Mulberry Sorbet- Super Hero Food

Today's harvest from one tree- we have three more to harvest from

Today’s harvest from one tree- we have three more to harvest-each will keep producing for several weeks!

Mulberries are the latest rage in “superfood.”  Their antioxidants are 79% higher than blueberries and 24% higher than cranberries. They contain  high levels of resveratrol- the super hero antioxidant. They outperform cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with its phytoactive ingredients!

In a recent article by the Journal of Infectious Diseases it proved that resveratrol decreased the reproduction of the influenza virus.

Studies have shown that eating high levels of antioxidant’s can also help protect from age disorders, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So, if you, your neighbor or the park next door has a mulberry tree, go get ’em! 

Mulberry Sorbert- Super Hero Food

Mulberry Sorbet- Super Hero Food- I didn’t let this cure in freezer for an hour, when you cure it, it will hold its shape

Mulberry Sorbet

5 cups of washed fresh or frozen mulberries (remove stems if you desire, it takes a lot of time)

*1 tablespoon elderberry elixir (if you have it!)

1 cup organic sugar & 1/4 cup water- heated in pot until sugar melts

Ingredients for sorbet-Mulberries, organic sugar, water and elderberry elixir if you have it

Ingredients for sorbet-Mulberries, organic sugar, water and elderberry elixir if you have it

Puree mulberries and add to melted sugar and stir well. Let chill in refrigerator for 6 hours.

Pour into ice-cream maker and follow the makers directions for making sorbet.

Let set in freezer(cure)  for an hour before serving.

For 10 things to make with mulberries click here!


If you’re not into health, don’t waste your time harvesting mulberries. It takes a LOT of work. Read how we harvest.

After you harvest the fruit- you’ve got to go through and get twigs, branches, rotten and unripe fruit out. Which could take hours if you have bushels and bushels and more bushels. . .

The only people who would go through this amount of work  are people who don’t have the money for superfood in the market, people who are ultra serious about their health and want to stock up or farmers who can’t let anything go to waste.

This is “today’s” harvest from one tree, we have three more trees! Yep, I didn’t take a photo of yesterday’s bounty.

The trees will keep producing high yields for the next few weeks. Well, I better stop talking and get to work! I love super hero food and Dale’s a true farmer at heart- he can’t let harvest go to waste.

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