal.  

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”   Easter beckon’s us to share Christ’s  free gift of salvation to the lost. It beckon’s us to be overcome with His love for others.  Who do you know that doesn’t know Christ as their personal savior? Ask the Lord how He would like to use you to bring them to Him. Should you call them, invite them for Easter lunch? Send an Easter card? Stop by with a basket and invite them to church? In the comment section, leave the name of the one you’re praying for. Your comment enters you to win a $40 gift certificate to be used at the Proverbs 31 bookstore and we’ll pray for your lost family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

Use your gift certificate to get this necklace or books!

Use your gift certificate to get this necklace or books!


  1. Mary T says:

    Sharon, thank you for sharing your love for our Lord, remembering his Life, Death and Resurrection. I am praying for my son Troy! That he come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior! A blessed Easter to your family!

    • Deb Schmidt says:

      Pray for my sister Sherry, that she may know the LORD and be healed. Pray for peace as we gather today.

  2. Michelle says:


  3. Joanne Peterson says:

    I like your ideas for Easter and celebrating Passover. I’ll tuck Passover in the back of my mind for next year. We always colored eggs, but I have not tried to blow out the eggshells and decorate those and save them from year to year.

    The Charoseth, is the yogurt used as a binding or for flavor or both? My husband has to also be dairy free as well as gluten free, so I’m wondering if I could use thick coconut milk, or maybe grape juice if it is not for binding?

    I have been praying for my brother Rob, his wife Pam and their 5 children.

  4. Krista says:

    I am praying for my daughter Haley that she comes to a decision about having a personal relationship with the Lord. She is filled with doubt right now and I pray that He continues to pursue her and place godly people in her path that can keep reassuring her of his unfailing and unconditional love for her and all of us…that we are all sinners and He loves us still.

  5. Sara Marti says:

    I am praying for our president. I pray that he will see the error of his ways and come to know Jesus.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  6. Kathern Gillis says:

    Edwin, Chris, Reahna,Maesun, Luv,Josh,Tim, Chrisy, Jacob, Luna
    Sorry hard to choose one when there are many I love who need to know Christ.

  7. sarah says:

    Jaxon. He is my youngest son, just turned 8 and he is developmentally delayed.

  8. Debbie says:

    I pray that both my children will accpt Christ as their Savior!

  9. Heather says:

    I have many cousins that I’m not sure about their relationship status with Christ, also my godfather his wife & 3 children. Julie & Paul who I used to work with. I also like to pray for a revival in this great nation. It breaks my heart that one day it will be too late, so I guess my answer is everyone who doesn’t know Christ.

  10. Vickie says:

    Thank you for sharing your Easter traditions! It is always good to see the way others worship our Lord and Savior. I love making sure we have things out during the holidays that represent the true meaning of why we celebrate and not just the cutesy, wordly decorations. I love Proverbs 31 Ministries and the blessing it is to my life. We serve a risen Savior…Happy Easter!

  11. Jason

    My prayers though, are for a complete and overwhelming revival to move across the world so that none are left behind!

  12. Katelin says:

    I work at a library and I see so many troubled teens that come in daily. I don’t remember all of their names specifically but I pray for all of them that they can come to know Jesus and he can help turn their lives around.

  13. Ryan my husband

  14. Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing your life as a Christian mother. I tried to do the same, and now my sons are grown. They were saved as young children, and I am praying that they will serve God more than I see them doing now.

  15. Antionette Smith-Walls says:

    Heather, Matt, Tobias, Michael, Aaron, Mehki, Amaya, Hezekiah, Aaron, Patience, Brroklyn and Jordan. I pray that the Lord helps me find the right words to share the love that he has to offer, the price that Jesus paid and the reason why they should accept Christ into their lives.

  16. christy says:

    Turn back to Jesus for redemption and freedom in Him!

  17. Lyndsay says:

    I am praying for my mother (Ruth) my sister (Carie) and my brother (David), I also have two friends who are struggling right now (Jamie) has distance and needs to get back in His word. My dear friend Debbie has had a large amount of stress and hurt in her life over the last few years and due to circumstances chose to stop attending our church, has pulled away from everyone and God, this is upsetting the balance within her home and very impressionable teenage boys. Praying the Easter God will soften all their hearts and bring a peace over them they have never known before.

  18. Terrie says:

    Please pray for all my family. God knows their names. Thank you so much!!

  19. carol fisher says:

    I’m praying for my Dad’s salvation. He has Stage 3 Lung Cancer so his time on earth is a little shorter. I want to see both of my Daddies when I get to Heaven: my earthly Dad & my Father God!!
    I’m also praying for my 7 & 9 year olds to have their own personal relationship with God.

  20. Sherri J says:

    I am praying for my son…he will go off to college in Aug and I can tell he is very nervous about leaving home. I pray he makes choices that are according to God’s words.

    I like your colored Easter eggs. I have never blown out the eggshell and done that. I may have to experiment this year.

  21. Brittany Hinton says:

    I’m praying for a couple that came into the er. I don’t remember there name, but I did give them my phone number and invited them to church on Sunday. They are visting from .Virginia and there Son needed some medical attention. We had a great little Chat.

  22. Yvette Karantounis says:

    With this Easter season I am hurting. Lost my dad this last year and thus was his favorite time of year. Easter has always been a big deal for us celebrating Jesus’ s love for us and he great sacrifice for us. I am praying for my husband Tom!

  23. My husband and I are co-facilitators of a support group for families afflicted with autism. Its my prayer that all the members. can see Christ in me and God to cause a desire in their hearts to know who lives in my heart and soul. May I be a bold witness and share Jesus with others.

  24. Deb H. says:

    April and family

  25. Belle says:

    Now that I am finished with school and living outside of my parents’ house, I am able to start traditions of my own with my room mates. I love the Passover meal idea!

    I am praying for a patient I met during nursing school.

  26. Marisha says:

    Andy (someone who has been a dear part of my life for 17 yrs now…)

  27. My husband has been helping a homeless man, Rene. Rene was helped by a church with the funds to go to another state for much needed lung surgery and we have seen him wondering the streets in our town instead. My husband was able to get him in Teen Challenge and he claims to still be clean however, he has cancer and needs that surgery. Please pray for him.

  28. Heather Purvis says:

    My daughter Grace and her boyfriend Dominick.

  29. Julie says:

    We just had a Seder meal at our church on Wednesday night. It was our first and so neat! Praying for Angie this Easter season and always.

  30. Richelle says:

    I am so glad I found your website and signed up for the daily emails. I read them first thing in the morning and they have helped me find peace in the mornings before I start my day. I would like prayers for my son Cody. He has not been baptized and I am concerned about his future. Thank you for the offer to add him to your prayers.

  31. Praying for my oldest cousin who struggles with alcoholism. I want to continue to have the courage to speak to him and remind him of our God’s love. I enjoyed reading through your blog this morning and plan to visit again

  32. Thank you for this post. You are so creative and loving in all you do!
    My husband and I are praying for his family-his parents, sister, and adolescent nephews. They are so sweet, all of them, but do not have The Lord Jesus in their lives. We hope and pray that their eyes will be opened to the mighty love and grace of God.
    Thank you. 🙂

  33. Mary Ellen says:

    I am enjoying your blog, Sharon. I must say that John 3:16 is my very favorite verse of all time. It is the Gospel in a nutshell. I am covered by the blood of Jesus and rejoicing! Asking prayer for my husband’s family-George died in 2006-his family knows of Jesus-but doesn’t truly KNOW Him. Please pray for their salvation? Mary Ann, Linda-his sisters, Mary Ann’s 3 children-Missy, Michael, and Matthew, and the grandchildren-all 12 of them. I want them to have what I and my daughter have-true secure faith and redemption in Jesus. Thanks.

  34. Susan F says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have some eggs my mom painted and was waiting to get a tree or holder to display. Now I know I can just get a basket. I thought they looked great displayed that way. Thanks for sharing.

    Praying for Rick.

  35. I am praying for my husband that he will come to know Christ personally and be the spiritual leader of our family that I long for him to be.

  36. Ryan

  37. Thank you so much for this Sharon! I am praying for my brother Chris and sister-in-law Karen to come to the Lord as well as my cousins Pat and Serena (along with their children). I pray for my little 3 year old cousin Derrick to be healed of a brain tumor and I pray for this nation in general as it breaks my heart to see the direction we are currently headed in.

  38. Cody & Chase. Please pray that they will come to know Jesus as their savior.

  39. Jaydnn says:

    My friend and my daughter’s classmate to open their hearts to the saving grace of Jesus Christ

  40. Margaret says:

    My sister Cathy.

  41. CarolAnne says:

    God bless you & yours, Sharon! Please pray for my brother, Jack. He is so bitter since our parents died. Thank you xo

  42. Stephenie says:

    I’m praying for Lori Henson, she’s my mother in law and very lost in her own world. She doesn’t know how to fill the hole in her soul so she does it with constant shopping and gambling, and she’s so bitter. Please pray for her. Thanks

  43. Celebrated my sister’s life with a beautiful homemade memorial at my house last week with her husband…pastor and his wife ….Our very closest friends and my coworkers who supported me through my loss. Our home was filled with so much compassion and love that it overflowed into the next several days following… brother in law and I felt the personal touch from everyone. We are blessed with these friends in our lives. Thank you God for all of your support and healing thru others and their precious time.

  44. Sylvia says:

    My heart is full for many in my family who do not know Jesus and His lavish love for them. A Sharon, Thank you for sharing your family’s Easter traditions in celebration of our Savior.

  45. Sylvia says:

    I wanted to specifically mention my son, Justin who has autism. Our family will all be together celebrating Easter a little different this year, as he lives in a group home. Praying our son continues to know how much Jesus loves him! Those living in the home will know they are fearfully and wonderfully made, so loved by our Savior!!

  46. Lauren says:

    For the rest of my life I will be praying that my ex boyfriend finds peace in a committed relationship to Jesus Christ

  47. Ashley says:

    Thanks Sharon for the wonderful ideas! As my children are getting older, some of the ideas are great for celebrating Easter in a more meaningful way. I especially love the idea of the Passover meal.

    I am praying for my children to continue to develop a meaningful relationship with Christ. I am praying for my students and their families to come to know and serve our Lord Christ Jesus. I also pray for a number of family members who do not know Christ. And like many of the others who commented, I pray for our nation and President.

  48. Nancy H says:

    Praying for my sister & brother-in-law to come back to Jesus & each other and for physical healing for my father.

  49. I am praying for my new student and his mom to come to know Jesus and believe in God, and accept him as their personal Savior.

  50. Adriana U says:

    I’m praying for my husband John who does not have a relationship with Jesus.

    P.S. I love the empty tomb decoration! I’ve never seen anything like it. I need to try to make one. It’s great.

  51. Jodie says:

    Sharon, thank you for sharing your family traditions and recipes. Most of all, thank you for sharing the many testimonies of God’s glorious love and answers to prayer!
    My Aunt MaryAnn – her salvation. The HS has been impressing upon me to share more about salvation thru Christ with her. After my husband & I moved 2 years ago, we live closer to my aunt – I see her more & do more activities with her than I did for 30 previous years. Thank you for praying.

  52. Pamela Koop says:


  53. I don’t know the man’s name I am praying for, but I buy my newspapers from him every week and have invited him to our church’s Easter service. He’s asked for prayer before and accepted the invitation with a smile, so I’m hopeful : )

  54. Hilary says:


  55. Lina Hill says:

    Please pray for Cousin Kenny as he just received his second opinion on curing his cancer and they said there is nothing they can do about it. The have given him a year to live at most. His wife already has COPD and is on her own final path… I don’t know if they are saved (he is my husbands cousin) but that is my prayer that they don’t leave this earth without knowing Jesus.


  56. April says:

    Thank you, God, for your amazing love.

  57. Vickie says:

    Praying for Vern.

  58. Trudy Payne says:

    My sister, Polly Jo e-mailed me along with our other family members and friends this afternoon and said she had just gotten test results back from her doctor that told her she has
    Lung Cancer. She will have surgery and then start radiation treatments. She ask for our prayers. I am praying for her to have full recovery from this awful disease and ask that everyone that reads this will also pray for my dear, sweet sister, Polly Jo. I love her so much and she and I have always been real close. Thank you for praying for her.
    Trudy Payne

  59. Please pray my dad would come to know the Lord
    He attends church, but doesn’t realize it’s about a personal relationship with Jesus

  60. Jackie says:

    My husband, Scott, and most of my family.

  61. Ashley Ries says:

    I would like to pray for my sisters, my brother and my parents. They have all been around the church, but I don’t think that they have accepted Christ as their savior. I pray that they would come to know and accept Jesus, that they would spend time in God’s word, and come to know a personal relationship with Him.

  62. Sam Bishop says:

    I’m praying that the precious baby in my womb will love and serve and know God all the days of his or her life.

  63. Please pray for my son to be healed spiritually,physically, and mentally. May he truly learn to know and love God and have a personal relationship with God. May God take away the love of evil worldly attractions. Oh. Save my son.

  64. I have many in my family who I’m not sure if they ate saved. Please pray for my son Cole. & my husband. Buddy. I have a new daughter in law Allie who I’m not sure of her salvation. I have a very heavy heart. Thank you for your prayers for me & my family.

  65. Melissa, my boss, for salvation. Jonathan, my 14 yr old son, to fear God & keep His commandments. Myhusband, David, to be the Godly head of our home & live by example.

  66. Denise says:


  67. I was baptized last week on Palm Sunday! This Easter has even more significance than ever before! I have been saved by the love of God and the blood of Jesus!

  68. Diana T. says:

    I am praying for those who live here, in the Assisted Living Facility, that I also live in. l see and hear/listen to almost all the residents here, every day and every evening. It is so sad to see and hear/listen to them… these lost and some angry and some very sad people. I’ve reached out to them and have reassured them if they needed to talk, pray, cry… whatever it is they need, that I would be there as much as I can be.

    Could and would you join with me and pray that God reach into their souls, as He sees fit and in His Own way and timing! Pray also that I can be and remain opened for Christ’s lead… “being still and know that He is God!”…

  69. Jodi Michaelides says:

    Thank you for sharing all your Easter traditions. I would like to include some of them into my celebration next year. Please fervently pray for John Michaelides. I do not believe he understands what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a personal and intimate relationship with God. The joy and peace I obtained when I committed to this is indescribable and I want all other people I know about and care about to have all their pain and suffering removed. I love this man, John, and I want HIM to receive the gift given by Jesus. Please also pray for members of my family of origin who most likely don’t have this relationship with God either. Thank you with all my heart!

  70. Please pray for my husband to return to God. Thank you!

  71. Naomi says:

    for my siblings: Nathanael, Joseph, Sarah
    for my children: Elijah, Hadassah, Arabella, Mikayla, and David

  72. Amber M. says:


  73. I’m praying for my mom and my father in law.

  74. mom@lthfarm says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Sharon. My children and I are just getting back to church on a regular basis, and we’re all very happy about it! My husband, however, is not a believer, and therefore, I find that all of us, our children included, are longing (and praying) for Dad these days. It’s sad, but we aren’t letting it stop us from spreading our joy, and we’re hoping our joy will be contagious, and he’ll come to follow some day! Thank you for this lovely thought, during this blessed time of year! Easter is a wonderful reminder of this!

  75. I pray for the whole world to know Jesus Christ!

  76. Please pray for my Uncle Tootie Cruz who died today thank you.

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