Best Cucumber Salad

This is the most refreshing cucumber salad.  It hits the spot when it’s hot outside. Even though it will last for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, it won’t stay there that long.  It will be eaten.  You can add feta cheese or tomatoes to it when you serve it, just don’t add it to the jar. This will be a summer staple for you you.

The Best Cucumber Salad

Two Week Cucumber Salad

(Keeps in refrigerator for up to two weeks)

6 cucumbers, sliced thin

1 red pepper, sliced thin strips

1 carrot, peel and julienned

1 onion, sliced thin strips

2 sprigs of fresh dill, chopped

¾ cup organic rice wine vinegar

¾ cup water

1 ½ teaspoon salt

½ cup sugar

I use all organic ingredients when possible

Mix all, and pour into container with a lid. Turn upside down once a day to get flavors mixed.

You can eat it 30 min’s after you make it, or keep for over a week in the refrigerator.

Very refreshing for hot days and makes a lot for taking to a party, people love it!