The Weekend Harvest–Bushels of Pears/ Pear Cider

Harvesting our pears

This past weekend Dale installed a 30 ft mural that he created for the county. I’ll show you what it looks like after the unveiling this afternoon, exciting.

Saturday pears were dropping from our pear tree faster than fast, that meant harvest time. I picked as many as I had room to store. I’m going to make pear butter (the best ever) with them, but I’m waiting for Rachael to come home and video the process so you can be with us.

I use cider in my pear butter so I started a couple of batches.

After pear harvesting I mowed the yard for a few hours, planted pansies on the front path to the house, then made dinner and dessert to bring Dale and his crew at the county installation. I stayed with them until midnight so I could help hang the 30 foot header on top of the mural.

Sunday Dale had a few loose ends to finish on the installation, then came home and we enjoyed a pot roast, potatoes and vegetables. We then enjoyed a long walk around the property and found at least 50 persimmon trees growing in the back field. This is the first year we’ve noticed them having fruit. They were delicious! Yum!

We’ll be a persimmon orchard in a couple of years. We found another pear tree that’s limbs were drooping with fruit. God has been good to give us so many delicacies.

We then sat down next to the barn and pondered all the things God has laid on our heart for the future, it was a sweet time.


This was the pear tree a week before. You can see the ones picked are more yellow and ready for use immediately.

Harvested pears

I stored as many as I could in our old refrigerator and in the house . These will be used for the pear butter.


This is our antique apple press for making cider. I love it! However,I didn’t have time to clean it, I opted for the electric juicer in my kitchen.

I washed the pears, took out bad places, chopped them and then sent them through the juicer

Chopped pears

Pear cider in waiting. Buying cider at the store would be easier, but when you have an abundance of fruit you gotta make it yourself. I added homemade whey to this for fermentation and to add good bacteria.

Pulp from the pear juice

Chickens and rooster enjoying the pulp


Edward, our buck eating the pear scraps

After harvesting pears and mowing for a couple of hours I planted pansies. These will be triple in size next spring, just in time for the big wedding.

One of our many persimmon trees


Walking, talking and dreaming of all the Lord has laid on our hearts







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