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Empowered by the Invisible
Sharon enthusiastically teaches what the Word says about being empowered by the Spirit of God. Ephesians chapter 1 is the launching pad from which she proves that the exceeding greatness of God’s power is available to those who believe. The audience leaves empowered by the Word, their faith is increased and the eyes of their understanding is awakened to their inheritance through Christ.
Sharon will help you:
:: Unlock the greatness of God’s power in your life
:: Learn the 3 things that cannot be neglected to be empowered by God’s Spirit
:: Understand how God prepares ordinary people for extraordinary living 

The Perfect Holiday Hostess
This is an entertaining message for ladies who want to be the perfect hostess, but don’t have time, money, a clean house or the perfect family! Great holiday ideas for decorating and more importantly how to eternally impress your guests. Christ is magnified in this message. Every woman-young, old, single or married will find a personal message to apply to their holiday and make it the best ever. Sharon motivates the audience to see:
:: You don’t have to have a perfectly decorated clean house, the perfect family, money or time to be the Perfect Holiday Hostess
:: Your attitude is the centerpiece at Christmas, if Christ is the center in you- your Christmas has the potential to eternally touch every person that walks through your door
:: Holiday traditions, meal plans and premade goodies help ease the tension of unexpected hostess surprises

The Joy Conference
Sharon gets excited about the secret to unshakeable joy. Get ready for un-leased joy! Sharon leads the audience to see how God equips us to experience this joy in the middle of the most trying days. Deep unshakeable joy is missing in the vast majority of people today, because most people are looking in all the wrong places.

The Battle Party
Are the battles crushing you? Do you feel imprisoned by your circumstances? Are anxiety and depression becoming the norm? Cancel your psychiatric appointment this week and run to this conference! God gives us the victory plan. Get ready for the party ladies because that’s exactly what Jehoshaphat, the people of Judah and the Hebrews did, just to name a few! They celebrated victory at the beginning of the worst battles!

The Slobaholic Superwoman
When you leave this event you will have tools to help you win any battle.
 Sharon uses humor and spiritual depth in the relevant message of trying to live the life of a superwoman, yet with sloboholic lives! Most women in our culture wrestle maintaining a family, the cyclone house, a job, finances and balancing their personal relationship with Christ. This is a great retreat/ conference or a seeker event motivating women to find spiritual balance in a superwoman society.
Sharon teaches the audience:
:: How to be supercharged into a true Superwoman :
:: How to gauge your spiritual state by your attitude :
:: How to re-prioritize the crazy life we have created

You’re an OVERCOMER!

 The season of hardship has potential to  launch you into the DEEPEST places of God’s heart, and it is there that He reveals His greater mysteries.  God entrusts those who have been broken, purified, refined and made white for higher kingdom purposes.  Sharon helps her audiences understand the high calling of Christ, to deny self, pick up our cross and follow Him. Through the Word she helps her audience understand:
 :: How long must we endure  fiery trials 
::  Action plan of OVERCOMER in middle of trials
 :: The overcomer’s REWARD!

Preparing the Bride of Christ for His Return
Great retreat-Saturday night dinner (one church had the women bring wedding dresses to wear to Sat dinner)
::The passion for holiness- empowers the bride to persevere through the hour of testing
::The passion for pressing in to our inheritance in Christ- empowers the bride
::The passion to be an overcomer- helps us not to be overcome by the world
::The passion for His presence- ruins us for anything else

Our Inheritance in Christ
Great retreat
:: Know what your inheritance in Christ is
:: Satan wants to deceive you and make you think you are a pauper, learn to fight for what is yours
:: Learn how to live in the power of your inheritance- Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

The Power of a Princess Conference
(Middle School-High School)
When your Father is the King-you are a princess and that means you have authority, confidence, supernatural power and an anointing that sets you apart from the world. John 17:20-26 Ephesians 1: 17-20
Sharon exudes the authority of a king’s daughter as she trains young ladies how to live under the princess anointing. She’ll teach about:
:: The inheritance of children of the King; Power, authority, confidence, peace and joy
:: Living like a Princess- How a princess should live. Sharon takes you inside the portals of Glory and has the girls stand before the King and ask Him- How pure do you want me to live? How does a princess speak? How important are my words? How will I know when my prince comes?
:: A warrior princess has the power to triumph over fierce battles and attacks with the weapons and the defense of a King’s daughter

Holy Home Makeover
Sharon shares the hilarious story of how their charming old farmhouse had to be gutted out, rebuilt and transformed into a beautiful home. In just the same way, God takes us, “guts” us, and rebuilds us into beautiful and acceptable images of Him. If you are experiencing “gut wrenching” events you might be undergoing a “Holy Home Makeover” and need this powerful message!

The Honeymoon Life

How would you like to wake up every morning in passionate love with your husband? What if he went around telling his friends that you were priceless and that he never lacked anything because of you? This is a message you don’t want to miss! Sharon uses scripture and life experience to resurrect marriages with this timeless message, women will learn :
::Top things that ruin marriage and top ways to rescue marriage
::How to set your heart on fire for your husband
::How to be a passionate lover
::You reap what you sow in your relationship
::How your relationship with Christ can save your marriage
:: Live the Honeymoon Life EVERYDAY!

::Colossians 3:14

Mother: The Barometer of the Home
A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. A mom’s attitude is the barometer of the home! Our attitude can make or break the family and everyone who walks into our home. God has the prescription for attitude disorders. Sharon uses humor and spiritual depth from God’s Word in this relevant topic of learning to choose our attitudes!

Raising a Legacy

What legacy are you creating in your home for your children to pass on for generations to come? Sharon helps audiences see the crucial need for a passionate marriage, and how the marital relationship factors into every fiber of the home’s success. She gives excellent advice on how to raise godly children and suggests creative ideas for family traditions. Most important, she leads the audiences to witness from her family experiences and the Word, the emphasis of God in the home. Sharon motivates parents to rise to the high calling of parenting and triumph over the hardships it brings.

Living Healthy Conference

Friendships/Mentoring Events

God has perfectly aligned the gift of friendships throughout our lives. He uses friends to lift us up when we fall, to speak His words, to be his hands when we are without, and to encourage us when life gets hard. Sharon uses the friendship of Jonathan and David to set the tone for the retreat. Jonathan was a powerful servant of God. He was a spokesman, a gift bearer, an encourager and a self -sacrificing faithful friend. Are you a faithful friend, a messenger of God?


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