A Love Story: Fairy Tales Do Come True – Part 2


As he kissed her goodbye, she knew in her heart this would be the last, for she was in search of the dreams of her youth. She left on her journey to the school far away. Once there, she knew what she had to do.

Since she was a child, when she dreamt of her prince charming, he was always one whose life was fully employed by the King of Kings–always a preacher man. (That was her secret she had not told him.)  But Dale was to be an artist, so she did what she thought best and severed all ties.

And his heart was broken.

Before long, preacher men came knocking on her door.  She courted them, one by one, wondering which was the one.  One night, after only a few short months, a handsome suitor asked for her hand in marriage. When she was unable to give him a response, he kissed her goodnight.  As he bid her farewell he confessed, “I love you, Sharon.” And what did slip from her lips ever so naturally, would reveal her true love’s identity. Unaware, she blurted, “I love you, Dale.”

Instantly, she knew Dale held the answer to the secret wish of her heart. Little had she known, there was none more fully employed by the King of kings than he!  He was the manliest of men, the handsomest of them all. Willing to die for his King, he was her true knight in shining armor.

She fell on her knees and earnestly prayed that Dale would have her as his bride, pure and strong. With sorrow in her eyes for the time spent apart, she pleaded with Dale to take her back into his heart. With a confidence from his Lord, he welcomed her with his arms open wide, knowing that Grace received is Grace to be shared.

When she returned from her studies far, far away, he took her to the mountains for he had something to say! With the sun setting and the view breathtaking, Dale reached around and adorned her finger with a precious diamond. “I want to marry you. Will it be August 9th or August 29th?” With only a few months to spare and many things to plan before their special day, she chose the 29th, as it would give more time to prepare! And with that discourse, the date was set. She would be his bride, pure and strong like the day they had met.

There was little time and even less money to prepare for their wedding day. Every maiden dreams of this day: her knight in shining armor, beautiful wedding dress, the fresh cut flowers, and, of course, the honeymoon! But with little to no money to spare, they bought what they could and continued to tend their love with care.

Sharon bought her wedding dress at a thrift shop. The weekly sale was to buy a used veil and get a wedding dress free of charge. Out of all the dresses she tried on, only one fit, so she took it along with the veil. She didn’t like it, but it fit! And this was the only requirement, and quick!

There was no budget for fresh flowers, new shoes or a photographer. Dale made the invitations. Church members cooked with her and her mother.

The day finally arrived and the bride that Dale prayed for glowed as she walked toward him. Sharon looked into his eyes and with tears streaming down, she realized this was a day ordained by the King of kings. And there stood in front of her the most pure and holy man she had ever known or could ever imagine knowing. What more could a bride want than the best of all God has to offer? She was the richest of brides on this day no matter what kind of dress.

A beautiful wedding dress, fresh flowers and photography are fleeting desires in view of the wedding day. The only thing that matters the day you say “I do” is that the one who stands with you, is the only one for you. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

They said “I do.”

They waved their goodbyes to their friends and family, and into the sunset they went to complete “man and wife.”

(To be continued: Part 3 gets a little steamy, for mature audience only)


A Love Story: Fairy Tales Do Come True – Part 1 of 3

Once upon a time, many years ago, there lived a young man who knelt to the ground every morning and prayed to the Lord for his bride-to-be. He asked Him to make her spirit strong, keep her pure, and to prepare her for the day he would finally meet her.

One day, as the young man was working at his place of employment, his spirit quickened within him. As she spoke, her face remained hidden, but golden, curly locks crowned her dainty, little frame.  The young maiden had come to inquire of a job. And without even a glimpse of her face, he knew this indeed was the one he had prayed for, his bride-to-be.

He couldn’t say a word.  No one would believe him. So, he waited.

The maiden was soon hired, and day after day, he waited for the right opportunity to introduce himself. But between her beauty and his nerves, the time never seemed right. One afternoon, the moment finally arrived. His eyes locked with hers and hers with his. Stumbling over his words, he managed to extend an invitation to join him and acquaintances to watch fireworks in honor of Independence Day. Without hesitation she accepted his offer (Little did he know that she rarely said yes to invitations from young men—especially those from whom she hardly knew! But something was different about this one, and she didn’t want to miss her opportunity).

That night, they had no trouble finding things to talk about.  It was as if they had known one another for years! They talked and talked…and the fireworks began.

The next day, the starry-eyed young man formally asked her on a date. And once again, she immediately accepted his invitation.

It was a magical day horseback riding through rolling hills into the sunset and enjoying delightfully endless conversation. The subject of their talk you ask?  The glory of God and Christ Jesus. The further they rode into the hills, the deeper their conversation. It is a glorious day when two people with the same hopes and dreams begin to dream together.

And so begins the true story of how the young man, Dale Glasgow, met his bride-to-be, Sharon Shanaberger. They fell in love, and life was grand…all until Sharon planned to study in a far away land.

Little did Dale know that Sharon had in her heart a secret she had never shared…


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